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Chastised Oral Slave

by ratkicker

Chastised Oral Slave

Oh, look... a chaste oral slave. How nice. Well, listen up and let’s get this straight from the start: from now on, the only thing important about you is your mouth. No one cares about what you think, or what you have to say, or even what your name is. The rest of your body holds no interest for anyone and is now, in fact, nothing more than a life support system for those lips and that tongue. Your body is inconsequential and your mind is irrelevant. All that’s important is your mouth. Do you understand? Is that perfectly clear? Your sole purpose in life is to orally service others. It’s the only reason you exist. We have plenty of sex slaves of exquisite skill to take to bed; they’re highly trained courtesans and versatile seductresses. Your role is somewhat more specific, because sometimes one’s needs are more immediate and all one requires is a soft, willing mouth. And that’s all you’re going to be – a willing mouth.


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