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Corsetted, For Life part 1

by MacGyver

Corsetted, For Life part 1

Corsetted, For Life

I am stuck, there is no way out of this, though I wish there were. I cannot get to the computer to even try and get myself free. I am her slave, for the rest of my life. How the hell could i have let this happen to myself. I knew she was a "science geek" but never in my wildest dreams did i think she would ever take things this far. I thought this was just load of sci-fi bullshit, there was no way in the world this could have been real. Was I ever wrong!

I remember it as if it were yesterday, and will never forget the events that lead up to me being here today. I can never escape even if i wanted to. If I try and leave while she is away, I get within 3 feet of the door and pass out each and every time, and when I wake up, she is standing over me telling me I should really stop trying to escape. She then attaches a leash to my collar and forces me to pleasure her with my mouth. I could swear she is a lesbian that just can not find another woman to service her.

One hundred long years it has been since the day we met. We met online, and of course, we chatted through email for several weeks, i was trying to "feel" her out so-to-speak. Just another online scammer i thought, so, i gave her tales of me supposedly crossdressing like a woman thinking that would scare her off. When this did not work, I just knew she was an online scammer and was waiting for her to ask me to send her some money to a foreign country.

She wanted to know where I lived so we could meet face to face. I now know that giving her my home adress was the biggest mistake of my life. She found me, and everything was going fine, she had and still does have a great looking body and a really cute face to match. She has a pecan colored complexion, the perfect hourglass figure, nicely rounded hips, and a really nice round, firm, lifted booty. She knew that sexy figure of hers had me entranced.

It was only a matter of 4 or 5 weeks before she wanted to see me dressed as a woman. Of course, she made sure she had done my make-up for me, then insisted i go out with her as a woman. She always wore skin tight clothing when she was dressing me as a woman, knowing i would do as she had asked of me. At first, she just dressed me in panties, pantyhose, a bra, and for boobs she filled 2 latex balloons with warm water and inserted them into my bra, said they would give the weight and bounce that would complete the look, and of course, she always had a dress and some flats for me to wear.

Good lord, the dress was shiny and good looking, but that thing must have weighed all of 80 pounds! She said she wanted me to be comfortable, but how could I be comfortable while wearing such a heavy dress?! Not to mention she always picked out the color pink! Every bit of the outfit was pink! This time, it was hot pink, the dress, the bra, the balloons, the panties, pantyhose and shiny hot pink flats! She either loved the color pink, or loved seeing me wear anything pink.

The dress fit me rather snug, infact, i had to let the air out of my lungs so she could zip it up! She then told me i would have to sit to pee like a woman, hell, she even went into the womens restrooms with me and made sure i did so, said it would help me to get "into" the part of being a girl when we were out, and that if I would just do that 24 hours a day, she would stop going into the same stall with me whenever i had to go.

I thought I would teach her a little lesson about making me wear pink all the time as well as those heavy dresses where from the waist to the knee they frilled out 3 times as big around as my chest. I was tired of wearing what looked like prom dresses all the time, so i figured to "fix her" and she would stop dressing me in those tight heavy "things" and stop making me wear pink.

The plan was simple enough though, convince her that hypnosis was fun and she should try it, then take her mind off dressing me so often. Atleast i thought it would be that easy, I mean, the first time i put her so deep she would obey my every command. At this point, I thought she was putty in my hands, and for a while, she was. I had her right where i wanted her, i could play with those nice round firm DD breasts any time i wanted, she had no complaints, and it made her forget about dressing me in those horrid pink dresses.

I also made it so that every time she even thought of dressing me in one of those monstrocities, she would get within 3 feet of me and have a really intense orgasm. I also increased her cum production 10 fold so this would happen repeatedly, and by the time it was over and she had released all the cum her body was making, she would be too worn out to try and dress me in all that crap, and just settled for seeing me in womens briefs.

Hell, she was too busy with orgasms, cleaning herself up, and changing her clothes. Myself, I found it cute and funny as hell. When she would drop the dress during an orgasm, i would pick it up and move it 20 feet away just to watch her go through it all over again. After a few weeks, I used the trigger to take her back under, and this time i doubled her current cum production, and made it so she would have to have a release atleast twice a say else she would cum in her sleep all night long until she was dry.

That part of her hypnosis programming is still in effect, and i seem to be unable to remove those suggestions. You see, after 4 weeks of cumming all night long in her sleep, she done got smart. I found out from one of my friends that she was seeing a professional hypnotist, even he was unable to undo her programming, i bet he put a block on her so i could not undo what i had done as nothing i tried has worked. I have had her under so many times it is not funny, every time i tried to undo my programming, she became even more agressive.

She started talking about dressing me up again, but this time she was talking about making me wear a corset. Not any corset, she was talking about putting one on me made for tight lacing! Of course I just laughed it off, and used the trigger word to put her under hypnosis to try and make sure this one would never happen, well, never say never! The more i used hypnosis to try and make her stop thinking about putting me in a corsette, the more she actually did think about it.

How dare that asshole give her suggestions that would make things worse on me that i could not remove?! After work one day, she brough home a large box, dropped it on the floor next to the bed and told me i should have a look inside. The bax was large, i got my tape measure, the box was 4 feet long, 3 feet wide, and nearly 5 feet tall! How the hell did she get this into the house let alone the bedroom?

Well, my curiosity got the better of me just as soon as she left the room, and i opened the box. My god! Nothing but corsettes! And every damned one of them was hot pink! She came back with a case of hot pink bras, then a case of hot pink panties, and she ended up rolling in 5 huge boxes with those hot pink prom dresses. She got up early the next morning, and made sure she had time to dress me after waking me up, and said i had better still be dressed when she got home.


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