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The ring chapter one

by jeff8788390

The ring chapter one

I had first seen "The Ring" when reading an article about the movie "Dracula's Daughter" at the College Student Center and decided I wanted to see the movie the first chance I could. Within a few months it was on late-nite TV so my girlfriend Noelle and I watched it at her house. When the Countess entranced the young nobleman, showing nothing but her eyes and "The Ring", Noelle said 'My mom has a ring just like that!' I asked her if she could borrow it and hypnotize me with it. She just gave me a funny look and we dropped the subject.

A couple of days later I was over at Noelle's house but he mom said she was 'out' but to come in, she had something to show me. As gorgeous as Noelle was, her mother was still quite a knock-out for an 'older' woman, and it was quite obvious where Noelle got he looks from. I sat down in the living room and she returned shortly with her hands behind her back.

She stood in front of me and said, "I understand you wanted to see this" holding "The Ring" up next to her beautiful, deep, compelling blue eyes. "That's it ... just look at the ring and relax ... relax and go into deep hypnosis for me! You cannot look away from the Ring! You gaze is glued to the ring! Listen to my voice and keep looking at the ring as you relax and go into deep hypnosis for me. Your eyes are becoming heavier and heavier but you cannot look away from the ring ... eyes growing heavier and heavier... heavier and heavier." The ring was now moving slowly back and forth in front of those gorgeous blue eyes.

"As you continue to stare at the ring, you will find that you are becoming very relaxed ... you feel the relaxation, going deeper and deeper... the top of your head is growing more and more relaxed ... your face ...your neck ... going deeperand deeper, deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed ... your shoulders are becoming more and more relaxed, heavier and heavier ... eyes becoming heavier and heavier as you struggle to keep the open ... more and more relaxed, deeper, deeper, deeper ... your back is becoming more and more relaxed ... your thighs are getting heavier and heavier, more and more relaxed ... eyes growing heavier and heavier ... your calves are becoming heavier and heavier, more and more relaxed .... deeper ... deeper ... deeper ... your feet are heavy and relaxed ... your upper arms are heavy and relaxed ... your lower arms are heavy and relaxed.

"Your entire body is know very pleasantly heavy and relaxed; very, very heavy; very, very relaxed. Completely relaxed and it feels so go good. At the count of three your eyes will close and you will relax and go into deep hypnosis for me! One, heavier and heavier. Two, more and more relaxed. Three! Deep Sleep! Deep Sleep!" I couldn't have kept my eyes open if I'd wanted to. I was very aware of her stroking and caressing my head, face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest and legs as she relaxed me even more and told me over and over again how much I enjoyed going into deep hypnosis just for her.

She counted backwards from three to one and brought me out of the wonderful trance she had induced. I really didn't want to wake up but I had to obey that wonderful, compelling voice. I couldn't believe my eyes when I did open them. She had changed from her usual house dress into a tight black leather mini-skirt, black lace bustier, and black leather pumps with 6" heels. Huge dangly earings glittered from her ears. Her jet black hair, normally in a severe bun, now cascaded over her left shoulder to her waiste. "Like it?" she asked. All I could do was to stare at her and nod.

"I want you to do something for me." She held "The Ring" in front of my eyes and said "Relax and go into Deep Hypnosis for me"


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