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Stepford Wives Reversed

by Youke99

Stepford Wives Reversed

My wife and I are transferred to a very nice suburban town for her job. I'm going to find something, her opportunity was just too good to miss. We are greeted and taken to an orientation. The drink and welcoming movie (during which I seem to have dozed off) change my outlook imperceptibly at first, I begin to consider staying at home and looking after the house.

We are gifted cases of liqueur used to make the drinks we've been enjoying. The pink stuff is great. After returning home I decide to cook for a change and we decide to spend the evening just relaxing. More drinks follow and soon my wife is trying to seduce me to the bedroom. She succeeds and I'm delighted to let her take the lead. It just seems right. As the night progresses our pleasure and abandon increases as our gender roles and inclinations reverse. I fall asleep spent dressed in her sexiest night cloths and made up.

When I awaken she has left for work, a drink clears my head and I dress for the day. It is not until I've gone downstairs that I realize I'm in a skirt and top and am adjusting my make-up in the hall mirror. I go back upstairs to correct the situation but my old clothes are just not right somehow. I set to cleaning and arranging the house. Mid morning my doorbell rings and without a thought to my attire I answer. It is the lady from next door welcoming me to the neighbourhood. She is a petite and very buxom blond. She's very friendly an I soon accept an invitation to her house for lunch. We chat and wile the afternoon away sipping on pink drinks. She teases me about my love for the drink and lets me in on the neighbourhood secret. All the women are tin the area are totally addicted to the pink. It has the property of transforming anyone who consumes it into a gorgeous and very sexy girl. She shows me a before picture of herself and on one level I just don't believe that the young man could possibly be the same person I see before me. On another level I now know more of what my future holds. I know she will be my best girl friend. Girl talk leads to a make over and clothing advice. When I return home to make dinner I'm considerably more glamorous than when I went out. We agree to meet tomorrow after my appointment.

My wife returns home, looking very handsome and acting quite manly. There are some new sex toys and we are soon testing them out. Tonight my feminine reactions are no game but a new reality.

In the morning I go for my medical at the local clinic. I'm greeted as Mrs. and led to the examination room. After a brief examination - I'm given strategically located shots. Quickly I find I'm overwhelmed with waves of feminine pleasure and a distinct sense that my mind is now female. I can't really talk or move. After a while a second nurse enters telling me I need shots, more, stronger effects. Then later the same thing happens again , then again and again. I drift away knowing there is no way back and loving it. I leave the doctors office in a bimbo haze, meet my friend and spend the afternoon in the salon and shopping.

In a few short days another visit to the doctor and many more pink drinks, I'm one of the girls. I've got to prepare dinner now because I know as soon as my husband comes in the door he will take me on the table and I don't want it to burn while I'm distracted. I'm distracted quite often these days.


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