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Milky Cow 1

by xrp1

Milky Cow 1

I got back from work one day and i was just randomly searching the web when i came across this site for hypnosis, and then curiosity got the better of me and i ended up trying some out.

I came across an mp3, something to do with making me a cowgirl slave and i tryed it out, first few times i dident reallt notice anything and then after a while, a long restless week of listening to it over and over again i began to feel something weird at my ass and my boobs felt big and swollen the more i listened.
Later on a Friday night i woke up form the trance and looked at my boobs, they where so big and swollen, they where evn lacating i had to grab them and squeez them, they where full of milk and i could squeez it out, i started to lick my nipples and squeez my boobs as milk came poring out of my nipples and into my mouth, i then began to rub my pussy, this just made me make more and more milk, i spent the whole night orgasming and drinking my milk from my tits.

The next morening my nipples and my pussy where still wet from the milk and there own wetness. I put on my bra just so my milk was making it wet so i put pegs on the end of my nipples and then got dressed and headed to the office. Midway trough the day i seen my boss and i felt as if i was his servant, I dont know why but i ended up rubbing my pussy trough my panties everytime i seen him.
Later in the evening i seen him and i said “Please make me your slave Erick please!” i was groveling beforehim. “My slave? Why would you wnat to be that, you are a good women.” He said while smiling.
“Ill do anything just please, please take me.” I pulled off my top and then got to my knees and opened his zipper and pulled out his large dick and sucked it.
“Are you sure about this? If yo uare my slave i get to call you anything i want you understand that right?”
he said while ginning evily
I stoped for a second and pulled away from his dick and said “Yes yes anything, anything.” I then fe;t to hands at the back of my head making me deep troat his dick all night, I woke up in his office the next morning with all my clothes ripped from when i ripped my bra and top off.
My boss then came into the office and told me to go home and pack up my stuff and to not come into work ever again. He also told me not to leave my home for 2 weeks and that he will come and get me when the 2 weeks are over, i reluctantly said “Yes master anything for you.” He carried me into his car and drove me to my house

“Give me your keys so i can make sure you want leave, ill bring you food every few days ok?.” He said when we arrved at my house, and i did what he told me and gave him the keys, he locked all my windows and the back door and took my spare, he then went outside the front door and locked it and drove off.
I went back to the site and looked for other MP3’s and found another one that made me love Cum and want to have it always. I then got the file and listened to it every night for 1 week, and dureing the days of that week i would drink my milk, masterbate and imagine my master was fucking me.
Eventually the efects of the new file kicked in, i felt a need for cum a great need, it made waiting for my master to return feel so much longer. For thoes 2 weeks i tryed many files i even tryed a file the made me get raped by tentacles. I also began to enjoy anal and oral much more. I even tryed a trig file that made me get fucked everytime i said a certain word.

When my master returened after the 2 weeks he seen me naked on the floor licking my tits and masterbating, he then walked over to my computer and checked it to see that i was useing hypnosis files. He then picked me up and said “Your a good Cow arent you, only reply to me by saying moo for now on or i will have to punish you, you animal” he was grinning as he put me into the back of his van and put me in a cage.

I felt safe in the cage, he cared about me enoph to keep me safe in a cage. We arrived at a big house, no a mansion, i could see it from the window. My master went and put a leash on me and said “ Now here is your home my Cow.” The effects of the cow girl file kicked in even more and i coudlent even stand up right, i had a tale and my ears where the eares of cows, i also had an other.
My master lead me into the house and every few minuits while walking on all 4s i would say “Moo.” And he would reply “Yes your a good cow.” When we got into the house he brought me to a large room underground, a giant tunnel, in it where farm buildings not such big ones but there was some, it was fairly dark but i could still make them out.

My master brought me to the cow house and put me in there and got some chains for me and chanied me up and said “You are also alowed say the type of food you want but only in single words you are still only an animal” he said while grinning I then said “Moo, Cum, Moo, Milk” and i tryed to move my hand to point to his dick but the chains where holding me back.
“Oh so you want my cum as your food, ok i dont think i have enoph to feed you till your full but ill put my cum on your food for you, and the milk.... you can to that part yourself cant you you naughty cow” he then pulled out a bag of food, animal food and let one of my hands out of the chain so i could give him a hand job, he then came all over my bowl of food and i began to eat it without my hands.
Then he left me in the dark alone chained up unable to pleasure myself, i then said the phrase for the tentacles and i felt my ass being ripped apart and my vigina too, gallons of cum was going down my troat, it was pure pleasure.

He then returned a few hours later and brought me to a new building, he called it the milkery, he put me in a cubical and a long dildo with small rounded points comeing out of the sides of it was spinning and then pulsated in and out of my ass, my ass could barly take it, then another dildo stuck into my pussy and went in and out of it incedable fast , then he stuck suckers to my breasts and a pipe comeing fromn them into a machine that had a dildo at the end of it, and pressed a button that made it go into my mouth.
The more pasionatly i sucked the dick the more it sucked on my brests and squirted the milk mixed whit another substance making it thick like cum into my mouth, i was also chained to teh groudn on all 4s unable to move, it was as if i was being gangbanged, and i was loveing it, after a while i began to notice my stomach felt warm, the machines where also sending cum like substances into my ass and pussy, i was so full but i needed more and more, it was to delious to want to stop

After 6 or 7 hours of being pleasured my master came back turned teh machine off, took everything away from me and put a leash on me. He then brought me back to the cow house, chained me up and said “1 last thing before its time to sleep” He grabed my head and pushed his dick into my mouth and i gave him a blow job till he came. Then he said “Now sleep, you had a long day. Tomorrow ill have a treat for you. Another day of this? I must be in heaven “Moo” i said as i was pleased. I then began to fall asleep.


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