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Dentist Bondage

by stormdancealliance

Dentist Bondage

I never would have imagined that a couple of knocked out teeth would have lead to all of this.

It all started at the water park. I was about 16 back then.
My girlfriends and I were fooling around on the water slides.

I would slide down head first and my friends would instantly follow.

It was fun until one particular time. I was sliding down head first.
I looked back and saw all of my friends tumbling down.

I tried to get out as quick as I could but they were too fast.
My face instantly hit the concrete.

I saw a lot of blood dripping from my mouth and shattered teeth on the ground. Four teeth had been
knocked out.
When I saw all of this I fainted.

When I woke up, I was laying on a bed in the emergency room.

My mom walked in and said "Oh, you're awake!
Honey, your skull is fine. Nothing is broken.

But tomorrow, we have to take a visit to the dentist.
You're going to have to get major surgery on your teeth."

I was so exhausted so I just went back to bed. When i woke up, it was already the next day.
My mom was rushing me because I had to go get surgery.

When we got to the dentist, I had to wait about an hour. Then, it was time to go.

I went by myself and I had a man surgeon about the age of 30.

He took my hands and strapped them to the chair.
He did the same with my feet. "What are you doing?" I choked out.

"Don't worry," he said "It's just a precaution."

He left for about 10 minutes. When he did, I struggled, trying to get out of the straps.
I couldn't. After trying so hard, I was so tired, so I stopped trying.

He came back with a big machine.

He put something over my mouth and said "This will make you very sleepy and drousy.
Just let it happen. Just let it happen." As he said this, I became very dizzy.

I felt so light and relaxed. My eyes were so heavy but I managed to keep them open.

He switched something on and on the wall there was a huge spiral.
"Watch the spiral and obey" He whispered. He kept repeating this.

After a little while, I felt a fuzzy, warm feeling in my stomach and mind.

"Your mind is numb and drifting away. You will obey everything I say after I count to ten.
At ten you will have no control over your body. I will control you.
You will be completely helpless. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. You are mine"

I couldn't believe it. I wanted to obey him so badly.

He lighted squeezed my hard breasts with his hands.
"You will call me master and want me to sexually abuse you. Say it now"

I couldn't control myself. I had to say it.

"Y-You are my master. I w-want you to come inside me."
He smiled. I tried moving but I couldn't. He removed every piece of clothing I had on.

Then he took off his clothes. He stuck his cock inside me and moved it back and forth.

Then, he said "When you wake up, you will want to come back to my voice.
You will keep coming back."

He fucked me for a long time, ordering me to orgasm and cum.

"Wake up now." And then I snapped out of it.

"Y-you...." I tried to say something but I couldn't.
Then he said "You loved it. And now you won't be able to live with it."

He was right I did love it.

I loved being used and controlled.
It’s always been a dream of mine to be dominated and now that it finally came true, I felt amazing.

Now I don't have a choice.


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