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Chipset--Defining new ideals.

by Haxsaw

Chipset--Defining new ideals.

This Science Fiction story deals with love and passion. I do this so to please the many girls. Well, that and I lost a card game with EMG! I need pay up.

Wind whipped over the mall. It was late afternoon. Francisca was following Haxsaw. She had on tight blue jeans and a pale blue tee top. He was wearing an AC DC tank top with shorts along with thick, rubber black sandals. Haxsaw called, interrupting Francisca.
"How did Jesus walk so much in sandals? I keep getting a foot full of grit!" Haxsaw then swore, sharply. He fished out the keys. They waited outside North Stevens Hall. He unlocked the door, after so much fiddling with the door latch. He held the door open so Francisca could come also.
He led her down a staircase. On a landing he spied a crumbled bit of paper. He simply guessed it as a failed school assignment a student tossed. The stairwell was clean yet smelled dusty. He wondered if the buildings on campus produced their own dirt? A lone light fixture was concealed behind a small wire cage.
Across a lone hallway he led her. The walls were sheet rock, covered in one thin coat of paint. The thread bare carpeting seemed vacuumed yet looked beyond ready use. He was at The University of Maine. Haxsaw unlocked the door to the Chamber. Francisca looked inside and spoke.
"I mean what is this again?"
Haxsaw was still stunned she could not remember. He wrote out what occurred in "Chip set." He sent it to Warpmymind. The website, appraised amongst those who sought cheap... even kinky thrills, printed it. It could have been a warning. Maybe it was more an invitation? Haxsaw ushered Francisca inside. He was sure to close the door well. Francisca could not honestly recall what occurred here. He thought to shock her.
The florescent lights flashed on. Haxsaw went to a desk. He used his special key to click on the microcomputer. He turned and urged her sit, sit and relax. Francisca glanced at the metal table top. She gazed about in wonder, looking over the Chamber lid. She inspected the high pressure hoses leading off from it. She could plainly see the wiring leading out from atop it, also.
"Oh my..." The microcomputer was aligning with the mainframe computer on campus. Over at Neville Hall it ran. It had the primary job of maintaining The University Campus Infranet. As technology progressed, it dished out wired and wireless IT servings across campus. What with Wi-Fi becoming older and more part of the field, the mainframe computer, truly a supercomputer, was fulfilling demands by today's campus student and staff body. The research grant from the Howard Hughes Foundation slipped into The University of Maine bank account without even a nod. Students on campus went about their business, the Foundation kept the results for analysis and The University was paid. Who was to know? Francisca washed, earlier.
"Well, it is to make changes in you, dear." Haxsaw stood from off behind his desk.
"I trust you."
"Tell me, is this safe?" She had asked with a tremor of nerves unbundled. Haxsaw came near and touched her shoulder.
"You undress. Lay atop the steel table," he said as he pointed. "See the plasma sheeting along the length?" It holds you in place. Within the Chamber a compression sheet over you makes contact." Haxsaw turned from her. "With this running you feel something like water. Let it run, dear. It may feel different. The water is like a coating. It dries. Nothing to worry about." Haxsaw was looking over the Chamber as he announced this. He turned and faced her.
"The Chamber has motion detectors. Simply lie flat and relax, dear. No matter what occurs, just lie still. The Chamber is highly technical. The sheeting lays out a wet fluid that dries fast. It is no big deal," he lied.
Haxsaw was to record fright while bound. It was part of the required testing for the Biometric Department at the Foundation. He knew she would be fine. Haxsaw left the room.
As soon as Francisca lay flat the cover to the Chamber slowly lowered, tightly. The compression sheets within the Chamber lid pressed down. Wetness was what Francisca felt. At first she was okay with it. It was later she noticed. She realized it flowed beneath her back, the length of her arms and behind her neck. It was already her mouth sealed.
At this point the compression sheet was down, fully. As the Chamber lid sealed shut, Francisca had little room to move. Air was pumped to her face. Breathing was easy. Movement was impossible. Haxsaw was back.
Francisca was screaming. As she did so layers of Flexi-Steel coated her. After a half hour the Chamber lid raised.
Haxsaw was quick to place a silver band around her forehead. He knew the Flexi-Steel was not yet cured. The silver band would adhere. Francisca seemed too tired yet struggled. Haxsaw was apologizing. He was sweet talking. He was explaining everything was fine, just fine. Francisca sat upright. As she sobbed she then regained herself and sat on the edge of the metal table. After a short time she was composed. Haxsaw did some quick explaining.
"Oh, man. Look! Down the end of the hallway is a shower. I must have forgotten to clean the system." Haxsaw knew he had to stall well.
"What is this on me?!" It was a cry sounding on the verge of a scream.
"I must have forgotten to rinse the hoses! It is okay. It rinses right off! I'm so sorry, dear. Really... it washes off."
"And you are going to to rinse off every last inch of this....sh..."
Francisca was staring off, in fright. Her eyes were seeing yet beheld nothing. The chip within the band had kicked in. As Haxsaw helped her stand aright he peeled off the plasma sheeting. It was like removing a label from a wet beer bottle. Francisca was stunned yet appeared scared, still.
The silvery coating concealing her body was very, very form fitting. Even as she breathed heavily, Haxsaw could make out nipples to each breast. As he eyed her he could see her bellybutton was gone. Between her legs it was as if covered, concealing her most private part. Haxsaw figured he would take a mill knife and slit open her puss'.
Haxsaw kept urging Francisca to stand, until ten minutes. The Flexi-Steel needed cure. Mostly, the subject would be mentally stunned from the thousands of bits of information. It would pour into one of many chips in the set. The band around her head would be as a funnel, taking what the microcomputer received from the mainframe computer at Neville Hall. Haxsaw was troubled. He would not let this end until the Chamber finished the programming. Haxsaw cursed. It hurt him to see Francisca in distress. It was the Chamber. It was always the Chamber!
It was early evening. Francisca was in a night gown. Supper was long ago served and each had showered. Haxsaw was ordering her. Francisca was cleaning house, mostly using a feather duster to sweep at book shelves. Haxsaw even had her vacuum a short time. He checked out her legs. They were silvery yet shaped well. Her breasts were more upright as was her rear end. It did such after the Flexi-Steel cured. Even her tummy was more narrow. Haxsaw told her put away the feather duster. He ordered her near.
"Wait. Stand still and wait."
Haxsaw had a 1927 radio/record player combo. He placed on an Lp of a flute/clarinet collection of selected songs. It was sweet and sounded so much fuller than a typical Cd. He ordered her near him, to hug. They slowly danced. She was leaning her frame upon him. He wrapped his powerful arms around the small of her back. Her arms found their way, clinging to his shoulders. Haxsaw had her stand aright. He reached out and kissed her silvery lips. The Lp finished with a song by Caruso. As he held her but a moment, a knock came at the door. It was them.
The two men in suits claimed her after he opened his front door. They said as before, "She will be back as normal, again." After the front door closed Haxsaw watched. The shadowy figures led Francisca to the awaiting van, led off into the night. Haxsaw sighed. He shut off his front light, lined in blue film.


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