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Corsetted, For Life part 2

by MacGyver

Corsetted, For Life part 2

While my coffee was brewing the next morning, she carried in a case of hot pink pantyhose and 7 pairs of hot pink flats, said this way i could be in womens shoes every day i was off work, and every night after work until i awoke the next morning. She dressed me from head to toe that morning before work, when she put those tight briefs on me, she made sure i was tucked, said i need to pee like a girl all day while she was at work. The panties and the pantyhose had a hole cut in the crotch that would allow me to pee while sitting down. These dresses were a smaller size, i laughed at her and told her there was no way she would get them zipped up on me.

She gave me an evil looking smile, and before i knew what had happened, i was tightly laced into a corset. the hose was over the panties, and the corset was over the hose, so, i had to pee sitting down if i could not get this garbage off. And just to make sure, right after she zipped up the dress, which hugged the corsette tightly, she broke the tail off the zipper and put super glue on it so i could not get the dress off.

She thought she had me trapped in that outfit all day long, and made sure i drank the entire pot of coffee before she left. I had to take a leak like a race horse, i felt as if i were being watched as i headed to the bathroom, i was trying to pee standing up, and found i could not. The corset was preventing me from being able to bend enough to do it, and i heard her giggling, turned ournd and there she was. I gave in and sat down to take a leak. I waited for an hour after she had left for work that day, and carted everything outside, and had me a bonfire in the back yard, and with a pair of scissors from the shed, i cut off all that garbage and dressed in my male clothes before leaving my shed and throwing the last of that crap on the fire!

What I did not know was the hypnotist she was seeing made sure she would femenize me no matter what it would take in order to pay me back for my little hypnosis trick on her. I guess it is like them pirates in the movie were saying, hell has no fury like a woman scorned. I had no idea for what i was in for next. she came home, and found me on the couch watching a mad max movie. at first she thought nothing of it, put the groceries away and asked if i needed anything. i asked if she had gotten any doritoes, she said she would bring them to me. i did not think or i would have told her to leave them on the counter and i would get them in a few minutes. She brought me the doritoes, and an ice cold soft drink, just looked at me and handed me my snack and drink. I thought everything was fine, then she asked why i was not still dressed as a woman and what did i do with the clothes.

There was no way in hell i was going to tell her i cut them off me and burned all the rest so i asked her what clothes and told her she did not dress me and that there was no dresses in the house, and the only womens clothing was hers. I should have known something was wrong, the next 2 weeks, she was just so nice, and alway went into the bathroom to get her release unless she was busy with the laundry. All of the sudden, 2 weeks later she asked why she kept waking up in a huge puddle of her own cum, so I played dumb and said i dont know. The bells and whistles and sirens should have been going off, the red flags and flares should have been going up, and i should have made up an excuse and went to a friend's house for the night.

That next day, i woke up to feel something squeasing the hell out of me. It was very painfull and breathing was difficult. I had a helluva time getting out of bed, took nealry 15 minutes to roll over onto my back and swing my feet over the side of the bed, and another 10 minutes to stand up, and i became so faint, i fell back onto the bed. After something like 2 hours, i managed to get stood up without fainting and slowly made my way to the bethroom and looked in the mirror. I could not believe my eyes, i was in a shiny, hot pink corset, the bones in the corset were pretty thick for some reason, and there was no busks in the front of it neither, so i could not release it so easy. i thought about a kitchen knife, but I was unable to get the knives between me and the corset in a way to cut it off without cutting myself to shreds!

I went out to the shed and opened my tackle box, in there was a small pair of scissors i used for cutting pantyhose for soft fish baits, and after about 30 minutes, i managed to cut the corset off of me, and i investigated the boning right before i burned it. What the hell? This one actually had bones in it! I got online and done some research, it was boned with whale-bones, which is very unforgiving. I hid my scissors close by, good thing too, everyday i woke up in a tightly laced corset made with whale bones, and i would cut them away from me before getting out of bed. This became a daily routine, wake up, cut off the corset, throw it in a drum outback and set it on fire.

One morning, just 99 years ago today, i awoke, looked out my window and watched her drive off to go to work, so, again i thought i was alone. I got this eerie feeling i was being watched, so i slowly made my way round and checked the entire house, sure enough i was alone. I made it back to my bed, pulled out my scissors and cut the laces, and back into my routine of throwing it into the drum out back and setting it on fire. the following morning, i woke up wearing a corset that was even tighter, i could only take one baby step at a time or else i would pass out as it was that hard to breathe. i reached for my scissors only to find they were not there.

The journey from the bedroom to the kitchen seemed to take forever i had to go so slow. Not one knife or sharp object anywhere in the house. I managed to put on a shirt and some shorts, made my way out to the tool shed, and not one sharp tool out there neither. Could she have gotten smart and found out what i was doing? I hoped the hell not! That night, she was in the kitchen for nearly 2 hours making dinner, the whole time i was wondering where she had hidden everything sharp and why did she have knives to make dinner. She got pissed at the fact i took only 2 bites and was full, she yelled at me for nearly an hour because she came home, worked like hell making dinner and i only took two bites. I could not get one word in without more yelling, so, i raised my shirt and she went from pissed off to nice as could be in less than 3 seconds.

She turned on the tv and showed me several videos of me cutting off the corsets, carrying them out back and burning them. I knew I was in for it when she told me i would wake up with one of those on every day, and she would remove them long enough for me to go to work and take a shower, and that i would be imprisoned in a corset during the time i was not at work for an entire month. the next day that i had off work, as i only work 3 days a week, or should say i used to work 3 days a week, i found a flexible measuring tape used to find a persons measurements for clothing, each day i had off, i checked the measurement, and sure enough the reason i never felt the corset loosen was the fact it was tightened up just a little more each day, the measurements confirmed my suspicions.

Only one week of this torture to go, thank god! She came home and asked me if i had ever heard of nano-bots, to which i replied,"those itty bitty robots like in them sci-fi movies" she said yes. She also told me she was creating them at her job and they were nearly finished and could be programmed to do just about anything. 6 weeks later, she brought some home frozen in an ice cube, said there were 10 million of them in that one cube and they were programmed to make me thin and tighten my skin back up and get rid of all my scars and skin blemishes, but i would have to injest them and it would take all night for them to work.

She put me in a corset and told me to go to sleep and in the morning i would be thin enough for the corset to fall off me. Just to prove her wrong, i took a hammer and broke the ice cube into lots of small peices and swallowed each one right before she tightened the corset. "this thing is starting to hurt, it is getting hard to breathe! take it back off!" the more i yelled, the more she tightened the corset and told me to trust her. When i replied i did not trust anything that could bleed for several days and still be alive, she gave one more yank on the laces and tied them in a knot that could not be removed. I was so faint, she had to help me to my bed, i no more than got into position, and i passed out for the night.

Sure enough, the next day i awoke, got out of bed and felt someting slide down my body and hit the tops of my feet, the corset literally fell off. I was impressed, and i was free. That evening, she took my measurements for some reason. She brought home a new corset the next week, shiny and hot pink, and this one had what looked like bra cups in it and was long enough to go all the way down to my hips, and another one which was a full body corset and covered my shoulders like a bra and my back like a racer back bra, all the way down my arms to my wrists, and it had legs all the way to my ankles. That one kinda worried me a bit. Sure enough, i woke up wearing it the following week, i thought i was paralyzed, i could not move my arms or legs, I could only feel a bit of pain running up and down my limbs. Breathing was difficult, i was on my back and felt as if she were sitting on my chest.


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