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Chip set V. Treading new ground.

by Haxsaw

Chip set V. Treading new ground.

He labored with the keyboard. It was a laptop. It was with a cable attached. The cable was bolted to the wall of his hotel room. Haxsaw was up on the fifth floor of the Marco Polo Hotel. He paid extra and got the room with Wi-Fi. It also included the laptop, courtesy of Marco Polo.
Haxsaw was wearing a purple bathrobe. He was shaved and breakfast was already served. The air conditioner was humming. It was an all day event, to run that. A digital TV told of global newscasts. Haxsaw was seated in a heavily polish wooden chair. He was at it's matching desk. To his left was a steaming cup of Excelsia coffee. He noted it was as good as Columbian he drank while on business in Mexico. A news story caught his ear and mind. He turned in his chair, lifting it. He listened well.
"So the whereabouts of the alleged man are still unknown," a newsman's voice blared from the TV set. The newsman was wearing a suit and tie, talking intently. "A lady in a store in Texas told she spoke to a man who had an odd nickname. The lady, who wishes not to be identified, said only she was brought about when someone shook her arm. As she remained almost catatonic she was released from whatever grip she was in when a child in the store at Dallas Airport shook her arm, thinking her to be a mannequin. The unidentified lady stated she chuckled as a man she met said his name was something like a tool, found in a hardware store. In further investigation, she was found to have her purse and all it's contents. The lady only claimed the man said he was named Haxsaw. Policemen were called and the scene was searched, revealing nothing."
Haxsaw squinted to see. He was fascinated with this. The newsman continued, "For further matters let us go to our investigative reporter, Steve Wynn." Haxsaw smiled and went back to the computer.
After finishing his coffee he shut off the set. It was featuring some report on check out girls handing over customers money, not knowing why. Haxsaw dressed. He had another girl to meet.
It was six thirty as he walked across the hotel lobby. To the left of the sofa in the lobby hard working staff members set up a coffee dispenser. Beside it was a tray of rye bread. Haxsaw passed it up. He had an appointment.
He walked along the boulevard. He turned left. He went until then he came to a street with a faded street sign. He walked along until he came to some bars. All were closed. Up ahead he saw her. Buildings here were typically four stories and this section was tourism, what little it offered. At this corner he stumbled on though it seemed uncared for. The bars were long ago closed. The girl was thin, wearing high heels. She had on a mini skirt. She wore a body hugging black top. It had sleeves covering her elbows. Around her neck was a red scarf. It was her. It was the girl he chatted with, earlier. It was some whore, looking to get lucky.
"Morning, dear," she replied. Haxsaw sneered.
"Money is five hundred Pesos. We go to my hotel room. You wash up. This is for medical research. The firm I represent wants reaction from several different races."
Her name was Min-Min. At his hotel room he ordered Min-Min a breakfast. She laughed and thanked him. They later left to hail a cab. Once dropped off, Haxsaw walked the steps to Ateneo University. He had the front door building key and his basement key. He also had the key to the Chamber. Min-Min tittered as she looked about the Chamber room. Haxsaw turned on the air conditioner. He sat at his desk and turned on the computer with his other key. He ordered Min-Min in to sit as well. She glanced about. She was gasping at the cover to the Chamber. She looked many times at the microcomputer upon his desk. Haxsaw checked his watch and then handed Min-Min another silver band. He waved his hand. He told her place it about her head.
"The computer records what the Chamber receives from you. The band reads biometrics from your body." Min-Min stared in disbelief. She reached and adjusted the band around her head.
"So who is the firm?" Min-Min crossed her legs.
"The Howard Hughes Medical Research Group. Money was granted for further testing. I am now conducting more tests, overseas." Min-Min stared in disbelief and snickered.
"So I am helping others? How touching." Haxsaw was checking his watch again. He noted Min-Min's snide remark on helping.
"As you are a whore you need to be screwed around with and put in your place." Min-Min was stunned, a little off guarded.
"What? I don't... I see what this is..." Min-Min got up to leave. As her heels clicked across the flooring she suddenly stopped. Her defiant arms dropped harmlessly to her sides. Haxsaw raised from his desk. He stepped over to watch her. Min-Min was as if frozen.
Her legs were still in the walking gesture, though making no advancement. Haxsaw knew her brain was being saturated with thousands of bits of information. It was not she was frozen. It was her brain could tell no more what to do. Haxsaw commanded her to sit down. Min-Min was compliant. Her eyes were seeing yet reacted as if unfocused. The lights were on but she was not home. Haxsaw told her strip.
Min-Min was soon wearing only a frilly bra, push up design, white satin panties, a garter belt and fish net stockings.
"Oh sure," he figured. "What is a whore without this?"
In short time Min-Min was nude.
The Chamber ran it's course. Haxsaw took her to the hotel room, donning the same large hat used for the other girl. It was tilted to conceal her silvery face. In his bed he lay her down. She was with legs spread and arms out-raised. Her mouth was opened. Haxsaw told she was being raped by a black football player from America. In short time Min-Min reacted. Haxsaw spoke loud, reminding her she was frozen in place, taking it all.
Although Min-Min screamed she soon was only breathing harshly, grunting a great deal of time. Haxsaw went to his cellular telephone. He was sure it was plugged in a wall outlet. He called his house. Francisca picked up. As they talked, Francisca told what she heard. She argued, telling him she was better than the girls he had. Haxsaw calmed her and agreed. He told he was sorry. He said the girl was in bed alone, with a vibrator.
"I was getting late, I needed company. I then realized I need only you now."
The line was silent for some time. The word spoken created a post-hypnotic reaction. It was as Francisca listened to warpmymind.com files he left her with. She told him she loved him. In short time Francisca was fingering herself. She had to leave. She told she always forgave him and hung up. Haxsaw put the cell phone away.
All over her body, Min-Min was coated in Flexi-Steel. It made her small breasts stand out and up. It made her all as unnatural and rather mechanic. Only her raven black hair revealed natural beauty. After twenty five minutes, Min-Min passed out. Haxsaw looked her over. Even her pussy was sealed over, revealing no entrance. He left it as such. Her body, her limbs, all was coated in Flexi-Steel.
By way of the band across her forehead, information was sent already to the microcomputer at the Ateneo University basement. Haxsaw covered Min-Min with a bed sheet. He left her. He decided to go shopping at S.M. Mall. Buying a souvenir would be nice. After lunch at Dennis the Menace Grill, he would leave for the beach. Haxsaw looked Min-Min over. She would remain sleeping until he awoke her. That coming night he would send her out on the same red light district she came from, conditioned and coated as she was now. Testing was done anyway. Perhaps a silver coated Min-Min could get more customers?


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