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A Little help

by gdawg28092

A Little help

I can't believe another year has passed, I can't believe I am forty today! This getting old stuff is for the birds. Look at her just sleeping away, wasn't too long ago I would wake her up with my morning erection, guess that goes away with age Who am I kidding my cock has gotten almost as lazy as she is. Guess there is no shame in asking the Doc for some help in that area no shame in taking a pill for pleasure. Yeah right you know you'll never talk to the Doctor about that. Oh well life goes on.
Think I will research those erection pills myself online. Let's see probably best to look up erectile disfunction. Yep there it is the little blue miracle, maybe there is something else. Lets scan a little further. Huh a forum discussing the problem lets look at that. Just looks like a bunch of guys going throught the same thing ,wait what's this (DON'T WANT TO TAKE A PILL TRY MY HYPNOSIS FILES THEY CAN HAVE THINGS LOOKING UP IN NO TIME) hey that sounds interesting.
When no one is around I go to the site and see this guy's file and a description of how it works, I'm not getting any younger what could it hurt, plus it's free , says if I have success I can make a donation or maybe try one of the other pay files. LOL the name of the file is RISING TO THE
I put it in my mp3 player and hit play, to my surprise it's not the guys voice but a very sexy lady speaking. she starts describing a peaceful warm day and how relaxing it is. Then she begins coaching my breathi..... damn must have drifted off the file is over I'll have to listen again later when I am alone.
Didn't think she would ever leave to go shopping, now where s my mp3 player. There it is, now lets try this again. Yeah yeah it's a peaceful warm day breath slowl......DAMN IT HAPPENED AGAIN. I can't believe I fell asleep again. Oh well I will sleep good tonight and try again tomorrow after all it's Saturday if I sleep in a little she will be gone shopping again and I will have plenty of time plus be good and rested.
Wow I can't believe how good I slept it's already 9am I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow last night. Gotta get up need to try that file again, funny thing is I could have swore that is what woke me up when I rolled over my cock was hard, guess I was dreaming. Let's go headphones on mp3 on , play. It's a warm peac.......not again I give up I guess it's just not for me. Of course i am still a little tired maybe I'll just close my eyes a little then give it another try when I wake back up.
What that someone laughing.. oh hi babe back from shopping so soon why you laughing?

"Well loooked like I was interupting something I thought you were hurt from all the moaning then I come in the bedroom and see your stil in bed but your cock is wide awake..." Oh damn it is she looked at me like I was crazy " WHATS WRONG WITH YOU I'VE NEVER SEEN YOU THAT HAPPY TO HAVE A HARDON!" Well since I got it why don't we see if it still works?
Wow that was good I had forgot how nice morning sex is. I guess it did work I'll have to listen some more see if it keeps happening.
Every chance I get I am listening it is working so good I have erections every morning and anytime she is in the mood. Guess I will have to go send a donation.
Back on the website lets see, there, click here if you have a success story or want to donate...Click.
The new page opens up cool a swirling back ground, wonder if this guy knows how hard it is to read with that back ground swirling. Lets see where is the button I want oh there it is donations... wait though no I think I will post my story first. I start typing, almost like I'm on autopilot keys clicking but never taking my eyes from the swirling screen. There done, now I can hit the dona....but you know it did work pretty goodand since I'm giving him money I should try another one of his files. I have not noticed the words in my head are actually flashing on the swirling the payfiles
There is only one file thats funny got a good name though NOW THAT YOU HAVE WHAT TO DO WITH IT? guess it must be a follow up file to the other one. I was going to donate $10 it's only $40

Headphones on play It's a war.....huh just like the other wonder what it said. Oh well guess I will find out when she gets home I sure am horny now, must have been good. Think I will listen again before she comes home make sure what ever is in there really sinks in then I will show here the night of her life.
Hi babe glad your home I got something for you "I see you do she said". Wow that was amazing. I love this new file whatever is in there my cock is till hard wonder if she is ready for more? As long as it's there and she is willing think I will use it. Whew damn 3 times in one night I got to rest.
"Honey you going to work today?" No babe I'm still beat think I will stay home rest a little then get some stuff around here done. what I really meant was as soon as you leave I am listening to that file again.
Headphones on, damn look at that, this file must really be good my cock is already hard, play. It's a warm .... wake up... Damn I'm horny, I didn't know my cock could get this hard. What.. who... I am hearing things.....GRAB YOUR COCK.. there it was again. Before I could look to see who was in the room my hand was on my cock...YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW... My hand started pumping, with every stroke the room would spin completely around... FASTER... the faster I stroke the faster I spin the Faster I spin the more I feel like I am falling. Faster and faster so dizzy falling and falling then nothing just blank, suddenly I hear that familiar laugh. " Looks Like I interupted something again..." she laughs some more, thats when I realize I am naked my chest and stomach covered in cum. I start to get up to go get clean when she laughs again and tells me to just sit because she wants to test something on me. I really want to go get clean I tell her..."Just sit for a minute" she tells me. I ask why , what does she want?... "You KnowWhat To Do!" she says the suddenly my hand is on my cock the room is spining and I black out again.
When I come to she is sitting across from me just smilling. "So you went back for the other file" she said. She had set me up, we had talked of online research for my problem and she had a friend that did hypnosis and had recruited his help to fix my problem and also make me her sex toy. I can't believe I didn't notice the sexy voice from the files was actually hers. " You see the second file made you my puppet If I say I want sex look your cock gets hard,if I say to suck another guys cock that will happen tooand when I just want you to perform for me......well..........YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW!!!"


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