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Psych Ward Struggle

by uderiel

Psych Ward Struggle

Dr. Winters walked in smiling at me like she always did, "Could you go in the bathroom for me real quick?" she asked. I as a courteous person said no problem called in over the radio to stop the testing and walked into the bathroom. I could hear a faint buzzing soon after and knew what was going on, no doubt and waited for what considered too long before I got in trouble for being in the bathroom to long on work hours. I walked out the door looking down and away to go get the radio when out of nowhere her hands came out and pushed me against the wall. She was an Indian/middle eastern woman who was aged but still very good looking. Her eyes were close to mine and she pushed the radio into my hand, " buy us some time!".
I told my boss that I had to go number two and I would try to hurry and before I could even get confirmation she dragged me into the bathroom and pushed me onto the toilet. She looked me up and down and took off her wedding ring and threw it on the ground, " I know you want to be inside of me" she said seductively. I always had but I never knew how literally she meant it. My dick started to swell and she looked down at it smiling at me will sitting on my lap facing me her breasts in my face. Our legs facing opposite directions she started taking off her shirt and bra shoving them in my face almost till I suffocated. "mMMMmmmrmrm" was all I could mutter before she pulled them away and put her hand over my mouth so wierd and slimy. I hoped it was not something from the toilet but realized it wasnt very soon. I could not talk or scream or even moan as my mouth was stuck togethor. She took off the rest of my clothes licking me over my eyes and all over my mouth, sticking her tongue in my ears and giving me a nibble quickly before leaning down to pull off my pants.
She gave a giggle as she saw my erect penis pop out in front of her and shoved my legs apart before putting her moist succulent lips around my erect shaft. Working up and down drawing me to the point I could not last any longer. She came up with my semen all over her lips and slobbered all over my lips and face covering me in my own mess. She rubbed one out in front of me pulling my face into her pussy as she came covering me in her juices. No matter how hard I tried I could not get away. I pulled away and was pulled back a skin like dildo pushing itself into my surprised mouth and pulling me back against the toiled lid. I try to moan and pull away before another one penetrates me in the ass rubbing against my G-spot making me erection get harder. She smiles again "Are you ready to be inside me?" she asks. I moan and try to wiggle as all the dildo pump away into me making everything feel all wierd wishing against everything I could rebuke and get free. She licks her lips and whispers in my ear, "all you have to say is no" laughing slightly as she pulls back. I know I cant because she has stuck my lips togethor and I cant shake my head. She sits down on top of my erect dick as the dildos in my mouth pump me full of her semen through my rectum and mouth it floods into me as she latches over my dick with her vagina. I can feel something wierd happening in my legs and get enough leash to look down and see my skin turning into an exact replica of hers while hers adopt the look of mine. I can feel myself coming inside of her like ive never come before. her legs are mine and mine are hers and I moan trying to stop it as the juices keep flowing inside of me causing my chest to swell soon causing me to have perfect c-cup breast just like hers my tattoo disappearing of my chest as it appears over hers my ass feels bigger and my hips are wider and she is becoming just like me I cant resist falling for it more and more as her older body becomes mine each wrinkle, scar and mole as I see myself recreated over her. she pulls out of my vagina, what used to be hears with my dick and sticks it in front of my face. she has my hair and the rest of my body she is only missing my face which seems so wierd. I dont want to be her!! She has to be forty or so with the slight wrinkles that cover her still beautiful face. her body is beautiful as well and still surprisingly young. I feel the dildo pull out of my ass and mouth. I see my dick begin to pulse on her before it is shoved in my mouth just as the dildos fill hers and what used to be my ass. She comes in my mouth with my own dick and I feel it overflow my lips and cover my face changing it.
I open my eyes to see me standing over myself. I try to get up but im not used to the heels on my feet or the stockings as the rub my vagina. she must not have been wearing panties. she smiles from my body " I knew you wanted to be in me and so I gave you my forty year old body of female for your twenty year old male body. she pushes me down and I can barely resist as she pulls down the stockings and pulls out her dick to fuck my new vagina .


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