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TG at the mall

by aungshadow

TG at the mall

Max was walking around his house, he was a social outcast didn't have to many friends so he didn't go out much. He had this long greasy black hair that covered his eyes and he always wore these loose baggy clothes. He went on his computer and played games for a few hours. His mom walked out and saw her son wasting his life on the computer. She looked at him "Max are how about me and you go to the mall today" she said smiling
Max turned to her "why all you ever do is by clothes for yourself and I just stand there and watch."
His mom got annoyed "you're going now wither you want to or not." Max had this bad tendency to open his mouth and insert his foot.
Max walked around the mall with his mom, she was nice and picked him up a new video game but he had to watch his mom try on clothes.
Max sat on a chair waiting for his mom to finish trying on the clothes, he noticed a woman sitting behind a desk glare at him wickedly. He got annoyed and flicked her off, the woman got even more pissed and turned away. She pushed a button under her desk but and a few woman walked up to the desk.
Max's moms walked out of the changing room warring a bikini, for a woman in her 30s she would pass as mid 20s. A few woman walked up saying "it looks gorgeous on you miss, but your son looks offaly bored" she said, she then looked into max's mother's eyes and said slowly "how about he try's on something on." Max's mother just nodded her head yes.
Max jumped up "wait, what?"
At that moment a bunch a woman held him down, and started tarring off his clothes. The woman from that glared at him walked up to him "I was going to ignore you but you should know to never show disrespect to a lady, boy." The woman took of everything even his underwear, he was pinned down naked by a bunch of strange woman and his mother looked like she was in a trance.
One of the woman pulled at a pink laced thong she said "should put this on miss" she asked.
The pissed of woman grabbed Max's by the balls and forced him making moan in pain. She smiled "soon you'll know how to be a lady" she said. She mumbled some strange words and removed her hand from Max's balls and he couldn't move his whole body went numb.
The woman through the thong to the side "we'll start with a makeover" she said pulling out a makeup bag. They start applying makeup on Max's face the makeup absorbed into his skin making his facial features more feminine. He tried to yell but the shoved a gag in his mouth, he felt his vocal cords change.
Then another woman grabbed a corset and tied it on Max, squeezing him he winced his pain as his torso shrunk his waist line shrink, it felt like his organs were being rearranged. Max's tried to say something but all that come out was drool because of the gag.
Then another woman grabbed out this weird cream and rubbed it all over his body making his skin soft and shimmer.
One woman grabbed this other cream and rubbed it on his chest making his nipple start budding out. Max looked down in horror as he noticed he started growing breasts the grew from a a-cup to a dd-cup. The weight of the breasts made his back arch.
The women looked at him "nearly flawless, except for that" the pointed at his tangling dick now erect from Max staring at his breasts. Max shook his head extremely fast mumbling something but the gages stopped it.
A woman pulled out a dildo "miss may I" The woman from earlier nodded. The woman with the dildo walked behind Max, she smiled wickedly and shoved the dildo up his ass. Max screamed and his balls started retracting until they were nothing, as he screamed like a girl his testacies start retracting until it was a hole. The hole formed into a fully functional Vagina, Max looked down in terror, they took the gag of. He now She yelled "what the hell....." he paused and realized his voice sounded like a girls.
She still couldn't move, the woman turned to Max's mother "make so she remembers him as a girl, and you make sure to change reality outside of this store " she demanded. She picked up a new dildo and looked at Max, she smiled wickedly "now you'll live life like a girl forever but we want you to remember being a girl so" she crammed the dildo up Max's Vagina. Max moaned in pleasure as she had her first orgasm, the pleasure went on for a half hour. She laid on the floor the ground stained with the hot juices that flowed from her pussy. The woman helped her up "miss are you ok you fell out of the dressing room well you and your mother were trying on Bikini's. Max now Michal smiled"oh sorry I'm such a clots at times" she said smiling as she picked up a bikini "please forgive me it's so un lady like of me."
Her mother walked out "oh my baby did you hurt you head" she said as she kissed her head. Michal smiled "I'm ok mom let's just buy me some new clothes then we can spend the rest of the day at the spa."
The woman smiled happily as she switched Michal's old boy clothes for some girl's clothes. She cashed out there Bikini's and let them on their way. Michal's looked at her mother and smiled "it funny I feel really great almost completely reborn." Her mother smiled 'if shopping was refreshing just wait till we go to the spa."


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