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My Personal Hypnotist

by z119z

My Personal Hypnotist

My Personal Hypnotist

z119z (z119z2000@yahoo.com)

© by the author 2010

I began listening to Samson’s files about three years ago after he posted his first file on the Mind Twisters site. It was a simple induction and general relaxation file, about twenty minutes long. All it did was leave the listener with a feeling of well-being. But it was skillfully done. In its own small way, it was magical.

What immediately made it stand out from the other files on that site was the quality of the recording. Most of the files posted on that site are amateurish. Samson’s files are different. There are no background noises, none of the usual extraneous sounds that disturb the trance experience--no trucks accelerating outside, no honking of passing cars, no radio or TV noise in the background, no coughing, no kids playing. Just Samson’s soothing and calming voice, working its way into your mind and creating a euphoria that lasts long after the file has ended.

Samson proved to a prolific creator of files. Twice, sometimes three times a month, he would create a new file. Over time, as he became more skilled, the files grew longer. What is truly amazing about them are his inductions. Each file has its own induction. Unlike most online hypnotists, he doesn’t recycle those. Nor does he use the traditional “your feet feel heavy” progressions up the body. He never mentions the word “sleep” or, for that matter, any of the usual words found in inductions. And he never makes silly remarks like “Look deep into my eyes, and at the count of three, you will do everything I tell you to do.”

Instead he just talks quietly and apparently at random about some subject that seems to have nothing to do with hypnosis. You never know what he will say next. I think that is what makes these inductions so effective. You can’t help but focus intently on what he is saying because he isn’t predictable. And before you know it, he’s drawn you in and is leading you into a trance.

It also helps that he has a great voice. It’s very deep and very even. And he speaks so well. He always enunciates clearly, and he never stops to search for the right word. His voice just flows on and on, carrying you with it. Before you know it, you’re deep in trance. Half an hour or forty-five minutes later, you wake up feeling terrific but uncertain exactly what Samson has been doing to you while you’re out. Somehow he gets inside your mind. And it feels so good to have him there, helping you, calming and comforting you, arousing and exciting you.

Now I admit that I’m a longtime hypno-addict. Being tranced and controlled deeply and thoroughly arouses me. “Submission” and “obedience” are the two most exciting words in the English language for me. I experienced my first hypnotic trance when I was fifteen. My friend Mitch read a book on hypnosis thinking it would help him pick up girls. He wanted to try out his “powers” on someone friendly, and he persuaded me to be his first subject. He had me lie down on my bed. He turned off the lights and pulled the curtains. Then he used one of the inductions in the book on me. I didn’t expect it to work. Perhaps that’s why it did. If I had known what would happen, I might have resisted him.

It was a traditional induction, focusing on relaxation, feelings of heaviness, sleepiness. Mitch told me to concentrate on what he was saying, and I did. I went into a deep trance. I was fully aware of what was happening to me, but it was like “I” had become walled off in part of my mind. I was conscious and yet I was experiencing something that felt real but that I knew wasn’t real. It felt so good that I just gave in and floated unattached to anything. I was warm and safe and at ease. I had no responsibilities, no one was pressuring me to be someone or do anything. When Mitch woke me up, I had a strange feeling. Later I realized that what I was feeling was disappointment that the session hadn’t lasted longer.

That night as I lay in bed I called up the experience again. I could recapture part of the experience but not all of it. My hand sought out my cock and I began stroking myself as I replayed the words of the induction in my mind. My cock was so hard. I focused on the sensations in my groin and forgot about everything else. My concentration on my cock was so pure and intense. It was as if I could now control this object that had been threatening to control me. I played with the sensation, keeping myself on the edge of an ejaculation as long as I could (which wasn’t long).

I quickly developed more skills in this area. Needless to say, the power to use my mind to manipulate my body was thrilling and I explored it to the full. But something was missing. I thought about it and discovered that what I missed was the pleasure of being in someone else’s control. I didn’t think of it as submission and obedience at that point. It was more a matter of liking the unpredictability and helplessness of the situation.

Mitch quickly lost interest in hypnosis once he found out that he didn’t have the magic power to make girls do his bidding. I couldn’t get him to practice further on me. Nor could I, in those pre-Internet days, find a hypnotist willing to train me. I looked in the Yellow Pages, but the professional hypnotists focused on losing weight and stopping smoking. Somehow I knew that none of them would want to help a teenage boy in his quest for erotic hypnosis. (I called one seeking help with “improving my concentration and study habits.” When I found out what he charged per session, I also knew that my parents wouldn’t fund my experiments.)

A dozen years ago, when the Internet began developing, I discovered others with similar interests and sites that catered to those interests. It was wonderful to learn that I was not alone and that I wasn’t crazy or mental. That encouraged me to undertake an extensive search for a hypnotist to work with. But the files offered on those sites proved a disappointment. They promised so much, yet I could never achieve more than a light trance, and the hypnotist’s vision never quite matched my own. All too often, I wound up thinking “You’ve got to be kidding. I’m not going to do that.” Sometimes I would find a hypnotist who showed potential, but none of them proved in the end to be skilled enough to take me where I wanted to go, to make me a totally submissive, totally obedient subject.

I gave up on my search several times. The longest I stayed away was four months. I kept coming back, unwilling to abandon the hope of finding someone. I might read a story about erotic hypnosis and then the old longings would resurface, and I would check out the sites to see if a new hypnotist had appeared, someone talented enough to dominate me completely. That was how I discovered Samson.

And now I am addicted to Samson’s files. I have to listen to him at least once a day. When I have trouble sleeping, I put on one of his files and it helps me relax. I drift off into a deep sleep as soon as it ends. I’ve even put segments of the files on my IPod so that I can take two or three minutes to listen to his voice when I’m feeling stressed and need to calm down.

Not all is perfect, of course. About half of Samson’s files deal with themes I don’t much care for. He has a liking for what he calls “humiliation.” Many of his files train the listener to wear diapers and to really need to wear diapers, if you get my drift. I just don’t understand this. The other thing he likes is age regression. Some of his files take you back to your childhood, with him being the father and you the child, usually in combination with wearing diapers and losing control. I know some people like and want these activities. That’s fine. That’s their decision. They’re just not something I want to experiment with. I don’t even listen to those files. Samson has such control over me that I’m afraid even to try one of those files. I’d become ensnared. I know it. So I leave them alone.

There are plenty of other Samson files to listen to. I don’t need those files. So I let Samson guide me into deep trances and take me on adventures of the mind and body in other areas.

The other thing I like about Samson is how accessible he is. After I had listened to several of his files, I posted reviews of them on Mind Twisters, and I emailed a private note of thanks to him. To my surprise, he replied with a long note about my comments. We started an exchange. He’s even let me be the beta-tester for some of his files. He’s great about sharing the files. He even understands my reservations about the “humiliation” files; so he never tests those out on me.

I even suggested possible themes for future files. There were things I wanted to try, and I was hoping Samson would accommodate me. I imagine everyone’s the same--asking a favorite hypnotist to make a file that fits their special interests. Samson always thanks me for the suggestions and says he will consider them. But so far he’s been busy with other work.

One of his revelations about himself surprised me. I had assumed subjects were subjects and hypnotists were hypnotists. I’ve no interest in switching roles, and so I mistakenly thought that no one else did. In one of his emails, Samson asked me if there were other hypnotists I listened to. I discussed some of the other files I had listened to and critiqued the people (they can’t really be called hypnotists) who had made them. In his response, he mentioned several files he had found effective and said how much he had learned from them.

When I expressed surprise that he listened to other people’s files, he said that he trances easily and enjoys it. He admitted, in fact, that he often goes into a trance when he reviews his own files before posting them.

It was one of those conversations that gets filed away in the back of your mind. Several weeks later, it came back to me while I was waiting for a connecting flight at O’Hare. I was sitting on one of those uncomfortable metal and plastic chairs, with people crowding in on either side of me and hundreds of people walking up and down the concourse. I was trying unsuccessfully to read a book and checking and rechecking that the woman standing at the counter hadn’t opened the passageway to the plane and begun seating us. I don’t know what started me thinking about Samson, but a plan for getting him to make the files I wanted popped into my mind. Maybe I had been thinking about it all those weeks, because the plan was complete and detailed.

When I got back home, I started writing an induction. I tried as best I could to copy Samson’s indirect method of inducing a trance. I worked on it for the better part of two weeks. If I say so myself, I think it’s a good induction. Then I wrote to Samson and asked him if would do me a favor and read the induction and comment on it.

He gave me several helpful suggestions, and I incorporated them into the file. I reasoned that the changes he suggested reflected his own interests and would work well on him. He was enthusiastic about the revised file and encouraged me to record it. I praised his recordings and asked him how he achieved such excellent quality and for recommendations about equipment and programs to use. A little flattery wouldn’t hurt, I thought--everyone likes to be treated as an expert. Samson responded in detail about his recording set-up.

It cost me quite a bit to buy all the equipment and software he recommended, but I figured that if it helped me achieve my goals, it was money well spent. It took me several evenings to learn how to use everything. Finally I was ready, and I recorded the induction. I added a short section at the end that he would wake up feeling very good. I even included the suggestion that he listen to the file over and over.

It worked better than I anticipated. When I emailed the file to him, he wrote to say that he would listen to it that evening and get back to me. I didn’t hear from him for almost a week. I was getting rather worried that he might have deduced what I was trying to do and wasn’t going to reply. But then I got a message from him saying that he really liked the file, it was terrific, and I should make more.

I knew better than to rush things. After all, I was trying to brainwash him into being “my perfect hypnotist.” If it worked, I’d have him for as long as I wanted. If I revealed my hand too soon, I might lose him. So I made a series of incremental files, each one making him feel better than the previous one. It was only after six months that I introduced the notion that it made him feel good to work with me. I carefully avoided words like “obey” or “submit.”

I could tell from his responses that he was becoming tractable and open to suggestions from me. So I wrote with an idea for a file he could make. My nipples are very sensitive. I start getting hard if someone touches them, and when someone sucks on them, I get very aroused. I had already spoken to Samson about this and hinted that I would really like a file that made my nipples ultra-sensitive. I repeated the hint--more strongly this time.

His response was all I hoped for. When I woke up after listening to it the first time, my nipples were hard and erect. Even the slight pressure of my T-shirt on them aroused me. I carefully breathed in and out, letting the fabric move against them. The sensation was incredible. When I started playing with them with my fingers, I came, almost right away. I just couldn’t help myself. I didn’t even want to help myself. I just wanted to cum. I didn’t even take my shorts off. And as soon as I had finished, I wanted to do it again. I tore my clothes off and threw them on the floor. I lay there moaning and groaning while tugging at my nipples, with drying cum all over my groin. I don’t know how long it took me to cum the second time. I was lost inside the pleasure swirling inside me.

It took me several days to learn to control my reactions when I was playing with myself. But nothing prepared me for the explosion that happened the first time someone else touched my nipples. The guy I picked up must have thought I was crazy when I started screaming with pleasure when he began sucking on my nipples.

That experience sent me back to the drawing board. Samson’s next file for me helped me control my reaction. I had him train me to prolong the orgasm. It took me a couple of weeks, but I have reached the point where I can hold the orgasm just at the point of release for as long as I want. You know the sensation of pressure just before you cum, when nothing else matters--well, that’s where I can hold myself.

The goal of the next file I had Samson make for me was to allow me to experience what I was doing to my partners. If I touched them or kissed them, I would feel myself being touched or kissed in exactly the same way. If I sucked them, I would feel myself being sucked in exactly the same way. If I fucked them, I would feel myself being fucked in exactly the same way. It’s amazing how much better a lover you become when you experience what you’re doing to the other person. You quickly learn just how to adjust your mouth on his cock when you feel your own mouth on your own cock.

Of course, I suggested to Samson that he listen to the files as well. His success was just like mine. When I asked him to call me, he did. I recognized his voice immediately. As soon as he began speaking, I felt myself relax and slip into a deep trance. Samson made my cock get hard and then get soft, over and over. He kept me at the point of orgasm for what seemed like hours. At the end I was covered with cum. The next morning I emailed him to thank him, and he revealed that I had taken him into the same state. We began speaking almost nightly. As we developed our skills, the sex got better and better. I don’t think that I can go a night now without having sex with him. It’s such great sex. And what makes it even better for me is that Samson is controlling me so tightly. He really has become my perfect hypnotist.

Last month, on my birthday, he sent me a new file--a special surprise. In my opinion, the induction is the best he’s ever done. I am totally entranced within a minute or so. I’ve no idea what’s on the file. I can’t recall a thing he says. And he won’t tell me--he said “You’ll know when it happens. Just listen to it once a day. That’s all you have to do.”

It took two weeks of listening to find out. I was out of the office attending a meeting that went on far too long. Get twenty people together into a room and fifteen of them feel they have to explain their position at length, a dozen times. (There’s a file Samson needs to make--the short-meeting file.) When the meeting finally broke up, I headed for the bathroom, as did about half the attendees. I’m standing at the urinal unzipping, and the man next to me says something about the meeting. I look over at him to reply, meanwhile tugging my cock out. It feels sort of strange, and I realize that I’m half hard. Then the piss starts to come out, and it’s like an orgasm. I’m not kidding you. I’m standing there trying to make conversation, and inside I’m shouting with pleasure from this great orgasm that goes on and on, as long as I’m urinating. The guy notices something’s strange about me, and he asks if I’m feeling ok. It’s all I can do to keep from moaning and groaning.

Thereafter, I’ve learned to sit in a stall when I have to urinate. I feel like I’m back in high school and jerking off between classes like a naughty schoolboy because Woody Johnson bumped into me in the hallway. It’s fine when I’m at home and can let go. But it’s getting harder and harder to hold back at work. I have to bite my tongue to keep from making a noise. Even so, I’ve started gasping and grunting a bit. I can’t help myself. It just feels so good that I can’t hold back. Some days I just want to shout. Sooner or later someone will notice. I’m starting not to care about that--let them hear me. And I’m paying more and more visits to the toilet. I can’t help myself. Well, what would you rather do? Read a boring report or have a great orgasm?

Of course, I told Samson about this and thanked him for this new power. He said he’s glad I’m responding so well to the file. Then he sent me “the second file in the series.” Even more promising was his remark that if I’m a good boy and listen to the file carefully and do everything it says, there will be more files. I’ve been listening to the new file carefully, very carefully, for two weeks now. Again, I’ve no idea what it’s going to do to me. I trust Samson completely, however. I’m sure that whatever the file does, it will be spectacular and I will enjoy it so much.

I’ve got to ask him to make a file that will help me control this orgasming while urinating. It’s great, but I’m doing it too much. I’ve even started drinking lots of liquids, just so I’ll need to take a long piss frequently. I’m even dreaming about pissing and having an orgasm. Last night, I fell asleep after listening to the new file. I had this vivid dream in which I was a small boy standing in front of toilet with my daddy and both of us were pissing into the bowl. He was showing me how to jerk off, and I was following his directions. I woke up just in time to catch myself and stop myself from wetting the bed. I leaped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom. I made it just in time.

Today I had to go to the drugstore. I just happened to wander down the aisle with the adult diapers. I noticed there are diaper sheaths that fit over the penis for men who can’t control their bladders. I may have to buy some of those to use while I’m sleeping. The way things are going I may even have to wear them during the day.


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This story, besides missing the occasional small word, is amazing! The relationship between the two is well-developed and fascinating to watch. Such a shame the ending wasn't a few paragraphs later. :-p

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