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Meow - A Catgirl Transformation, Part 1

by herpderp1231

Meow - A Catgirl Transformation, Part 1

I logged into Warp My Mind, glancing over my shoulder to make sure my door was closed, as usual. The last thing I needed was for anyone to find out about this site, much less that I go to it...

I shook my head and clicked on "files," forcing myself past my shame and embarrassment. I'd done this only a few times before, and it was still hard to get myself to acknowledge that I enjoyed this shit. I scrolled down and went to the fourth or fifth page for no apparent reason - I was just browsing for something that would tickle my ever-nervous fancy.

When I realized I was in the C's, my mouse instinctively went to the "last page" button - I was never a fan of the curse files, as enticing as they were, and I knew I'd have to keep myself away from them or else I might end up growing some double-d sized breasts or something.

Now, I'm glad I didn't click away from that page. Instead, I looked at the first file on the list:


It was written by EMG, as usual, but what was NOT so usual about it was the fact that its description was left blank, and the title was rather bland, in direct contrast to EMG's usual style. Instantly my mind fired to the first image I had in my head of a catgirl, and I felt myself getting a little bit horny.

I clicked on the file, downloaded it, plugged in my earphones, and started to listen.

"This is a curse file," EMG said though my speakers. I froze. Shit! I didn't want to listen to a curse file, even if it was specific to my fetish... His voice continued: "Basically, this file curses you to become a Catgirl. Since this kind of physical transformation is very difficult, the file focuses on transforming your personality into that of a Catgirl, as well as feminizing and feliine-izing your body. It'll be a long, hard transformation, but hey, maybe it's possible. Anyway...

What you need to do right now is get yourself into a nice, comfortable place."

I found myself getting up and lying down on my bed. All thoughts of resistance immediately disappeared. A talent and a curse of mine is being able to fall deep into trance practically on command, and the last thing I remember consciously thinking was "Oh, shit..."

In a few minutes, I woke up. I glanced over at my computer screen and saw that the file was nearly done. EMG's voice dissipated after his usual goodbye - "and I hope you enjoyed." Then the file was over.

I lay there for a while. My heart was racing, and my breathing was heavy. Whatever file that was, it was a doozy, I thought to myself. I felt a tingling all over my body, and I could feel energy traveling through my veins. I felt wired and ready to do anything. I could've conquered the world if I wanted to!

I made a move to get up and out of bed, then the tingling - all of it - suddenly focused on my nipples.

I looked down at them. The tingling was so tangible; they felt like they had just fallen asleep and were getting pins and needles. I reached up and touched them with the tips of my fingers, and waves of pleasure suddenly shot through my body. I moaned a bit, moving my hands away. It was too much.

I felt something growing under them, a pressure building up under my tingling, pleasureful nipples. I reached up and touched them again, in instinct, to figure out what the pressure was, and again the pleasure shot through my body through my swelling nipples. Instead of moving my hands away, I started to massage my nipples and chest, sending tendrils of lightning throughout my body. I moaned, a little louder this time. I kept rubbing my chest like this, completely oblivious to everything except my pleasure, for what seemed to be an eternity. When the extreme pleasure stopped, my body went limp and I gasped for air. I looked at the clock. It was only five minutes, but felt like hours.

I reached my hands up to my nipples to tweak them again and instead of finding them lying flat on my chest, I hit something soft and bouncy. My eyes widened and I looked down again.

I had huge, voluptuous breasts.

To be continued...


Re: Meow - A Catgirl Transformation, Part 1 - darkenedav

love it! Write moar! :D

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