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Chip Set-Final program.

by Haxsaw

Chip Set-Final program.

Haxsaw does not claim any credit for the chip set idea. It was originally written by someone with the handle, "Dark Mind". I only used his idea and tried putting together a story. I also lost a bet with EMG at Happy Joe's Grill.

He had her again. He had her back to his home. The simple, barn style housing was suffocating amidst tree growth. Thick, heavy branches seemed more like a sea of ever greenery. Within his home, the action was just getting underway.
She was standing at attention. Her body was uplifted and silvery. Her raven black hair was all that remained natural. He was this far, at least. How it began?
Haxsaw had her, earlier, at The University of Maine. He had Francisca with him this time. She was already wearing a silvery band about her forehead. He looked her over. At age fifty her large breasts sagged a little. That would change! After she was done Haxsaw commanded she dress. It was now his turn. Each had bathed. North Stevens Hall on campus was being put to use. The Chamber never failed. It was always the Chamber!
Haxsaw lay flat. The pressure sheets within the Chamber coated him. As it made it's way the rubbing against his sex organ caused it to extend. The Flexi-Steel coated this, entraping it in elongated length. After a full forty minutes the cover raised.
Haxsaw dressed. So did Francisca. It was odd yet he could breath fairly well. The time was later. Dusk was streaming along the horizon. At least a cover as this would help avoid detection. Outside, several university students were tossing a Frisbee at the far end of the nearly vacant lot. Haxsaw walked as casual and normal as he had before. What with his gait and normal clothing, he went undetected. It was the same for Francisca. At a distance, they were seen yet not realized. What with the way they moved about, nothing seemed unusual. Haxsaw was soon in his four door Mercury. He started it, let it warm up, shifted and left. While moving out of the parking lot he had the head lamps on. Behind the glare of auto lights, they were further shielded. He drove for home.
He had her again. He had her back to his home. Sure, this was an unscheduled trip. The simple, barn style home was hidden behind many trees. Within his home the action would begin. Haxsaw got them inside. This time, after locking the door, the front light to the house was kept off.
After stepping inside Haxsaw commanded Francisca undress. She rapidly complied. It was in part through control. It was also leaning upon her desire to be submissive. In this state of mind she was living a fantasy. In this vantage, she was the perfect submissive fantasy self. Haxsaw was sure she was prepared, ahead of time.
As the Flexi-Steel concealed her belly button Haxsaw had used a knife. He sliced an opening for her pussy.
Haxsaw stripped willingly. Already his penis was quickening. He looked at his arms and legs. He noticed his enlarging sex organ. He told Francisca to go to bed. She did as such. He had something he had to do.
He rushed to his kitchen.
From a drawer he found a nine Volt battery. He lightly touched the side of his swollen, metallic reproductive organ. Stinging, surging electricity flowed out. Haxsaw as quickly removed the two contacts of the nine Volt battery. He figured why not? He touched it again. His penis pulsed as the electricity flowed through it. Even within the thickness of his penis he felt electricity. He stopped. He was now fully erect. Haxsaw slapped the battery back inside the drawer. He thought of ideas. Could not metal curtain rings be slipped over an erect penis? Would this not bring about a hard on? Haxsaw thought of applying a nine Volt battery this fashion. As he stepped back to the bedroom he thought of using a nine Volt battery on Francisca. Haxsaw entered the room and found her lain out straight. Would not a correctly sized metal washer, slipped over a girls nipple be able to then take a zap? Could not a nine Volt battery be used to merely touch, in a spot like this? Maybe someday he would send this account to Warpmymind. Maybe. For now, Francisca awaited.
He looked over her silvery body. He thought it first queer as a three dollar bill. As one could be highly addicted to hypnosis files, so Haxsaw was addicted to Francisca. He had to have her. He needed her now. Haxsaw went over in his bedroom. Atop a drawer was a silvery band. He placed it atop his head.
Haxsaw ordered Francisca spread her legs. He positioned himself. He kissed her. He kissed her silvery lips. He watched her blink sometimes. He beheld even the eyelids were silver coated. In short time, he was making fantastic love to her. As he did he pumped faster and faster. Francisca was reacting. Her back arched. Her arms wrapped about his upper back. As he did he commanded Francisca to say a message, over and over. It was then the chip from the set he was wearing kicked in. Haxsaw was stunned, ceasing movement. He soon heard her words.
"More! More! More!"
Haxsaw was pumping his body, thrusting against her hips. After twenty four minutes he came, seven times. The last orgasm was nothing more than a few drops. Within Haxsaw's mind he was containing the ultimate fantasy. No wonder so many listened to Warpmymind.com. Hypnosis committed to at home, privately, was the ultimate rush, indeed!


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