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by Triggernewbie



It was a warm summer day as Sam was taking the train home. It was a bit full but he managed to get a seat. On the other side a nice looking girl. She had long black hair and wearing a firmly top and a skirt that hardly covers her knees. Sam find her very sexy and tried to get in talk with her.

She was reading a book with a shiny cover and he tried to find out, what the title of the book was. So he was opening his laptopbag on the ground just to get a better look on the book. At this moment she spread her legs a little so he saw her black panties flashes on him.

"Did you see any interesting?", she asked. Sam was getting redfaced at once and tried to say something cool, but only a ummm came out. "I only wanted to know, what book you read", Sam considers, "but I didn't found out."

"Oh, it is hypnosis for beginners. I'm trying to learn how to hypnotize people.", she said. "By the way my name is Jennifer, but my friends call me Jennie."
"I think you, are really good at already", Sam said, and getting redfaced again. "My Name is Sam, and my friends call me Sam", he said with a laugh.

Jennie was laughing too and asking where he would get off the train. "Yes, i'm in chat with her and maybe i found out more", Sam thought. He founded out that she lives only a station further, so they decided they could take a coffee together.

At the café

"Interesting thing. I'm curious about if anyone could be hypnotized? I think i'm not so an easy subject.", Sam said. And Jennie responds: "Oh, was that an offer?"
"No, i mean i haven't thought about that. We don't even know so well each other that i could trust you so far."
"Hmm, well we could get to know each other a bit better if you like"
"Ok, what do you have in mind?"
"We could go to my place and talk a bit more and maybe a glass of wine"
"Sounds great"

Sam paid the bill and they were on their way to Jennifer's place. She was looking so good, Sam thought and he was a bit excited. They arrive at a big house with some heavy doors and large windows.
"Here do you live? Alone?", Sam asked. "Yes, when my parents past away, they gave me this house with their testament.", Jennifer answered.
She opened the door and said, "Make yourself comfortable in the living room, i get us something to drink."
Sam got in the living room and sit down on the couch. It was pretty comftable and he felt relaxed.

Starting with the hyp..er..talking

Jennifer came with two glasses and a bottle of wine. "So, do you live alone Sam?"
"Yes, i live apart from my wife. It didn't work anymore"
"Too bad to hear. Was it hard for you?"
"No, i'm over it. What about you? No man in your life?"
"I haven't found the right one, till now"
Sam grin a little and said: "What do you mean with till now. I think i take it as compliment"
"No, no that i haven't mean. But when you took it as compliment, you own me something."
"Ok", Sam said drinking a bit of the wine, "what do you want?"
"I want to try to hypnotize you. Just a little relaxing session for my practise, ok?"
"Okay, why not. I'm on it."
"Good, then sit comftable." , Jennifer said and take a seat in the opposite.
"Ok, anything else?"
"Yes, close your eyes. And listen to my words. I will relax you now and you are enjoying it.
Start to breath slowly and deeply and feel how you relax more and more. "
Sam started to breath deep and slowly and felt that he really relaxes more and more.
"Good just relax. And we will now play a little game. Do you like games?"
"Yes", Sam answered.
"Very good. We will play the game 'Repeating my words'. When i say 'You will repeat my words' you will respond 'I will repeat your words'. Ok?"
"Yes", Sam anserwed already very relaxed.

Going deeper and deeper

"Good. Let's start. You are relaxed."
"I am relaxed."
"You are listening to my words"
"I am listening to your words"
"You believe my words"
"I believe your words"
"Every word i say is true"
"Every word you say is true"
"Every word i say is your thought and comes true"
"Every word you say is my thought and comes true"

Sam felt that he has a great urge to repeat the words like he obey them.

"You are very relaxed and open for my suggestions"
"I am very relaxed and open for your suggestions"
"You like to obey me"
"I like to obey you"
"You want to obey me"
"I want to obey you"
"You need to obey me"
"I need to obey you"
"When you hear the word freeze from me you will freeze like a mannequin"
"When i hear the word freeze from you i will freeze like a mannequin"
"You will go back in this hypnoticstate you are right now when you hear the word sleepyfrog"

Sam repeated every order feeling it manifesting in his mind. After a couple of minute Jennie waked him up of trance and asked: "So how do you feel?"

"Relaxed and refreshed", he answered.
"Good, would you like to get us another bottle of wine?", she asked.
Sam got up and walked the way to the kitchen as he suddenly heard a word from jennie and he couldn't moved a muscle anymore.
"Oh, i'm so good. I always wanted to have dressup doll", said Jennie with a laugh, "but i always wanted to have a female doll."

Let's change the outfit

Jennie began slowly to remove the shirt from Sam and he couldn't do anything against it. He only thought: "What is going on here? I can't move and that sexy girl just undresses me."
After that she removed his shirt, she continues opening his trousers. But then she recognize that sie can't remove it completly. "Oh, i think we can't get further at this point. So we should try another thing. Unfreeze."

"Wow, what is going on? What happend?", Sam said. He was so surprised that sat down.
Jennie started to grin again and said: "Didn't it feel good?" Sam shaked his head.
"Well, then we need to try something else. Robot enable voice command."
"Voice command mode enable. What is going on here, Jennifer?", Sam asked surprised.
"Oh, you will undress for me."
"No way."
"Robot undress until you are naked."
"Command received. Processing order."
Jennie began to laugh again and said: "Oh, i'm so good. Let's see if we can combine the orders at once."
"what are you planning?", Sam asked and suddenly felt stucked again.
Jennie jumps of hoy and shout out loud: "Working. Great now that my doll is naked i can make her like i want it. But first we need to adjust a few things. First we will make your male thing a bit empty.", she said and made his cock erected.
Then she taked an artificial vagina and put it on his cock.
"What is happening here?", Sam thought feeling the vagina starting move on him.
"Robot you will not move but able to speak. Unfreeze", Jennifer said with joy in her voice.
"Ohh, what is going on here? Jennifer, why are you doing this?"
"Well honey, i always wanted a sister so i will first get you cum a few times and then your testosterone level will be low enough that you will not mention it to be my little sis."
"Stop it, pleeease. I don't want to cuuuum."
"Oh, i think that was the first one, right?"
Sam gasped as he felt cumming hard in that plastic thing and it still working further.
"Stop it please. This one was very intense already"
"Oh, you look so cute trying to fight it but i think we will take another two."
"No, please don't", Sam answered heavly breathing feeling the next climax beginning to build up.
"I think you are getting near to your next one. Maybe i can help you a bit", Jennie said smiling and lifting her shirt showing Sam her nice breasts. As he saw them he felt that he is getting near the edge.
"Ohhh, please stop that, I don't want to cum agaaaain." But it was too late for Sam because another load ended in the vagina.
Jennie clap her hands like a girl getting a big surprise and shout out: "Wow, another one. It seems you are exhausting a bit. Maybe one more then i turn it of."
"Jennifer stop it now. This is going crazy."
Jennifer started to turn it on full power and undresses in front of Sam. She had a perfect body looking so great.
"Do you like what you see? Robot touch my breasts and massage them", she said and standing in front of him.
Touching her perfect breasts made him getting to another climax, which causes that he grabs her breasts harder.
"Good boy, now i think you are really empty. Robot stop."
Sam freezes in the way he was unable to move a muscle. Jennifer walked out of the room and came back with some girls clothing.
"Time to dress my new toy. Robot but that clothing on." Sam obeyed the command without any resistance. He tried but he could not resist the command. After a few minutes he was dressed in a leotard, stocking and french maid costume.
"Wake up, Sam", Jennifer said to him
"What the hell? I'm no maid, i'm a male."
"Wrong honey, you are my sissy maid. And you will enjoy it."
"No, i wont and to prove it i will undress these clothes"
"Oh, is this so Samantha"
"No Sweetie, i love my new dress."
"That sound's much better and now i know that my work is ok. Now go to the other girls downstairs. I think i find another few friends for you"

And Jennifer was on the hunt again ....

Hope you like it


Re: Hypnofeminization - BritneyBanks

Love it!!! omg it is so what I want ;)

Re: Hypnofeminization - helene

What A turn-on!!!! I wish you have written more about the new lives of the transformed maids. What happens to their minds? Do they struggle to retain what's left of their declining maleness as they succumb to the pleasure of being a submissive maid?

Please write more!!!

Re: Hypnofeminization - BritneyBanks

I have felt more and more submissive and can't stop being forced to obey. It is a struggle but just letting go feels so good. Omg...it is so hot!

Re: Hypnofeminization - BritneyBanks

I have felt more and more submissive and can't stop being forced to obey. It is a struggle but just letting go feels so good. Omg...it is so hot!

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