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Personal Demon

by ShadowSabre

Personal Demon

A bachelor alchemist decides to summon up a succubus to relieve his sexual frustrations. But is he really the one in command?

Cold iron cuffs, scribed with runes. A vial of quicksilver, and another of ink with three drops of a virgin's moonblood mixed in. A pair of white feathers, that the old witch had clamed to have been plucked from an angelic wing, although Tolin thought they looked more like a swan's. A dagger, with a blade made of pure silver, and a goblet made of the same material, covered with similar runes. The alchemist looked over the collection of items, and then at the parchment that had been given to him.

If the church knew, they would have his head. But every man, Tolin included, had needs. He didn't have time for a wife, and whores tended to carry any number of nasty things—disease and parasites, among other things. But his hand was far from satisfying, most nights. Therefore, he had inquired into other methods of relief from his tension.

He carefully measured the space of the summoning circle, marking guides lightly in lead upon the basement's stone floor, and then pulled out the two vials. First the bloodied ink, using a feather, he painted the pentagram upon the floor, and carefully scribed the runes around it. Then the quicksilver, applied more sparingly, to help channel the energy. He then stood, careful not to disturb the circle, set the manacles in the very center, and took up the cup.

To summon a demon of lust, one needed to lure it with both life force, in blood, and sexual energy. Feeling incredibly aroused, and a little bit foolish, Tolin unlaced his breeches and drew out his cock. He wiped his thumb through the first drops of come beading at the tip, and then started to stroke himself. He could imagine it now, how good it would feel to have the perfect lover at his command, to be able to indulge in a good fuck at his will. His hand traveled up and down the shaft as he focused his thoughts, as the parchment directed. It did not take him long to peak, his seed spilling into the silver goblet. Quickly, as he had been bidden, Tolin took up the knife and gashed the palm of his right hand, and let some of the blood drip down. He swirled the cup briefly to mix the fluids, and then started to chant carefully rehearsed words as he poured the mix over the manacles in the center.

He had a brief sense of awkwardness as he finished the chant, looking at the come-coated metal, but then he saw the runes glowing, dim at first, then brighter, until he had to avert his gaze lest he be blinded. And, when he looked back, she was there.

It was the most gorgeous creature Tolin had ever seen. Were she standing, she would be nearly as tall as he was. Her skin was ruddy, and covered with fine, soft scales that reminded him of a snake's skin. Her bosom was more than ample, and the hair on her head was glorious, long, black as a raven's wing. Her legs were jointed much as a dog's leg, ending in a claw-like foot, and a long, flexible tail could be seen curling around her body. Her eyes were as dark as her hair—no, darker, and deeper than a well—and her lips were full and plump. He could smell her, a scent of cinnamon and musk. And she was kneeling, naked, in his summoning circle, the cold iron manacles neatly binding her. He felt himself immediately start to harden again.

She looked up at him, then down at his still-exposed cock, and licked her lips. "I know what you want," she purred. "The same thing all men want, really…" Her legs spread, exposing her mound. No hair, and he could see that she was already wet, the nether lips swollen.

This was the critical part. Contract. "Yes. If you will lie with me, I will release you from your bonds. You must obey me, and do no harm, nor attempt to stay in this world past the time I release you."

The succubus smirked at him, and ran a hand over one breast, down her belly, between her legs. "Mmmm. I'd like that. Agreed, Master. One night of pleasure. No strings attached."

Tolin couldn't break the circle fast enough. The succubus remained there, kneeling, moaning softly as her hand moved between her legs. "Your orders, Master?" she moaned. His cock twitched.

"Suck me," he managed. "Get over here… your mouth, now."

And she did. God, it was amazing; she was exquisitely skilled, and seemed almost to know what he needed before even he did. Over and over, she brought him just short of his peak, then slowed, or tightened her grip in a particular way, until he was almost incoherent with need. And then she looked up at him, with those deep, deep eyes, and did something incredible with her tongue, and he was coming, harder than he ever had before.

He wasn't sure how long he laid on the floor, dazed with the aftermath of the succubus' attentions, but he eventually came to realize that she was laying beside him, stroking his exhausted cock lightly. "Very good, my Master," she murmured. "But you wanted to fuck me, too."

He nodded. "Yeah… don't have it in me, though…."

She smirked. "I can help, Master. Return the favor, and you will be able to fuck me until dawn, if you so desire." And then spread her legs, invitingly.

He did not need a second invitation. Tolin moved onto his hands and knees and leaned down to lick at her. Her nub was swollen and larger than he'd seen on a woman before; licking or touching it was enough to make her moan and writhe. And her taste… it was amazing. Savory, a little spicy. Before long, he felt his cock start to harden again, but he couldn't bring himself to pull away from his place between the succubus' legs, moving between her wet pussy and her firm clit to get as much of her nectar as he could.

And then she came, and the seep of liquid became a flood. Tolin lapped it up eagerly.

"Now fuck me," she ordered, her voice low. Tolin moaned, and immediately moved to impale the succubus on his cock. She was tight, and he could feel inner muscles ripple around him and squeeze him, incredibly. And she was moaning, gasping, begging. It was the most incredible sex he'd ever had, and, like the fellation, she used her control to keep him at the brink of coming for a long time, even as he felt her come around him several times. But, finally, her muscles clenched in just the right way, and he came hard, harder than before, and knew nothing more.

He woke up at midday. The succubus was gone, and the cuffs left on the bed. And, on the parchment with directions for summoning a demon, the glyph for 'succubus' had been scratched out and replaced with a new one. 'Razakel.'


A week later, Tolin tried it again, with the modification. It turned out that Razakel was her name; modified, the spell called her, specifically. It seemed that every time was better still. Tolin used the summons more and more often, and Razakel came to him every time. They coupled eagerly, and Razakel took it upon herself to begin to teach Tolin new methods of pleasing a woman. Her voice was smooth and calming, and her eyes nearly bottomless; she encouraged Tolin to gaze into them as she instructed him, as she pleasured him, as she served him. He felt at times that he could get lost that way, lying in her arms, drifting as he listened to her speak.

Tolin finished the contract—now a well-known ritual—and, as had become their custom, immediately knelt. Razakel stood before him, and he delved between her legs, lapping her juices up. It was both preparation to keep him from needing too much time for recovery, and a proper show of gratitude for his pet's continued willingness to play with him. Razakel moaned, murmured encouragement, her fingers tangling in his hair. He often found himself craving her taste between their sessions, and had even, once or twice, summoned her just so he could drink from her fountain, although she usually insisted that he take his own pleasure, afterward.

Once Razakel was content with Tolin's attention, she bid him rise and led him to the bed. "I want to ride you tonight, Master," she murmured, and so he laid down, and drew her onto him. She fucked him for what felt like days, never taking him quite over the edge. Those deep, deep eyes seemed to be without end, and Razakel rode him until she was thoroughly satisfied, and only then did she lean down to him. "Come in me, Master," she purred into his ear, and her muscles clenched and around him and squeezed in just the right way, and he lost himself in her. She was hot, tight, wet, good, perfect. Tolin arched under her, a cry of raw pleasure escaping his lips, and then went limp.

Razakel laid down next to Tolin, her tail lashing. "Thank you, Master," she murmured.

Tolin opened his eyes, panting, his gaze still unforcused. Razakel smiled, and leaned in. "May I kiss you, Master?" she murmured.

Tolin nodded, and the succubus leaned in and kissed him, her lips firm against his. He suddenly felt overwhelming pleasure, and a deep, instinctive hunger. He returned the kiss, and her tongue slipped into his mouth-- cool, forked like a snake's. He realized that he was moaning, whimpering; he was quickly hardening again.

::Yes, my Master:: Her voice was in his head, in his thoughts. ::Kiss... kiss me. More, more...::

Tolin obeyed, kissing his succubus more deeply. Craving her, craving... And he was moving, almost without meaning to, his hips jerking. Her hands were cool around his wrists, pinning them to his sides, as she probed his mouth.

::You need this, my Master. You need to fuck me, every night. You need to be kissed by me, every night. You need this. Every night, you need this.::

He slipped back into her warmth, her wetness, and she clenched around him, and kissed him again as they turned over.

::Every night... I lie under you, every night, my mortal Master....::

He came again before she broke the kiss.


And so Tolin came to summon his succubus every night, without fail. And every night grew better, more intense; they kissed often, and she showed him the wonderful-- and once unthinkable-- things she could do with that tail of hers, if he allowed her to.

And then, one night, he dropped the quicksilver. The vial shattered, and much of the liquid metal escaped. He gathered what he could, but... it was not much, possibly not enough. But he needed her, needed his Razakel. So he went through the ritual, first the bloodied ink, then the quicksilver-- spread thin in places, for there was little left. And then the spilling of seed and blood over the chains, and he averted his eyes as the demon appeared in her usual blaze of light.

When he looked, she was smiling at him. She stepped over the circle to meet him, and he knelt as was their custom and delved between her thighs, bringing her to murmur and sigh at how wonderful her Master was, how skilled he had become. And, in time, she bid him to stand, and to kiss her. Tolin rose, and kissed; it seemed, this time, that the pleasure was greater yet.

::It could be better. The manacles limit my power... limit your pleasure, Master.::

Tolin looked at her, at her eyes, then at her wrists. "Would you... like them off?" he asked. His tongue felt thick in his mouth.

"It would be wonderful, Master," she purred, and offered her wrist. He was quick to unlock them, to free her of them, and she smiled. "Very good," she murmured, and kissed him again.

It was like a mental orgasm, the likes of which he could never have imagined. Tolin had once heard an old sailor speaking of a great wave that had swept him off the boat, and nearly drowned him; that was something like this. All he knew was her lips, and the raw pleasure gained from kissing them, and when it was over he sank to his knees, feeling strangely drained.

"Very good, my mortal," Razakel purred, and stroked his hair. He leaned into the touch. "Look at me."

Tolin looked up, met her gaze.

"Who am I?"

"You are... my... my...." Her eyes were like wells, like the night sky, like the ocean.. "...my Mistress..."

"Yes." Razakel's expression was smug. "You thought that you could master me, couldn't you?"

"Yes... I did. How did you...?" Tolin blinked, trying to overcome the fog. She was not supposed to be... no, no, she was.... she was his Mistress....

"Your quicksilver was contaminated. The circle was broken by a hundred specks of dirt." The succubus stroked his hair once more, then moved to lay on the bed. "But you had to have me.... And then you kissed me, without cold iron binding me. Don't you know what happens to mortals who kiss my kind...?"

Tolin shook his head. Kiss... kissing them.... there was something, just beyond his reach.

Razakel lay back and beckoned him. "Now, come bed me once more, my pet. And then we will start looking for more for me to feed upon, hmm?"

"Anything for you, Mistress." And Tolin joined the succubus once more.


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