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Mistress Senna's Potion

by Senna

Mistress Senna's Potion

This story is totally fiction but it should give the guys some big erections. The story began with a pervy teenage boy who was 14 years old and his mom needed someone to babysit him. Luckily Mistress Senna live right next door and agreed to be his babysitter. The mom left him with Mistress Senna for the first time. I told him there was a pink bottle of juice in the fridge that he should not drink it but he was reading porn and not paying attention so I went upstairs to take a bath. When he got hungry he went to the fridge and saw the weird pink juice and without thinking he swallowed every drop of it. He suddenly felt weird as his boobs instantly began to grow very large, his hair became longer and smoother, the hip got wider, the butt became bigger, and he was almost completely female. The boy started to worry and looked very freaked out. I walked downstairs and looked at him and said "Oh you found my potion. Don't worry the effects will never go away and besides you look better that way," he freaked out and ran into the bathroom. Finally he took off his clothes and noticed his penis was as small as a newborns penis then he started feeling a tugging feeling in his penis. Suddenly his penis was sucked into his body and a vagina was formed. When the mom arrived she was very happy about what happened to her pervy son and she thought it would be nice to have a daughter :)

Well that is the end of my story. If enough people like it then I will continue the story.


Re: Mistress Senna's Potion - Senna

Since everyone seemed to like this one I will continue this story. The next part will be called "Female Training," and it should be as good the first story but the story after female training should be the best one ever!

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