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The Hitcher

by johnsmith100110

The Hitcher

I was driving along the road in California, and saw a hitchhiker. Early 20s, white t-shirt, blue jeans, baseball hat. Well, I wasn’t passing that up, not on a boring day early in a boring week when I had nothing to do.

So I pulled over and he hopped in. “Hop” was almost a literal description. He was full of energy, and I immediately felt attracted to him. He had a certain animal magnetism.

We exchanged names – he was Daniel, I am Steve.

“So where you going?” I asked.
“Nowhere,” he replied.
“Sounds like we’re headed to the same destination.” I laughed, and so did he. His laugh was infectious, full of life and genuine amusement. The day was suddenly less boring.

He sat in the car, legs akimbo, one hand lightly resting on his crotch, the other on the back of the seat. My eyes were drawn downward, and his fingers briefly carressed his bulge, I looked back up quickly and saw that he had seen me cop a glance, and he smiled at me with a certain twinkle in his eye. Suddenly, I felt a light touch, one of the fingers from his hand on the back of the seat had lightly touched my shoulder, a bit of static electricity passed between us and my shoulder twitched involuntarily.

Steve laughed and said, “Well, let’s go there together, what do you say? You got anywhere to be for the next few hours?”

“No, in fact, this is the first day of a week’s vacation. I’m at loose ends, not going anywhere, but I had to take the vacation days or lose them. So where should we go?” I replied.

“Take a left at the next street.” This was the first of a series of driving directions, we left the business district and headed into an industrial area. As we drove, we chatted.

“I’m glad you’re here to give me some direction.” I said.

“Sure, glad to oblige, my impression is that you like someone to give you some direction. OK, we’re here, park behind that building,” he said.

I did, and looked around. It was a large abandoned factory, didn’t look like anything was happening there or in the immediate vicinity. No one could see us from the road, it should have been scary, but it wasn’t.

“This is a great place, I like to come here and get away, nobody ever comes around. Let’s just kick back and relax. Why don’t you recline the seat?”

I did as he suggested, and in fact, I began to feel relaxed.

He pulled a CD out of his pack and said, “put this in the player. It’s music, with subliminal messages, and it will also help you find some direction and control.”

The music wafted over me, as his voice continued.

“Relax now and listen to the music.” Which I did for a while, he might have been talking, but I wasn’t paying attention, I was distracted from his voice by his finger. He was lightly drawing a circle with one finger on my shoulder. It was like I could concentrate on nothing else other than the circle he was slowly drawing on my shoulder.

If I had been paying attention with my conscious mind, I would have heard. . . “You are falling into a deep trance. You are happy you found me, because I am a controller and you need a controller. You obey me, you have always obeyed me, you serve me, you have always served me, you are enslaved by me.”

I wasn’t “hearing” him, but on another level, I was hearing him loud and clear and I began to be very happy that I had found a controller.

Then he moved closer to me, and suddenly each shoulder had a circle being drawn with his fingers, and his touches were sending fires of passion into me. I took off my shirt, not seeing the satisfied grin on his face, concentrating only on his touches. He shifted again, and I did too, facing him on the car seat. Now his fingers were drawing large circles around my tits. I could see his mouth moving, but somehow I wasn’t “hearing” him, all I could do is concentrate on his touch. The circles he was drawing around my tits were getting smaller, and then he put a finger on each tit, leaned over, and said something directly into my ear. I felt like an electrical shock zapped my tits. Then his fingers began to tighten, and he was pinching them very hard, I twisted on the seat, writhing in both pain and ecstasy.

I said to him, “Yes Master.”

He smiled again, reached into his bag, and pulled out a collar and leash, which he locked around my neck, waved the key before my eyes, leaned out the window, tossed it in a nearby trash can, and smiled at me.

He leaned back to my ear and said, “This begins your enslavement. Your mind is mine, your body is mine, and I will feed on your life force. Your old life is over. We will go many places together.”

I “heard” nothing, of course, all I could do was focus on his hands on my tits.

He opened the door, tugged the leash, and we both got out, I immediately went down on my hands and knees and began crawling after him as we went towards the building. When we got to the door, he had me stand up. I opened the door, went in first, he followed, and then he handed me a lock from his pack. I locked the door from the inside and we went further into the building.

We came to stairs leading downwards. At the bottom was a door, I opened it, we went through and then I locked that door from the inside with another padlock from his pack. The only light was a flashlight he pulled from his pack, there was a musty smell, he had me walk beside him, one hand on the leash, the other on my shoulder. It almost felt as though something was growing into my shoulder from his hand. He was talking to me all the time, but I was only interested in his hands.

We came to a third door, again I opened it, closed it behind us, and locked it with the lock he gave me. It felt very “final” when it shut closed.

It was a medium sized room. He took me to the center, and hung the flashlight from a hook. He began removing my pants, which fell about my ankles. My cock was totally hard, his hands wandered about my body, giving off sparks of electrical desire. I felt my will draining out of me. I was in deep trance.

He walked around behind me, his hands never leaving my body, and drew my arms behind me, I felt handcuffs lock around my wrists.

“Now comes the time of your total surrender and enslavement. No one knows you are here, no one will miss you for a week, we are in a deep basement, no windows, three locked doors between us and the street. You are completely at my mercy.”

This time I heard him, and the import of his words wafted over me. I was utterly and totally enthralled, and I was glad and happy about it! I knew it was my proper place, that it was what I had always wanted, and that whatever happened, I would be all right, because I had found a controller.

I said, “Yes master.”

He told me to kick off my shoes and step out of my trowsers. Then cuffs connected by a chain went around my ankles. I was totally helpless, and that was a good thing.

He continued to hold my leash tightly, while his hands roved, they began to get a little more rough, slaps and punches alternating with rubbing and carressing. Each touch, whether soft or hard, sent waves of euphoria about my body. Soon there were no more caresses, but still came the punches, slaps, and when I finally fell to the floor, writhing in agony and euphoria, kicks with his boots. Finally, I lay on my back, my hands cuffed behind me, legs spread wide. His boot came down hard on my cock, causing me to double up, and he grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to my feet, his hands sending waves of electrical euphoria from my head to my toes.

He grabbed a chain from his pack, hung it from a hook in the ceiling, and attached it to my handcuffs, raising them so I was forced to bend at the waist. He stepped in front of me, my mind reeling by his onslaught, as he thrust his cock into my mouth and roughly face-fucked me until he came down my throat.

Then he unfastened the chain holding the cuffs, and stood me against a pole, wrapping the leash around it until my head was tight against the pole. More rope from his pack bound my entire body to the pole. He stepped away, and I cried out in agony for the touch of his hands. He began slowly moving back towards me, holding his hands before him. As I watched, mesmerized by his hands, the fingers began to morph into tentacles. One hand/set of tentacles fastened itself to my head, the five tentacles wrapping around my head, I could feel tiny pinpricks of pain as if thousands of tiny mouths were biting me. The other went around my cock, and in addition to the myriads of tiny bites, there was a growing tide of pleasure and I began to shoot my load, as my life force was sucked out of me into the being who hand me bound.

Soon, there was nothing left. A pile of dust on the floor. Ropes and a chain looped around a pole. But somehow, I was still here? I wasn’t dead? My body was gone, I suddenly realized I was seeing the scene from the vantage of Daniel. Yet, I could hear Daniel talking with me. “If you thought this was crazy, Steve, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Your long strange trip has just begun. Let’s hitch-hike our way home and see who we can do.”

"The others will explain what's going on." I looked around but I saw no one, then I heard a third voice. "My name is John, I picked up Daniel when he was hitching in southern California. . ." A fourth. . . "I'm Andy, I met Daniel in a bar in Tijuana. . . " A fifth, sixth, seventh. . . the voices babbling over me. I was in Daniel's brain, and so were all of them. I wondered what he meant when he said he would "feed" on my life force.


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