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A Kind of Magic

by blahblahkitty

A Kind of Magic

I had a problem and his name was Mark Thornton. Mark Thornton was the caption of the collage football team and a real bastard. Not that Jenny the head Cheerleader and woman of my dreams could see it. It really sickened me to see them walking arm in arm together through the campus. She should be with me I screamed in side my head as I watched them from the shadows and wished once again that I wasn't just a normal human.
I know that sounds strange but to understand what I mean you have to know about my family. You see twenty years ago the man who was to become my father had just finished collage and decided like many others his age to travel around Europe for a year before getting a job. On his travels he met my mother the woman of his dreams and they fell madly in love and in a normal world that would have been the end of the story. But their love story had a twist for my mother was not an ordinary woman she was a witch! Not one of these new age pale face vegetarian witches that wear black gloves and dance naked round old stones at full moon because they want to fine there inner self. No my mother was the real kind. The kind with magical powers!
When her family discovered that one of their kinds had fallen in love with a mere human they were angry and forbid her to be with him even going so far as to put a spell on my father to make him forget her! But my parent's love was stronger than any magic and before long they found each other again. It became clear to my mother's family that they could never stop their love so they gave my mother a choice. Give up Her powers and become a normal woman or give up my father! As I am here now her choice was of course my father. And so they returned to America and began their normal life and in time a family.
A year after their marriage twin boys were born! My brother and I and everyone was happy if a little apprehensive. The reason being that real magic is in the genes and mother and father were unsure what would come out! Over the years it became clear that I was just a normal young boy but the same could not be said for my Brother Gerry by the time he was two he was showing signs of magical powers like making toys fly across the room and dance for him. Mum and Dad tried there best to teach him not to use these powers in front of people. And Gerry for the most part did as he was told!
Were we all hit a problem was with sibling rivalry. Being twins we were very comparative with each other and for the affections of our parents. And to tell the truth Gerry kind of scared them. My father had grown up in a world were magic was card tricks or some guy on TV making the statue of liberty disappeared with illusion not real and as for Mum well she knew only to well what his powers could one day do if they got out of hand. But they tried there best not to play favorites but it was hard. So most of the time I would end up with Dad as Mum spent time with Gerry trying to teach him to control his powers sensibly.
Gerry resented the time I spent with dad while he was stuck with Mum learning how not to do the tings that came naturally to him! So the tension between us grew and like most Brothers we fought. Due to the fact that I had to lift run and walk normally and Gerry used magic to make everything lighter around him I was the stronger of the two of us so when we fought I would be winning until Gerry would get angry and use his powers. Normally that would end in nothing but a few bruises and a grunted sorry from my Brother when Mum or Dad found out.
But one-day things got out of hand. Gerry had just got back from school with a bloody nose and the start of a shiner and pissed off with the world. It seamed that some of the bullies in school had knocked him around because he was so thin and weak looking and because of his promise to mum not to use magic in public he had taken it. I had made the mistake of telling him that if he used magic less he wouldn't be so weak and of course that had started yet another fight things had gotten a little out of hand and I had accidentally punched him in balls by mistake and Gerry had total lost it and let lose with all his power causing a mine Tornado in our room totally wrecking it and sending me through our bedroom door and breaking my arm in the process. Mum and Dad were so upset and scared that even do her family had disowned her Mum called Grandma for help.
Grandma was a witch of the old school and very powerful in the ways of magic so even before Mum had even gotten off the long distance call to Europe the old woman was standing in the center of the living room! There had been no flash of light no smoke or sound effects one moment there had been just shadows and then she was there! Mum explained what had happened and Grandma had listened. Mum had wanted Grandma to take away Gerry's powers but she refused! She said that it was his birthright and she would not do it! But she would cast a spell preventing him using his powers on the family ever again. And so with a wave of her hand a protection spell was cast on us! I looked at my Mum and Gerry and back to were my Grandma had being standing but she was gone. After that life returned to normal Gerry and I still fought over everything and without his powers to help him I always won. So as you can imagine our relationship became strained after that.
All do Gerry could no longer use his powers to get what he wanted at home he could still used his magic on others. After Grandma's visit he ended up spending less and less time at home staying out for nights on end with out a word. Not that it seamed to effect his school work as he was still top of every class in school and even jumped ahead three years if my guess is right thanks to Magic so now even do we are twins and I'm still two years away from graduating Gerry has left collage.
Then about a year ago Gerry had told the family he was moving out to his own place! Saying he needed his own space but we were twins and therefore very close so I knew the truth. You see Gerry was Gay and his magic allowed him to have any Guy he wanted. But he knew that if Mum found out he was using his powers to make sex slaves she would be back on the phone to Grandma before he knew what hit him. But that would not be a problem if he had his own little love nest. I think secretly we were all as happy to see him go, even Mum and Dad.
Gerry left all his stuff behind saying it was crap he didn't need it anymore and walked penniless out of the family home but soon he was using his magic to play the stock market. In less than a year he was very rich indeed. All do to our families relief he was always very careful never to do anything to flashy or outrages and start people becoming to curious of his sudden good fortune,
Gerry had all ways jokes that if it were not for Grandma he could make me smarter and richer! But I always told him that using magic was like cheating and even if I could I would never wanted to make my way in life with the help of magic! And that had always been true until now at least. Looking at Mark and Jenny together I started to wish I had been born with the power instead of Gerry. This thought plagued me for over a mount but since as I said I was born normal it would have ended as just a wish if it were not for the fact that I bumped into Gerry one day in the local mall. by that time we weren't the best of friends but we were still family so when he invited me for a coffee I decided to mend some fences and except!
As I said being twins it was almost impossible for us to hide our feelings from each other so right away Gerry knew there was something wrong with me. As we talked my feelings ran away with me and I told him about Jenny and Mark and how for once I wished I were him. Gerry laughed and pointed out that if I were him Jenny would definitely not be a problem! I laugh too as I realized what I had said! Then Gerry had become all silent and I wondered what he was thinking as I watched him smile. "You want I should use some magic on them Frank! May be send Mark away somewhere?" he asked with an evil grin and to be honest for a moment I thought about it before shaking my head.
"I needed to do this my self" I told him and Gerry went silent again for a moment and then Smiled as he quietly said, "what if you did do it your self with magic? Would you do it then?" now it was my turn to laugh, " come off it Gerry I cant even manage card tricks" I laughed and Gerry smiled "But What if there were a way?" he asked in hush tones " what a way I could do real Magic?" I asked still smiling but intrigued. Gerry explained that he had research All forms of magic over the years and that there might be a way to lone me some of his power. I had laughed. but refused and Gerry had dropped the subject but the thought had stuck and come back to me the next time I seen Jenny and Mark. So now a week later I was standing in a lift heading up to Gerry's Penthouse.
I wasn't sure what I was going there for really. I tried to tell my self I just wanted to talk to Gerry about what he had suggested. But the thought of having the power to control Mark and make him go away was strong in my mind as the elevator doors opened. As I walked down the hallway to Gerry's apartment the door opened and out stepped coach O'Rourke the collage football Coach with a glassy look on his face and behind him stood Gerry wearing only a robe and a smile. I was shocked and a little embarrass but the coach just walked by me as if I were not there. I said nothing till Gerry invited me in and closed the door. " Wasn't that coach O'Rourke? But isn't he marred with Kids? I never would have guessed he was ...you know... Gay!" I blurted out. Gerry just laughed, "Neither would he Frank till he met me! And besides he's not Gay! He's just accommodating! If you get my meaning" I was shocked at what Gerry had just admitted. " You mean you used your magic to make him...you know ...do stuff?" I blurted out Gerry smiled at me as if I was an idiot child. " What's the harm Frank its not as if he is going to get pregnant or even remember being here. All do he may have a sore ass he cant explain for a day or two" Gerry laughed.
I was still standing there shocked as Gerry handed me a glass of wine and sipped as his own. " But if he is not gay then that means you could turn any man into your sex Slave!" I mumbled half to myself. Gerry smiled again " not every man Frank not every man your ass at least is safe from me! Thanks to Grandma's spell" I heard him say and was shocked for a moment till I seen Gerry's Grin. " Hey man that's not funny," I said as I watched him walk across the room " maybe not but its true Frank! So I take it that by your being here you reconsidered my offer!" he said plonking himself onto the couch.
It was almost a minuet before I could bring my self to answer as thoughts of what I had just witness with coach O'Rourke and what I could do if Gerry could in fact do what he had said. And give me the use of his power. "Yes I Have!" I said guilty for the admission. Gerry smiled again " "well Frank if you want it you got it" he said rubbing his hands together. "There is just one problem!" he said and my heart dropped "you mean you can't do as you promised?" I cried. Gerry reached out and patted me on the shoulder " don't worry Frank I can do it. Its just that thanks to Grandma's protection spell I cant give them to you directly I cant use magic on you remember?" he said shaking his head. " Then what?" I asked as he walked back across the room. "The only way I can make this work is by giving you something with some of my magic in it!" he said walking back to the center of the room. "Will that work?" I asked with hope in my voice. "Sure it's just a much harder spell to transfer living magic to a lifeless thing that's all. So it means we will have to decide what powers to put on what ever it is!" he said still smiling.
Gerry spent the next few minutes explaining that even do all things have small amounts of magic in them putting living magic into a lifeless thing was hard and that there was only so much you could put in and only a limited time it would stay there before evaporating out so it was important that before we began we had to decide what I kneaded this thing to do. I said I wanted it to make Jenny Love me but Gerry explained that that was imposable, as you could not use magic to make someone love you, as love was magic itself. All you could do is make someone want to be with you or need you or lust for you.
I wasn't sure I wanted Jenny as just a mindless sex Slave and told Gerry so. So then he suggested my using the power to change Mark and get him out of the picture and making Jenny forget about him. And I had to admit that that didn't sound too bad. So after twenty minuets we had decided what we needed. I had produced a pair of sunglasses that would be the object of his power and what the power it self would be was decided.
First the glasses would work only for me, second anyone I looked at while wearing them would fall in to a deep hypnotic trance open to and powerless to resist all suggestions given to them and feeling total submissive and obedient for as long as I was near them. And that all suggestions given would become in there minds the true and permanent unless they were told to forget them. If this worked I would make Jenny want to be with me and make Mark want to go far away! And then jenny and I could be happy I told my self as Gerry stood up.
Gerry walked to the mantle and returned with a candle in a holder and placed it on the floor in front of me before he pressed a button and the curtains began to close. I was a shocked when he let his robe fall to the floor and stood naked before me but not as shocked as when he told me I had to remove all my clothing as well and kneel on the floor the other side of the candle. I started to protest but Gerry explained that I had to be within the sphere of the spell to bond it to me and that we had to be naked so as to insure the magic went to the sunglasses and no other Lifeless thing in the magic sphere. What he said kind of made sense but I still was not happy about having to be naked. Gerry and I had been Naked in front of each other many times growing up. But that was before I knew he was gay. Being naked with him now knowing what he got up to here was unnerving and it must have showed. " What's wrong Frank shy? Or are you scared I'm going to rape you." He said reading my face "Come on Frank Remember I cant cast a spell on you ok and you know you could beat the crap out of me if I tried anything?" He said with a hurt look on his face and I realized how foolish I was being. When we were both naked and kneeling round the candle Gerry lit it and picked up the sunglasses and held them in his hands and began to Mumble.
The Mumbling went on for a long time and as it did all the light in the room seemed to be sucked into the candle that sat before me only to flare out again in blinding flashes almost an hour past before the Mumbling stopped and Gerry spoke "it is done!" he said as he stood up picking up the candle and returning it to the mantle I stood up to and felt the stiffness in my knees. Gerry held up the glasses and I walked over to retrieve them. " You know Frank if it weren't for Grandma's spell you knees would be fine and we wouldn't have had to do any of that" he said with a smile handing me the glasses. As I looked at them they seemed no different to me. " They seem just the same! Are you sure they will work?" I asked and Gerry laughed "go ahead try them on see if they feel different!" I looked at him for a second "don't worry Frank I put a protection spell on my self against them they cant harm me!" he laughed again. When I put them on they felt just the same and to tell the truth I was a little disappointed. But Gerry was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. "What's got you so happy?" I asked angrily feeling a fool standing there naked except for my sunglasses and suspecting that I was the butt of some joke as for revenge for all the times I had beaten him in fights growing up "Why don't you see for your self Frank" Gerry said still Grinning. Without thinking I turned and looked in the mirror.
As I looked at my reflection I began to feel a strange sensation of fear move slowly threw me as I watched the face before me go slack and the mouth open as the jaw dropped as my mind became sluggish making it hard to think and at my shoulder stood Gerry still grinning. As I felt his hand on my ass cheek I tried to speak but the words came hard and my lips fought my efforts but with what will I had left I whispered "but... ... you... cant ...the...protection.... spell! Why? " And the seven words drained my strength so much I felt lost
"That's it Bro. Just keep looking at the mirror and listen to me Gerry said as he let his hands explore my body running them across my chest ass and then my cock with the same smile. "As to the why Frank well you said it your self Bro. With my power I should be able to have any man I want! But there is one that till now was out of my reach! And that was you and guess what Bro the more I thought about that the more I wanted you bro. Forbidden fruit and all that! And what I want I always Get. And now I have you and I must say I like what I see! All those sports have really made you quite a catch! As to the how Bro! Well that is the best part! You are of course right to be surprised Frank after all The old Bitch made sure I can't use magic on you! with her old magic! But... here is the good part ... since I couldn't... I didn't. I just did as you asked and put the spell you wanted on your glasses and guess what? You did it to your self. That's right Frank you looked in the mirror and you... spelled...your... self!" Gerry laughed.
He was right! He had tricked me into looking in the mirror wearing the glasses and they had worked on me, and now I was falling into a deep hypnotic trance open to and powerless to resist all suggestions given to me by Gerry and feeling total submissive and obedient And knowing with fear that all suggestions given would become in my minds the true and permanent unless I was told to forget them. I wanted to scream I want to beat the shit out of him I wanted to run but I just stood gazing at my reflection as my free will slipped away "on you knees Bro" Gerry commanded and I found my self compiling.
Gerry moved to stand before me and even do I could hear his laughter I could see only his hardening cock before me." You Love my cock don't you Bro!" Gerry said from above me and even as I try to fight it I realized that it was true. I did Love Gerry's cock! " In fact You love it so much you want to suck it don't you Bro" he said with an evil laugh and even do I knew it was the spell working on me I couldn't stop my mouth watering at the thought of sucking my Brothers cock. " You want to suck it so bad it hurts Bro. Beg me to let you suck it Bro. Let me hear you beg" Gerry commanded and even as I fought I knew it was true I needed his cock in my mouth so bad it hurt. "Please Gerry... Please let me... suck your cock" I said as I cried " Slaves do not address the master by name now try again!" he laughed and as ashamed as I was my hunger for his cock was overwhelming what little free will I had left. "Please... Master... Please let me suck your cock" I cried again "Ok Bro you may suck my cock" I heard him say.
As my lips rapped around his shaft I was filled with revulsion at what I was doing but try as I might I could not stop my self from as he said wanting to suck his Cock with all the strength I had. And even as I did I prayed that I could somehow get away. There was still a chance I told my self as I felt his cock jump as he prepared to cum. If only I could get away. Get Mum to call Grandma to break the spell I thought as I felt him push his cock deeper into my mouth as he let go his load. Even as I tried to pull away I heard him say "you love the taste of my cum Bro you want to drink it all up and not spill a drop" and suddenly my taste buds exploded with the most beautiful sensation as I savored ever last drop. And Gerry laughed even harder.
By the time I has swallowed all of his seed I felt like all my strength was gone. And as I watched Gerry step back pulling his now limp cock from my lips I felt a small glimmer of hope inside. True thanks to the spell I still loved his cock and wanted to suck it and to drink his cum but at least I was still me inside! If I could only get out of this apartment and call home there was still a chance I thought with a sad smile. Gerry smiled too as he grabbed his cock in his hand and mumbled and again it began to grow but this time it was even larger than before. By the time it had stopped growing it was at least nine or ten inches long if not more and so wide that Gerry's fingers no longer went all the way around. "Stand up Bro and spread your legs" he commanded the Cheshire cat grin once more on his face and as I did as I was told I realized what was about to happed next and I swore to my self I would kill the bastard for this when I was free " now grab your ankles Bro" he said and was powerless to resist.
"You Bastard I will get you for this!" I screamed as I felt the head of his cock push against my asshole. " You're going to get me right now Frankie Boy" Gerry laughed even louder. After all this is what you came here for Bro. You want me to fuck you. You want my cock to stretch you to fill your ass. The feel of my cock in you ass is what you want more than anything else in the world. Even the thought of my cock fucking you makes you so horny that your own cock gets hard" Gerry said rubbing his cock head between my ass cheeks and I felt my mind change again as I began to feel horny at the thought of him fucking me. "So tell me Bro what do you want?" he asked. I couldn't help my self. I was so turned on by the thought of his cock in my ass that my own cock was rock hard! "I want you to fuck my ass," I said feeling humiliated by my words but needing his cock so bad. "Are you sure you want my cock to fuck your cute virgin ass?" he said playing with me. I was crying with need and hating myself for feeling that way" yes" please... I want it so bad... please fuck my cute virgin ass " I begged tears rolling down my cheeks.
Time seemed to stand still! And for a moment I thought he wasn't going to do it! That he was going to end the madness. that he was going to let me free. And the thought gave me hope and sadness at the same time. For as much as my mind wanted to get away from Gerry and his sick plan and find help. my body thanks to the fucking spell now screamed it's craving to have his cock inside me. And I cursed my self for letting him trick me like this. For letting my Lust for Jennie leave me no more than my Brothers Fuck toy. And threw it all I could hear his laughter making me feel even smaller and beaten.
And then I felt him grab my hips as he push forward and I felt the pain as his cock began to spread and fill my tight ass but even as the pain grew stronger with every inch so did the desire for more and in my heart I felt lost.
Each thrust became harder faster and deeper and with each one I felt the shame of being used by him even as my own Cock begged for release till with the final thrust I felt Gerry cum inside of me as he said the word I had feared the most "you are so happy that you are nothing but my cock hungry slave now Bro! That's all you have ever wanted to be. Just your Brother's mindless, submissive and obedient little Fuck Slave." and with those word I felt so happy as the last of what I once was drift away. As his words became my truth and my body became his toy.
That night after my brother my Master had used again and again he had sent me to what had once been my home one last time with a message for mum and dad! And as I left he smiled and handed me the glasses that would make them his!


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