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Chipset III

by Haxsaw

Chipset III

It was a cooler late afternoon. Haxsaw walked out across the mall. That area was all grassy and lined with trees, each side. Except for a few students carrying book bags, the area was quiet. Haxsaw checked his watch as he walked briskly. Stepping up along stone embedded walkways, he made his way across a sidewalk. A short distance later he climbed granite steps and pulled open a door to North Stevens Hall. As he entered he spied her.
Lynn was five foot seven with long, naturally blonde hair. She had a fair complexion to match her fair appearance. Haxsaw noticed small yet perky breasts jutting up from her white tee shirt.
"You must be Haxsaw," she said. Her hand reached out. Haxsaw smiled, never failing the eye contact. As Lynn smiled and tittered, Haxsaw glanced away. As she composed herself, he looked directly at her again and smiled.
"You look older in the cam," she gushed. Haxsaw reached and briefly touched her shoulder.
"You simply look good."
Haxsaw motioned with his hand and Lynn followed.
It was the same place, in the basement of North Stevens Hall. He walked over the same worn carpeting. He came to the door once again. Taking out the keys he opened the door. Lynn seemed impressed yet nervous. Inside they went. Haxsaw was sure the door locked.
He went to the desk and sat. Lynn stood, shifting her body weight from side to side. Haxsaw then shook his head. With his key he turned on the computer.
"Here! Have a seat." He reached to his side and pulled out a chair. It scuffed across the chipped tile flooring. Lynn thanked him and sat. He next handed her a head band. It was silver in color. He told Lynn to place it on.
"After last class I went to my dorm and washed, as you asked."
"Great, Lynn, great." Lynn placed the band around her head, as one would wear a sweatband. "The headband is to read body temperature. I'll leave the room so you can undress. Just lie atop the sheeting on this table." He motioned, pointing it out. Lynn stretched, then twisted in her chair.
"Well, this is interesting. What does it do?" Haxsaw was not amused yet played along with her young, inquiring heart and mind.
"This is the Chamber. I have you lie down. The lid you see over head will lower by itself. Once it does it will read your body's biometrics." Lynn interrupted.
"So, that is what the computer reads?" she asked, pointing at the microcomputer atop the desk. Haxsaw nodded.
"It will record all the findings. Yes," he further assured her, "all recordings will help the research team for further development." That was partially true. He had her convinced she was part of a government experiment applied toward researching the human mind and body. Perhaps the record could be used as such. For now, he was to get in her, no matter what. Once it began, he could put her to use.
Haxsaw left the room.
Lynn was a failed college student. Her mom and dad had paid for her Freshman year at The University. As she told him, she had only a short time before classes dismissed. Afterwards, she went back home. As she failed, Lynn was now skipping classes and studying the effects of Budweiser.
The Chamber closed upon her. As the sheeting above, within the lid, was spitting and spraying out the material to coat her body, Lynn reacted. She was going to lift the lid. She was going to try to get out. She was going to scream. The chip within the band was meshing with her internal workings. Her mind stunned from the experience. One slightly raised hand fell still to her side. The machinery within the Chamber coated her body. The material cured, quickly. It squeezed inward, minimizing her waistline. Her tiny bust was lifted up. Haxsaw was back in the room. He kept checking his watch. At the right time the lid opened again, automatically.
As with Francisca, all of the nude body was coated in silvery material. It was form fitting, sort of like some rugged coat of paint. It flowed over her every curve. Haxsaw ordered her to sit up.
Lynn did as much. Her bare legs swung over the edge of the stainless steel table. Haxsaw stepped up and watched her intently. He noticed on Lynn her bellybutton was gone from view. Even the area between her legs was coated. He could make out form yet it was an area that seemed sealed up, on Lynn. Haxsaw figured to let her use the restroom, he could take a jackknife and gently slit the coating over her pussy open.
Haxsaw remembered Lynn's failures. He ordered her on her knees.
Looking at her figure he could see her entire being was a dry, silvery color. Save for her long, blonde hair, she was coated. Haxsaw opened his pants. He had Lynn stroking his manhood.
Fully erect and throbbing, he ordered her stoke faster and faster.
It was odd to see a living, breathing, blonde haired robot girl. It was queer as a three dollar bill to be having sex with this. It was like being on stage with some failed MTV performance. He could feel Lynn's hand was smooth and rubbery. He next ordered she open her mouth to suck and swallow.
Lynn submitted completely, drinking it all. Haxsaw orgasmed five times. The last two shots were smaller than the first three. Even though drained, Lynn was still slurping at him. Haxsaw regained himself from the explosion of pleasure. He took several breathes. He told her stop. Even his legs shuddered.
Haxsaw had Lynn dress. He noticed she wore a white tee shirt bearing The University of Maine symbol. The lettering was in blue. Haxsaw merely went out and Lynn followed.
Again at his house, smothered about with heavy tree growth, he bathed and ordered Lynn do the same. Haxsaw pulled out a frozen pizza from the ice box and prepared to cook it. Later, they each ate. He also served them Pop Cola to drink. He had each with a ten ounce glass bottle.
In his living room with the deep, white carpeting, Haxsaw looked Lynn over. She was dazed. Studying her head he could make out the band she was wearing, earlier. It was sealed beneath. He figured someone would remove it. He reached out and touched her forehead. Was this right? Could this girl be the one? Sure, submissive and harmless. Sure, obedient yet able to work with the band. She would be able to work with this state of mind. Haxsaw could relax. He could care for her. He could truly protect Lynn. By keeping her he would never be lonely again. Haxsaw reached and kissed her. Lynn kissed him back yet was slow in motion. It was like she was a 45 r.p.m. record turning at 33. A knock came at the door.
Haxsaw opened it.
"Sir, we are here for her." Haxsaw was to object when one of the gentlemen spoke.
"We are here with Francisca. We removed the band a moment ago. Give it ten minutes and she will be herself again." With fluid like motions the first man to speak reached and took away Lynn. The second gentleman waited. As Lynn was gone from their view, he brought in Francisca. Haxsaw immediately clutched her. His front door closed. He had her! Francisca was dazed. She was unaware, for a short time, at least. Yes. Yes. He could get more, more girls. The Chamber was there. At Warpmymind.com he would get more customers. The Chamber would be waiting. It was always the Chamber! He studied Francisca. He carried her to his bed and lay with her. He wanted she awaken with him beside her. Could this be the one? Maybe he could settle and relax. Sure... submissive and harmless. He loved this job.


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