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48 Hours or 1 Night In Diapers

by Smudly

48 Hours or 1 Night In Diapers

I used a hypnosis file that would force me to wear a diaper every night for the rest of my life, or it would cause me to be bladder incontinent for 48 hours. I enjoy diapers, and it has been fun being forced to wear a diaper to bed. I didn't wear a diaper to bed on purpose to experience incontinence. It was the best 48 hours of my life. I was uncontrollably wetting my diaper all day and night.
A few weeks later, I met my girlfriend, Carissa. We had a lot in common, and hit it off right away. A month later she moved into my place. The thought of my little "diaper problem" didn't hit me until the first night. She climbed into bed and beckoned for me. I didn't know what to do, so I just went and laid next to her. What a dilemma I am in now. I can either try and sneak a diaper on and hope the loud crinkling doesn't give it away, or piss my pants for the next couple days. I laid next to her, hoping she would fall asleep." She is still awake", I thought. "It's been thirty minutes". I began to get tired myself. I snuggled up close to her and kept waiting. .. Waiting ... Until .. I dozed off into a nice deep sleep. I didn't realize what was about to come in the morning. I was woken up by Carissa.
"Hey hun, did you wet the bed?"
I looked at her puzzled, then I remembered I was waiting for her to sleep. Oh no, I must have fallen asleep.
"Oh, uh. Yeah I guess I did. That's weird. I never do that." I said trying to make it sound like this never happens.
"Alright, if it does, we're gonna need to get you some protection so the bed doesn't get ruined." I blushed at her comment, knowing full well I was going to be incontinent for the next couple days.
After showering, I quickly got a diaper on, and some baggy pants. I went in to make some breakfast with her. I went to work, with a diaper in my brief case.
That night after dinner, it was time for bed. Here I go again. I had already changed into a dry diaper without letting Carissa find out. I decided it would be best if I snuck into bed first. So I undressed myself leaving my diaper exposed, and got under the covers. She came to bed, and pulled her side of the covers up. She lifted the sheets so high it almost showed my diaper. After climbing in bed, I knew I was safe .. for now. I closed my eyes and went to sleep.
"Hey, I smell pee. Did you wet again" is what I heard as I felt my covers being lifted off me.
I quickly awoke and grabbed the covers from her, but it was too late. She had seen what was underneath.
"Why are you wearing a diaper, hun?"
"Umm ... well, Yeah I'm a bedwetter."
"Oh it's alright, you should have told me sooner. I'll go to the store to get you some more diapers, I'll bet you're short."
She diapered me that night. It was kinda hott. The next morning I was wet.
The next night I was no longer incontinent, but I had her diaper me because she thought I would wet the bed. She woke me up, and said, "Hey you didn't wet the bed. Great job!"
This went on for a week. I was in a dry diaper all 7 mornings.
"Great, I think we cured your bedwetting."
That night, she had me wear my boxers and said good night.
The next morning I was woken up and found that I was in wet boxers.
"Oh shoot, I already threw away your extra diapers, too. I'll buy you more before coming home from work."
'No more diapers?’ I thought .. ‘ I'm incontinent for 2 days, without diapers ...'
I got dressed in my boxers, anxious to get some diapers at the store. I headed for the front door, but was stopped.
"Breakfast, hun".
She led me to the table. I sat and ate as fast as I could. When I stood up, I felt something wet.
I looked at Carissa, and she looked at my pants. Then I did. A wet spot was forming.
"I thought you were only a bed wetter.", she said.
"I am."
"Well, then obviously you are doing this because you want to wear a diaper".
"You're crazy. Why would I want to wear a diaper?"
"It's alright, when you get home from work there will be some new rules".

On the way to work, I got some diapers at the store, and put one on. Throughout the day I had no idea what she had in store for me. I got home, wearing my diaper under my pants. I was greeted by Carissa. She told me to follow her. She led me to our spare bedroom. It looked like a nursury. There was a big crib, changing table, etc.
"Lay on the table", she said.
She unzipped my pants, and pulled them down. I was so embarrased to have her see me wearing a diaper during the day.
"And you said you didn't want to wear diapers. From the looks of your wet one, I think you do.", she said.
"No, Carissa.. Really. I don't."
"Well, I have something to ensure you stay in your new underwear young man." she scolded.
She powdered, and put a diaper on me. I went to stand up, but was interrupted.
"-Where do you think you're going? Lay back down."
She grabbed another item, and slid it up my legs.
"Lay on your stomach"
I did. They were plastic panties. The elastic tightened, and I heard a click.
"Stand up."
I looked at my new underwear.
"Now you're locked in your diaper until I let you out. This is what you wanted though, isn't it? The bathroom is off limits. You will use your diaper for your poopoo and peepee. If you disobey, you will be spanked."
I started pulling at the plastic pants trying to slide them off.
"I won't be locked in diapers, Carissa".
She pushed me face first onto the table, holding my head in place and grabbed a paddle. She whacked my butt so hard for 2 minutes. I was balling.
"Say you love your diapers. Say it!"
"I ... I- I love my diapers!!"
"Good. Because you'll get them from now on".
She placed a pacifier in my mouth.
"Suck on this."
I immediately did from fear I would be spanked again.
A couple hours later, while sucking on my pacifier, I had to pee really bad.
I hesitantly asked, "Ca- ... Can I use the bathroom Carissa?"
"Of course you can.", she said.
Surprised, I stood up and headed towards it.
"Where are you going?"
"To the bathroom".
"Oh .. sweety. I meant, you can go peepee in your diaper".
Disappointed, I stood there and let loose into my diaper.
"Good boy". she said.
She came over and started to jack me off. It felt SO good!
That night when it was time for bed, she locked me inside the crib and gave me a bottle of milk. The next morning I discovered it had a major laxative in it, because I was in a messy diaper.
The next few weeks this is how it went. In the morning I was given a bottle of milk with a laxative inside along with oatmeal. For lunch I had a Laxative bottle of milk with some sort of mushy food. And dinner I would have the same thing. Everytime she changed my diaper, she would jack me off first to give me incentive to lose control in my diapers.
I was finding it impossible to ever hold in my poop. With all the laxatives and mushy food I was given it wasn't going to happen. After about 1 week I had an accident in my diaper. I just started to pee without even realizing it. And I couldn't stop. Everytime I wet after this point, I found it harder and harder to control. 1 Month has passed, and I am completely incontinent, suck on a pacifier and am forced to crawl around the house. She pays the bills, and even found a babysitter for me during the day.


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