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Romantic Submission

by mikufan4life

Romantic Submission

THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION(granted its not my best)

I bring you a room, tastefully decorated with soft furnishings, a comfy lounge, large soft chairs, a large bed with white satin sheets in one corner, in the other corner there are toys hanging on the wall behind a lace curtain. You can make out a variety of silk scarves, ropes, handcuffs, leather straps, clamps, a gag.

"Did you enjoy dinner my love?" I ask as you feel that stirring between your thighs, excited about the thought of being in my possession tonight.

"Dinner was lovely thank you"

You notice me watching your breasts through your sheer white blouse, this causes your nipples to harden instinctively, you are aching for me to touch them.

"Nothing but the best for you my love," my gaze drifting over the length of your body.

Our eyes lock as I walk to the chair by the window. You follow my eyes until I am seated facing you and then I say "Undress."

Your gaze remains on me as you begin removing your clothing, slowly, deliberately.

White skin comes into view as you remove your blouse, your breasts swaying slightly from your movements.

The condition of your nipples gives you away. Firm and hard, it is evident you are reacting to our little game

You bend over pushing your skirt down over your hips letting it fall to the floor. You are naked except for your shoes and thigh high white silky stockings

I make a rotating motion with one hand and you turn slowly for me as if on display.

When you have made a complete revolution, I motion for you to come closer to me. You step over your skirt and move within reach holding still directly in front of me.

I move my hand over your body, touching your stomach, tweaking your nipples, slipping it in between your thighs.

"You are very moist my love"

"It is your touch that does it, I want to be yours to possess"

I smile approvingly, admiring my play toy. I stand and retrieve a pair of soft leather cuffs, pull your slender wrists behind your back before securing them tightly.

I tap the inside of each of your thighs with the back of my hands and you respond by opening your stance.

"Open yourself for me love. Let me see the pinkness of your hidden charms. I suspect you are very moist" I say.

You spread your thighs wider, I can see your inner lips and the glisten of dew gathering at the base of your petals. You moan with pleasure aching for me to touch your pussy.

I gently carry you with wrists bound to the bed and place you on your back. In a fluid motion I remove your cuffs, giving you only a second of freedom before attaching your wrists high above your head, securing the leather cuffs to a chain above.

Your fingers toy with the coldness of the chains as I blindfold you.

I encircle your ankles with thick, soft, leather and attach each of them to chains secured on either side of the bed, forcing your legs to spread and exposing your wetness, making you vulnerable.

It is now that it dawns on you that you're completely naked and helpless, mine to do with what I please, this causes your body to writhe in pleasure on the bed.

"Quiet my love, I want you to hold your excitement in until I allow you to release it"

I insert a large cloth gag into your mouth and tie it tightly behind your head.

You start to squirm and fight the bindings madly but to no avail. I have secured you tightly. I stand back and watch as you struggle on the satin sheets with a sense of fear and arousal.

"You're so lovely and beautiful" I say "You are mine to do with what I please, you will enjoy it my love"

I noticed your nipples becoming very erect, the glistening of sweat as your chest heaves from your ever quickening breaths of excitement.

I notice every finger as your hands twist in the leather cuffs, vainly searching for escape. Your legs spread wide leaving your wetness open and helpless.

I can see the lips of your vagina, glistening and wet, peeking out from the soft folds of your most intimate region.

I thread a rope around your breasts, circling each one around and around, causing them to become taut, straining against the ropes.

Untying the cloth gag…I allow you to speak

"Touch me please" you moan

Your body strains at your bonds as my hands run down your shoulders past your breasts, pausing only long enough to softly give each nipple a slow tease, awakening them.

I place a padded small clamp on each nipple, they are set with just enough pressure to excite your breasts and make your pussy tingle from the erotic delights of the contraptions.

You feel me kneel between your open legs and give your inner thighs each a soft kiss.

I notice your passion and with a loving smile become your rescuer. I place my tongue against your pussy and proceed to slowly lick your clit.

"I want you to come NOW"

Your body spasms in orgasm as I insert two fingers high into your pussy, whilst clenching your clit gently between my teeth.

I see you writhe in orgasmic pleasure, bound wrists, ankles and breasts…still blindfolded.

I straddle you and guide your mouth to my cock, full and heavy in front of you. Slipping your soft lips around my swollen head, you feel my hips gyrating gently towards you, pushing my hardened length deep into your mouth.

"Very nice, my love"

I begin to pump deep into your mouth, feeling your warm lips and tongue surround my cock., licking, sucking and tasting me. Grabbing your hair with my hands I force myself deeper into your mouth., fucking your hot wet lips as I watch your bound wrists strain against the leather cuffs.

I stop, wanting to possess every part of your body and move between your bound legs.

"Oh please" you moan

"Please what Stella?" I say

"Please fuck me" you moan

Moaning as my cock starts rubbing against your wetness before slamming into you in one smooth motion, shoving you on the bed.

The sensation of my thickness invading your tight pussy makes you buck in your restraints

Pounding and fucking you with such force, claiming you as mine

Your inner walls clamp down on my cock as I continue thrusting into you hard. You convulse again and again as I come deep inside of you.

I rest on top of you for a while..our breathing slows....

"You are wonderful" I say

"How I love to be yours" you whisper.


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