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My Transformation

by katyaS2

My Transformation

Up until senior year of high school I was the man.. Me and my best friend Artemis got all the props. I was the best point guard our school had in years, small and quick. I was a bit of a late bloomer, hoping and praying my dick would at least grow long enough to have sex sometime soon. Most of the girls thought I was really cute, but after passing a few up embarrassed at the size of my penis there began to be whispers of my sexual orientation. I wanted to prove I was straight so I ended up losing my virginity to the girl who told the whole school I was small, quick, and might not even have a dick.. Artemis on the other hand was an all star athlete and had more patches than leather on his jacket. Artemis was dating Heather, every guy in the school wanted to fuck heather, and I'm sure a good number of the students and faculty went home thinking about her. There was something about Heather that I envied, and it wasn't the fact i'd probably never get in her pants. While others watched head sideways, trying to get the best view of her ass I wondered what it was I so deeply admired. Heather moved so gracefully, her every action a work of art and all she was doing was being herself. I never was one to loathe, but Heather's smile, beauty, and radiant feminine energy had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand. If she wanted to she wouldn't have to lift a finger again for the rest of her life.
I was envious because she knew what she was doing and she would enjoy taking advantage of people when they were too caught up to realize what was actually happening. Artemis is big and strong, but at the core he's just a big teddy bear. I will be angry when I hear Heather breaks his heart.. I guess no one takes enough time to look past her mask. I was also envious because as my reputation was falling apart I sat and watched every guy cater to her every need. It was sickening. Any girl with half a brain that resembles a goddess has the entire world within her freshly polished nails. She didn't let much escape her, including what I thought about her. It's as if she was reading my mind when she caught my eye within my judgment and told me not to be jealous of her because she was born a beautiful girl.
I didn't play basketball my senior year, I let my ego wither away when I could of remained positive. My family went through a lot at this time and I often found myself spending long hours on the computer, or zoning out staring at the wall, wondering about the origins of my unhappiness. I started eating a lot less and Artemis and I stopped hanging out so much. I think that had something to do with Heather, and her dislike of me falling out of the norm. I stopped talking to Artemis altogether, until after gym class one eerie winter school day. I was caught up in my thought, once again, trying to find the answers to my problems. I feel somebody staring at me and focus to see Artemis, shirtless and sweaty. "Quit staring at me like that man, Artemis said, I don't want you getting excited in the locker room queer.." I replied with a silent fuck you and Artemis continues "Im sorry.. that was kind of harsh, but your supposed to be my boy you know? You cant be my boy when you act like a shy little girl. I mean look at yourself.. if you had tits and long hair I might accidentally mistake you for Heather." I responded with a quick "whatever man.." and left in a haste.
Artemis giving me shit didn't really drive me to make a change. Sports and video games weren't cutting it for me. I was graduating and I still looked 13, and completely forgot how to even talk to girls. I found it hard to remain positive, and my thoughts led me to no good conclusions. Life is made for the Heathers and the guys like me get shafted. I reminisced and wished Artemis would still come over. I thought he was a real friend, the only person I cared for in High School but the world is full of people, damned if I trust a single one of them.
A short while after I graduated I sat one night wallowing in self pity, restless and far from content. My head kept on bringing back the same memories of Heather saying "Don't be jealous because I was born a beautiful girl," this thought went back and forth, back and forth until I got so frustrated with my life and all the Heathers around the world I wished out loud that I was Heather. That way it wouldn't matter if Im small and timid. All I would have to do is be Heather, walk around until the guys start drooling.. Bored and on a whim, I logged on my computer and began reading stories of people who altered their hormone production and became a member of the opposite sex. It was all intriguing, but not for me. I stumbled upon feminization hypnosis, bored with life I was quick to become curious and even quicker to doubt the effects of the files.
The first file hooked me, I was so fed up with my life I was eager to accept every suggestion, getting lost in-between the lines . I hardly ever contemplated becoming a woman until the night I wished I was born Heather. As I Listened to my first file my physical body image completely fell away and revealed the woman who was lost and buried deep within my psyche. The instant I became someone else, I never wanted to come back. From then on the feminine essence became my best friend. I spent my waking hours under hypnosis tapping into that submissive sexual energy. By 6 months of steady listening my nipples were sensitive and wider, my boy pussy was constantly producing estrogen, my emotions were running on high, my skin was soft, my vocal cords pulled tight. Transforming myself in to a beautiful woman became my only desire.
As I lived with my parents and didn't want them to know their son was trying to be their daughter, I finally got enough money together to get a P.O box. I then ordered razors to shave my body hair, a black mini dress, bras, bra forms, maid outfit, heels, a dark brunette wig, stockings, garters, nylons. Every night I would dress a little. Those nights I lived for the feeling of nylons gracefully pulled over my bare legs. Often times I would think back to Heather and Artemis and wonder if they were still together.
My parents informed me they were going on vacation, so I took off work to spend the days furthering my womanhood. I was filled with excitement, imagining myself curling my dark silky hair around my fingers and biting my bottom lip just as Heather would when Artemis would find new ways of saying I love you. Waking up the morning after my parents left I recall having a dream, it was me, in the future, and I was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. I had been making love with a man in the dream, he was pushing my legs back to my chest while he shoved his hard cock up my butt. I was never attracted to men before and I was afraid of how turned on I was by the vision. Sleeping with a man was just not on my list to do.
I got up, shaved my legs, and was a second away from putting my makeup on when I heard the door ring. I hid all of my clothes and things quickly, walked down the stairs, and opened the door to Artemis standing, looking sorry. At the same time he struck a rather surprised grin, which faded away faster than it appeared. Stumbling over his words a bit Artemis apologized for not being around to help and support me and he'd like to build a friendship again. I was very excited to have Artemis back as a friend and I was ecstatic to hear he broke up with Heather. I was wondering if he had a new partner when he seemed to read my mind and tell me theres a new girl in his life. "Don't worry" Artemis said. "This time around I know who's important to me." Before I could offer Artemis hospitality he ushered himself out the door. He seemed a bit nervous which was unlike Artemis. I wrote it off as a weird day, having no idea the next would be even more bizarre.
I woke up the next morning and decided to take a bath and I was very relaxed. It was a good day to clean the house for his parents, and a better day to wear my maids outfit. While I admired my feminine body in the mirror I felt very sexy painting my toes black, putting on my fishnets, combing my wig, doing my makeup all the while moving just like Heather moved in high school and I thought I looked way sexier in my skimpy outfit. As soon as I slid on my high heels I thought of a mans stiff cock inside me, I was beginning to think sleeping with a man would be submission, the ultimate form of pleasure, and I didn't care. Part of me was on alert, I felt as if i was being watched, and I enjoyed it. I cleaned around the house and put on some beats. Once I thought I heard the front door open but ignored it. Finally I made my way to the laundry room, but as soon as I turn the corner I run into a strange man and begin screaming. I didn't recognize Artemis in the darkness. He recognized me though. I began to panic over my appearance until he began to talk. "I thought I was going to have a really hard time telling you this, until I saw you dressed as a maid, but in High School I was totally in love with you, so I dated Heather and got as far away from you as I could.. I'm so sorry.." All the while Artemis and I are gathering a little closer. In an instant I realized I was madly in love with Artemis in High School, and thats why I was unhappy.
I never imagined myself kissing Artemis.. but it was about to happen. There was such soft sorriness, longing, and a hunger behind his eyes. When our lips touched my heart broke loose.. The kiss never seemed to stop and I felt so girly and safe in his arms. Being held close, and kissed deeply by Artemis was every girls dream.. The kiss only broke to caress my neck and pull me tighter. He made me so horny I just wanted him to bend me over and make me his girl. I wanted to ride his cock and feel him fuck me slowly and passionately, then fast and animalistic. We were making out for over an hour, slowly removing all our items of clothing. When I was finally naked he payed special attention to lick and caress and squeeze my nipples. Caressing every inch of my body.. Artemis had me moaning as he licked right above and around my pussy. I wanted him inside me so bad.
There we were, on the carpet, hearts exploding. Artemis, on top of me, let his tongue in a straight line above my pussy, to my balls, to the tip of my little penis, to my lower stomach. I reached out and put his penis in to the palm of my hand, right below his tip. His cock was so much bigger than mine, If i would have seen it in High School I would of learned I was a girl much earlier than I did. I felt it pulsate and watched it grow even longer. My mouth felt like a magnet to his throbbing cock, it seemed to be eagerly anticipating my dark red lips. I licked under his tip and teased his cock with my tongue. I put my mouth over his head and it tasted like heaven. It felt so natural to be sucking his cock, going up and down. He pulled me off his penis, much to my dismay.
In such a display of his manliness and testosterone Artemis picked me up off the ground. I couldn't move, and he was pressing me closely to his chest. Walking a bit my back was suddenly against the wall. His hands went from holding me up from my back to holding me up by my ass cheeks, spreading them until my pussy was exposed, vulnerable, and begging for him to fill me. He teased my cute little hole with the tip of his penis and made sure I knew I was completely helpless and horny. "Oh please fuck me Artemis" It was a little humiliating how bad I wanted it. I wanted nothing more than for him to quit teasing and fuck my pussy until my toes start curling and every thrust is slowly becoming my true nature.
Applying pressure with his tip my hole shouted in rejection. It was painful. He laid me back down and started eating my pussy again. Slipping the tip of his middle finger in was much more pleasurable and only hurt for a second. Eventually he worked in his pointer finger and finger fucked me for a few minutes until all the pain subsided. Every once in a while he'd work his tongue and saliva in also. Grabbing my thighs above my knee he brought my legs up to his stomach and over his shoulders. Once again placing his tip to my hole. His penis began to enter, slowly stretching my hole until he had his whole head in my pussy. Once his entire tip was in I was in pain. Nothing had stretched my ass this far. At the same time it was the best pain I ever had, I felt so girly and submissive. Even more slowly he continued, inch by inch deeper inside me, every inch painful. I was closing my eyes tightly, hoping it would stop, and then it did. I opened my eyes and Artemis balls were resting above my pussy. His whole penis was inside me, and the pain began fading. Very slowly he would rock in and out, he left his penis inside me, as far as it could go, and would only back out a little bit, but the more he worked my pussy, the farther back he would pull out. He took such care to make me comfortable, I could feel love pour out of our hearts at every thrust, every movement. I was loving every second and the movements became faster, I felt so much pleasure at this submission. Every thrust causing estrogen to course through my body, I felt like a woman inside and out. Artemis fucked me as I was on my back, he had me on all fours, he had me ride him, and seemingly at the peak of our bonding I found myself on my back again. He was fucking me like an animal and such a heat began to rise in my loins until my whole body felt this strangeness. At once it all boiled over and my body went in to pure ecstasy. My whole body was having an orgasm and I never fully came down from that. I just felt better and better with every thrust solidifying my womanhood. Finally I felt a hot load fill my pussy deep inside me. Nowadays I am completely addicted to Artemis' cum and wish to swallow it and have it fill me every day. We laid there for a long while, smiling in satisfaction. Fantasizing about all the fun yet to come.


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