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by jmaster12



Dan looked down at his phone, saw the one word text message, and blanched.

From: Secrethook:

Guiltily, he looked over at the door to the kitchen. He could hear his wife bustling about there, getting herself a beer. He looked back down at his phone.


The word was a hypnotic trigger. But knowing that, and knowing what it did, was not going to make it any easier to resist. He knew, because he had tried.

Dan wasn’t sure who “Secrethook” was. A woman he had met on the Internet, who had flirted with him outrageously, much to his initial delight. And continuing delight, really, but... at some point, she asked if he’d ever tried hypnosis.

He had. Some years before, Dan and his wife Melissa had played with hypnosis a bit. He had proven to be an especially good subject, and he found something erotic about his wife being able to control things about himself that he could not. They experimented with it for a while, sometimes in the bedroom... but then moved on to other things. He’d missed it, but he liked the other things too.

Somehow all this came out in his conversations with Secrethook. He told her about things they’d done, things they’d talked about doing, what he liked about it and what worked especially well for him. And then she offered to hypnotize him.

“Offered” might be too weak a word. Thinking back, he still wasn’t quite sure how that conversation had started... He remembered telling her a lot of things about the specific feelings he had when his wife hypnotized him, and when she took him deeper into trance, and when she told him things he felt unable to disobey. Remembering that had felt so vivid, so compelling, that by the time she asked him if he would go into trance for her, it had been hard to remember how to say anything but “yes.”

And going into trance for Secrethook felt wonderful. Every time she hypnotized him, it felt even better than before. He was pretty sure she had told him that... but it didn’t really matter, because he knew it was true.

So that was really fun, at first. He hadn’t realized until then how much he’d missed Melissa hypnotizing him. Secrethook’s hypnotic inductions and visualizations reminded him of his wife’s, but perhaps a bit wilder, less inhibited. Perhaps a little bit scarier.

And then... she started to do things to him.

It was innocuous, at first; more of the hypnosis game they were playing. She would put him into trance suddenly, unexpectedly, using trigger words at stranger and stranger times, until he was convinced that she could hypnotize him any time she wanted, no matter how he felt about it. She was always very careful not to put him in a bad situation this way... but he noticed that the times she tested him, when he didn’t realize she was actually being careful, he went under at her command anyway. She lavishly praised his responsiveness to her triggers, and he loved her good words even while secretly nervous about the implications.

Then she began to make him do things.

She got him to tell her all his private, secret fantasies; things he hadn’t even told his wife. She made him act out some of hers.

He noticed that if she asked him to do something and he refused, he would often later realize that he had done it anyway. The first night he realized this, away on a business trip, he was up half the night masturbating, thinking about how much control that meant she had over him. The next night he told her, and was up half that night masturbating under her control.

She always seemed to know just exactly how far to push him: far enough to scare him with realizing he was giving up a little more control, each time, but gradual enough that it remained right on the edge, still too hot to resist. Being scared didn’t help: it was only just enough to make it hotter.

And thinking of his wife didn’t help either. Secrethook made no attempt to change his devotion to Melissa; in fact she would tease him with it. When he touched himself for her, she would often make him look at naked photos of his wife. She said he was already deeply conditioned to arousal at the sight of her body, and that she would make that conditioning even stronger... and that obeying her while looking at Melissa’s body would just drive her control deeper. In time, she said, thinking of either of them would remind him of her control.

Sex with his wife had become hotter and more passionate than it had been in a long time. She had been delighted by the change, though he fumblingly professed no idea when she asked what might have happened. But the better it got, the more afraid he was that Secrethook was right.

And then she had given him the “lock” command. When she said that, she told him, his orgasms would become locked away, under her control. Until she gave permission, he would be unable to come.

Dan looked at the kitchen door again. It swung open, and his wife came in with her beer.

“So I was thinking of watching this movie tonight,” Melissa said, waving a DVD case. He started to get a look at it as she set it down after extracting the disk. “I don’t know if we’ll be able to get all the way through it, though! I hear the double penetration scene is very... distracting.” She gave him a coy look. “Do you think you’ll be able to muster the... stamina?”

He looked to the side. “Uh, actually I’ve been feeling a little under the weather... I... don’t know what I’ll be up for tonight...”

“Oh, you poor thing!” she exclaimed, popping the DVD in the player. “I’ll have to see if I can cheer you up.” As she sat down next to him, she rested her hand in his lap, right on top of the lump in his pants from his entirely erect cock. “Oh, that’s a good start!”

While the scantily-clad couples on the screen drifted towards entirely unclad, her hand quickly made its way inside his pants; but she continued to tease him slowly through the first scene of the movie. The combination of fear and control and her touch would have had him nearly on the edge of coming immediately, if he’d been able to come; but she didn’t seem in any hurry to take him over the edge.

He knew that her touch was incredible when she wanted it to be; but he also knew that it wouldn’t be enough, that he was not going to be able to come without permission. He had tried, the night before, when Melissa had been late at work and Secrethook had first introduced him to the lock command.

He had tried for hours.

Soon, Melissa would decide to bring him off, and it wouldn’t happen, and she would be surprised and sad and want to know why, and the whole thing would come out. He was sick with fear, but somehow the fear was just turning him on more. Just like she had told him it would. It was just rubbing his face in her control. In her hot, wet, deep and tight—

“Ooh... hold that thought,” said Melissa, standing. His cock stayed straight in the air when she let go of it, and it was actually throbbing. He let out a small involuntary whine.

“Just getting another beer,” she smiled. “You’ll just have to... miss me.” She walked into the kitchen.

Dan sat on the couch in a daze.


He looked at his phone.

From: Secrethook: Are you thinking of me?

He moaned. Of course he was. But if Melissa came back in, and heard the buzz, and asked who was texting him... He turned it from vibrate to silent. As he changed the settings he saw another message.

From: Secrethook: I bet you’re aching, aren’t you? Poor dear.

He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment. Despite the cool air and the absence of his wife’s hand, his cock had not gotten any less hard. If anything, it was even stiffer. He opened his eyes.

From: Secrethook: Could be worse, though. You could be thinking about Melissa’s pussy.

Dan couldn’t quiet his moan. This was another posthypnotic trigger. When she mentioned Melissa’s pussy, he couldn’t think of anything else... and he wanted to be inside it more than anything. His eyes closed, he pictured her labia, as he saw them from up close when he was just about to go down on her. He could imagine her scent, and the feel of her clit under the tip of his tongue.

The door opened and he gasped as his eyes flew open, focusing on his wife. She bit her lip and raised an eyebrow. “That’s the kind of welcome I like,” she said, smiling.

“In fact,” she continued, crossing the room to sit on the floor next to him, “you’re being so very sweet tonight, I think I should be extra nice to you back. I teased you for the first part of the movie, but I think she—” she nodded towards the frozen TV image, where a woman knelt in the act of leaning her mouth towards her lover’s erect member—“has the right idea.”

And Melissa tenderly took the head of his cock into her mouth.

His wife was extremely good at giving head. And so, although his eyes nearly popped out of his skull and Dan quickly abandoned any notion of keeping his gasps and moans quiet so the neighbors wouldn’t hear, it wasn’t long before she couldn’t fail to notice that he just wasn’t coming.

He felt like he should have been over the edge almost immediately. But he didn’t. He couldn’t. “My orgasm is under Secrethook’s control,” he thought, fearfully.

Melissa licked again, tenderly, eagerly, lustfully. His world went white. “My orgasm is under Secrethook’s control,” he thought again. Had she told him to think that?

A little deeper into Melissa’s luscious mouth, and back again between her wet lips, and again the world disappeared. “My orgasm is under Secrethook’s control,” he thought. Terribly, he realized that the thought turned him on. That each time Melissa brought him to the brink, and he was unable to come without permission, and again he thought “my orgasm is under Secrethook’s control,” he felt more completely controlled, more helplessly obedient, more entirely subject to the whims of this woman he had never met who had hypnotized him so deeply, set her hooks in him so completely.

“My orgasm is under Secrethook’s control,” he thought desperately, helplessly, obediently—had he said it out loud? He hoped not, but it was impossible to keep track of anything now, he was so close, so frantic...

“Are you holding out on me, my love?” Melissa asked, taking her mouth from his cock. “I wouldn’t have thought it possible. But perhaps I’ll just have to put you in your place.”

She stood, and turned her back to him, straddling his legs. She lifted her skirt, and he saw she had nothing on underneath. She leaned forward, and reached between her legs to spread the lips of her pussy as he watched.

His eye fell on his phone, sitting beside him on the couch.

From: Secrethook:

He was coming inside his wife from the moment she began to lower herself onto him.

A short while later, as Dan lay completely asleep on the couch, Melissa straightened her skirt, carried her empty bottles into the kitchen, and logged the laptop on the kitchen counter out of the Secrethook instant messaging account.


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