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Evil is close! About slavery.

by EMG

Evil is close! About slavery.

Rose woke up!

She felt afraid, in her dream a man told her to do naughty things and she finds herself doing..

All the things she never would have done! Rose got up washed her face and stared at the mirror! ”Who´s is she” was the thought that came in her head. She started to cry as she realized that it was not a dream she, was becoming the man’s slave and could not do anything about it. She planned then that she would escape. The man now being her Master would make her a total mess! What is she doing? She finds out that there is a hypnotherapist that in the same building...

Perhaps he could help her? She went there and got on the spot a session. He told her that she should relax... deep... and when under he figured out exactly what she have been doing and He then woke her up. She asked if he could figure out something and he told her”Kneel Slave" First She would not believe the words then she couldn´t help it her body and mind didn’t listen to her any more. She kneeled.

Master because He was Her Master told her that He was Very angry and she should never have chance to escape. So he told her to strip her clothes on the spot...

She had to obey Him! Crying pleading she did as told... Master was just smiling a very big smile. She then felt His hand pulling her hair and she screamed for mercy! No!
He told her she haven’t obeyed and have to take His punishment/ for him pleasure! She was forced to open her mouth and get fucked in it By Master while He told her that She has to understand her place and that being His slave , He has given her a big privilege! When she started to gag He pushed His cock harder and she could not get air.

Tears flowing from her face He then gave her air for a sec then he fucked her harder and harder until Him Cuming in her throat. She was gagging and tried to not swallow when He took one nipple in His hand and gave her so much pain, she could not
Stand it and swallowed all. She had to clean His cock to.. After that He got His keys and opened a secret door. She had to follow. She had no choice and she was bound behind her back and got a neck-collar stating Slave flower.
From now on she would always be at her Masters feet. He has won yet another lovely Slave for His enjoyment.

The End!


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