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Becoming of a Fem/Dom Relationship

by mssarac

Becoming of a Fem/Dom Relationship

Becoming of a Fem/Dom Relationship

One day I arrived home to find my husband wanking off his pecker to a video of many blacked men with one woman. Immediately he tried to cover up his privates with my blanket I use to keep my feet warm on the couch. My proud husband of two children was sitting there to my amazement with a hard-on with panties on trying to hide his bulge from me.
“Marg, I am so sorry”
“What are you doing? Are you gay? Why are you wearing my panties?” I asked him.
“Please don’t over react.” I then see his focus go back to the video with the wife yelling at some male to come clean up. The white husband crawls into the scene wearing panties, bra, make up and high heeled shoes. I instantly started to laugh while Tom made up some excuses that I didn’t bother to listen. I instead watched as the pathetic white male lapped at the cum just deposited by those men. My pussy was so wet my legs began to feel the warm fluid and I realized how this could benefit me. I never told my husband that I cheated on him with a few of his co-workers at his company summer picnics. I will never forget how much I really did love men of color. In high school I dated mostly black men due to the myth of them having massive dongs. Tom was still looking at me with tears coming down his face asking my forgiveness. I had to think about my next move. I told him to take his pillow and go sleep on the couch, since he really isn’t much of a man. He started to walk down the hallway and I knew that if I was to be happy, things needed to change.
So there I was with a panty wearing husband who enjoyed watching white women with black dongs. Tom had an impressive 7 inch dong that was really nice at first, but after 6 years of being together and having our two children I couldn’t really get off on his cock. I would have to play with my clit till I orgasmed. That was not the case when we first got married.
Now don’t get me wrong, we are still together living in the same house. He, well she is just different in that he is now a she and I am not married to her anymore. Tom’s old identity is gone, all former aspects of his male life as my husband and as a man have been stripped from him. Let’s get back to my story. Here I am thinking my life is about to change for the better. I tell my husband when I got home one day to come downstairs so he and I could discuss some issues. When he came into the den I told him that I was very offended by his wankin off to other women. I asked him if he liked seeing women being sexed by black men. Do you enjoy wearing my panties? I lastly asked him if he wanted to see me with a black man. He simply nodded yes to all my questions, not knowing what I had in my mind. I already knew what his answer was going to be. I then picked up a bag I had placed behind the sofa and took out a pair of red satin and lace panties, some furious red nail polish, mascara, and a necklace with a small gold lock on it.
He looked in disbelief as I told him we can either get a divorce and I will tell everyone about his sissy act or he can submit to me now and forever. He of course stammered and said but “I love you dear”. With that I punched him as hard as I could with my right fist, knocking him to the floor. I then kicked him with equal force to his balls, instantly he cried and was rolling around on the floor. I then laughed and said “you’re a sissy, you’re not a man. You will be my cunt and do as I say or this beating is going to seem like a day in the park.” He started to beg me to stop after I grabbed him by the hair and kicked him repeatedly in the groin till he had no strength to keep himself up. I then pulled him by his hair to the guest room. I turned on the light as I told him this is now his new room. Only real men are allowed in my room. I was so happy and in a dream like state of mind that I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called Mike. My poor husband was crying and bleeding from his nose and I was calling up the guy who I started seeing a week or so after the initial incident. Tom knew nothing of him and never seemed to taste the difference in my juices as I came home every day with Mike’s seed deep inside me. I met Mike at work one day while I was thinking about how my husband was a pathetic male and I needed something else.
Mike arrived shortly after I had told Tom if he even said a word, it would be one of his last words for a long time. I had everything planned and never knew I would enjoy it as much as I did. Barb told me that to get my husband to truly be my slave that I had to train him accordingly. I told Tom to get the door in his outfit and make-up that I had given him earlier. Mike laughed and said “your wife told us all you’re a complete faggot, but we didn’t think she was truthful. Wow you really are a faggot.” Mike and I embraced as I told Tom to kiss our feet. He said no way can I kiss a man’s feet. I fondled Mike’s huge cock and asked him as I nibbled his ear if he could make Tom kiss our feet. Mike looked at me with disbelief, as I simply said “if you want to have this, you need to prove it.”
Tom never saw it coming as Mike picked him up by the next and punched him over and over in his face, stomach, and ribs. My pussy was so wet I couldn’t help myself to rub my slit. I was watching my husband in panties being beaten up by my new boy friend. I came three times in the hour that Tom was mercilessly beaten. His face was so beaten he was unrecognizable. At first I never thought I could ever hurt my husband and now I knew that this is how it will be forever. I ended up in a dream like state and didn’t even hear Tom’s cries and pleaded for help. I asked Mike to hold Tom’s legs over his body so I could beat his balls. Mike then told me I should castrate him since I already promised him that I would. I asked are you sure? He said of course we should, I told you before when you got pregnant my conditions. Tom looked at me with terror in his eyes and asked me if this was true. “Are you really pregnant by him?” I didn’t answer with words, instead I walked to my closet and grabbed the tri-band Mike purchased a couple days before. I grabbed Tom’s balls and applied the band. Snap. I let the band roll off and didn’t even look at him. I punched him in his face as hard as I could and told him “you always where a piece of shit. This is what you deserve.” And walked back to Mike who’s cock was hard again. I kneeled down and took his massive cock in my mouth and sucked him off while Tom’s balls became a bluey black in colour. Mike came, but not before he told Tom, he now owned me and him. Little did both of them know I had a orgasm rush thru my body. I then told my new Master to take his gift of my commitment to him. Mike said “glady, come here you sissy bitch” as he pulled out a knife and sliced off what used to be my husband’s balls.
Six months or so later the divorce was filed and I was married to our Master. I wasn’t too thrilled about it, but I haven’t seen Tammy in 3 months. Mike said he knew of a company who needed a good full time maid, secretary, and office slut. Tammy now has A cup sissy tits and has healed up wonderfully from Mike’s gift. Who knows when I will see her again, but I do know I cannot wait to beat him for being such a worthless wimp. I found out a few days ago I am having triplets.
I cannot believe I had the nerve to do what I did, but I do not regret it a bit. Ladies, if you find your white husband is cheating on you, wearing panties, or asking you to sex others, this is your chance. Don’t be some passive woman who will be upset one day when you realize this is the way of life. Take what’s yours. I promise you won’t regret it! I sure don’t.
I woke up one morning to find Mike on the phone with somebody. They was talking about Tammy, so I started to pay attention and heard that Tammy would be coming home in a few days. He then started to laugh and then asked are you sure that faggot can handle it? He laughed again as put his hand over the phone and told me that Tammy has bigger breasts than me and I am in for a big surprise when Tammy gets home. For the next few days we got the spare bedroom ready for our slut to arrive. Mike took the bed out and put together the slave cage I chose from the catalog. I already threw away all of Tom’s clothes, pictures, and personal items the day he was forced to leave by Mike. I was feeling a little nervous about Tammy’s return; probably due to how I have now been with Mike for months without my x-husband/ sissy. Plus, I was very anxious to get my hands on Tammy again. I never hit someone before that day Mike was introduced, but I needed to experience that sensation again.
The intensity increased over the next few days as I waited to have my sissy come back home. Mike and I talked about how we had to pick our slave up at 7pm Thursday night at a friend’s apartment in Indy. He asked me if I was sure I could handle having Tom/Tammy back, but in the terms we both agreed on. I nodded my head in approval as I thought I knew what was in store. Nothing could prepare me for what was to happen in just two days.
I woke up Thursday morning and Mike had already left for work. After I showered and got dressed I walked down the hallway and opened the door to Tammy’s room. Mike did such a fantastic job making the room a complete torture, bondage, and confinement area. The spanking bench, St. Andrews cross, and the cage took up most of the room. In one corner was a couple of dog dishes and in the opposite corner was a portable toilet with O rings attached on the floor underneath it. The urine/shit collection container was removed and Mike attached a funnel underneath the toilet seat. I couldn’t wait to piss in Tammy’s mouth while I stepped on his worthless cock. My pussy was now dripping wet as I could see Tammy being the useless x-husband she was.
I was startled back to reality when the doorbell rang. By the time I got to open the door, the fed-ex man was already jumping back in his truck. I noticed the box on the doorstep, grabbed it and shut the door. As I opened it I didn’t even have a clue that I was about to watch what has become of my little sissy. The box contained a dvd and a letter. I walked to the living room and inserted the video. I could tell it wasn’t professionally done as the first thing that came to view was a cardboard sign that read “Please press pause if you haven’t read the letter yet.” I opened and started reading the letter. It really surprised me to know that this video was about to show me what happened to Tammy the past few months. It told me how if I wasn’t happy with the outcome that I could always sell Tammy to Mike’s friends for $500,000 cash. I started to tremble as I pressed play wondering why would anyone want to buy my sissy for that amount of money. He isn’t even a he anymore.
The cardboard sign was taken away and I could now see what looked to be a woman shackled to the floor on her knees with her head perched on a stand of some sort. Her breasts was so large they were touching the floor even though her neck was almost 3 feet off the ground. The camera faded back and I watched Tom walk into view. He said to the camera “tonight you will either be happy with my results or not. There is no going back.” The camera then focused on the woman’s face and I noticed that this was in fact Tom. I then heard a bunch of voices starting to laugh and hoop and holler as the men walked into the room. There was at least two dozen black men naked standing around my x-husband who I haven’t seen in months. They all took turns fucking her mouth, ass, and pussy. I couldn’t believe my eyes to see no cock hanging between her legs; instead a gapping hole dripping cum was staring me in the face. After an hour of watching this awesome video the couch was soaked with my pussy juices as I played with my pussy. I lost count of the orgasms watching Tammy being fucked mercilessly and begging for them to stop when they would change positions.
Mike then opened the front door as I was in complete ecxtasy. Hey Baby, do you like your preview he asked as I was in the middle of a orgasm. Yes, yes I screamed as he sat on the couch next to me. You aint seen nothing yet. Omg there’s more I asked. Just as he started getting naked he said just you wait about 1 one more minute. I kissed him and told him how happy I was that Tom was sorta willing to be our sissy and slave. I couldn’t even be truly happy with who I actually married. Mike told me to pay attention. I looked back towards the tv and saw Mike walk back into the picture towards Tammy holding a long stick. As he raised it up, I could see the bottom glow red hot. The black men stepped back as Mike pressed the brand onto Tammy’s ass cheek. When the brand was removed I could see “Mike’s Cunt”. Poor Tammy was screaming and I surprisingly chuckled. Mike laughed too and said, but there is more. He then put the brand down and picked up another one. He asked the guys to flip his bitch over and a few of them did. Mike took the brand and put a spade right below Tammy’s belly button.
Mike and I fucked for hours as I watched the rest of the video. I watched as those men beat my sissy, fucked her ass, mouth, pussy. I watched as my slave was even fisted in the ass. As I took a shower I was so happy that when I got out of the shower I yelled to Mike how much I love him and cannot wait for our children to be born. We noticed that it was almost time to go get our sissy. Mike kissed me before we got into the Mike’s truck. As we drove out of the driveway I started to think, what if I never found him wanking off that day. What if I never told Tom about Mike? And most importantly, how could I have been so stupid and not have just done this sooner.


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