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Francisca following me.

by Haxsaw

Francisca following me.

It was late Sunday night. Late meant it was six o'clock here. As the area was in close proximity to the Equator, there was never a change in time. No one used or realized Day Light Savings Time. I was in my rented flat. I was in The Philippines. At six o'clock it was dark, straight dark. Sun rose each morning at six o'clock. Sun set the same time, each night. It was the weekend and I had Francisca with me.
"I usually go to church on this night," she muttered.
The house was lit up with only a candle on a glass table top. The table top was small. It was sized for the tiny home I rented from. It was no bigger than a large, two bedroom flat. Behind me, a bedroom light was on. I had the computer running. I planned later activities. I wanted to pay back EMG. I decided to tell what I was up to here, overseas from him.
Haxsaw did not want to disturb nor fight with Francisca. She was tiny, aged fifty and thin. She had large development, meaning a pronounced figured. Haxsaw would glance at her often, when he figured she was not paying attention. Every man had his religion.
"Dear, see the candle on the table?" Haxsaw was standing and pointed it out. Francisca was seated at the table. "See Jesus as the light of the world, okay? You are doing fine now."
Haxsaw delicately touched her shoulder. Francisca was torn between him and the candle. She added it up and agreed. Haxsaw would speak soft words to her. He would tell how the candle was nice to watch. He told how delicate and loving it could be. He would point at it, then touch her shoulder. In time, he had her take several deep breathes and relax. He went on, how her neck was smooth and at ease. He told how her shoulders were drooping.
Anyone reading here would see how hypnotism was done, Haxsaw's way. It was not about having the subject parade in the outdoors, clad only in underwear. It was not about stealing his money. It was about changing the thoughts. Having the subject change thoughts without him realizing it left the subject to consider he made up the idea dwelt on. Convincing a subject he had the idea and no one else was dangerous as the subject would believe whatever he was told. For Haxsaw, he wanted Francisca. This would be easily done for him.
Francisca, the subject, felt her hands curl and relax. She felt her arms get heavy, as Haxsaw dictated it. On and on he went, telling her each part of her body was lax and heavy. He went over and over. He would mention the candle. He would tell how she could not look away. He told her legs were bent and relaxed. He would switch again, to her lower back. On and on and then he tapped her forehead as he told she close her eyes. Haxsaw picked her up and placed her on the couch. He made sure her head was supported.
He asked her questions. They soon talked of a happy time she had as a little girl.
"I was there, dear," he told her. Francisca paused, not sure of what was said.
Haxsaw tapped her shoulders and then touched her face. He told her he was always there. Here they were, together again. Francisca, eyes closed, smiled, almost laughing. Haxsaw held her hand, gently squeezing it. Logic? No. It was following Francisca. Like any girl, she was feeling. All girls were emotional. All girls were touchy-feely. She never could think logically. Had girls in The U.S. became as submissive as this Asian delight... then divorces would plummet in that same country. For now, Haxsaw had to fill up her submissive mind.
"We are together again, dear."
Haxsaw leaned forward and gently kissed her, drawing back. Francisca, predictably, wanted more. Taking more from a subject under hypnosis was too easy. It was simply not done. "Let her feel it," he considered. Haxsaw talked and touched more. He wanted a deeper trance and he wanted to instill deeper feelings. He wanted Francicsa reduced to an emotional rack of lust.
After more working on her, Haxsaw had her undressed and on her knees. Francisca was on her hands and knees. She was wearing a bra and panties. Haxsaw had brought out a pillow from his bedroom. He unbuckled his pants and stood before her. Unpredictably and without warning, the computer system was playing music. Haxsaw laughed. He snapped his fingers. Francisca was inhaling his private member, deep throating him. After, Haxsaw sounded out pleasure. He made louder noise than usual. Behind him, the computer played the song, over and over.
Haxsaw scooped her up and carried her to bed. Somehow, he wanted, hungered for more than he had in the past. In the bedroom he commanded Francisca to model in her underwear. As the music played he undressed completely. Lying in bed, his ten inches throbbed. Seeming helpless, he watched Francisca model, switching her hips side to side.
Haxsaw placed five, brass rings over his throbbing member. He slipped them on. In a few moments, his throbbing ten inches became very, very erect. Haxsaw brushed his forehead. Francisca obediently lay beside him in bed. "What is going on?" he wondered. As Francisca lay in bed she arched her back and spread her legs. Haxsaw then was compelled, more like commanded... commanded to make love to her. As he did Francisca screamed in delirium. It was huge Haxsaw was built as he was; It was another he was with five brass rings slipped over his throbbing member. The extra girth made Francisca scream. As if commanded by someone else, she clung to Haxsaw. Haxsaw started pumping her, wildly. It went on for twenty minutes. As the action continued, each in a deep sweat, Haxsaw came, five more times. At the last he passed out. Francisca kissed him, over and over.
The latest EMG file was playing behind the computer music. In celebration Haxsaw had cleaner sound files, EMG figured he would send Haxsaw a gift of appreciation. The sound file was programmed to play, a half hour after the computer was turned on. While Francisca lay, her cunt overflowing with warm come, Haxsaw was semi-tranced, bound in the five brass cock rings. His mind was dazzled and rather asleep.


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