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Xenophobia - Chapter 1

by OwlGold

Xenophobia - Chapter 1

Streaking through the darkness of night, the meteor headed for its
rendezvous with the Earth. It had traveled many light years before
being drawn by the gravitational forces of the sun. A few scientists on
Earth noticed it as it passed Saturn and, using the latest in computer
technology, they realized that it would be striking the Earth. Since
the meteorite wasn't very big to begin with, and most of it would burn
up in the atmosphere, they decided that it wouldn't cause any damage
unless it landed on someone or their property. They issued a statement
to the North Carolina Governor's office and released a news briefing to
let the press know where it would land. The estimate was somewhere
between the cities of Raleigh and Durham. Since most of the land
between these two cities is not very developed, except for the Research
Triangle Park, the press didn't give the story much coverage. In fact,
the newspapers in both Raleigh and Durham didn't even print the story.
The only coverage was by one of the local college papers.

Tim was eager to cover the story. He had started working for the
paper only two weeks earlier and felt that this was his big break.
Little did he know that the editors didn't expect him to actually find
where the meteorite would land. The editors considered this a snipe
hunt for the new boy. Every reporter had gone on a wild goose chase for
their first story and Tim would be no different. With the scientists
predicting that the meteorite would be about 6 inches long when it
landed, no one felt that it would be found. So, at 2:00 a.m., Tim
climbed into his 82 Toyota Celica and drove down I-40 towards the

Tim had overheard the editors laughing at him when he talked about
getting this story. He was determined to prove them wrong. "I'll show
them," he thought. "I've spent the last four days with my astronomy
professor and we came up with three landing spots. With the information
we got from the weather service and our calculations, I'm willing to bet
that it's going to land a spot #3. Of course, spot #3 was a 1/4 mile
wide circle. But that's pretty small compared with the amount of
distance the meteor had traveled." Pulling over on the side of the
highway, Tim gathered his camera and notepad, and climbed out of the
Toyota. Up the side of a hill the highway cut through, over the
wildlife fence, and into the woods he went. After walking a few hundred
yards, Tim felt he was within the 1/4 mile circle he needed to be in.
Now all he had to do was wait.

The meteor plummeted into the Earth's atmosphere and started to
shed its outer coatings of metals and methane ice. The heat of the
friction against the atmosphere melted the meteor, just as the scientist
predicted. It also awakened the sleeping being at the core. The
being's thoughts were disjointed at first, but as the heat made its way
to the core, the thoughts became more coherent. Safety .. Shelter ..
Food .. Survival.

Tim stared up at the sky waiting for the indications that the
meteorite was coming his way. Unfortunately, he was facing the wrong
direction. The explosion of the trees around him was his first
indication that he had picked the correct spot. His second indication
was the smell of burning pinestraw and the small fires blazing a trail
away from where he was standing. Tim realized that the meteorite had
missed him by only ten yards. His first reaction was to run down the
burned path the meteorite left, but he took the time out to put out one
or two fires it had started. "No need in attracting to much attention,"
he noted. After the small fires were out, Tim moved down the
meteorite's trail, putting out more flames, until he found the end.
There, within a small crater and amidst smoldering ashes, lay the
meteorite. It had split in two pieces and lay exposed for all to see.
Squatting down to get a better look, Tim reached behind him with his
right hand to bring his camera forward. During this motion, Tim's hand
brushed a wet spot on the ground. Tim looked at the back of his hand,
where the wet feeling was, but didn't see anything. He shrugged it off
as being condensation and returned to taking pictures of the meteorite
and the surrounding destruction its path made. Sitting down, Tim began
to write the story of what had happened when the meteorite landed.
"This will surely make my editors take notice of me." Once the
meteorite had cooled down enough to handle, Tim took his backpack and
scooped the meteorite pieces into it and headed back to his car.

Driving back to campus, random thoughts entered Tim's mind.
Feelings of safety and definite survival were the strongest, but hunger
fulfilled and confusion were also present. Tim also noticed that the
back of his right hand seemed to be a lighter color than the rest of his
arm. "Must have scraped some of the dead skin off and not noticed it,"
he thought. "Well, if it starts to hurt and doesn't heal, I'll see the
campus doctor." The remaining part of the drive home was uneventful.
Since it was 6:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning, Tim threw his backpack on
the floor and went straight to bed.

As Tim slept, the spot on his hand expanded. Slowly, it spread
over his right hand and then worked it's way up his arm. As the being
covered Tim, it burrowed microscopic tendons into Tim's body. Different
tendons were designed to link the being to specific parts of the host's
body. Some would open capillaries to provide the being with a food
source, while others attached to the nerves to pass sensations to the
host. During this process, the being released a sedative into Tim's
bloodstream to keep him asleep. After two hours, the being had covered
Tim's entire body, except for his head. Slowly, the being began to work
over the back of Tim's head. The being didn't cover the hairs on Tim's
head, but worked it's way between them and into the follicles and around
the roots of the hairs. Once the back and top of Tim's head was
covered, the being began to move up his neck, down his forehead, and
around the sides of his neck meeting at the nose. In a less than four
hours, the being had completely encased Tim. The beings tendons
continued to borrow themselves into Tim, making connections to his
brain. Once this was achieved, the being began to find out what this
host was like.

Tim awoke around 10:00 a.m. and felt like he was starving. He got
out of bed and put on a robe his ex-girlfriend had given him and then
walked to the kitchen. Tim opened the refrigerator and pulled out a
full carton of eggs and some butter. Pulling a pan out from a cabinet,
he placed it on the stove and turned the stove to medium heat. After
cracking six eggs in the pan, Tim decided that should be enough to
satisfy him. As the eggs fried, he toasted some bread. When everything
was finished, he placed it all on a plate and sat down at the dining
room table to eat. As he ate, he looked at this hand and noticed that
the spot had disappeared. Satisfied that it was nothing, Tim quickly
forgot about it. After eating all six eggs and finishing off four
pieces of toast, Tim finally felt full. He closed his eyes and relaxed.


Tim jumped up and looked around the room. He was sure he had
heard his name being called out, but no one was around. Since he lived
alone, Tim figured he was just hearing things. He went into the second
bedroom of his apartment and sat at his desk after turning his computer
on, and uploading his story to the student paper, he knew he needed his
daily Internet fix. After connecting with his local provider, he went
straight to the newsgroups. He wasn't in the mood to view the hundreds
of advertisements that appear in the regular alt.sex.stories newsgroup
so he decided to view the new story group that appeared just last week.
It was called alt.sex.stories.tg. Tim didn't know what tg meant, but he
figured that he could guess once he read a few stories. He opened the
group and found 24 new articles. He marked the ones that were stories
for downloading and then started the transfer. Knowing that his dinky
9600 baud modem would be awhile, he went into the bathroom and started
his shower. After he finished the shower, Tim returned to the computer,
not bothering to put his robe back on. Once he sat down, Tim checked
his mail and some other newsgroups and then logged off the net. He then
started his word processor and opened the first story he had downloaded.
The plot was fairly basic, with the protagonist being forced into
dressing up as a woman. The idea made Tim laugh and he wondered why the
guy didn't just leave. "Even if they had photos, I wouldn't let them
blackmail me," he thought. It seemed that all the stories were like
this until the last one. In this one, the main characters were a
married couple that were having problems with their lives. Each seemed
to take the other for granted. By some magical device, they were forced
to exchange bodies. Tim felt a little swelling in his dick at this
thought. The story went into details of the feelings each character
felt with the change. While he read about the first time the couple had
sex in their new bodies, his dick became it's solid 7 inches and he
began to rub it gently. The descriptions were so well written the Tim
could close his eyes and see the scene. Before Tim knew it, he was
spurting his load. He opened his eyes to find his dick and hands
perfectly clean.

"That's weird," he said out loud. "I didn't think it was possible
to orgasm and not cum. Well, it sure makes jacking off better."

The being, realizing that the sexual energies the host had just
shown were better than and food it could get though it tendons, had
absorbed the cum before it had even made it way out of Tim's dick. The
being then replayed the nerve firing that had caused this sensation.

Tim felt his dick get hard quicker than he had ever seen before in
his life. The pleasures he felt were as if someone was stroking his
dick again. Before he knew it, a breath taking orgasm shook his body.
Tim sat in confusion wondering how that had happened.

The being realized that he needed to absorb that type of energy to
survive now. Its normal method of food consumption would not compare to
this. After two tastings of the orgasm energies, the being figured that
it wouldn't need any more feeding for at least a week. The being
wondered what had brought the first orgasm on and began to probe Tim's
mind for the reason. It knew he was reading a story that he had never
read before and that the concepts behind it were what brought on the
orgasm. After studying the text of the stories, the being realized that
this planet had a difference between male and female beings and that the
orgasm of the female was stronger than the male's. It figured that a
woman's orgasm would feed it for at least a month. It needed to bond to
a female. Being bonded to Tim presented a problem. If he left Tim, Tim
would die and so would it. Tim's body would have no way of repairing
the damage the tendons had done before Tim's heart would expire. The
being, on the other hand, couldn't spend the four hours it needed to
bond to another human without expiring. It just couldn't get rid of
it's waste product without the host. Since the being was addicted to
the power of the orgasm, it would have to figure out how to achieve a
female level orgasm inside of Tim's body. It would look into this as it
worked at communications with Tim.

After the two orgasms, Tim got out of the chair and went over to
the spare bed. He couldn't get the story off his mind. He even came to
the conclusion that a woman's orgasm was over 8 times more powerful than
his. He closed his eyes and was soon asleep.


Re: Xenophobia - Chapter 1 - mary333

lots of potential. Maybe...

The being decides it must see a female to study it, to touch one to learn more when it would get the opportunity. In the mean time it would have to be content with more feedings from Tim's male orgasms.

The phone rang and woke Tim, he answers. It is his girl friend and she is coming over. The being thinks this is the perfect opportunity

Twenty minutes later Tim's girl friend Tina arrives. Tina is a ravishing beauty, she could easily be a centerfold bunny of the month, she was that hot.

The being sensed Tim's attraction to the female, even the emotional bond. It sensed Tim's body giving off pheromones and could detect female pheromones being given off by Tina. The being realized this was a chemical communication of mating of this species, what simple yet magnificent creatures he had found capable of producing such delectable energies to sustain it's life. This was the being's opportunity, it
increased Tim's pheromone level to intoxicating level effecting Tina.

Tina found herself becoming so horny, she pulled her skirt up and slid her panties down and dropped down her sexy legs to the floor, stepping out of them she then leaped at Tim, wrapping her arms and legs around him with such force he fell back on the bed. She began ripping Tim's pants off saying I missed you so much and I am so hot for you, take me now or lose me forever stud.

Tim was a little in shock and delighted never having seen Tina like this. Tina took the dominant top position
with her legs straddling Tim's body as her wet vagina slowly lowered taking in Tim's rock hard cock. The being in Tim is taking in and marveling at the energies being produced and through Tim's cock is feeling some the energies from Tina. Oh how delightful the being thought, I have never experienced anything so intoxicating as the energy it sensed from Tina. It thought I must poses one of these bodies but it would be morally wrong to leave Tim's body and take Tina's and leave Tim to die.

But that would not be necessary, this alien already knew it possessed the ability and answer to the problem. It sampled Tina's DNA and by it's very nature is able to produce something similar to a virus that would go through every cell of Tim's body and reprogram Tim's DNA to become Tina's and with the ability to alter the bodies bone structure size and shape.

But then what, the new female body it will have created will need a mate and these two already have a mental and emotional bond, a love for each other, it could note break them apart so it took Tim's DNA and encoded a virus type structure to enter Tina's body to reprogram all her cells to become Tim's.

All this was decided and started happening with in seconds of Tim and Tina making love, the being injected chemical into both Tim and Tina's bodies putting them into a blissful trance while they made love and were connected.

The being in Tim also used all the energy it could produced billions of virus like nano machines that began moving excess material from Tim's body to Tina's which will need the extra mass to become Tim.

This alien creature possessed all these capabilities as it's evolution in adapting to countless host creatures and needed these abilities to alter DNA of hosts to make them compatible and not reject the alien creature.

A day had passed, Tina and Tim had been locked together and the process of the bodies changing form and been completely switched was done. The creature released chemical trans and Tina and Tim slept off the powerful chemicals that had gone through their bodies a transformed them into each other

A few hours passed and Tim awoke feeling like he had a hangover. In a few seconds as his head cleared he realized something was different, he was laying next to his own naked body and he wasn't a he, he was a she naked in Tina's body.

Tim says to himself aloud what happened and he noticed his voice was female. He looked at his naked body and admired how hansom it was as it lay there breathing. He thought if I am in Tina's body she must be in mine.

Tim took his now very feminine hand and lightly shook Tina whispering in a soft feminine voice, are you OK, wake up something strange has happened.
Tim was still trying to take in the reality of what happened.

Tina awoke, her body now in the form of Tim's, she said, "what did we do last night, my head is pounding...", stopping for a moment realizing something was different,"why is my voice so deep?!"

Tina looking at her now male body in extreme puzzlement and looking at Tim in what looked like her body, saying, "what the hell happened to me."

Tim looked at Tina and said, "I don't know?"

The being in Tim's new female body was extremely drained and needed fed, it used what little energy it had left to increase Tim's now female pheromones to a intoxicating level and it started effecting Tina's male body.

Tina said, "you know I really had a hot body, let's try out each others bodies for a test spin, for some reason I am horny." as Tina felt her new cock swell and get hard.

The being in Tim's body urged Tim to agree, they made love in their new bodies for an hour. Tina took Tim in his new female body to multiple orgasm and heights he had never dreamed of.

The being in Tim's body was also feeling this new pleasure as they both let out loud moans of ecstasy.


Hope you like my take on this,.

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