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by jmaster12


Chapter 01 — The bait

Brad and Daniel where dorm room-mates.

Brad was the typical all American jock who got into college thanks to a football scholarship, he always had a girl willing to spread her legs for him and he was only to happy to oblige. They were all crazy about him. Tall, blond, muscular and handsome and according to the rumours well endowed as well. The all in one package.

On the other hand Daniel was the typical nerd type who would spend hours and hours in front of his computer and playing around with his gizmo’s. Thin, brown hair, 5 feet 8 and not spectacularly handsome like brad but attractive in his own way and unlike Brad he was gay and from the first day at campus when he saw Brad he decided that Brad would be his so he hacked into the University computers and organised things so he would be sharing a dorm with Brad.

For Daniel’s disappointment, not only Brad wasn’t gay but he was bringing home a different girl every day and from the shouting coming from his room it was clear they were enjoying the ride.

Apart of being an ace with computers, Daniel was studying psychology and was getting a masters degree in the manipulation of the subconscious. This was an area he always felt fascinated about, controlling other peoples minds without they noticing.

One of the advantages of living with Brad is that it gave Daniel a perfect view of Brad’s life, his likes and

dislikes and among his favourite pastimes were gangster movies and playing computer games so after a few weeks working on the idea of whether it would be possible or not to turn Brad gay he came up with the perfect plan.

He spent the following 3 months working day and night on a virtual reality computer game that would allow the user to inmerse himself/herself into a virtual town and be a gangster. That on it’s own would have been a great achievement in itself but Daniel went even further and equipped the helmet with all the necessary tools to be able to send subliminal messages into the wearer’s mind and also to project quick images onto the wearer which would go completely unnoticed to him/her.

He also built a device for the user’s cock, that way, the program would be able to control when to stimulate or when to restrain the user’s cock.

After all this work, the only thing left was to convince Brad to try out the new computer program.

One day after practice Brad was home with one of his football mates, John, talking about girls and football as always... and he was talking about how he’s always broke and may need to find a job but with the football practice and all it was really difficult to find a job that would allow him to work outside classes and football practice.

That was the opening Daniel had been waiting for. Money!

You know Brad? In my department we are testing a new virtual reality game, and they are looking for some volunteers to test it, I have one of the prototypes in my room so you could actually work from home.

“Really?” Brad said.

“How much are they paying?” he asked.

“Well, that depends on your score, you see, the more points you make the more they pay you”. Responded Daniel.

“Yeah, but how much? can you give me a figure?” asked Brad.

“Between $5/hour all the way to $100/hour”. Said Daniel.

“$100/hour!!!” shouted Brad and John at the same time. “Are you for real? " they both asked.

“Hold your horses boys, $100 is only if you make the top scores and that won’t be easy, you may need to do things you wouldn’t normally do in real life, that’s why you would get more points. The game is to study the human mind and the decision making process, so no every one would be able to make some tough decisions in order to make more points...” said Daniel as he was trying to hide his devious smile... “and the higher the level, the tougher it gets... " he added.

“What’s the game about?” asked Brad now really interested.

“All I can tell you is that you start as a low level gangster and you are supposed to get through the ranks of your organisation and in order to do that you may need to do things that you won’t feel very confortable with... and there are also some perks like you can fuck whoever you want in the game.” Explained Daniel

“Really?” asked Brad and John at the same time with the same incredulous tone.

“How can you fuck someone in a virtual world?” “what’s the point?” asked John.

“You have to wear an helmet and a cock device so that it can stimulate your cock while you’re fucking someone so you would feel just like if you were fucking that someone. There is also a dildo in case you’re a woman or simply if you wanna try something different”. Said Daniel with an enigmatic smile...

“Ok, I’ll do it but only if you keep that dildo for fags away from me”. said Brad.

“ I’m also interested. Can you take 2 volunteers?” asked John.

hmm it seems this is going better than expected thought Daniel.

“I’m sure I can find another spot for you if you are really interested John... but you’ll have to wait until Brad makes a few levels since you would be both using the same machine”, responded Daniel.

“Yes please, it sounds too good an oportunity to miss out. Count me in!” said John.

“Okay, I’ll let you know when everything is ready for you then”. Said Daniel.

“So... when do we start”, asked Brad.

“Tomorrow morning if you want”, responded Daniel.

“Bring it on!” shouted Brad.
* * *
Chapter 02 — Level 1 — Choosing the boys

The following morning Brad was burning with anticipation. He just couldn’t wait to start his “new job” and he was committed to get top scores whatever it took. If he wanted to keep scoring girls he was going to need some quick money.

Daniel couldn’t sleep all night thinking about what he was about to start, at last! Brad was about to be his!

“Okay Brad, just put all the equipment on and let me know when you’re ready”, said Daniel in a professional tone.

a few minutes later Brad gave the sign to Daniel to indicate all was in place.

Okay, let’s go through the check list.

“Helmet on”, said Daniel

“check”, replied Brad.

“Gloves on”, said Daniel

“check”, replied Brad.

“Cock device on”,

“check!” “it feels really weird to wear this thing man!", said Brad.

“Don’t worry in a few minutes you won’t even notice that you are wearing it”, replied Daniel.

“Dildo on”,

“Fuck man! I told you I’m not putting that faggot thing on!” said Brad all angry.

“Sorry I forgot!", “don’t worry about it, maybe after you get more familiar with the game” said Daniel trying to ease out Brad.

“Not a chance!” said Brad.

“Okay, all systems in place, let’s turn this thing on...” and with the switch of a bottom a new world appeared in front of Brad’s eyes.

“oh man! this is unbelievable! it’s so real... it feels real... “, said an amazed Brad, and right in front of him a cyber copy of Daniel started to walked towards him.

“Hi Brad!", said cyber Daniel. “I made this copy of me to help you out through the game, you can think of me as a tutorial, any time you need me I’ll provide you with advice. Here everyone knows me as Dan and as far as everyone else in here we are both best buddies. Okay?”

“Yeah, sure”, said Brad.

“Okay, you and I are low-end members of the gang, but in order to get into the gang we need to purchase a legit business in order to launder money so you can choose which business you wanna own. Hair dresser, a bowling centre, an old cinema, a strip club...” as soon as Dan mentioned the strip club Brad jump to it as expected. “Sooo predictable!” thought Dan.

“that one!!” said Brad

“what?” replied Dan, “the old cinema?” he said teasing Brad.

“No, the strip club!. It’s perfect!” said Brad.

“Are you sure Brad? There is no way back once you buy it”, Dan added.

“Yes, I’m positive man. Go for it!”

“Okay, done!” said Dan. “Get in the car and let’s pay a visit to your Strip-club”.

A few minutes later they stopped the car in front of the club. Brad was dying with anticipation thinking of all the girls that would be dancing naked just for him, he was the owner after all and he would give all a test drive, that’s for sure! For his dissapointment when they got there the club was empty.

“There is nobody here”, said Brad.

“Of course”, replied Dan, “we need to hire the dancers.”

“Cool!” replied Brad.

Now the tricky part, thought Dan.

“Now you should choose whether you want to have boy or girl strippers?” said Dan.

“What the fuck are you talking about Dan? Girls of course!, I’m no faggot!”

“Yes, I know you’re not a faggot” said Dan hidding his devious smile, “but this is a business and if you get a boys strip club you’ll make almost twice as much money as you would with a girls club which means you would make more points and that’s what you want’ isn’t it? you want to get top scores, right?”

“uhm yeah...I guess... I want to make top scores but I don’t want to be surronded by faggots!” said Brad with an almost angry tone.

“This is business, besides remember, they are not real people, they are not real faggots, they are just computer generated characters nothing to be afraid of. I told you at the beginning if you wanted get maximun points in the game you would have to make some tough decissions... so, what’s it gonna be, boys or girls?", asked Dan.

“This is just a fucked up game”, Brad thought, “but I don’t care, I’ll do what I’ve got to do to get the money. I need to be one of the top scores in order to get the 100$/hour”

“Fuck!, yeah, alright...boys it is then...” replied Brad in a defeated tone.

If Brad could see Dan’s face now he would have seen the big smile going from ear to ear... he had him... Brad was so easy to manipulate it was almost painful to watch... breaking Brad was going to be easier than he previously thought.

“Okay”, said Dan, “here is an photo album with all the candidates and partial photos from different parts of their bodies and them doing different poses, you need to pick 8 dancers”.

“What?” said Brad. “Why do I have to look at those pictures of faggots, why don’t you just pick any 8 , that would do! " he said in defiance.

“No”, replied Dan with a patient smile, “you have to choose them because the better good-looking they are and the better bodies they have the more money you get, hence the more points you get and I am a tutorial, I can’t do things for you. I am here only to advice.”

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t know where to start, they are all guys, they all look the same to me”, said Brad.

“Don’t worry”, said Dan with a condescending smile, “I’ll help you” and as he said that the helmet started to emit a buzzing sound and a lot of images flashed in front of Brad’s eyes.

Brad wasn’t aware of all the subliminal messages that were entering his brain telling him about how good it feels to look at sexy men nor all the images of semi-naked men in different poses. By the time he started looking at the photo album the cock device started to stimulate his cock as well.

Dan started to guide Brad using an almost hypnotic tone.

“You have to look at their bodies part by part, for example look at this photo, look at the abs of this guy, he looks good doesn’t him?” said Dan

“hmm, I suppose said Brad” in a dubious tone.

“Look at this guys legs... they look like columns don’t them, strong and muscular”, added Dan.

The subliminal messages and the images passing in front of his eyes intensified as well as the cock device to the point Brad was starting to feel a tingling sensation in his groing... it almost felt like the begining of an erection.

“Look at the pictures Brad, aren’t they sexy?” asked Dan. “Everybody likes sexy men. Sexy men are hot. Look at their bulges, it’s nice, isn’t it Brad... there is no shame in getting a hard-on over that”.

“I’m not a faggot”, replied Brad in a sheepish tone.

“Of course not, added Dan quickly, I also get hard looking at pictures of sexy men like those, everyone does, that doesn’t mean I’m gay, Don’t worry about it.Sometimes I have a quick wank when I go through a photo album like that one”, said Dan, “it’s not gay, sometimes we just need some relief. You should get some relief, you’ll get a lot of points if you do”, added Dan.

Really?, asked Brad now slightly embarrassed about his obvious hard-on.

“Sure”, replied Dan, “go ahead, it’s just a game, nobody will know you had a quick wank to get some relief. Those men are really hot, anyone would get hard by looking at them. That doesn’t make you gay, you shouldn’t be ashamed, just let go and enjoy the feeling.".

At this point the cock device and the helmet were working at full speed and Brad was sporting a raging hard-on while looking at the pictures on the album and with a little hesitation at first but without even thinking about it, Brad unzipped his pants and wrapped his hand around his now fully erect cock and started to masturbate in front of Dan who couldn’t believe how easy it was to trick Brad into wanking to the images of some semi-naked men. This is gonna be fun, Dan thought. I am really gonna enjoy breaking Brad.

“You like those sexy men, don’t you Brad?", said Dan... “go on, faster look at those abs and that ass, you like that ass don’t you, Brad?”

“yes...", replied a frantic Brad who was now moving his hand up an down as fast as he could.

“I bet you would like to touch those abs... and those legs....” said Dan

“yes, yes,” said Brad as he was almost reaching the climax.

“Look at the bulge in those briefs and imagine yourself putting your hand on that bulge and touching it... go faster as you think about that”, said Dan.

“aaarrrhhh, fuck!” said Brad as he came. “Fuck! fuck! fuck! that was intense!”

“yeah, said Dan, the cock device intensifies your orgasms but you have to be careful because it may also create some addiction but you would have to come many times for that, so I wouldn’t worry about that just yet.”

“You’ve done really well. Do you have the 8 candidates?” asked Dan.

“Yeah, I’ve picked 8” said Brad in an embarrassing tone.

“What’s the matter?” asked Dan, “what is it?”

“well...“said Brad... “I was wondering... who will know about what I do in the game. I mean, do they have people watching what happens and stuff?”

Dan smiled and said, “so you are worried someone may see you wanking to photos of sexy men posing and think you’re gay or something?” “Don’t worry, nobody will see anything. This is like Vegas, What happens in the game stays in the game, they only record the scores not what you do to score. Besides, I know you’re not gay so don’t worry about it and concentrate on making top scores.”

Brad made a relief sound and smiled again as if someone had lifted a heavy burden off his back.

It was obvious he felt embarrassed about what he just did.
* * *
Chapter 03 — Ditching the bitches

“You almost made it to the second level Brad”, said Dan.

“All you need to do now is to send a message to your direct adversary Donny. He’s sent his girlfriend Tina undercover to your boys strip-club to work as a waiter so she can spy on you and report back to Donny.”

“You have to bone her! and make her leave Donny for you”, said Dan in a firm tone.

“You need to bone her good if you wanna make the full score.”

Brad smiled with confidence and said, “no problem. There is no girl that can resist me, she’ll be coming back for more after I’m done with her.”

Dan tried to hide his devilish smile again and said. “Donny has quite a reputation with the ladies, you’ll have to impress her really good if you wanna bone her.”

So without hesitation, Brad headed in the direction that Dan was indicating him.

After a few minutes of conversation they both started to touch each other in a casual way and whisper in each other ears. At that point the helmet and the cock device started to work again sending more subliminal messages to Brad’s mind telling him how unsatisfying it is having sex with women... it can never be as intense as with boys, images of old ugly women flashing in front of his eyes, at the same time his cock device was cutting off the blood flow to his cock preventing him from reaching an erection.

Tina started to undress and dance provocatively in front of Brad, brushing her ass against his cock and letting Brad’s face feel the weight of her fantastic tits but for Brad’s amazement he just couldn’t get hard.

“What happens papi?” asked Tina, “you don’t like what you see?”

“I love what I see”, replied Brad, “is just that I already had sex today so I may need a little bit more stimulation.”

“No problem”, said Tina as she unzipped Brad’s pants and started sucking on his flaccid member.

After 5 minutes of Tina’s professional cock-sucking skills Brad’s cock was as flaccid as before, Tina Looked up at him and asked. “what’s the matter papi, You don’t like girls?”

“Of course I like girls, you bitch. I ain’t no faggot!” replied Brad angrily.

As Brad was saying that, Marco, one of the new strippers hired by Brad to work in the strip-club climbed up to the stage in order to practice his show.

Tina looked at Marco, then stared back at Brad and in a defiance tone she said. “Prove it to me!.”

“How?” asked Brad.

“Get Marco to do a dance for you if you don’t get hard I’ll believe you, if you get hard with a man dancing for you it means you’re gay” and with that Tina gestured Marco to approach.

“Okay, bring it on”, said Brad confidently.

As Marco started his dance routine, the helmet and the cock device went into full load, working at maximum capacity again sending subliminal messages and images of men in different poses and stimulating Brad’s cock.

As soon as Marco got stripped down to his speedo, Brad’s cock was already starting to respond to the stimulus and he couldn’t avoid noticing how well built Marco was and as he was admiring Marco’s body and pretending that having that muscular masculine body there didn’t have any effect on him, his eyes moved onto Marco’s crotch and he found himself wondering what it would be like to touch Marco’s cock through his speedo...

Marco started to dance and brush his cock (still trapped under his speedo) against Brad’s, turning around and pressing his ass against Brad’s cock and moving back and forth pressing against his now fully erect cock, after a couple of minutes of this stimulation Brad couldn’t take it any longer and despite of summoning up all of his will power, his cock exploded with an intense orgasm staining Marco’s speedo with his sperm.

Marco smiled at Brad and said, “another happy customer!” and with that he left the room to change his speedos.

Tina stormed off shouting: “I knew it!", “Another fucking queer!”

Brad run after her shouting: “I’m not gay”, “I promise”, “I don’t know what happened”, “please wait!", but it was too late, Tina was already in her car driving away.

While Brad was still wondering about what had happened, Dan came from behind and said: “We have to talk, Brad”,

“This is not good” Dan added.

“What do you mean?” asked Brad.

“Well, now Tina is gonna tell Donny you’re gay and Donny is gonna tell the boss”. “They don’t like faggots in this gang”, “You lost a lot of points with this stunt, now you have the minimum score possible and you are about to get kicked out of the game”, responded Dan

“But I’m not gay!” shouted Brad.

“I know that, Brad”, said Dan trying to ease Brad. “But now they think you are”.

“Do you still wanna stay in the game?” asked Dan. “There is not shame in giving up now”

“No, I wanna continue, I need the money” said Brad.

“well... you are not gonna like this then” said Dan.

“What?” asked Brad. “C’mon! tell me! what can I do to put things right again?”

“Well, since now they all think you’re gay, you might as well pretend to be one”, said Dan.

“What do you mean?", asked Brad.

“There is a gang where all the members are gay”, started to explain Dan

“now that they all think you’re gay, you wouldn’t have much of a problem getting in, and as you are also the proud owner of a boys strip-club that would also count on your favour. So all you would have to do is to go and talk to them to see whether they may consider taking you in”.“If they take you in, they would protect you from the other gangs and you would have a shot at reaching the top scores again”. explained Dan.

“I’m not sure about this” said Brad in a dubious tone.

“I don’t wanna be doing gay stuff”, “I am not gay!” Brad shouted.

“I know that!", responded Dan, “but this is a job and if you wanna make money, real money!, you’ll have to make some sacrifices, if you are not prepared to make sacrifices... I’m sure John would be happy to take your spot, he seemed quite eager to start”

“No, no, it’s alright. I really need the money. I’ll do it! said Brad.

“I’m glad to hear that”, said Dan in a mischievous tone. “Now you’re ready for level 2, but the time allocated to play today is over, we’ll have to resume the game tomorrow.”

And with that the world around Brad disappeared and he was back in Daniel’s room.


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