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It's Gotta Be the Shoes

by blahblahkitty

It's Gotta Be the Shoes

Josh had never seen Justin move like he was doing tonight.
The other people at the club had cleared a path for him, and Justin Timberlind danced magnificently in the center of the circle they had created. The lights strobed above, and the music boomed throughout the room, creating a beat that could be felt in your marrow. Josh was never that crazy about some of the strobe effects used at their favorite club, nor the volume of some of the dance music, and he squinted his eyes against both the visual and audio display. Justin couldn't have looked more at home.
Justin leapt and bounced as if he were being broadcast live from a pop music video. His feet barely touched the ground before he was off and moving again, legs pumping, the soles of his feet stepping so lightly they might well have been filled with helium. His arms moved in perfect rhythm with his legs, not only bending and stretching in time with the music, but serving to add momentum to his spins and to catch him when he dropped to the floor to twirl his body on one shoulder.
Josh Hartley could only stare. Justin was his best friend, with whom he'd grown up and regulated their chosen club for the past year. But why Justin, the dancer of the two, had never cut loose like this on the floor before tonight was beyond Josh.
At the end of the song, Justin struck a dramatic pose precisely at the final beat, resulting in a roar of cheers and applause from all the others at the club. A girl neither boy had ever seen before raced up and threw herself into Justin's arms, smothering him with sloppy kisses. Justin laughed and accepted them, thanking her as graciously as he could while peeling her off.
Josh was the only one not applauding or cheering Justin's performance. He just kept staring and puzzling over it. Justin was clad in his favorite shirt (or one of them anyway) which featured a snug-fitting black mock turtleneck collar and black stripes against a white sleeveless tunic. Practically all of Justin's shirts, it seemed, were sleeveless. His arms were well defined enough, but were hardly massive, leaving pals like Josh to wonder what inspired Justin's obsession with sleeveless shirts and wife beater tees. But after seeing Justin move on the dance floor, Josh realized that few other shirts would offer him as much freedom of movement. And damn, but Justin knew how to move.
The sleeveless Justin made his way off the floor to more catcalls and pats on the back. After needlessly running a hand through the unruffled tight blond curls of his hair to smooth them, Justin took Josh by the arm and led him over to the bar. Josh never said a word. Justin's face remained lit in a beautiful smile, his eyes practically sparkling. He wasn't even breathing hard.
Justin was leaning against the bar, taking in the bustle of the room now that he was away from the immediate crush of people. He looked over to Josh as if to say something, but stopped when he saw his friend's stony expression. "What?", he asked.
"What the hell was all that out there?", Josh asked curtly, his jerking thumb indicating the dance floor.
"Ohh, man!", Justin glowed. "Was that a great song or what? 'Sfunny, I never used to get into that one until after my trip to--"
"Are you on something, man?"
Justin was stopped short by his best friend's question. For the first time in hours, his smile was gone. "Wh-what? Am I--?"
"Look at you, Justin! You just danced three consecutive songs out on that floor--extended dance mixes, even--and you aren't even sweating! Jesus, I can still smell your cologne!"
Justin lifted one arm and sniffed at his pit. "Did I put too much on tonight?" He started to smirk at his remark.
Josh grabbed Justin's shoulder, and raised his voice to be better heard over the din. "I'm serious, Justin! I'm worried about you! Are you doing something you shouldn't be doing?!"
Justin's smile was back. His best friend was merely concerned for him, which filled Justin with even more joy than he had shown on the dance floor. He literally jumped over and threw his arms around Josh in a bear hug. "Ha ha! Rarh!" Justin let out a mock roar as he gripped Josh, then smacked his arms playfully as he let him go. "Dude, I love you, man. You are awesome." Josh looked more concerned. Justin fought to control his giddiness and yelled back, over the music. "No, buddy! I am NOT on anything! I even stopped drinking!" He gestured toward his glass of Coke atop the bar.
Josh acknowledged it, but still shrugged to emphasize his confusion. "Then what--?"
Justin leaned in close, but continued speaking in a raised voice to make himself heard. "I'm not on something--but something's on ME!"
Josh pulled back, shaking his head and making a confused expression, certain he hadn't heard his friend correctly.
Justin threw a handful of bills on the bar and gestured so the bartended could see them. The barkeep showed he had with a wave of his hand and a quick thumbs-up. Justin jerked his head toward the far end of the room and pointed to the glowing red "EXIT" sign. Justin began to move towards the door, his arm extended back towards Josh, one finger curled inward to suggest that Josh should follow him out.
Knowing he couldn't relax until he had the solution to this mystery, he did.
* * *
Josh and Justin walked down the quiet, deserted halls of their college's athletic building. Well, more accurately, Josh walked and Justin bounced along, occasionally leaping up and repelling off the walls or bounding up to tap at the overhead lights dangling above them. Josh was the taller of the two of them, but it was impossible to tell that as Justin's feet rarely seemed to touch the ground. Josh twisted his mouth to the side, and blew a hank of his uneven hair out of his eyes in frustration.
After several minutes of watching his friend behave like a jumping jack, Josh asked, "So where are we going?"
"To the gym."
Justin continued bounding on his way, offering no further explanation. So Josh pressed for one. "What for? What's in the gym?"
"The solution to the Great Dancin' Justin Mystery." And he laughed with a childish delight. In his mind, Josh was already selecting a roster of people he'd need present at Justin's imminent intervention.
The two made their way first to a sports locker Justin kept near the gym, separate from the locker room area. From it he pulled a tan shoebox and a basketball, then continued toward the gymnasium. Justin lobbed the basketball over to Josh, commenting, "Man, you are so gonna love this--"
"What are you two doing here?"
Josh and Justin turned around to see Bixby, the night watchman for this section of the Athletic Building. He shined a flashlight on the two boys, which was hardly necessary, as there was ample overhead light despite the darkened and locked classrooms and equipment areas along the way.
"Easy, Bix. It's just me", Justin said calmly. "Josh gonna shoot some hoops. 'Zat cool?"
Bixby holstered his flashlight in his hip pocket, shaking his head. "You and your damn basketball. Day and night with you. Don't you ever get tired of it?"
"Not so far."
Bixby was already walking away, waving his hand derisively. "Just lemme know when you leave."
"Will do, Bix!", Justin called after him. The boys went on into the gym, and despite the pitch dark inside, Justin knew right where to go to hit the lights without losing his way or bumping into anything. The gym was familiar territory to him, no matter the hour. The gym was left unlocked, since there was nothing in it to steal. The locker rooms and equipment cages were locked and chained tight, however. But that was alright by Justin. He had his own ball and the court and its baskets were all he needed.
Justin made a show of setting down the tan shoebox before he hit the switch that lowered the baskets from their raised position. Josh asked him, "So, what's in the box?"
Justin walked around the box, dribbling the basketball back and forth between his hands. "OOoooo-ooo", he said in his best spooky voice, "What IS in that box, I wonder? What could it BE??"
Josh rolled his eyes. "C'mon, man, quit screwing around. Just tell me--"
Justin cut him off as he sprinted across the court toward the far basket. "Watch this!", he announced, taking off at a full sprint, dribbling the ball as he went.
Justin moved like a terror, speeding more like a track runner than a basketball player. Twenty feet from the basket, he leapt some seven feet into the air and swished the ball neatly through the basket with barely a sound. The ball only had the chance to bounce once against the hardwood before Justin had it in his hands again.
"How the hell did you--?", Josh started to ask, but again he was unable to finish his question.
Justin dribbled the ball with exceptional flair, then spun it on the tip of his finger. He looked over to his friend and gave him a goofy smile, sticking out his tongue. Then Justin zipped back to the basket, bounding up to snag the rim and dunk the ball. Josh began to applaud his friend's skill, but Justin wasn't finished yet.
Justin, using only the one hand which gripped the rim, spun himself up and over the open basket, to grab the other side of the rim with his opposite hand. He suspended himself there, in a handstand, for a fraction of a second before letting one hand go to complete his arc and twist down to the floor. Upon landing, he kicked the basketball lightly with his toe, up into his hands, then tossed it lithely to Josh.
"Ta-daa!", Justin beamed.
Josh stood holding the ball, his mouth agape. "Justin, dude, whatever it is you're on, you gotta stop taking it, I'm serious--"
Justin bounded over to Josh, pointing to his face. "Look at my eyes, man. All clear. No drugs. No nothing." He ran his index finger twice over his chest. "Cross my heart."
"Then how--?!"
Justin rocked back and forth on his heels. "Like my shoes?"
"Don't change the subject, Justin, you have to tell me--"
"I'm not. Dig the shoes. They look familiar?"
"They're the ones you got in Europe. They're the same ones you wore yesterday."
Justin's smile broadened. "Aannd--?" Josh just stood there. "What shoes did I have on the day before yesterday?"
Josh looked at Justin's feet and actually considered the question. "It was those...wasn't it?"
Justin nodded. "Yup. And the day before that?" Justin snatched the ball back from Josh and began dribbling again.
"Wait a minute...", Josh began, the clouds lifting.
"And in fact", Justin continued, never breaking stride but widening his circle as he bounced both himself and the ball around the court. "What have I worn EVERY day since I got back from overseas?"
Josh pointed at Justin's shoes. "Those."
"And who", Justin went on, sending the ball up and into the basket with a backwards toss, "has the biggest damn tennis shoe collection in the continental United States?"
"You." Josh raced over and grabbed the ball as quickly as he could. Despite Josh's considerable speed, he still felt like he was moving in sow motion compared to his best friend. "Now wait a minute. You always rotate your shoes. It's one of your things. How many pairs do you have now, anyway?"
Justin bounded over toward Josh and dodged left then right, easily taking back the ball. "At last count, 39 pairs. Never wore the same pair two days in a row. Before now." Justin left that cryptic statement to hang in the air as he himself took to the air and swooshed another basket. He caught the ball on the rebound and skidded to a stop one his heels, turning back to face Josh. "You figured it out yet?"
"Well, it's got something to do with the shoes."
"Dude, it IS the shoes! I don't know how they work, but holy shit, they DO! It's all about the shoes, Josh. You gotta try 'em. Like right NOW."
Josh rubbed the back of his neck, pondering it all. Justin seemed sincere, though excited. Of course, he also seemed high as a kite, too. But to try on a pair of shoes, what could it hurt? "Um, okay...", Josh began. "I don't think we're the same size, but if you wanna kick 'em over here..."
"No, wait!", Justin said, hurling the ball behind him and bounding over to the tan shoebox he'd brought in. He snatched it up and presented it to Josh with dramatic flair. "These, my boy--" and he removed the lid with a flourish, "--are for YOU."
Inside the box was a pair of jet black basketball shoes, identical in every way to Justin's. They were hi-tops, well-padded with thick soles. They were so new and shiny that they practically glowed.
"I've never seen a pair like this", Josh said, removing the new shoes from the box. "other than on your feet, anyway." He caught a whiff of that brand-spanking new 'factory smell' and realized that these had never been worn, and really were just for him.
"That's 'cause no one in the States has ever seen anything like 'em before.", Justin said, his voice rising with excitement. "Put 'em on, man. Go ahead."
Josh was still put off by Justin's eagerness, but opted to humor him all the same. Basketball shoes of this quality didn't come cheap, and who knew how much more expensive they were overseas. It was a helluva thoughtful gift, regardless of how hyper the giver was acting. Josh felt the surface of the shoes as he kicked off the sneakers he was wearing. They were very soft, pliable, more like a latex than leather. The material felt good under his fingers. They looked to be slip-ons, as they had no laces. Josh leaned over to pull the shoes on.
"Ut!", Justin stopped him. "Take off your socks. Wear 'em like you would track shoes. they work better that way."
"They 'work better' that way?!"
Justin crossed his arms. "Trust me."
"Uh-huh." Josh walked over to the bleachers and sat down. He yanked off his socks and slipped his right foot into the first shoe. As soon as his sole hit the floor of the gym, he sighed upon impact. "Oooohh." Josh padded his foot up and down on the hardwood, getting a feel for the new footwear. "Say, these are really comfortable."
"Put on the other one", Justin urged him.
In another second or two, Josh slipped on his second shoe and felt another tingle of comfort as he put his foot down on the floor. He rocked back and forth on his heels, enjoying the sensation, as the soft, slippery interior of the shoes molded to the contours of his feet. "Geez, these feel really great. I guess I wouldn't mind dancing for a few hours too, if I had these on." Josh took a few steps. "They're so soft, cushiony. Like I've got spongy springs under my feet. What's inside these things, anyway?"
"Rubber", Justin said with authority."
"You sure?"
"Positive." Justin tossed the ball over to Josh. "One on one. Let's go, man. You got the shoes, let's see what else you got."
Josh tore down the court like a terror, or so he thought. Justin was still running rings around him. He took the ball away from Josh easily, and made basket after basket. Josh thought the shoes were extremely comfortable and well-made, to be sure, but there was nothing to indicate they could enhance his performance to Justin's newfound level. In short order, Josh was panting and struggling to keep up.
"Wuh-wuh-wuh-wait a minute--!", Josh wheezed.
Justin leapt up to the basket to bring the score to 20-0, his lead. But the ball hit the edge of the basket and bounced off. Justin faltered, and groped for the rim, which his fingers only just managed to grasp. He swung awkwardly for a split-second, then tumbled to the floor like a sack of wet laundry.
Josh was alert with concern. "Justin! You okay?"
Justin was hunched over, bracing his hands against his knees, breathing hard for the first time all night. "Jus--just a sec", he panted. "Woo! Need a time out for a sec." After a few minutes of ragged breaths, Justin straightened himself and said to Josh, "They don't stay charged forever. Guess mine just ran out. Man!"
Josh had retrieved the ball and was bouncing it. "Stay charged? What, the shoes? What are you talking about, Justin?"
Justin walked over to Josh with some effort, and held his hands out to catch the basketball. "Gimme the ball."
"Like hell!" Renewed by Justin's show of fatigue, Josh danced around him and slam dunked a basket. "Two points! Looks like the odds are even, now, buddy! Whatever 'magic' you're using wore off. Take me on now!"
Justin's face formed a sly grin. "You really wanna even the odds? You wanna play like I did before?"
Josh eyed his best friend suspiciously. "I guess..."
Justin was right in Josh's face, a flash of lightning in his eyes. "Kiss me."
For a heartbeat, Josh wasn't sure he'd heard him right, then he jumped back about a foot. "Whoa! Oh, fuck me! Dude! I KNEW there was something different about you when you came back from Europe! Damn, man, you're queer!"
Justin laughed, shaking his head. "I'm not gay, Josh."
Josh kept backing away from his friend. "But you just asked me to--!"
"I'm not gay, but the guy who made the shoes is."
Josh stopped backing up. "What--what does that--"
"His name was Andreas. He's from Germany. Awesome guy, great basketball player. Makes his own shoes. And dude, I don't know how he does it, but these things make you move like magic! You've seen it. But they have to be recharged, or the magic runs out."
Josh paused. Then, "Recharged...how?"
Justin licked his lips. "Sexual energy. That's why I have the extra pair of shoes", and he indicated the pair on Josh's feet. "You need two people to do it, both in the shoes."
"Then let's go find a couple hot girls and kiss them, for Christ sakes, that ought'a--"
"It has to be two guys", Justin explained. "Andreas is gay. That's the way he made 'em, don't ask me how. But however he did it, they work." Justin stepped closer to Josh, who didn't move away this time. "C'mon, it's not like we're doing anything in public, man. That's why I brought you to the gym. No one's around, no one's gonna see." Josh just stood there, unmoving. "C'mon, Josh. Please", Justin pleaded. "I wanna get the feeling back."
Josh wiped his sweating palms on the front of his pants. "Okay. But if this is a prank and you're taping this, I swear you are so dead."
Justin smiled, then leaned forward, his mouth to his friend's.
"Just a little one", Josh warned.
"That's all we need", Justin assured him.
And they kissed. The two boys' lips pressed together ever-so-gently, lingered for only a moment, and then Justin slowly pulled away. Josh was relieved that none of their buddies leapt out from behind the bleachers with jeering voices and pointing fingers. It had not been a joke. Surely the fear about that was what made Josh feel so out of sorts. That was what made his throat dry and his heart race when he kissed his best friend.
Justin was already dancing on the balls of his feet, ready to go again. "Well?"
Josh started to speak, but a wave of vertigo whirled about his head, and his face grew flush. "What--what's happeni--??"
"Wait it out, bro", Justin told him. "Another minute. Just hang on."
It was less time than that. In another few seconds, Josh stood tall, his head clear, a rush of energy surging through his body like nothing he'd ever felt before. "My...fucking...God. I feel fanTAStic!!"
Justin threw him the ball, jeering, "I'm up by 18 points."
"Not for long!", Josh challenged, making for the basket like a cheetah.
The two boys played another half-dozen furious games of hoops, nearly all tie scores. Their moves were amazing, their speed and endurance incredible. Each would have marveled at the other's feats, had they not been so busying trying to top each other. After six games, Josh grabbed Justin roughly and kissed him with a passion that surprised them both. Their embrace lasted the better part of a minute, their kiss even including tongues.
They played on until 4:30 in the morning. Josh was so enraptured by his newly-acquired super energy, and Justin so thrilled to be able to share the experience with his best buddy, that neither one noticed that by the time they finally quit they both had raging hard-ons.
* * *
It had become a nightly ritual for the boys to meets for hoops in the gym before bed. And on weekends and any free period they could get. Both Josh and Justin had quickly gotten addicted, at least figuratively, to the rush that came with wearing the strange supercharged shoes.
Before each game of one-on-one, the first thing the two did was kiss. More accurately, the first thing the two did was ascertain that they were completely alone and that no one could see them, and then they would kiss, long and hard and intensely.
Then they hit the hardwood and played as if they were on fire. They averaged about three kisses a game. One at the outset and two more as they played; the second about halfway along, the last as they were winding down. Josh and Justin soon realized that the more they kissed, the better they played, and the more energy they had. But considering how disorienting the rush of sudden adrenalin could sometimes be, the boys were doing their best to limit their recharges.
"God, I dunno what I'm gonna do when these things wear out", Justin said, dribbling the ball like a demon.
"How long do you think that'll take, anyway?", Josh asked, taking the ball from his friend and landing a 30-foot jump shot with ease. "We've been using 'em pretty much nonstop for like a week now--longer for you--and they still look and feel as new as when you pulled 'em out of the box."
Justin got back the ball and danced his way around Josh. "Yeah, they still feel great, don't they? The other night I even crashed on the couch when I got home from class and forgot to take 'em off. Slept with 'em on all night."
Josh blocked Justin's throw and nearly got the ball back, but for Justin's last-second retrieval. Despite their rapid movement, the two boys talked as if they were sitting around chatting at a coffee bar. "Ooh, I bet somebody's dogs were sore in the morning", Josh commented.
"That's the funny thing", Justin said, still dribbling, still avoiding his friend's groping hands. "My feet felt great in the morning. They didn't swell up inside the shoes at all like you'd expect, even after having them on all day."
Jason finally snagged the ball, saying, "Unless the shoes magically expanded while you slept to give your feet room or something." Josh dunked the ball and turned to see that for once, Justin was not on his heels to get the ball back, but stood where Josh had left him.
Justin raised one eyebrow. "You don't suppose they really did, do you--?"
"What do you mean? Did what?" Josh dribbled the ball slowly as he looked at Justin.
"The shoes. Expanded so my feet wouldn't get cramped. You think they can do that?"
Josh stopped dribbling. "Dude, they're just shoes." Then he stuck his tongue into his cheek. "Well, okay, magic shoes granted, but still...expanding and retracting magic shoes?"
Justin smiled. "Expanding and retracting...", he said to himself softly. Josh leaned forward a bit, and held a hand to his ear to prompt Justin to speak up. Then, louder, Justin said, "Wanna see something else really cool they can do?"
"Sure, I guess. Like what?"
Justin had already peeled off his tank top and was tossing it aside when he said, "Strip. Lose everything but the shoes."
Josh let the ball fall from his hands. "Okay, this is the prank part, isn't it. All the rest of this was just build-up. You get me starkers playing basketball and then people jump out with video cameras, am I right?"
Justin was yanking off his shorts and hooking his thumbs under his boxer-briefs to lose those as well. "C'mon, just do it, Josh. Trust me." Then, to himself, Justin muttered, "I cannot believe I forgot about this."
Within seconds, Justin stood butt naked before his best friend, but for his shiny black shoes. He spread his arms out before Josh and made a face as if to say, "Come on, let's go!" Josh shrugged and pulled off his shirt. He grumbled, "I can't believe I'm doing this."
In another minute, the two boys stood face-to-face wearing nothing but their shoes. Josh fidgeted uneasily, his hand cupped in front of his crotch. "Okay, so now what?"
"Now this", Justin said, crouching down on his haunches before his friend.
Josh jumped back. "Whoa! Hold it! Face is dangerously close to the groin there, buddy!"
Justin shook his head. "Just get your ass back over here." Hesitantly, Josh did so. Once he was back in position, Justin began to feel along the uppermost edges of Josh's hi-tops.
Josh looked down. "What the hell are you doing?"
"Hang on, hang on", Justin urged him. "C'mon, where the hell are you, you little--there! That's one tab, annndd--there's the other one!" Justin looked up at Josh. "Brace yourself." With that warning, Justin started to stand up slowly. As he rose, he pulled on two hidden tabs on the outer sides of either of Josh's shoes.
"Brace myself? Brace myself for wha--?" Then Josh knew. He felt it before he could see it. There were rubber sheaths climbing up his legs. No, not climbing, growing almost. He looked down to see Justin pulling what looked for all the world like a gleaming brand-new wetsuit up out of the boots to spread over Josh's body. Josh started, "Justin, what- what is that--?!"
"Try not to move around so much, man. If I lose this, they'll snap right back like a window shade. It has to be all in one movement. Just hold still." Justin continued to pull the rubber suit up and onto his friend. The rubber glided over Josh's skin as if it had been greased with some kind of invisible lubricant. As it flowed smoothly over Josh's skin, it seemed to settle, to grow a bit thicker, to take on the properties of a medium-weight latex suit. Which, as it turns out, is exactly what it was.
"Lift your arms up over your head", Justin instructed. Josh just stared, reveling in the smooth, cool feel of the new rubber, feeling slightly high from the heady chemical latex smell. "Dude, come on. Lift your arms."
Josh shook his head to clear it. "Oh, right. Right." Josh lifted his arms high above his head, and Justin stood, his hands almost gliding along the outside of Josh's arms, past the shoulders, up to the elbows, onto the forearms. The rubber had covered Josh's rear, midsection, torso and chest, leaving only the cool, slick feeling of slightly-wet new rubber behind. Justin pulled the suit--which is now what it had become--all the way up to Josh's wrists. He stood there, holding onto the rubber sheet, wondering what to do next. "I don't remember how Andreas did this now. If I just let go, it might snap right back down into the shoes. Is there some trick to keeping it up--?"
At that, there was a quick snap, as from a rubber band, and the material pulled out of Justin's hands, to wrap tightly around Josh's wrists and settle there into snug sleeve cuffs. Justin actually jumped back half a step in surprise. "Or that. It could do that. That works." He looked at Josh, who still stood with his arms over his head, his eyes were now closed, and he was relishing the sensation of being covered in the clinging rubber that seemed to come from nowhere.
Gently, Justin took Josh by the forearms. "Dude, you can lower your arms now."
Josh's eyes fluttered open. He had the look of someone who had just awakened from an erotic dream. "Hmm? Oh, right."
Justin stepped back to look him over. "How's the collar? Too tight?"
Josh reached up to his neck to feel the high collar of the suit which rode about midway up his throat. "No...no, it feels okay. I didn't even know it was there."
Justin let out a low whistle. His tall friend stood coated in black rubber and rubber-seeming tennis shoes, his not inconsiderable musculature very well outlined, and the erect and bulging lump in his crotch leaving very little to the imagination. "Dude, you look hot."
Josh wasn't sure he'd heard that right. "What'd you say?"
Justin caught himself. He wasn't sure what he'd just said either. "I said you look like you'd be hot in that thing. Are you too hot?"
Josh ran his fingertips across his chest and abs. "No, oddly enough. It feels cool. It feels like it's hugging me, it feels---aa-uhhhh--!" Josh sighed, rolling his head around on his shoulders, shrugging slightly, his jaw slack. "Damn, it feels great. Shhhit."
"Now do me", Justin said.
"Huh?!" Josh snapped to attention, looking at his muscular friend standing naked before him. He was suddenly acutely aware that beneath his rubber suit, he was hard as a rock. "D-do what??"
"Pull up my suit, man."
"Oh. Oh, yeah. Right. Of course. The suit."
Justin arched one eyebrow. "What did you think I meant?"
"Never mind." Josh squatted down before Justin, letting out a groan.
"You okay? You pinch yourself?", Justin asked.
Josh braced himself by placing his hands on the floor. "No...but oh, baby...the way this thing hugs you when you move. When I squatted down just now, it was like...manoman...hell's bells, it's like it's in love with me...the way it holds me, it's like-"
"Dude, I know! Andreas put mine on me in Germany. So suit me up." Justin nodded toward his feet. "Look for the little tabs. They're not easy to spot."
It took Josh a few minutes as Justin impatiently began to rock back and forth on his heels. "Okay, okay, I think I got 'em. Just stop moving around so much." Josh pulled up on the tabs, and the rubber began to rise, it made it as far as Justin's claves before it snapped out of Josh's fingers to snake back down into the shoes.
"You gotta hang on tight, Josh. They're really slick", Justin chided.
"Yeah, I got that. Hang on." But this time it was Josh who hung on, as he slowly pulled the rubber suit up out of the shoes and onto Justin's legs. Josh slowly stood up, pulling the rubber along with him. Josh watched in amazement as the rubber seemed to flow up Justin's body. Josh could feel the tug under his fingers, as if he were gripping a very resistant tarp, but to look at Justin's body, it appeared almost like a black, oily paint running backwards, oozing and flowing up instead of down. Josh watched as the spreading rubber flowed together, connecting at the top of Justin's legs to create a covering for the crotch and the seat of Justin's pants. Then he was pulling up along the sides of his friend's torso, going up to the armpits, looking on in awe as the flow of rubber just stopped when it reached the high-neck collar below Justin's chin, even as the remainder of it flowed up his arms.
As Josh reached Justin's wrists, the pull was intense. It was if the suit wanted nothing more than to snap back down, to disappear once more into the shoes. Josh held on tight, but could feel the slippery material start to slide out of his grasp. With a crisp snap, the rubber pulled free of his hands.
"Whup! Oh, shit!", Josh spat, expecting the rubber suit to rocket back down Justin's frame and back into the shoes. To his surprise, it stayed right where it was, the cuffs around Justin's wrists settling securely in place.
Justin still stood with his hands high above his head, like a robbery victim. "We good?"
Josh nodded. "Uhh, yeah. Looks like. You can put your arms down."
Justin did so, and began bending his arms back and forth, twisting at the waist and squatting several times to rock on the balls of his feet. "Oh, sweeeet home Alabama, I'd forgotten how good this thing felt when Andreas first suited me up." Justin lithely sprang back up to his full height. "How do I look?"
Like Justin himself, Josh almost said "hot". But he caught himself in time and said, "Slick, man. You look really slick."
"I feel slick", Justin said, spinning on one foot. He did a couple impromptu dance moves, quick-stepping, twirling, and looked great doing it. Josh looked his friend over, or rather, his friend's rubber suit. It hugged him tight, but certainly did nothing to restrict his movement. Justin looked more like he was coated in the suit than wearing it. But it didn't look anything like a latex body paint. It was too thick, for one thing. It also bulged out just enough so as not to completely define his package. Even still, it was obvious through the bulge alone that ol' Justin was considerably endowed.
As Justin executed a couple more hip-hop maneuvers, Josh could see the skin tight rubber moved and breathed with him, while outlining and enhancing every line of his body. And Josh had one, too. He began to walk over to Justin, noticing as he did that he could feel he had a very powerful erection. Josh glanced down at himself, afraid he'd see his member causing the rubber of his suit to bulge embarrasingly outward. He needn't have worried. The front of his suit held back the wood he was sporting just enough to avoid embarrassment.
Josh began to stretch too. "Justin, how could you not wear this thing, like, every day? It feels so damn good! Jesus!"
Justin shrugged. "It takes two people to put 'em on. If you try to pull it on by yourself, you only get as far as your chest." Justin pantomimed pulling the suit up to show that he would indeed stop just about at his armpits. Josh opened his mouth in an "Ohh, yeah" expression. "I wanted to wait until we both had the shoes. Right out of Germany, getting back into this outfit was all I could think about. After a week or so of obsessing I was able to think of other things."
"So, does this enhance our playing even more than just the shoes?", Josh asked.
"Let's find out", Justin answered, urging him forward with his hands. They drew close to kiss. "Just a little one", Justin warned.
"Fine by me."
Briefly, the two kissed. There was a tiny charge, as if a spark had passed between them. The boys jerked apart, fingers going reflexively to their lips. "Whoa. Carpet shuffle effect", observed Justin. "Must be too much static electricity from the rubber. You okay?"
Josh nodded. "Yeah, I'm okay. Do we have to kiss agai--" and he shuddered all over. "Oohhhhh MAma! I'm better than okay! FUCK yeah!!" Josh's rubber suit seemed to shine brighter in the gymnasium lighting.
Justin felt it too. His suit gleamed with new highlights and he felt a crackle of emotional electricity surge down his arms to such an extent that he almost expected to see sparks emitting from his fingertips. "Woo!" He gave and open-mouthed laugh, sticking his tongue out. "Ha-ha!"
Josh snatched up the basketball. "Catch me if you can."
Justin grinned. "The man loves a challenge."
More than an hour later, the boys were still going at it, the score now tied at 108 to 108. They had intended to play a quick round or two of 21. They had kissed four times in the last hour, almost once every fifteen minutes. They didn't need the recharge so much as they simply enjoyed the rush it brought. Josh dribbled the ball so that it was nearly an orange blur connecting his hands to the floor.
Justin stole the ball from Josh's grasp, spun it on his fingertip, rolled it across his shoulders, and used it as a dance prop as he bopped along the hardwood, chuckling.
Josh looked at his friend, as high on energy as he was. "You tired?"
Justin kept dancing with the ball. "Nope."
"You horny?"
Justin dropped the ball, which rolled away as the two boys stared at each other. Josh tried to think of something to explain his sudden question. "Uhh..."
Justin was equally at a loss. "Err..."
Then the two burst out laughing. Doubled over for a moment, bracing themselves on their knees, they then straightened themselves out and pointed simultaneously at each other's chests. In unison, they said, "It must be the rubber suits." More laughter.
After a bit more giggling and snorting, the two boys approached each other. Neither was sweating as much as you might expect, but what little was there mingled with the chemical smell of the new rubber to create an intoxicating aroma that was going right to their heads, and affecting their loins. "Never wore this much rubber before", Josh explained unnecessarily. "Kind of a turn-on, y'know?"
"Yeah, I know." Justin began to trace Josh's shoulders with his fingertips.
"Howcum yours still smells as new as mine?", Josh asked, inching closer. His hands found Justin's waist.
"Only wore it the once overseas", Justin said. His hands traced Josh's arms down to his wrists, where he held on, rubbing them gently. "Andreas couldn't keep up with me on the court. He didn't wear his." Justin moved even closer, allowing Josh to slide his hands around Justin and up his back. Their mouths moved close together.
"Guess he doesn't like to wear this much rubber--", Josh mused.
"His loss...", Justin whispered.
Josh suddenly pulled away. "Justin? How much did these things cost you, anyway? If this Andreas guy made them by hand and all, they must have been pretty expensive. I mean, a custom job not just for one but for two people--"
"They were a gift."
"A gift?? Something as incredible as this and he just gave 'em away? What, was he hot for you, man? You said he was gay." The two loosened their holds and took a step away from each other.
"At least", Justin said, rubbing his chin, "I think they were a gift."
"You think?!"
Justin ran his fingers through his tightly-curled hair. "Either that, or I really should get around to sending him some KFC."
Josh crossed his arms. "Okay, you lost me."
Justin blew air out of his mouth like a horse. "It's like this. When I was leaving Germany, I was late for my fight. Andreas was tagging along. As I'm running like gangbusters for the gangplank, he tells me he slipped the shoes along with a pair for you into my carry-on. I'm all, 'No, no, you shouldn't have, it's too much' and like that." Josh nodded. He gestured with an open palm. Go on.
"So, I'm like backing up the walkway to the plane, jogging in reverse, and I yell to Andreas back by the gate, 'Dude, I'll pay you for these! I promise I'll send you something! How much are they? What's the price?' And, well..."
"Well what? He wanted a bucket of popcorn chicken? They don't have any KFC's in the Motherland? What did he say, exactly?"
"That's just it. I'm not sure. I was getting close to the plane, the engine was going, it was loud. I could barely hear him."
"So what did it sound like?"
"It sounded like he said, 'Seize a hen'."
"Huh. So either he wants you to grab up a live specimen from a henhouse or he really does want a bucket of KFC."
"Seriously, I've tried to call him. He's away on a trip. Corsica, I think his aunt told me."
Josh felt a little awkward suddenly. They had stopped playing ball, the mood to exchange another energy-creating kiss had passed. And he had no pockets in which to stuff his hands. It was time to ditch the suit. "So how do we get these things off, anyway? It's not like there's a zipper anywhere."
"They retract. Same way we charge the shoes. Sexual energy. We need to kiss again."
Josh frowned. "How does that work? We've kissed like four times in the last hour and the suits didn't retract. What, are they broken, or--"
Justin shuffled forward a pace. "Not quite like that." He moved his arms clumsily toward Josh. "It--it needs to be more intense, more--" He looked at Josh, who was still standing stiffly. "You have to do this with me." Josh nodded.
Slowly, tentatively, the boys put their arms around each other. They leaned in close and began to kiss. They held their embrace, their lips connecting, for several seconds longer than any they shared during their flurry of activity on the court. After close to half a minute, Josh began to pull away. He looked at Justin, feeling apprehensive. Justin looked down at their bodies and saw they were still covered in their skintight rubber sheaths. Justin conveyed a silent message with his eyes. It has to be longer. Fuller. Try again.
Slowly, the two handsome rubberclad young men kissed again. Part of them tried to send their thought very far away, to focus on anything other than what they were doing, while another part surrendered to it. They lingered in their kiss, this time with their tongues finding their way into each other's mouths, each massaging the other. They felt themselves grow increasingly hard, their body temperatures rising. Justin ran his hands across Josh's shoulders. Josh let his fingers gather up the curls of Justin's hair.
Slowly, the rubber suits began to subside. The rubber had eased down past their shoulder blades before Josh felt the chill of his exposed skin. He started to pull away, to watch it happening, but Justin held him close. "Don't stop", Justin whispered. Then, softer, as an afterthought, "Or we'll have to start all over." Josh offered a curt nod of understanding, and resumed their embrace.
They fell back into their kiss, only dimly aware of the rubber suits which were gliding slowly, easily, down their smooth bodies to recede into their unique shoes with a soft "shhlupt". Their kiss continued on for a full two minutes after the glistening suits had disappeared.
Finally, the duo pulled apart. Justin began to speak, but was less than successful. "Th--I-th--", he paused to clear his throat, then tried again. "I think it's okay now."
Josh looked own at them, both naked once again but for the shoes. Both highly aroused. Both trying to ignore it. Josh rubbed his nose, finding a sudden interest in the wall. "Looks like."
The two got dressed in silence. There was an uncomfortable tension in the air. The energy, the sheer electricity that came with the strange rubber suits had vanished with them. After a lengthy few minutes, Josh and Justin stood fully dressed, the shine still apparent on their fantastic shoes. Josh took the ball in hand, Justin slung his backpack over one shoulder.
"I think maybe we should go to bed", Justin said.
Josh's eyes bulged. "Huh?"
"I-I mean, get some sleep", Justin was quick to correct. "We should go home and get some sleep. In our own homes. Separately."
Josh grinned sheepishly. "Yeah. Good idea." Instead of leaving together as was their usual method, after departing the gym, the two boys opted to head for home in different directions. They were about twenty feet away from each other when Josh turned back and called, "Hey, Justin." Justin turned around. "Great game tonight, man."
Justin smiled. "Better believe it."
They then went on their way, dwelling on that incredible game of one-on-one, those intensely erotic suits, and most of all, that remarkable kiss on which they ended the evening. The kiss neither one could dismiss, nor admit how much they had enjoyed it.
* * *
After that night of rubber-suited action on the court, Josh and Justin had a slight alteration to their regular nightly routine. School, then gym, lock the doors, strip down, suit up, play, kiss, play, kiss, play, kiss, play, break, really, really really kiss, lose the suits, and then go dancing.
The duo had become a familiar sight on the club circuit. And now thanks to the bristling energy they both experienced daily, Josh was just as much of a terror on the dance floor as Justin. Sometimes the two would separate and move to different sections of the club's floor and attract the attention of different girls who didn't know the boys were there clubbing together. Without fail the girls would swoon at the boys' astonishing dance moves, and then the boys would slip away to meet up at the bar and compare notes--more gratified and amused by the general responses they were getting than by the individual attentions of the girls themselves.
Usually by later in the evening, the two guys would hit the floor together, as a kind of dueling dancers, each trying to outdo the other, much to the delight of the female onlookers who cheered them on with great enthusiasm. By the end of each dance mix, the boys tended to strike a pose simultaneously, precisely at the last beat of the song. Most of the time they mirrored each other, pointing across the floor with a jabbing finger that projected the comment, "You. You da man." Everyone loved it, and the boys were an instant hit at any club they patronized.
They were just as much a hit at the club where they made their first mistake. Josh and Justin were hip-hopping, spinning, and backflipping through a dazzling dance number to the thrill of onlookers. At the finish of the song, the duo slapped a high-five at the precise moment the last beat was struck. "Yeah!!", they cried, and the other club attendants applauded, whistled, and cheered. Amid the cheers, Josh and Justin looked at each other. They still stood there, frozen in place, palms pressed together above them, staring into each other's eyes. They were both breathing hard, but it was not from the exertion of the dance.
At that moment, the lights dimmed considerably, the flashing strobe lights stopped, the glaring red and yellow colored filters shifted to a soft blue as the mirror ball slowed its rotations. Dancing queens and kings repaired to the bar as couples crowded the floor, holding tightly together as a melodious slow song filled the air. And Josh and Justin continued to stare at each other, there in the middle of the dance floor, breathing hard, palms pressed together.
Lyrics in a minor chord wafted about the club, as a song of love and devotion kept young lovers and those interested in a single night's fling spinning in time to the music. Josh and Justin's eyes were closed. They too were lost in the music. Lost in the rhythm, the verses, the sensation of giving of oneself to your heart's desire. Suddenly, their eyes blinked open simultaneously. They had been kissing, and kissing passionately, just as if they were trying to remove their rubber suits. Only there were no rubber suits on here. Something had clicked with the two of them when the dance mixes shifted over to ballads, just as they made physical contact. Without even realizing it, they had clung together and lost themselves in the dance, and the long kiss it inspired.
Instantly, the two jumped back from one another, nearly bumping into other dancers. They both gave the room a quick glance, and felt reasonably safe that due to the dimmer lighting and activity all around them that no one had caught their goof. Justin sent a silent message to Josh with his eyes. "Time to go?" Josh nodded and jerked his head toward the exits. "Definitely. Let's bail."
The duo left with haste, trying their best not to look back and find that someone had seen them kissing during the love song. They felt embarrassed enough as it was. If someone had seen, they really didn't want to know.
And unseen by the boys, two girls at the bar watched their departure. One gal was short, with unevenly-cropped bobbed hair that was poorly dyed red. Beside her sat a gum-chewing buxom girl trying to look younger than she was and not succeeding, with blonde hair piled atop her head like meringue. The gum-chewer held out her hand to the redhead and snapped her fingers. Red pulled a twenty out of her fanny pack and handed it to Blondie, who shoved it into her bra, saying, "See? Told ya they was gay. Who called it?"
* * *
Josh and Justin were as fleeting shadows on the practice court. Josh dribbled like quicksilver, and Justin fairly floated before him, looking for his opportunity to rob him of the ball.
"Y'know, I'm thinking I may be over the whole club thing for a while", Justin said.
"Yeah? Me too.", Josh agreed, not allowing Justin an opening.
"I mean, we can burn up lots of energy right here with hoops, right?" Justin feigned left then grabbed the ball from the right.
Josh went after him. "Definitely." Justin sent the ball toward the basket, but Josh leapt up and knocked it away just before it sank.
Justin was started to feel the fatigue of the game. His breathing was coming harder, and his legs felt just a bit sore. He could use a pick-me-up. He zipped over to Josh, pulling his tanktop off. Josh looked down, seeing that Justin was reaching for the concealed tabs on the side of Josh's shoes.
"Justin, what--?"
"Though maybe we could suit up. Lose your clothes."
Josh gently laid a hand atop Justin's head. "Uhh...maybe we should just stick to the shoes by themselves for a while." He shrugged. "You know, we don't want to wind up like we did at the club again and all--"
Justin was on his feet in a heartbeat, pulling back on his shirt. "Good call. Shoes only. Right. But we need a recharge. Quick kiss."
Josh reluctantly kissed his best friend, and kept it brief. Josh then pointed an admonishing finger at Justin. "But that's it now. That's our sole kiss for this match. No more. We ride it until this charge starts to wear down, then we go home. Hit the books or something. You with me?"
"Deal", Justin agreed, feeling the power surge pulsing through him once more. He waggled his fingers in mock challenge. "Show me what ya got, boy."
After the score tied at 40-40 and couldn't seem to be broken, Josh relented and allowed one more kiss. Just to help prompt a tie-breaker. Fifteen minutes later when the score was up to 52-54 in favor of Josh, Justin grabbed Josh and kissed him again by surprise so that his buddy wouldn't get too far ahead. Within another ten minutes, Justin was up by 18 points, and this time it was Josh who grabbed his friend by the shirt and pulled him into a kiss.
Within another five minutes, the score was tied again at 78-78, and the duo had kissed another fifteen times, once every 20 seconds.
Josh and Justin stopped across from each other, hunched over, hands braced upon their knees, panting loudly. They had begun to freely perspire, though fatigue seemed miles away. Their eyes locked and they paid no attention to the basketball which was now rolling off into a far corner of the gym.
Justin spoke first. "God, I want my rubber suit on so fucking bad."
Josh nodded, looking down at the floor. "Me, too." Then he looked up. "But if I let you put it on me, I swear I will never want to take it off."
"Me either", said Justin. "That a problem?"
Josh stood up, running his fingers through his hair. "Gah! We'll never burn off this energy shooting baskets, man. I'm wired! I need to move! This isn't enough! We need to--"
"Dance?" Justin arched his eyebrows as he made the suggestion.
Josh stood there, hands clutching his hair, looking at his beautiful friend, imagining him head-to-toe in rubber and feeling himself getting painfully hard. If they stayed here, they would be in their suits before another ten minutes had elapsed. He sighed. "Club?"
"Let's get changed. First round's on me."
Josh called after Justin as he sprinted for the door. "Fast dances only!"
* * *
They had never danced faster, or with more fervor.
The music in the club was deafening. The bass beat pounded with an intensity you could feel in your marrow. Lights flashed, pulsed, and shone down on the dance floor in mad splashes of color. In the midst of it all were Josh and Justin, dancing with an energy that was exhausting even for those who merely watched them.
The two had surrendered themselves to the music, allowing the beat to dictate their movements. They spun, squatted, flipped, and twirled with an endless energy that could not be denied. Both boys were thrusting their hips with a ferocity that had ceased to entertain and actually began to frighten the other clubbers. Their gymnastic moves had gone from enthralling to intrusive, as their spins circled too wide, their backflips spanned too far. Those few who elected to remain on the floor during Josh and Justin's athletic display soon found themselves driven to the far corners for their own safety.
At a pause in the beat, both boys realized what was happening to them. They had thrown themselves into the music with such abandon that they had forgotten there was even anyone else in the club, much less on the floor. But their gyrations had gained the unwelcome attention of the club's bouncers, who began to move closer to the floor, threatening looks in their eyes.
Neither Josh nor Justin could stop their dancing. They had charged themselves too fully, had too much energy to burn, and the pounding, hypnotic beat of the music was too intense to resist. But they could not risk causing a scene and being thrown out. So the duo took the hint conveyed by the bouncers' glares. They moved close together, bumping and grinding in tight circles around each other, arms lancing out over the other's shoulders, dropping suddenly to their haunches to swerve their shoulders while hovering between their partner's legs. Appearing satisfied that the disturbance was past, the scowling bouncers returned to their posts.
Oblivious, Josh and Justin spun around each other, shoulders bumping together, whirling around back-to-back, and bopping with chests touching through several dances. Their energy only increased, their restlessness climbed. This was not the remedy they had been looking for. But they were far beyond relief via a simple game of hoops.
The dance track changed, and a new beat shook the speakers and resounded through the club. Josh and Justin stopped. They had made their way to the back of the dance floor, the mirrored wall directly behind them. Both boys stopped and looked at each other. The dance music made their skin vibrate, but they had lost all desire to move to the beat. They looked into each other's eyes, panting hard. The flashing lights reflected off the mirrors and glinted within their eyes. Gingerly, Josh reached out and ran his fingertips down Justin's arm. Justin inhaled sharply. He felt a tiny portion of his energy spark away.
This was it. This was what they needed. Justin hesitantly stretched out his hand and rested his palm lightly upon Josh's shoulder. Josh closed his eyes, his head lolling to the side as he gasped quietly. He could feel it, too. They knew what they needed. They could sense--could feel--what they had to do before the energy surging within them threatened to tear them apart.
Once again, the two boys locked eyes. Then Justin jerked his head up to indicate something above and behind Josh. Josh arced his head around to see what it was. The softly glowing EXIT sign. He looked back at Justin, both of them panting. Nothing more needed to be said.
* * *
The duo half-burst, half-stumbled out of the club's rear exit and into the back alleyway. Hands all over each other, Josh and Justin stroked, kissed, and caressed with unbridled passion, unable and unwilling to stop what they were doing.
Justin's tongue invaded Josh's mouth, and the two shared kisses the depth of which neither of their girlfriends had ever experienced. Josh's hand wrapped around Justin's waist, fingers stroking him up his back and lovingly braced his head and neck. Justin rubbed at Josh's shoulders, tracing downward to knead his arms, then reach back to grasp his waist and massage his ass.
Josh stopped to catch his breath, his heart pounding like a triphammer, and placed his hands against the alley wall, gasping. Justin, his back against the wall, still held Josh by the waist, and panted furiously as he tried to continue kissing him.
"Closer", Justin panted. "Don't go. Don't leave me."
"I won't", Josh said, wheezing softly. "I'm right here."
Justin pulled Josh closer, trying to press their chests together. "You're too far. Stay with me, keep touching me. Keep--"
Josh wrapped himself tightly around Justin, kissing him with ever-increasing intensity. Justin did the same. The two rolled along the wall, knocking over trash cans and old crates, stumbling so they needed to catch themselves against the bricks, not really caring about it. The impassioned duo slammed into the back corner of the alley, their embrace still unbroken, their lips locked, tongues intertwined.
Gasping, Justin pulled his mouth free and rested his cheek against Josh's. Josh began to nibble and gnaw on Justin's ear. Justin gasped again, overcome by pleasure, by deep, uncontrollable urges for intimacy. "My--my place is a only a few blocks from here", he panted.
Josh kept at him, now kissing the side of Justin's head. "Yeah, I know." He began to suck on the side of Justin's neck.
"We should go there. We can't keep doing this here, we won't be able to stop. It'll only take us a couple of minutes."
"Can't wait that long." More kisses. Josh started to rip off his shirt.
Justin grabbed his wrist, stopping him. "We'll run."
Josh exhaled, panting as if he'd just run a marathon. "Hold my hand."
Fingers interlaced, the two ran with abandon toward Justin's place. Three city blocks away, they traversed the distance in less than a minute and half.
Josh raced into the Justin's home, Justin's legs wrapped around his waist, cradling Josh's face in his hands and smothering him with kisses. Josh kicked the door shut with one foot and the two threw themselves on the bed. Justin yanked off Josh's shirt and Josh did the same for Justin. In seconds, they were both unzipping and removing the other's pants and kicking them off over their shoes. Naked but for their shoes--which it never occurred to them to remove--the two wrestled on the bed, feeling the warmth of their bodies blend and build in temperature.
Their hands kept moving up and down their bodies, feeling the smooth, muscled flesh of their arms and legs. Rubbing their torsos, fingers gliding over the washboard abs, the trim, slender waists. Fingers reached down and clutched the inside of their thighs, held tight to their buttocks, rubbed firmly at their shoulders.
The two boys felt as if they had stepped outside of time. Minutes, hours, no longer seemed to matter. The had no idea how long they had been caressing, how long they had been kissing. It had only been for a few moments. It had been all night. Either way, it wasn't nearly long enough. And somewhere during their amorous wrestling, the smooth, firm feeling beneath their fingers changed. It was no longer the feel of warm, living skin. It was cool, soft, slick. It was rubber.
Justin pulled back from Josh by a few inches, noting that they were now both attired in their shining ebony rubber bodysuits. "Wh-when did we suit up?", Justin asked.
"Don't know", Josh panted. "Don't care. Kiss me." And he did. Over and over, again and again. The two got up on their knees, kissing faces, necks, shoulders, arms grasping at their backs, clutching their torsos.
"Stand up", Justin said.
Josh kept kissing and stroking him. "Why?"
"Just do it. Trust me."
"Oh God yes, I trust you, Justin, I trust you so much. Just don't stop."
"I won't."
Josh got off the bed, unsteady on his feet, and Justin hopped off in front of him, dropping to his knees before his best friend. Justin grabbed at Josh's ass, caressing his legs, and kissed Josh's crotch.
"Oh, buddy, that is so hot--", Josh wheezed.
Justin wasn't satisfied with being on the outside of Josh's skintight suit. The outline of Josh's erection was so clear, his member so close. But beneath the gleaming rubber sheath it may as well have been in the next county. Justin kept rubbing it, massaging it, kissing it. Until--
--a flap appeared over Josh's crotch. Not a rip, not a tear. A flap. Like undershorts have. It looked as if it had always been there. Only it hadn't. Justin didn't care to solve the mystery. All he wanted was his mouth around Josh's dick. Justin pulled out his best friend's erect penis and wrapped his hungry lips around it.
Josh inhaled sharply. "Ohhh, MA-AANN!!" Justin sucked his friend like a vacuum. Lips riding up and down the shaft, tongue licking all around the erection, Josh had to place his hands on Justin's shoulders to brace himself and keep from falling over. Justin clasped his hands around Josh's backside to prevent him from backing up. Josh's hips began to buck, his entire body to sway, nerves pulsing with imminent orgasm.
"J-j-j-ussstin--!", Josh gasped. "Let me out, man! I-I'm gonna cum! I-I c-can't hold it--!" Justin tightened his grip on Josh's rear, unwilling to let him go. "Jus-Justin--!" Josh's pleading didn't get any farther. He shot his load with a force he had never before experienced, filling Justin's mouth with stream after stream of hot semen. Justin took it all. He swallowed, gulped, and slurped down every drop as if it were a delicacy. Even when Josh was spent, Justin continued to suck him dry, pleasuring Josh's member almost to the point of a second orgasm.
Josh was reeling under wave after wave of intense sexual pleasure. He had never felt so heated. He should have felt exhausted by now, but instead his energy level, his insatiable sexual hunger, kept rising. He had to have more. But more head would not do it. Roughly, Josh grabbed hold of Justin and pulled him up to his full height. He kissed him passionately, then lifted his friend and threw him face-down upon the bed. Then Josh leapt on top of Justin, riding him from above and behind. As if he had expected this to be the next step, Justin didn't resist. He gasped out quiet words of assent and encouragement as Josh pumped furiously at Justin's rubbered behind, Josh's still-exposed penis started to slicken the shining black surface with smears of jism.
A second flap appeared. This time it was over Justin's ass. Again, not a moment was wasted in pondering how this entryway had suddenly formed. Nor how the interior of Justin's suit which had been stretched over the seat of his pants was now so moist, thick with a viscous lubricant from no evident source. Josh's intentions were no mystery, to either boy. And both wanted it so badly, there was no hesitation.
Josh entered his best friend, thrusting with all his might, as Justin called out as they both spasmed with pleasure. "Yes! YES!! Oh my God in heaven, Josh, YEEAAHH!!"
Josh reached up and traced Justin's rubbered arms with his fingertips, and kissed the middle of his back as he thrust over and over, harder and harder. Inside his suit, Justin shot an incredible load that ripped out of him like a bolt of pure lightning. Inside Justin, Josh came again, filling his best friend with steaming juices, and prompting another orgasm from Justin himself, covering the interior of his skintight suit and painting his chest and torso with warm semen.
It would not be the last orgasm for either of them. Josh continued to thrust into his friend Justin for hours. Soon both boys were caught in an intoxicating loop of action and orgasm, until they drifted into a mesmerized pattern of continuous pleasure. They had lost awareness of what they were doing and where they were well before they actually stopped engaging in their ravenous sexual heat.
* * *
The two lay side by side in the bed, gasping for breath, staring at the ceiling. Josh spoke first, reluctantly. "Holy shit. Did we just do what I thought we just did?"
Justin's ragged breathing was starting to steady as he contemplated his reply. He wanted to rationalize their experience. They were caught up in everything; the dancing, the lights, the music. They were confused. They didn't know what they were doing. They were thinking of their girlfriends... But the intense, crystal clarity of the experience came unbidden to his mind, establishing without question that they had known exactly what they were doing.
Justin swallowed hard. "I--I think we did, man."
Josh started to sit up. His hands reached up to feel the rubber suit stretched across his chest, only to find it was gone. He looked at Justin to confirm it, and sure enough, they were both naked. Naked, but dry and clean. Both their rubber suits had retracted back down into their shoes. Josh grasped the heel of his shoe and began to pull. "Dude, we've got to get these things off."
Justin propped himself up on his elbows. "Wh-what? Why?"
"Justin, they're controlling us! They made us have sex, for God's sakes! Gay se


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Brilliant story, but I think the end has been cut off?

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