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Birthday Suit

by jmaster12

Birthday Suit

Joe’s wife was hot. She had no idea how much. In fact, she was quite conservative about showing it off. She had one naughty set of lingerie she’d worn once, on his birthday five years ago. Otherwise she was proper and professionally dressed even at home.

Right now, on her birthday, she sat at the dinner table eating a meal Joe had prepared for her, candles and flowers set out for romantic ambiance. She loved him dearly, and he loved her the same, but he really wished she’d just loosen up a little bit.

Joe had a special birthday gift for his wife this year. It was as much a gift for him as for her. It was a tiny jewel that was supposed to make her more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion. He gave it to her after dinner, on a small necklace.

“Oh, it’s beautiful!”

“Not as beautiful as you.”

She kissed him. As soon as she clasped the necklace, he saw a change in her. She noticeably relaxed, like every muscle in her body decided to let go at once. She settled back against the couch, closed her eyes, and smiled contentedly.

“Samantha, Sam, can you hear me?”

“Yes.” Her voice came out breathy and distant.

“Good. Are you feeling relaxed?”


“Okay. Remember that relaxed feeling. You like to be relaxed, don’t you?”

“Mmmmm. Yes.”

“Being relaxed is a good thing. You want to be relaxed more often, don’t you?”


“Good. You have a beautiful body Samantha.”

“I do?”

“You do. Repeat it after me. ‘I have a beautiful body.’”

“I have a beautiful body.”

“You like to show off your beautiful body.”

She had begun rubbing the sides of her breasts through her dress.

“Mmm.. I do.”

“You feel relaxed when you show off your body.”

“I feel relaxed when I show off my body.”

“Relaxed people don’t wear stuffy clothes, do they, Samantha?”

“Relaxed people don’t wear stuffy clothes.” She actually wrinkled her cute little nose at that.

“Relaxed people like to go naked when they can.”

“Relaxed people like to go naked.”

“Yes, Samantha. Do you want to be more relaxed?”


“How about you get more relaxed, Samantha?”

She kept her eyes closed, but rose from the sofa and pulled the straps off her simple evening dress. It pooled to the floor at her feet. She was left wearing a sensible black bra and panties.

“Now Samantha, you know what else relaxed people do?”

“What’s that?”

“Relaxed people don’t wear underwear. You want to be relaxed, right?”

“I do.”

She unhooked her bra and slipped her panties down her legs.

“Relaxed people like to be nude around the house, especially on their birthday.”

“Mmmm. Yes. It’s my birthday today.”

“Yes, it is, Samantha. What does that mean?”

“I should be nude around the house.”

“Yes, Samantha.”

She sat back down and crossed her legs. He was quite excited at their progress. The tent in his pants showed just how much. Time to dig deeper.

“Samantha, what do you think when I walk around the house naked?”

“I think it’s not right. You should wear something.”

“Samantha, relaxed people go nude whenever they can. That includes in the house. Don’t you want me to be relaxed too?”


“Say it.”

“I want you to be relaxed too.”

“Do you mind if I walk around the house naked with you?”

“No. It’s good to be relaxed.”

“That’s right, Samantha. You know what else happens to relaxed people who walk around the house naked?”


“They get aroused. Do you get aroused walking around the house naked?”


She was now rubbing her legs together. He saw beads of moisture forming between her legs as she did it.

“Good. It’s only natural to get aroused when you’re naked, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Only natural.”

“And when someone around you is aroused, it’s only natural to want to help them, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Only natural.”

“Okay, Samantha. I’m going to count to three and take off the necklace. You’ll remember wanting to be relaxed and all that means, but you’ll forget that the jewel is what helped you with it. Understand?”


“Okay. One, two, three.” He removed the necklace. His wife’s eyes opened, and she smiled.

“It’s a beautiful necklace, Joe. Thank you.”

Joe smiled back. “Let me put it upstairs for now, in your jewelry box.”

“Okay.” As he rose to leave, she smiled impishly, “and lose those clothes. We’re going to be relaxed tonight. It’s my birthday, after all.”

He did a silent cheer in his head as he went upstairs and put away the necklace.
* * *

Samantha always took an extra day off after her birthday, so she was still in bed when Joe got up to go to work. He got dressed as usual, trying not to wake her. When he stepped out of the bathroom she was waiting in the bedroom doorway.

“Hey handsome.”

He went to her and she gave him a lingering kiss. “Too bad you have to go to work. I’d have really liked another relaxing day at home. She played with one of her nipples. Despite the growing tent in Joe’s pants he forced himself downstairs. His boss wasn’t as forgiving as hers.

“Hold that thought, Sammy baby. I’ll see you this afternoon. Love you.”

“Love you!”

Samantha spent most of her day just lounging around the house naked. She found herself getting increasingly aroused over the course of the morning, and had to pull out her vibrator more than once to relieve the pressure.

Around noon the doorbell rang. It was Billy Foster, the kid next door. He was taking the fall off from college and making spending money doing lawns. She opened the door and Billy’s jaw dropped.

“Hello, Billy. The usual twenty bucks?”

Billy just stared, but he wasn’t so shocked not to give her a thorough up and down glance. “Uh...yeah. That’s fine. Mrs. Johnson, umm.. why are you-”

“Naked? You silly boy. I’m at home, and it’s my day to relax. I can’t very well relax with clothes on, now can I?” She smiled, and opened the door further. “Do you want to come in for a glass of water?”

Billy looked around for the hidden camera, and when no one jumped out and said, “Surprise!” he just nodded and came inside. Samantha closed the door behind him and went to the kitchen. Billy made note of the back side of her on the way.

“Feel free to get comfortable, Billy,” she called from inside the kitchen.

He still couldn’t believe this wasn’t some sort of prank or something. He pinched himself. Nope, still here. He finally sat down on the couch, just the edge of it in case she suddenly came to her senses and ordered him out.

Samantha came back with two tall glasses of ice water. She set them down on the coffee table and put her hands on her hips. “Now Billy, you’re not comfortable.”

“I don’t understand, ma’am.”

“Oh, don’t call me that. Samantha is fine. Sam, if you like. I mean your clothes. You can’t be comfortable with clothes on. Take them off.”

Billy swallowed hard. “Are...you...sure, ma- Sam?”

“Of course, silly.” She sat down on the couch and crossed her legs. Billy noted how nice smooth and evenly tanned they were. His eyes moved up and he noticed how smooth and evenly tanned other parts of her were also.

Billy slowly stood and took off his work shirt, then went for his belt. He kicked off his shoes and dropped his jeans, but left on his boxers. This was seriously weird. His tented cock didn’t seem to mind though.

“All of it.” Samantha motioned to his boxers. Still unsure, he hooked his fingers under the waistband and dropped them. He stood awkwardly and looked at her.

Samantha unabashedly stared at his erection. “Much better. Come sit, Billy.”

Billy sat next to the very attractive, very naked woman on the couch and she offered him his glass of water. He gulped it down and tried not to stare at her too much.

“What’s wrong, Billy? I know you want to look at my body. It’s okay. I have a beautiful body, don’t you think?”

Billy nodded stupidly and stared, figuring if she gave him permission what the hell. He worked his way up and down her nude figure, focusing on her pillowy breasts and firm thighs. His cock practically ached at attention. He suddenly became embarrassed again.

Samantha smiled and put a hand on his thigh, perilously close to his throbbing cock. “It’s perfectly natural to get aroused, Billy. I’m naked, you’re naked. I should help you out with that.”

She slipped off the couch onto her knees and took his cock in one hand. He jumped a little at first and she giggled. As she began stroking, his tension started to drain away. This was nothing like the girls he’d been seeing in college. This was a woman, and she knew things. She knew how to stroke a cock. He caught himself moaning.

Samantha smiled at that. “There you go. Relax, Billy. You’ve been working awfully hard out in the yard today. You deserve a break.”

Billy couldn’t believe his day was turning out like this. He’d set out to mow a few lawns and now had a gorgeous naked woman giving him a handjob. He didn’t want to jinx things, but figured what the hell. The worst she could do is kick him out.

“Sam, you know what might really relax me?”

“What’s that, hon?”

“If you let me fuck you.”

He braced himself for the indignation, the furious outburst, but none came. Samantha simply smiled sweetly, stood, and turned around so her pert ass was in his face. “Of course, Billy. It’s good to be relaxed.” She spread her legs and impaled herself on him. She was quite wet.

Billy mauled her tits as she bounced up and down on him. This was the first older woman he’d ever done this with, and he was beginning to think he should try it more often. She moaned low and sexy while she bucked on him, obviously enjoying the ride.

His dick was coated with her juices and she slid up and down. Billy felt his orgasm building. “I’m about to come, Sam! Are you on birth control?”

“Come inside me, Billy. It’ll relax you. Come inside my beautiful body.”

Billy didn’t need much more encouraging than that. He grabbed Sam’s tits and slammed her down onto him as he came inside her, filling her middle-aged pussy with his college-boy cum.

Sam moaned and rubbed his hands into her tits, her pussy clamping down on him as her own orgasm rocked her. Billy closed his eyes and savored the moment, holding her bouncy tits and feeling his cock deep inside of her.
* * *

Joe came home to find his wife freshly-showered and lounging on the couch naked. He smiled. “How was your day, honey? Relaxing?”

She got up and started undressing him. His cock was already hard just from seeing her slink over to him wearing her birthday suit. She kissed his neck and worked her way down his chest, making sure to let her tits rub him on the way down.

“Mmmm.. very relaxing honey. And now it’s time to get you more relaxed.”

Joe wasn’t feeling very relaxed, but he looked forward to letting his wife fix that. Her hands felt fantastic as they snaked their way into his pants, pulling out his cock. He stepped out of his pants and she knelt in front of him.

He closed his eyes as he felt his cock engulfed by her warm mouth. Her tongue flicked around his head and she pushed him into her mouth until her chin hit his balls.

He let her get him nice and worked up before he pulled her off his cock and bent her over the back of the couch. She was nice and wet and he slipped inside her easily. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought she felt a little loose, but he focused on the warm feeling of being enveloped in her pussy. He filled her up in no time and she kissed him passionately.

“Billy did a nice job on the lawn today. Did you give him a good tip?”

“Oh yes. Very good.”

Joe patted her lovely ass and went upstairs to take a shower, congratulating himself on the exceptionally clever birthday gift. The full weight of his situation didn’t hit him until he’d stepped into the warm spray of his shower.

“Oh, shit.”

To Be Continued...


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