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Fag bitch slave and prisoner

by johnsmith100110

Fag bitch slave and prisoner

751 I am the fag bitch slave and prisoner of Richard.
752 I am the fag bitch slave and prisoner of Richard.
753 I am the fag bitch slave and prisoner of Richard.
753 I am the fag bitch slave and prisoner of Richard.
754 I am the fag bitch slave and prisoner of Richard.

So it goes, another evening, naked, my feet tied together, doing my dictations of slavery as ordered by my master Richard, a crack dealer 30 years younger than me, presently in a California prison. This is how I, who have an responsible well-paying job and the concurrent lifestyle, came to be the property of a convicted drug dealer.

I had known him before he went to prison, we played around a bit, but he wasn’t really in to the sex thing, mostly he wanted the money so he could buy drugs, so he gave the minimum to get the minimum. But he used to talk about his mental mind control over me while we were playing around. Although neither of us knew anything about erotic hypnosis and mind control back then, I found the thought very erotic.

Later he went out to California, and got busted for selling crack, and has been in a California state prison for the past two years. He’s getting out this month though, and I am getting ready for him.

Several months ago, there was a change in his letters.

“I don’t know why, but I woke up horny this morning. So fag, get down on your knees and suck my cock in your dreams. If I was there, I would tie you up and beat you until you paid me to stop, you are such a fag bitch slave, you would let me do it. In fact, you would pay me to tie you up and beat you until you paid me to stop. I have some instructions for you. Get naked and kneel down on the floor before you read the rest of this letter.

Every day I want you to strip naked and tie your feet together and kneel on the floor and say “I am the fag bitch slave and prisoner of Richard” at least 200 times. This is your dictation of slavery. And I want you to make a knotted cord, and every time you read a letter from me, I want you to beat yourself ten times, then read it again and beat yourself ten more times, so every time you get a letter from me, you beat yourself 20 times, and then 20 times more for every time you read it again. Every day I will use my mind control powers to send you messages of dominance. Every day I will be saying, over and over, John is my slave, I can do with him what I will. This is my dictation of mastery, and when I do get out of this hole, I will do with you what I will, and you will be powerless to resist me. After you read the letter and beat yourself, while you are still naked, go to your computer and use the system to send me your fag tax, at least $20 for every letter I send.”

Well this was interesting. More interesting than anything he had written for the last 18 months. I beat off immediately, I was turned on so much, while I gave myself 20 lashes with a knotted cord I quickly made from a stray piece of rope laying around. A knotted cord has a thick knot every inch or so along its length, it makes a nice instrument for self-flagellation.. I also, as he demanded, went to the online site and transferred $10 to his account.

Later that evening, I decided to do as he said. I stripped naked, tied my feet together, kneeled down on the floor, and began to say my dictations. Took about 10 minutes or so, then I read his letter again, and beat myself 20 more times with the cord as I masturbated.

I did the same thing the next day, and the day after, only on the third day I did 300 dictations. And I wrote him a very submissive letter.

I continued to follow the routine, and a few days later I received a reply. He doubled my daily requirement of dictations to 400, and also doubled the number of whacks with my cord per reading of his letters to 40. I ended up with 120 whacks that day, as I read his letter three times. I paid the fag tax and sent him another submissive letter. In the previous week, I had accidently found the Warp My Mind site, after doing a search for gay erotic mind control. I found a script to develop dominance, and included it with my letter, and also a couple of other scripts to be used by a dominant.

A week later, he called me. I accepted the charge, and he started reading one of the scripts to me. I had been practicing going into trance and while the call was only 15 minutes, he took me down and then back up. He doubled my daily dictations to 800. One of the quirks is I have to count each dictation, so I start by saying One I am the fag bitch slave and prisoner of Richard, Two I am the fag bitch slave and prisoner of Richard, etc. It helps me keep up with the count.

The next day I went online, without really thinking why, and figured out how to record a telephone call. When he called me again, I recorded the call (he did all the talking), and made a file, and started listening to it. . .

“You are my fag bitch slave and prisoner. You are lucky that I pay any attention to you at all, you are such a fag bitch slave. I am taking control of your life, mind, and body. You are nothing, I am everything, you are mine, forever. There is no escape, you can never escape, you can never deny me, you accept everything that I say, you deny nothing that I say, you trust me in everything. I am in total control of you, there is no way to escape. You want me to control you, that’s why you are listening to this recording, that’s why you write me submissive letters in your own handwriting, and tell me all the disgusting and perverted things you want me to do to you, you know you want this, this is why you obey me, you always obey me, you have always obeyed me, you have no choices in this. This is the way it is, this is the way it will always be, there is no going back, you are mine, I control you, you are my prisoner, you want to be my prisoner, there is no point in denying this because you know this is true and it makes you happy. Everything I tell you to do in a letter or on the phone you will do. You eagerly anticipate the day that I come to you in person. You are mine. Obedience makes you happy. You enjoy sending me fag taxes.”

And so on and so forth for about 12 minutes.

I’ve been listening to that recording a lot these days.

He’s upped the daily requirement of dictations to 2000, but the most I have been able to do is about 1500 or so. Somewhere around there, I typically zone out, I guess I’ve gone into a trance, and after a while I “wake” up. Usually about 2 hours have elapsed from the time I started. I wrote the time I started down a few times because I was curious as to how long this was taking. I live by myself so there’s no problem with zoning out naked, feet tied together, on the floor. Typically I am listening to one of his recordings while doing the dictations, so I guess the point is to go into trance without him present so I can hear his words in my suggestive state.

Now it’s only 2 weeks until he gets out of prison. I am, as he has directed, eagerly awaiting his arrival. I’ve bought his bus ticket and arranged for him to pick it up at the bus depot. He has to take the train to a city with a bus stop, as the prison is in a town without a bus stop, but they do have Amtrak. I’ve gone shopping and have a good supply of rope, chains, belts, gags, hoods, and various other accoutrements of control and dominance. I’ve made a playroom in the basement, which includes a small walk-in tool-shed, which he says will be my new bedroom. The master bedroom upstairs will be his. I am the fag bitch slave and prisoner of Richard, and that makes me very happy.


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