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Hypno-tutoring - A Geek Gets Paid

by Obeyurdom

Hypno-tutoring - A Geek Gets Paid

Jerry was a geek. No, really... he was a GEEK. He wasn’t bad looking, not fat, had great hygiene, but he was a geek. What made him a geek? Well, Jerry was a voracious reader, a member of the honor society, and made his spare cash tutoring other students. In short - king of the geeks.

Jerry knew this... and while being a tutor got you all sorts of fake friends and a little real cash - the one thing it did NOT get you was laid. But that was going to change... yes, that was going to change BIG time.

Jerry had his study lounge (Actually his parents den in the basement) all set up for the study session. He had been planning this for months. You see, Jennifer was coming over tonight for a study session, and tonight Jerry was going to see to it that she got some special treatment.

Jerry had been playing with hypnotism for years. In the beginning he did shows with friends making them act weird, regressing them to when they were 5 or 6, etc... all in fun. Then Jerry heard about real hypnotists helping people with phobias, losing weight, quitting smoking, and all sorts of other positive things. Jerry began to wonder if hypnosis could be used to help people study better, get better grades, maybe even help them with stuttering... Yes - Jerry was a real geek...

Jerry hypnotized a few of his customers who came for tutoring. They began to study better and retain more. Jerry made them promise not to tell anyone about the hypnosis part... but as their grades got better Jerry had more and more tutoring customers and was making more money than ever. Whenever he had a student that he though would benefit from hypnosis, Jerry would try it on them and keep track of the results.

Jennifer had come to him about 2 months ago. She claimed she couldn’t get chemistry, and since other kids had gotten good results her mom had agreed to pay Jerry $25 a session to tutor her. Jerry began to scheme almost immediately to see if his hypnosis skills could get Jennifer to do ANYTHING sexual for him, or to him, or whatever... Jerry was horny as hell and desperate to try.

So, after a few weeks of working with Jennifer using standard tutoring he told her about hypnosis. Then he told her that she  could talk to Chrissy, a friend of Jennifer’s that Jerry had worked with early on and had really benefited from the hypnosis. Jerry made sure to call Chrissy and tell her it was OK to share how the hypnosis had helped her with Jennifer.

Jennifer was a little worried but Chrissy assured her about how well it worked. Jennifer asked Chrissy if Jerry had tried “Anything weird” and Chrissy assured her “Through all 8 sessions Jerry never even touched anything but my arm - something about visual/auditory/kinestetic stuff that made the hypnosis work better.”

The next chemistry test was a disaster. Jennifer’s mom was more pissed than ever, and after a call to Jerry agreed to move Jennifer up to 2 tutoring sessions a week. During Jennifer’s next session she asked if Jerry would try the hypnosis.

That was 5 weeks ago. For the next 10 sessions Jerry started each tutoring session by placing Jennifer into a trance. Each time he placed her under, she would go under faster and deeper - and Jerry always kept the sessions about learning, about having her subconscious turn on the parts of her brain that would help with memorizing and understanding chemistry. Jennifer was getting better and better at chemistry. Each test and quiz score was higher than the last. Jerry knew her mother would want to cut back to once a week soon... so tonight would be different.

After Jerry placed Jennifer into trance (In record time!) he moved into a new direction after the induction. He told Jennifer to see a new door, not the door that would take her to the part of her brain the dealt with learning and studying but to another door, a door with the word “Me” on a sign over it. He told her to go through that door to the part of her brain that knew all about Jennifer, the part of the brain the knows all about what Jennifer wants, the part that knows what makes Jennifer happy, the part that knows all about Jennifer... Through the door and down the long staircase behind it... deep down.... deeper and deeper, down into the very center of that part of her mind that knows and controls what Jennifer wants and what makes Jennifer happy.

Then Jerry began to delve into Jennifer’s mind...

“Jennifer, I want you to think about your favorite food, I want you to see it in front of you... smell the wonderful aroma of it... open wide - take a bite... now taste it - it’s the best it’s ever been, chew it slowly... the wonderful taste filling your mouth... tell me Jennifer, what are you eating?” As Jerry watched he could see Jennifer’s closed eyes darting back and forth as if she were looking over something, when he told her about the smell he could see her nostrils flare and her chest rise (Her breasts looked so perfect in the sweater she was wearing), and when he told her to taste he could even see her open her mouth, take a bite, and chew... reflexively and without being told she swallowed...

“Pizza” Jennifer mumbled quietly.

“Good” Jerry replied “In this place you can see or do anything that makes Jennifer happy. Here, with the sound of my voice, you can add in more things, different things, all to make you happier, here you are safe, and with the sound of my voice you will always feel safe. This is a safe, happy place filled with wonderful thoughts, marvelous feelings, delicious tastes, and amazing smells.”

“Now, I want you to think of your favorite things to touch. The things to touch that make you feel good, the things to touch that make you happy.... Now of the things that have come into your mind... perhaps things like your cat or dog (She had both), or your hair, or your blankets, or anything you can think of... I want you to think of the one thing that whenever you touch it you can almost feel your body tingle with pleasure... how happy it makes you just to touch it... picture yourself touching that now”

Jennifer sucked in a breath of air, and almost sighed as she let it out

Jerry looked at her and asked “So, what are you touching?” He expected it to be her cat or dog...

“My clit” Jennifer sighed.

Jerry’s pulse quickened and his cock went to full hard. Jennifer’s face was flushed and her breathing was starting to shallow. Jerry knew he should stop - but instead...

“Jennifer, does it feel good?”

“It feels so good” Jennifer replied

“Jennifer, I want you to stay in trance but when I tell say the word ‘Start’ I want you to open your eyes and do whatever it is you do when you touch your clit. No one is here, you are alone and safe here. It is just you and the sound of my voice, no one is here... so when I tell you to I want you to open your eyes and do whatever it is that makes you so happy when you touch your clit.” Jerry took a deep breath, knowing that there was a chance that Jennifer would wake herself up out of trace... but if she really WANTED to do this then she would stay in trance and by the way she was breathing Jerry thought it was worth the risk.

“Ready Jennifer?”

Jennifer’s breathing was coming quicker and more shallow now “Yes” was all she whispered.


Jerry sat in his chair, almost as rigid as his cock. Jennifer opened her eyes and looked around... like she was checking to see who was in the room. She looked right past Jerry - not at him but past him - like he wasn’t even there. Then Jennifer undid the button on her jeans and slid them down her long, slender legs. Past her creamy thighs and down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and laid them on the couch. Jerry stared at the panties she was wearing. Not thongs, just plain panties...

Jennifer lay back down on the couch, looking around one more time to make sure she was alone. She arched her back and pulled the panties down to just below her knees.

Jerry marveled at her pussy. It was covered in hair, not trimmed or shaved like those girls in the movies he fapped to on the internet. Jennifer’s hand moved down to her slit and she began to finger herself, up and down through the slit. Each time her finger came to the top she rubbed it around her clit and shuddered. Jerry could see how wet she was getting, moisture all along her lips and dampening her pussy hair. After another 30 seconds of this he could swear that he saw rivulets of moisture run down her lips and down into his couch.

Jerry could feel precum wetting his pants... he looked down and to his dismay saw a large damp spot on his jeans... he wanted to touch himself so bad, but was worried that he might lose his concentration and break Jennifer’s trance. So he took out his phone and snapped a few pictures for later.

“Jennifer... does that feel good?”

“Yes” Jennifer signed.

“I want you to keep doing what you are doing... do you want to come?”

Jennifer simply shook her head as she kept feverishly rubbing her clit

“I need you to answer me in words Jennifer, I want to hear you way that you want to come” Jerry replied.

“I want to come... I want to come” Jennifer whimpered.

“Jennifer, I want you to listen to me... When I say ‘Come’ I want you to come. I want you to have the biggest, BEST, more wonderful orgasm of your life...”

Jennifer was fingering and smiling a huge smile of anticipation

“But when you do come I want you to think of me. The instant your orgasm starts I want you to picture my face, I want you to imagine that it’s me touching you like that, I want you to picture ME giving you that orgasm... this will make your orgasm even more intense... will you do that for me Jennifer?”

“MmmmmHmmmm.... yes” said Jennifer almost breathless from her impending orgasm.

“Ok, but the whole time I want you to stay in trance... you must stay in trance....”

Jerry paused.... “Jennifer... … … COME” Jerry commanded forcefully.

Jennifer arched her body and snapped her thighs shut still rubbing her clit furiously. Her whole body tensed and then she lowered her butt back down to the couch... pounding her ass up and down on the couch while she continued to come. “Oh my god... Of my God... of FUCK, FUCK FUCK FUCK   F  U  C  K !!!!!” Jennifer practically screamed. She lowered herself back down to the couch more gently... still holding her crotch, breathing like she had just run a marathon.

“OK Jennifer... I want you to take some of these tissues (Jerry held out a box) clean your self up and get dressed then lay back on the couch and close your eyes.”

Jennifer did as requested while Jerry tried to rearrange his hard-on.

“Jennifer, when I wake you back up you will remember none of what went on in the room with the sign “Me” over the door. You will not remember any of this... but the next time you touch yourself you will think of me again... you will have another orgasm just like this one... it will be even better than this one, and you will think of me the whole time you are touching yourself. The more you think of me, the better it will feel...”

Jerry though for a minute  “Now Jennifer, we are going to go back up the stairs - but you will not leave trance at the top of the stairs, once we get to the top we will go to the room where we work on your learning”

“Good” Jerry said “Since you felt so good in the other room, now in this room you can improve your learning even more, much more than before... this hypnosis session felt so good, so right, that now you can set your learning dial even higher than before. You will do much better on your next test... but you will still want to come here for tutoring... you are not done being tutored yet... but you will score MUCH higher on your next test... your grade will impress you... impress your mother... your next grade will be much much better!”

“Now, as I wake you up you will remember that you had a great session... that your learning dial is set much higher... that it is even easier to learn chemistry and everything else in school, and that you want me to tutor you again... as soon as possible.”

Then Jerry led Jennifer back out of trance. She opened her eyes and smiled. Jennifer felt strange, refreshed, happier than she could remember after a tutoring session. When she saw Jerry’s face she started to feel... horny????

Jerry opened the chemistry textbook on the table and spilled water all over his lap.

“You are SO clumsy” Jennifer managed to say through her smile

Jerry was just glad he had found a way to hid the gigantic wet spot on his pants...

For those that read this far - feedback is always appreciated - also, shall I continue the tale?


Re: Hypno-tutoring - A Geek Gets Paid - lucypher

this story should continue after all the geek hasn't been paid yet :D

Re: Hypno-tutoring - A Geek Gets Paid - hypnomaster1

Continue the story... he needs to be paid... but should he drag it out... or get his " REWARD"all at once???

Re: Hypno-tutoring - A Geek Gets Paid - Heartwould

Good story! Yes, I'd like you to take it farther. Although, leaving it in our imaginations is a good seed to sow... :)

Re: Hypno-tutoring - A Geek Gets Paid - hypnomaster1


Re: Hypno-tutoring - A Geek Gets Paid - Obeyurdom

I'll write a new chapter and submit it. Thanks for all the positive feedback. It would have been sooner but I was on travel to China and internet connectivity sucks there....

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