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A Sleepover

by Jakalak

A Sleepover

John rubbed his eyes and stretched, brushing the light brown hair out from in front of his eyes as he did so. He slipped out of his sleeping bag and looked dopily around the room. His two best friends were already up, as they usually were, entertaining themselves with the Xbox. The one on the right was Devon, lounging on the couch still in his pajamas. To his left was Eric, sitting in the folding chair they would set up every weekend at their sleepovers after the school week. They'd been doing since ever since they all met, being children of parents that were friends with each other, they came to be close-knit themselves, completing this ritual sleepover every weekend into High School.

Devon's place was where they usually slept over, and he was the most eccentric of the group there. Although he was, to the best of John's knowledge, straight, he would often be the one to make the most gay jokes or to jokingly flirt with Eric and John. At 6'1”, he was taller than John by 3 inches, and would never hesitate to make fun of him for this fact. He had much the same tone brown hair that John did, although slightly darker. Although not engaged in any sports, he had a fairly athletic build and a tan from the many vacations he had taken further south.
Eric on the other hand, played sports all year round, and there wasn't a season when he wasn't practicing for one sport or another. However, in spite of this he somehow managed to have almost ghostly pale skin, everywhere except his head and shoulders. He had short-cropped blond hair and was planning on entering the Army after graduating from High School, which made him by far the most athletic one in the group, if not exactly the most intelligent.
Once John awoke more, the day continued much as it usually did, and John and Eric left to go back to their own houses. Each continued the day much the same way that they had on weekends before this one.
However, later that night, they again returned to Devon's house. John arrived there first, goofing around with Devon while they waited for Eric to show up.
Around 15 minutes or so had gone by, and they heard a quick knock on the door. Devon leaned sideways in his chair so that he could be seen from the doorway and motioned for Eric to come in. John and Devon heard tromping down the stairs and was slightly surprised to see that Eric had brought a friend over. Eric introduced him as his friend David.
David was a little bit taller than all of them, with light brown hair, and had the looks of a typical Florida surfer, well toned, and bronze. He was dressed casually, in jeans and a t-shirt.
As they came down the stairs, Eric took off a backpack that he'd be carrying down the stairs, and unzipped it, taking out two bottles of liquor. He threw the backpack over in the corner and showed us the rare prize.
We cracked open the bottles, while Devon ran upstairs to get us all a glass. Before we knew it, all of it was gone, and we were all feeling a little bit light-headed. John could vaguely hear David suggest that they listen to a little music that was on his iPod, and we all agreed readily enough. Why not? Anyway, the visualization on the Xbox would be fun to watch.
They all sat down and stared at the screen as a spiraling cycle went on, and his music filled the room. It was an odd kind of song, with a pulsating, almost squirming beat, with the only lyrics he could hear in hushed undertones, barely audible below the music.
John woke up the next morning, his eyes blurry and his head ringing. He had a hard time remembering anything that had happened after that, and as he looked slowly around, he could see that everyone else had woken up earlier than he had, although they all still looked to be in a similar condition except for David, who seemed to be slightly amused at our state of affairs.
They spent most of the rest of that morning recuperating, before one of them finally was well enough to get up and prepare some breakfast. Since none of them were very good at cooking, it was mostly a choice between cereal and oatmeal.
When they were all back down in the basement, they started to eat. John was halfway through his cereal, when he thought he'd heard David say something to him. His head grew a little fuzzy, and he had trouble concentrating.
He looked down slowly at his plate to see it empty of food, and suddenly a great thirst came over him. He looked around for his glass, but wasn't able to find it. Finally, his eyes zeroed in on David's crotch, and he began to shuffle over to him.
As soon as he got there, he dropped to his knees and pulled down David's gym shorts, and eagerly mouthed the bulge that could be clearly seen in his briefs. The head of his dick quickly came out over the top of his briefs and, giving it a little kiss, John pulled down David's briefs. He slowly licked his full length, adding a flourish on top. He then lowered his mouth, and started to bob slowly up and down, his mind a fog of pleasure as he did so. David placed his hand on John's plate, slowly stroking his hair and pushing down, forcing him to pick up the pace and take more and more of his dick into his mouth.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw David motion to Eric, who came over and slowly lowered John's pants. Eric lowered his own, and was soon thrusting into John.
All John could feel was pure pleasure, both because it felt so good to have someone fucking him up the ass, but also because obeying made him feel good, and he would obey. Just then, David erupted into his mouth, and although John tried to swallow all of it, quite a bit leaked out of his mouth. Almost simultaneously, Eric came in his ass, moaning.
David pulled his cock out of John's mouth, and was eagerly awaiting the next weekend's get-together.


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