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Perfect Couples 1/3

by Briar

Perfect Couples 1/3

Suzette quickened her step to reach the restaurant door before Alice, her 5-inch stilettos clicking against the pavement. She reached for the handle and held it open long enough to let Alice pass through before she resumed her appropriate position a step-and-a-half behind. Together, they walked toward the hostess.
“Um, hello there...”
“Hello. We'd like a table please.” Suzette stated, stepping forward again.
The hostess looked at the two women, then around the room behind her before replying, “Okay, um, right this way.” She reached for the menus beside her podium before being stopped by Suzette. “Only one, thank you.”
The two women were guided to a table in small room off of the main floor, where Alice took her seat at the offered table, smoothing any wrinkles from her sleek, ankle-length black dress as she did. Alice casually looked through her menu, Suzette standing just behind her, ignoring the second chair across the small table. A young man quickly appeared, though he paused momentarily as he saw the two women.
“Oh. Um. Good evening, I'm Max, I'll be your server this evening. Can I, um, start you off with anything to drink?”
To the man's surprise, it was Suzette who spoke, looking quickly over Alice's shoulder as she pointed to a quick series of items on her menu. “Yes, thank you. She'd like a glass of the Chardonnay to start, along with the white fish appetizer, followed by a glass of the Pinot Grigio with the fettuccine as the main.”
“Ah, yes ma'am” the man said, reaching quickly for his pad, “And for you?”
“Nothing, thank you.”
“Alright. I'll be right out with your wine.” The man could think of nothing to do but leave the company of these two beautiful women as quickly as possible, but as hard as he tried, he found himself hard pressed to shift his attention from Suzette's pale face. Her dark, shadowed eyes, framed by long, black lashes, her deep red lips...
“No need. My mistress prefers that I serve her meals. If you would simply press this button,” Suzette said, handing him a small disc with a button at its center, “as the courses are finished, I'll take the plates just inside the kitchen. When they finish, I'll remove the plates to the kitchen where you can do with them what you see fit.”
“Um, I don't think that would be allowed.”
“There's a more-than-fair tip associated with your assistance, I assure you.”
“Still, I really don't think--”
Suzette stepped forward, removing a crisp $50 bill from the apron she wore over her own black dress. “More than fair.” she said, bending over slightly at the waist to hand Max the bill, teasing him with a nearly-revealing glimpse of her chest, a lock of her long blonde hair falling casually into her face.
Max hesitantly accepted the money, looking at it for a moment before agreeing. “Would you like to get the wine now, then?”
“No, my mistress will take it with the fish once it is ready.”
“Okay then.” Max muttered before awkwardly taking his leave of the small room, with a clear mixture of relief, confusion and arousal.
“Well handled, Suzette.” said Alice, smiling quietly.
“Thank you, mistress.” Suzette replied.

Kaitlin laid back in her bed, looking toward the ceiling, trying to make out the miniscule patterns in the paint. Carl, her boyfriend, lay beside her.
“You doing alright, Kay?”
“Yeah, of course, why do you ask?”
“I dunnow, you just seemed so, I don't know. Out of it.”
“Sorry, I've got something on my mind.”
“Same thing that's been bugging you for the last few weeks, or something new?”
Uh oh. She had been using that one a lot lately, hadn't she? She wished she were a bit more creative. “It's nothing, just work stuff.”
“Is it the room?”
“Is it the room? I know it's small. If that's killing the mood for you, we can find someplace else.”
Kaitlin and Carl lived in a good-sized apartment downtown, but chose to sleep in a tiny room that had begun its life as a walk-in closet barely big enough to fit the bed. Kaitlin worked most nights, and Carl, wanting to maximize their time together, had found a job working IT at a company with enough international offices that their headquarters had as many occupants in need of technical assistance at 2:00 in the morning as 2:00 in the afternoon. With a little shifting, he had managed to align their schedules almost perfectly, the only problem was that no matter what they tried, the couple couldn't stop sunlight from creeping into their apartment's only bedroom during their off hours. At a loss for any other course of action, the two had relocated their bed to the only non-bathroom in the house without windows, hence the closet.
“No, it's not the room, it's just work, really.”
There was a pause.
“Is it me?”
“Oh, Carlos, no, you know it's not you.” Kaitlin said, turning toward him. “I don't know, I just don't get excited like I used to. It's still good,” she added, hastily, seeing the look in her boyfriend's eyes, “I'm just, I don't know, I guess I'm just too used to sex with you.”
“Not exactly sure how that's not my fault, sweetie.” Carl said, questioningly. “That's like saying 'It's not you, it's me for not liking you.'”
“No, Carlos, that's not what I said.”
“Pretty close.”
“I don't know. Is there anything else we could try? Something different, just to, I don't know, spice things up a little? God, listen to me... I sound like one of those radio ads.”
Carl hesitated for a second. “Well, if we want to mix things up, you could always give me a blo--”
“Something else, Carl.”
Carlos laughed a little. “I know, I know, I'm just kidding.” Doesn't hurt to try, he added to himself, though he took it back after a second of thought. He hadn't always known to follow up those refusals with a laugh, and that had certainly hurt... Kaitlin wasn't exactly the most experimental person sexually speaking. It wasn't a deal breaker for Carl, but he had always been interested in the slightly more risque aspects of sex, and had hoped that Kate might warm up to trying something new eventually. What if that was the problem though? What if she wasn't looking for something new, but might be interested in doing something she already knew, just in a different way? It would definitely be a change, and maybe, just maybe, it would show her that less traditional sex was something worth exploring.
There was another pause, while Carl considered the idea. Kaitlin started to worry, but before long a smile crept across his face. Kaitlin couldn't see it, but she knew that smile. It was the smile that had assured her she had made the right decision when he had unbuttoned her shirt after she agreed to step upstairs for “coffee” after their second date. It was the smile that had preceded some of the best nights of her life, and certainly never a bad one.
“How would you feel about role play?”

Will be continued


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