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by jessielynn



michelle's red, moist mouth tenderly enveloped and engulfed the hard,
red cock of a man she barely knew. His moans filled the darkened
room as she twirled her tongue around the head of his shaft -- her dainty
hand pumping the shaft as one who innately knew what to do with such
a throbbing piece of male meat. she was pumping him and engulfing
more of his cock into her eager mouth as if her life depended upon it.
In a way it did! -- for unless michelle could prove that she could seduce
and conquer any man, she would forever remain against her will in the
body of a seductive female.

The man -- no one would know his name -- was begging for relief now.
He had met michelle only an hour before. He was a married man -- a
man of repute -- a man minding his own business until michelle took
aim on his vulnerable sexual appetite. she was dressed to kill, she was.
A black leather mini dress hugged her body like a second skin. her legs
were encased in silk and stood upon six inch heels in her black boots.
her hair was tossed and wild, even like the makeup she wore. her eyes
were accented in just the right shades of black -- her lips bright red --
her perfume, exotic -- her earrings were the replicas of handcuffs -- and
around her neck she wore a band of condoms. He didn't have a chance.

He was begging out loud now -- "make me CUM! SUCK me, you
whore!" michelle was pumping him like the pro she had become and
knew that soon she would have his seed within her. At just the right
moment she stuck her index finger deep into his ass -- and then he
came. Cum dribbled out her mouth and nose as he erupted like he
hadn't since teenage years, some 20 years before. STILL she sucked
and fingered him until he was thoroughly spent. He laid back while
michelle deposited her mouthful of cum into a bag she retrieved from
her purse. She only had another two quarts of cum to deposit into that
bag tonight if she would ever harbor any hopes toward regaining her
masculine identity. But THAT -- would never happen.


"I wonder how she's doing?", wondered Becky as she thought about
her boyfriend who was out pounding the pavement for his gallon of
male cum. Becky was michelle's girlfriend -- michelle, a week ago,
was Michael Taylor. Michael's big mistake was in pissing Becky off
once too often. Let's go back a bit to appreciate the mess Mike got
himself into.

Becky and Mike had a good relationship really. They had been lovers
for almost two years. Becky was a dominant, mature young lady who
was a challenge to the young Michael. He thought he was the "stud of
all time" because he "caught" himself "one hell-of-a-lady!" She was
BEAUTIFUL, Becky was. 5'2" of dynamite wrapped in a 105 pound
package. And did she ever know how to make love! They spent every
night -- at least ONCE a night -- making love. At first HE was the
aggressor -- but then she took her natural role as the dominant
personality of the pair. For the past year her position always ended up
on top.

A month ago Michael's best friend moved in with them. His name was
Curtis. Curt had gotten himself fired and had nowhere to hand his hat,
so he maneuvered Mike into letting him stay with him and Becky. In
Mike's mind, it was working out fine -- until the day Becky came home
to find the pair watching some lewd TV.

The boys were drunk and having a good old time watching a video
which showed young females being abducted, tormented, and turned
into street whores. As she walked into the room, the video had a
picture of a young teen being raped by a gang of four black men.
Fifteen minutes of fucking and sucking against the young girl's will
ended in "the boys" each wishing they could have someone suck their
own cocks.

When they finally noticed Becky, Mike came on to her. With Curt's
help they ripped her silky dress from her body, tore off her bra and
panties, and fucked her. While Curt held her down, Mike fucked Becky
in the ass for the first time -- even while she screamed and begged them
to stop. By the time the evening was over, Becky looked and felt like a
cum-soaked slut come right off the streets. She had been taken against
her will. As the boys finally passed out and fell asleep, unaware of
what they had done, Becky began to sow the seeds of her revenge.

She called a friend, Tanya -- a professional Dom. "Tanya", she almost
weeped over the phone as she made the initial phone call, "I need your

"What have they done to you, dear?", Tanya asked with the utmost
concern in her voice. She could tell by the first sentences out of her
mouth that something horrid had happened to Becky. Becky explained
the past hour and Tanya comforted her. "Go take a shower and clean
up. I'll be there in 20 minutes. Don't worry, honey -- I'll take care
everything." She hung up, and Becky put her total confidence in her
good friend.


"If this is going to work, you'll have to take Curt and I'll take Mike.
the time we're finished with them THEY will be the street whores",
said Tanya as she quietly shared her plan with Becky. "First we'll
have to give them some medication to help make them more
controllable. This is a combination sedative and mind-controlling
substance. It will make them quite malleable! We are going to change
these boys into something they most fear -- they are going to become
shemale whores!"

"Can you really DO that?", asked Becky, resolved that she would do
whatever Tanya suggested in order to get even with the boys for raping
her. "I want them to feel how CHEAP they made me feel! I want them
to feel that way -- FOREVER!"

"Don't worry, my darling. We will break their spirits and their will.
Before tomorrow is over, they will BEG to suck one another's cocks.
And that will only be the beginning!"

Becky smiled. She had always wanted to see mike suck cock -- and
now he would. "But how are you going to make them whores?", she
asked curiously.

"My little magic", Tanya said as she took out two vials from her bag.
"These are experimental drugs which will introduce the most feminine
characteristics into these boys. Once injected, they will lose all body
hair! Their skin will become soft and silky smooth. Curves will
develop as body fat is redistributed. Their lips and facial contours
soften. Every male characteristic will diminish as they become more
feminine than most covergirls. Their hips and asses will take on a
round shapely, seductive look. And best of all -- they will develop soft
and generous breasts."

"How long will all this take?", asked Becky intrigued by what she was

"Hours, my dear. It will be excruciatingly painful for them. We will
have to lock them up, bind them and gag them. Within six hours the
transformation will be complete. Outwardly they will be female --
except for their little dickies which will be as sexually active as ever.
Once done, however -- there will be no turning back."

"Give it to them!", said Becky. "But wait until they revive from their
drunken stupor. I want them to know exactly what we are doing to


When Mike awoke, he had a terrible hangover -- AND, he was naked.
He looked around him and found that he was chained to the wall of his
living room -- and Curt was chained next to him. Both had been
cleaned up and chained in such a way that they were facing one another.
"What the hell is going ON here?", he demanded.

Tanya walked up to him and slapped his face -- HARD! "Shut up,
bitch!", she said. "You are about to be PUNISHED for raping my

It all began to come back to him now as he remembered the orgy he and
Curt had with Becky. "Oh, Becky -- I'm SORRY!", he began. It was
then he noticed that she was dressed like Tanya -- in a pair of skimpy
panties and bra. Their breasts were barely concealed as they walked up
to the boys. Becky began to jostle Curt to awaken him. Curt woke up
and the instructions began.

"Sorry doesn't buy it, bitch", Tanya said in an angry, dominant voice.
"You have just enough chain to reach your friend, Curtsey. I want you
to crawl up to him and give him a blowjob."

"Go to hell", said mike still trying to figure out what was going on.

"You have only one more chance at this, bitch", Tanya said as she
approached the chained man. his cock was beginning to harden at the
effect of seeing two beautiful, nearly naked women in front of him. "If
you do not suck your friend's cock, I'm going to give you an injection."

"Go to hell", said mike.

Somehow he felt weak and vulnerable. It wasn't only that he was
chained and naked -- it was the chemical racing through his body. he
was trying to fight it, but he knew that he had no other option but to
finally obey this dominant beauty.

"Ok, bitch", Tanya said. She approached him and gave him the
injection without the slightest bit of a struggle on his part. Then she
gave the same injection to Curt. Becky walked up to mike and tenderly
held his face for a moment -- and then raised her knee, giving him a
harsh kick in the balls. he groaned and fell forward, nauseated because
of the fierce attack on his groin. While he was rolled in a ball, she
shoved a rag filled with more of Tanya's magic into his mouth.

"Enjoy yourself, girls", Tanya said with a sarcastic laugh. "We're
going out for awhile -- the next several hours ought to be a lot of fun!"


They were ANYTHING but fun! Within ten minutes the pain and
convulsions began. Both men vomited and screamed into their gags.
They began to sweat as their bodies changed shape. They shook as they
watched what was happening to each other. Body hair fell away -- skin
softened -- their bodies took on feminine shapes.

The pain was unbearable as body fat found its new matrix. Bones
began to soften and reshape themselves. Breasts began to grow where
none were before. They screamed and prayed that it would all end.
And in the end, they fainted from the shock and horror of it all. And
then the girls returned.


When mike finally awoke, he was shocked at what he saw. Becky was
slowly giving Curtsey as sensual blowjob -- he was going out of his
mind with lust. Still chained, he was begging her for relief.

What shocked him MORE, was that Curt was no longer a man. he had
large heaving breasts. his nipples were huge and erect -- his body was
shapely and dangerous. "Please fuck me -- i'll do ANYTHING! Please
give me some relief!"

And then mike looked down on his own body -- a body that was now as
feminine and lovely as they get. Tanya was standing tall in front of
him. "SO, whore! Won't you NOW give your friend a blowjob?"
mike's mind was in an uproar. he had never been so horny -- and all
this just from watching his feminized friend getting a blowjob from his
nearly naked girlfriend.

"Please -- let us go", begging mike in a soft voice.

"Give your friend a blowjob", Tanya ordered.

"I can't", said mike now softly crying.

"You can't HELP but give him a blowjob -- your mind belongs to ME
now -- you are MY girl."

"Please", begged mike, now almost sobbing.

"Beg your friend", commanded Tanya. "Beg your friend, and I'll let
you go."

mike had no other choice. The mind drug was taking away his ability
to think clearly. Tanya was making so much sense. Just give curt a
blowjob and it will be over. It seemed so simple all of a sudden. "i
want to give you a blowjob, curt", mike said weakly.

"That's my girl", said Tanya as she unchained her slave. She
positioned mike near the wall and had him kneel on all fours. "Come
here, curtsey -- michelle wants to suck your little dickie", Tanya said
a girlish voice.

curt, fully under the influence of the drugs, approached his friend. he
crawled on his knees with his huge, hard tool coming nearer and nearer
to the other slave-girls face. "Open up, bitch", Tanya ordered. As mike
opened his mouth, curt moved forward. In the process he began to
force mike against the wall on which there was fastened a huge,
vibrating, black dildoe. "TAKE him, you cocksucker", Tanya ordered
as mike was forced farther onto the black dick. "HARDER!" mike
could feel the pain as the black cock began its penetration into his new
pussy. As it entered his body, the vibrations make his cock stand tall.
he began to suck his friend with a frenzy, making his hanging breasts
swing back and forth. Without even being touch, he came in a pool of
cum. As a final insult, Tanya made him lick up his own seed. "you're
MY cocksucker now", she said triumphantly.


"Now, let's get you dressed", said Becky as she put out some clothes
for her new slave. Tanya had taken curt to be her own slave --
PAYMENT for services rendered. Becky now had the mind-numbed
and thoroughly feminized ex-boyfriend to herself.

"What say we start with some dainty black satin panties?", she said,
holding up a pair of silky undies to size them up. "We have to make
my little whore pretty for her new job."

"Please, Becky!", mike pleaded. "i'm sorry for what we did! Don't do
this to me -- change me back! PLEASE!"

"Don't be silly", Becky said as she fondled her boyfriend's new
sensitive breasts. "you always DID like big boobs -- how does it FEEL
to own a pair of your own?", she quipped.

"i don't want them", mike said tearfully. "i want to be a man again."

"A MAN!", Becky said with sarcasm in her voice. "you are a

She was right. mike had sucked his friend's cock -- and then he had
taken his friend's cock up his ass and liked it. While he was fucking
him, mike had been begging for more. With an ass full of dick, mike
had fondled and played with his breasts BEGGING to be turned into a
whore! But it was all Tanya's doing. She MADE him say all those

"Those panties look NICE on you, michelle", said Becky. "I think
we'll leave you go BRALESS -- so your titties can show through the
thin tee shirt you'll be wearing."

"NO!", pleaded mike. "i'll look like a WHORE!"

"NOW you're getting the idea!", said Becky. She put a tight tee-shirt
on him; it barely contained his new breasts. Each time he took a step
his breasts would sway so seductively. Then she put tiny leather
short-shorts on him -- with a zipper in the back. She made him wear
high heels and clip on earrings. "We have to go shopping for some
decent clothes", she said matter-of-factly.

"You're going to take me OUT?" asked mike, shocked again.

"Indeed, dear. Before we're done, you'll have the most provocative
wardrobe any hooker could hope for."


The shopping trip was a nightmare. He looked like a hooker with a
male haircut. Becky took him to a salon where his hair was shaved off
completely. Permanent makeup was put on his face and his nails were
lengthened and colored bright red.

Every step he took through the mall made him feel cheap and used. his
breasts moved with every step -- his ass shook and swayed involuntarily
because of the new shape his body had taken. Before they left the mall
Becky had purchased several wigs for him -- leather dresses -- lingerie
-- earrings for his new pierced ears -- shoes, boots, -- the works!

At home she dressed him in his new leather dress -- his high heeled
boots -- his new handcuff earrings -- and his condom necklace. "If we
do not administer the serum to change you back within twelve hours the
changes will be permanent", she told him. "But before I will give you
the shot, you have to bring back a gallon of male cum. Anything less
and you will remain a whore for the rest of your life!"

She had him over the barrel. he had no choice but to milk a gallon of
cum out of willing and unwilling men. he had two quarts -- and two
quarts to go. Unfortunately, he had only two hours left. his mouth
could take no more as he crawled back to Becky, begging her for
another chance.

"It's too late", she said. "you fucked with me -- and now I fucked with
you. The changes are permanent! TOMORROW -- we'll have that
useless DICK of yours -- cut off!"

I guess it was inevitable! michelle works full time now -- as a whore.
Becky is happy and has put the rape behind her. curt -- he was castrated
by Tanya and cast aside. Becky's looking for ANOTHER man. Any

The end.


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