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90 days of vacation.

by tgirljamie

90 days of vacation.

The Following is a true story only the names of the people involved and the places have been changed to protect their identity.
Meet Dick, your average everyday worker, going about his daily routine, working for globo-com. Dick doesn't know it but he is soon to have a life changing experience. Dick is a typical type guy, still single and too busy with work to relax. "Dick you’re needed in HR pronto" yells his boss across the room at him in a kind of disgruntled voice. "Sure thing." Dick replies. He figures its annual review time and he is just going in to sign some papers, and get told good job work harder kind of stuff. Dick enters the HR office room. To one side is a desk shoveled high with paper work. The rest of the room is well kept though and has a TV with a table for watching videos that hr requires from time too time. Dick "hello, any one here?" "Yes, yes come in." comes a voice from underneath the paper covered desk. As the most gorgeous girl comes out from under the desk. "Just had to plug in this new video player" said the girl. "Ah, yes I see" says Dick "so what did you need me for? and where is Jerry the normal HR Guy?
"Hi, I am Jerlyn, um your. New Hr person. I have been reviewing these files, and noticed that you have never taken a day off, not even a vacation, or sick day! I am worried for you all this work and no days off you have over 90days of vacation to take. And if you don't use them you will loose them, so starting immediately your going on a vacation! No ifs, ands, or buts. I realized that you’re not used to having time off so I have arranged for you to have a vacation completely paid for by the company as a special reward for your years of dedication. So for starters I want you to watch this video and sit down in this recliner. Get comfortable." "Ok" says Dick "I have been working hard and a vacation would be great. I can't believe that I have 90 days of vacation time." Dick slides into the recliner and relaxes, "ahh that feels good to kick my feet up" says Dick. "Well go ahead and really get comfortable and yes please take your shoes off and relax." says Jerlyn. "This video is a hypnosis video and it will help you too relax, and be able to enjoy your time off while you are gone. I am going to st5art this and it will take about an hour so I am going to go to lunch while you watch this video, OK?" "Yes, sure sounds great to me" Says Dick. Jerlyn starts the video, and then leaves the room. Dick is relaxed and watching video as she leaves. 1 hour later Jerlyn returns... Dick is relaxed in the recliner and the movie has just ended. "Looks like I have great timing" says Jerlyn as she enters the room. Dick is groggily rubbing his eyes. "Yes you do" says Dick. Here are your vacation plans, the airplane ticket, and hotel reservations, Jerlyn hands Dick his papers. Hey, this is great I have to say I would have never taken a vacation but you’re making it impossible for me not too go.
Dick realizes that he has no vacation clothes and that he needs to go shopping... "Hello MasterCard" says Dick and away he goes. Dick finds him self completely relaxed as he enters the mall. Dick enters his apartment burdened with all kinds of bags, showing the spoils of his shopping spree. He has never realized how much fun shopping can be. He drops his bags onto the couch and decides a nice long bath sounds good, he runs the water, and goes to his bags and digs out some bubble bath, lotions, and other bath accessories, along with a razor and some special shaving cream. Then rushes back to the tub. Ahh, the water is just right, and I feel so good, and relaxed, and yes, even a little sexy. Dick finds that he has an urge to shave, not just his face but his whole body, legs, feet, arms, chest, back, and more. It's such a wonderful feeling being smooth all over, and hot having that nasty man hair all over. He relaxes some more in the tub and feels so refreshed, and relaxed. As he gets out of the tub he feels strange as if a woman’s voice is in his head, telling him he needs to apply some lotion to his skin to keep it moisturized. He obeys, and slides lotion all over his body. This is the strangest day; Dick thinks to him self as he falls asleep. As Dick sleeps he dreams about life as a woman and how it's always so much better for women in this world they have all the power these days and how they always have the sexiest clothes and shoes. "Mwaa, Mwaa, Mwaa... Dick wakes up to his alarm clock. He notices that his suitcases are already packed; he figures that he must have done it in his sleep, and grabs them along with his papers. He rushes to the airport, to be greeted by the nicest hostess, named Jane. This name sticks with Dick for some reason and he doesn’t know why. He boards the plane after dropping his baggage with the hostess, and finds his seat and prepares for the flight. He arrives to his air port via hotel shuttle, and checks in with the receptionist who greets him. Can I have your paper work? Asks the recptionist Ahh, glad to have you with us, your in suit G, on the top floor. Your wake up call is at 9am ok? "Yes that sounds great!" says Dick. Oh because you’re a special guest what name do you wish to have? Asks the receptionist. With no thought at all Dick Blurs out Jane. Very well Jane, we will see you in the morning at 9am, feel free to relax, and get acquainted with your suit. "Thanks" says Dick/Jane and heads up to the room. I can't believe I choose Jane as a name to go by, why did I do that? Jane/Dick thinks. Entering the Suit Jane/Dick feels like someone that has hit the lottery. What a nice space... "Yes Jane says the bell hop as he brings in the luggage, and places it on the bed, would you like for me to unpack for you Jane? No, thanks, says Jane... and tries to hand the bell hop a tip... "No thank-you it's against company policy to take tips we are here to serve, you during your stay here, if you ever need any thing just ask for Miguel I will be glad to personally assist you with any needs or desires that you have. "Thank you Miguel I am sure to remember that for later. Says Dick. Miguel shuts the door and leaves. Jane/Dick grabs the chocolate mints off the pillow sits down in a wonderfully comfortable chair and relaxes, turns the TV on and a video about the resort pops on interested in learning about the resort Jane watches further, feeling relaxed, and hypnotized by the TV Dick soon finds that there is this urge to let loose and be happy, to be who he is inside, and to let the worries of the world go away.

Energized dick decides to unpack and get into the holiday mood, as the suit case opens, Dick hears a woman’s voice in his head saying let’s get into our swim suit and go swimming. Figuring that this is not a bad idea Jane/Dick grabs out what appears to be a one piece suit. Figuring that it’s some new fashion, just puts it on with no thought, and heads to the pool. After swimming in the pool, Jane feels hungry, and decides to slip into something nice. And opens up the suit case, too discover that there is a wonderful ladies evening gown inside. But this is not what Dick expected, where are his clothes? And this swim suit it must be a ladies suit. Oh, no... What am I going to do now? Trying to think Dick relaxes into a chair and soon finds he has the urge to wear women’s clothes and since no one said any thing earlier to him at the pool figures that he can make this work, besides no-one here knows him. Looking further into the luggage he sees that all of his clothes have been replaced with women’s clothes. He looks desperately for his old clothes but they are gone, house keeping took then since they where thrown in the trash can that he was using as a clothes hamper. Bad idea, now it’s time to be creative... Going to make the most of this vacation no matter what, I will not let this stop me. Feeling the desire to get out of the room and go and get some dinner Jane gets dressed, finding a matching pair of Victoria secret underwear, and panties to wear. “This is one secret Victoria better keep.” Thinks Dick/Jane... Wow these are really comfortable, and soft. I feel so sexy in them.
Keeping with the desires that are now entering his mind Dick decides to go all the way and dress completely as a woman for the whole time he is there. Slipping into some stockings and getting the dress on was some work, but Jane manages to do it except she needs a little help zipping up her dress, which can help me? Ahh Miguel... quickly with out thought Jane calls down for Miguel to come up too her room. Shortly after hanging up Miguel knocks on the door. Answering the door Jane asks “Miguel could you please help me I am trying to go out for dinner and I need Zipped up. Miguel smiles, “Yes miss Jane, and zips her dress up. “May I say Miss Jane that you are looking good, and that I would be happy to show you the sites, take you too dinner, and make shure you get back safely. I am a true gentle man, and this would be my honor” Says Miguel.

Well yes of course that would be good Miguel" replies Jane. "Umm, I don't have any make-up" says Jane. No problem we have a place down stairs in the lobby that you can go too, while I finish my shift and get dinner reservations, and of coarse it's on the house" says Miguel. "Wow that is great Miguel." says Jane “I just have to get my shoes and then we can go.” As they leave Jane feels completely relaxed and willing to listen to the woman within. As Jane enters the salon, Miguel smiles and says just relax they are wonderful here and you will look even more marvelous after they are done with you.

Welcome, I am Sally here to help you, so what can we do for you today? “Well, Sally I need some help, how about a make-over?” said Jane as she trembled with excitement. “You’re in luck because I specialize in complete makeovers, and I see you’re all dressed up, for something special?” asked Sally “Well it’s kind of my first date” says Jane “and I need help with my make-up and hair”. “OK, well just have a seat and let me work my magic” said Sally “plus I will show you every thing you need to know”.
1 hour later. “Ok, Jane are you ready to see the new you?” Asks Sally. “Yes, yes” answers Jane eagerly ready to see how she looks. “Wow, I can’t believe it you have made me look so gorgeous!” exclaims Jane “I can hardly recognize myself.” “That means I have done my job then” says Sally “Just remember every thing I taught you and you will do just fine”. "Oh, and I am going to send every thing I used on you plus some extras up to your suit for you" says Sally in a caring voice. “Thank you so much Sally I can’t tell you how much this means to me.” Said Jane as she is so happy she is almost brought to tears. “Now, now don’t cry you will ruin your make-up, go enjoy your date, Miguel is a wonder gentleman, and you can come back and see me when ever you need too.

Jane is so happy now that she has had a make-over, and is looking forward to going out to dinner too. She can’t believe how peaceful she feels and how her confidence has grown, feeling very comfortable. Miguel greets Jane in the lobby and escorts her into a private limo. Riding along Miguel is very engaging and the perfect host. He takes Jane out for a wonderful dinner, and then they take a moon light carriage ride through the town pointing out all the sights. Feeling a bit chilled Miguel offers Jane his coat and Jane happy accepts his offer. Arriving back at the hotel Jane notices that it’s connected to a hospital across the street. As an ambulance races by. “I have had a wonderful night” says Jane as she enters the lobby. “I enjoyed it too Miss Jane” says Miguel as he kisses her on the cheek and hold her hand looking deeply into her eyes. Jane awkwardly jerks back in surprise after being kissed. “I am sorry miss I did not mean to up set you” says Miguel as he holds her hand. “I will go now have a good night”.
Jane enters her suit and sees more chocolates on the bed, and eats them as she sits down and thinks through the events of the night. Amazingly enough Jane finds that she has feeling for Miguel but is not shure that she wants to get into the whole sorry I am a dude conversation. Jane takes off her dress and slips into a night gown that came from her suit case. It fits really well, as she slips underneath the covers in the bed. Jane feels very relaxed, and falls fast asleep.
Dreaming all night of the kiss Miguel gave her making her feel as a complete woman, Jane dreams of her future life as a woman, and getting married to Miguel what it would be like. Waking up the next day Jane notices a package on the table, addressed to Dick. Seeing it makes Jane desire to never go back to that old life and sits down to figure out a plan. As she sits there thinking the phone rings, “Hello” Jane answers the phone with a femine voice. “Good morning this is your 9am wake up call, is there any thing we can get for you this morning?” says the voice. “Yes, a new life” jokingly says Jane “Just bring me some toast with grape jelly. Thank you”. Jane hangs up the phone, and heads into the bathroom and takes a shower. As she looks at her body, noticing how femine it looks, and feels that some changes have taken place over night, with truly femine curves and breast growth. She grabs a hand full of mints from a jar, and starts to go through the clothes trying to pick out something to wear. A knock at the door, Jane grabs a robe, and puts it on to answer the door. Jane takes the cart from the server, and closes the door. The cart has a rose, on it and a note from Miguel. “Thank you for the lovely time last night. Miguel”
After breakfast Jane finally picks a nice red summer dress, and slips into it, and then she puts on her make-up. Amazed with how good she looks, she is apprehensive with what the day will yet hold. Not shure what to tell Miguel she decides to try and slip out through the cross walk to the hospital. She enters the hall and shuts the door behind her. Looking up to see a group of guys coming down the hall, they try and flirt with her. “Well at least I am passing as a woman for now” she thinks with a smile. Crossing over to the hospital Jane enters a reception area, and is asked for her room number. “Um, I am in suit G” she says. “Yes great we have been expecting you” says the nurse “come this way follow me. Un shure why Jane follows the nurse into a private room. “Please take a seat here on the bed, and wait please” says the nurse, “Ok” says Jane and sits on the bed. “Please relax and watch some TV till the doctor arrives” says the nurse. Jane sits back and relaxes on the bed, watching the TV a special hospital video begins, and Jane starts to fall fast a sleep.
Waking up back in the hotel room, Jane is startled, and a special looking note is placed on the night stand next too the bed. “Dear, Miss our specialized services surgery has performed your sex reassignment surgery, as requested we have returned you to your room, and all needed documents can be picked up at the receptionist desk in the lobby of your hotel. We congratulate you, in your new life, and welcome you to contact us for any needs you might have in the future. Please continue to take the hormone mints in your room, and refill your script with your local pharmacist.
Jane sits there frozen, this is amazing news. How and why did this happen? How did these desires come about inside me? Suddenly she realizes that she never opened the package addressed to Dick. Opening it there is a note Dick I hope this reaches you in time. There has been a mix-up what ever you do don’t go to the hospital until you read this fully. In the note she learns that the video that she watched back at the HR office was a self hypnosis video, that was to be watched by Jerlyn, to help her be more femine, and that Jerry, was actually Jerlyn after the sex reassignment surgery. That Jerlyn booked Dicks Hotel stay with a special hotel that deals with transgender patients of the hospital. Dick was accidentally hypnotized into being feminized, and that every time she relaxes her body and mind will become more feminized.
Her options now are to continue the feminization process, or to watch a special video to stop the feminization and return to normal. There is no thought Jane has decided that life is better as a girl. She grabs a hand full of mints and relaxes on the bed and dreams of her future.
The next two weeks are filled with shopping, relaxing, and spending time with Miguel. Life could not be better for Jane and she has taken completely to life as a woman. Knowing that there where going to be changes in her life once she returned, she was looking forward to being the new girl in town.
Jane wakes up knowing this is her final day with Miguel, she slips into the shower, and starts to shave her legs, remembering how wonderful it was the first time, and she shaved and was all silky smooth. She soaks, and relaxes thinking back about every thing that has happened. A smile crosses her face, and she gets dressed. Looking in the mirror she can see that the feminization has really changed her for the better. The make-up lessons from Sally have really gone a long way, and she is constantly getting compliments from guys flirting with her. She packs up her luggage and heads out. Arriving at the lobby she asks about her papers and the receptionist gladly gets them for her. With the papers are a new ID, Passport, credit cards, a completely new identity. Wow that hospital has thought of every thing.
Asking the Receptionist "Do you know how I can find Miguel the bell hope?" The receptionist replies "we don't have a bell hop named Miguel" in fact we have never had a bell hop with that name. Bewildered Jane leaves for the airport ready to start a new life.


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