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Hypnotised By My Brother

by Pinstryp

Hypnotised By My Brother

My name is Leanne. A couple years ago, when I was almost twenty, my brother approached me with the idea of his trying to hypnotize me. Since he was a pretty good guy for an eighteen year old, I decided to go along with it, especially since I knew it wouldn't work. I figured I could have a little fun anyway. So he sat me down between a couple of pillows one afternoon.

We chose a time when nobody else would be home for a while, so as not to interfere with my "trance". He started me off in the usual way, speaking in relaxing tones and trying to get me to zone out. He had gotten his info from a library book, and maybe it was just the monotone way he spoke, but I did begin to feel a little sleepy. Then he must have felt like the spell should have taken effect, cause he started telling me to do things. He first had me stand up, then hold my hand in front of me, simple stuff, and it was easy to go along with it.

Then he must have figured he had to test me by getting me to do things I might not do normally. First he had me pick up a pencil with my mouth. No big deal. Then he had me lie back down on the floor. The next thing he told me to do shouldn't have surprised me. He told me to unbutton my shirt. He was a typical brother you see, and he had caught peeks of me from time to time over the years. I was having fun, and I had a bra on so I complied. He got a big grin on his face, thinking this must have proved something. He had me stand up and take my shirt the rest of the way off.

Then he told me to take my bra off. I was a little surprised by his audacity, but he apparently figured his spell had really worked and that I wouldn't remember this or he'd have never had the nerve to tell me to do that. I was going to end it there, but I thought, why not give the kid a thrill, besides then I'd have something to hold over his head when he found out I was not really hypnotized. So I reached around and undid my bra and shrugged it off. My brother was the one that was mesmerized now, looking with eyes wide open at my big boobs.

I was a little surprised at how I felt, having him look at me and me making no move to cover myself up. I was about to tell him his perverted little game was over when suddenly a bright flash lit the room. The little bastard had taken a picture of me, and before I knew what had happened he'd taken off to his room. I had to think. He could keep that photo away from me if I chased him to his locked room. Deciding quickly, I figured I'd continue to play along with this, then later I'd go to his room and find that picture, then I'd get that little S.O.B.

He came back shortly to find me, still naked from the waist up, still pretending to be in a trance. He proceeded to give me commands. Lift your arms, hold your "boobies" as he called them, in your hands. Then as if that wasn't embarrassing enough, he came forward and began groping me. I was really embarrassed by this, but luckily I don't turn real red when I'm embarrassed, so he didn't know.

He even licked my nipples for a while. I couldn't believe I'd gotten myself in such a predicament, and all I could do was stand there. Then he did something I just couldn't believe. Right in front of me, he pulled his penis out and began masturbating with one hand while continuing to play with my tit with the other. When he came, some of his come was in his hand and he even wiped that on my tit. Now you have to remember, at this time, though I was nearly twenty, I was a virgin, and I'd never even seen a hard penis before in real life. I honestly thought I was going to pass out. I was really at a loss now, I didn't know what was going to happen next. I soon found out.

My brother said "OK, come on out" and to my horror, his friend Wes came out of the coat closet. He had been watching the whole thing. Now I was standing bare breasted in front of two eighteen year olds. Wes said, this is great, can we see her underpants? My brother gave the command and to avoid suspicion I had to comply, so off came my pants. This was definitely not in my plan, and I had worn some very sheer , very brief undies. Those guys could probably see right through them, but I had to continue to make them think I was really under the spell.

Wes reached out and pulled my nipple. I was fast beginning to dislike him. Then he suggested I be told to take my panties off. That was soon the command, and I slowly pulled them down. Now I was completely naked in front of these boys. They had me sit on a stool and spread my legs so I was completely exposed to them. I was again at a new all time high for embarrassment. Their eyes burned into my most private parts and I just felt like dying.

Then Wes suggested he "fuck her". I nearly sobbed out loud, but thankfully my brother said no, since I could become pregnant. The first thing that had gone right in a long time. Wes had a contingency plan though. He pulled out his penis and held it next to my face. I was looking at it from only a couple inches away, and it looked absolutely foreign to me, almost like something alien. I think I could even smell it. "Dude, make her suck my dick", said Wes.

"I guess that would be OK", said my brother, to my horror. Wes then put his penis to my mouth and I was forced to suck on it. I didn't know much about it of course, but Wes coached me. I was wondering how long I'd have to go through this degradation, when I felt a pulsing and Wes started to come. I didn't know what to do, I started pulling away, but Wes kept me from doing so.

I kind of choked and gagged and some of that disgusting fluid actually came out through my nose. I started to sob a little, from shame, but the boys figured it was from having that sperm go up my nose. They made me lick Wes's penis clean, and after I'd complied, my brother said, look, she's peeing herself. Wes actually touched my pussy and smelled the fluid, and he said, "that's pussy juice. She's hot. Make her get herself off."

I don't know where Wes got his knowledge from, cause he was right, though I wouldn't have expected such a reaction from myself. But there I soon was, completely naked in front of two eighteen year old boys, one of them my brother, rubbing my gaping pussy to orgasm. My humiliation was complete and total.

My brother said to me "Leanne, you are under my spell. When I say abracadabra, you will return to your trance. Now get dressed and go about your normal routine." To keep up my ploy of making him think his spell had worked, I dressed and left.

That night I didn't get a chance to go into my brother's room and look for the picture, and I went to bed early. As I was lying in bed I went over the events of the day. The thing I could not get over was how stimulating I had found the humiliation I had undergone. I slept soundly that night. The next morning I had a chance to get into my brother's room to find the Polaroid he'd taken of me. It didn't take me too long to find it and I took it to my room and destroyed it. Now I would wait for my brother to get home and read him the riot act about what he and his friend had done. I didn't have to wait long.

My brother got home a half hour after I'd found the picture. I met him at the door, put my finger in his chest and proceeded to tell him that I found and destroyed the photo, and that my hypnosis had all been an act and that he was now in some major trouble. He looked me in the eye and said "abracadabra". Well he had apparently not been listening cause that didn't work and I reminded him of that fact. He said "calm down Leanne, don't you think you're over reacting a little?" I had to admit he was right, and I did calm down and he said "lets sit down and talk about this".

So I sat on the couch and he sat next to me. Suddenly I saw a bright flash. I looked around, expecting to see a camera somewhere, but saw nothing. Then my eyes went to my hands, which were folded in my lap, and I saw that I was sitting there with no pants on! How in the hell had I forgotten to put pants on?! I didn't even have panties on. And my brother appeared to have not noticed. I wracked my brain trying to figure out what had happened. I was sure I'd had them on but I kept looking down at my hands resting on my bare pubic area and there was no way around it.

I was sitting in the living room with my brother at ten o'clock on a Saturday morning, naked from my waist to my ankles. I looked across the room, and there were my pants and panties resting on the chair. I had to figure out an in-obtrusive way to get them back without my brother noticing my state. But this situation was ludicrous. How could he not notice? It was like those awful dreams you have where you are at school naked or something, but this was no dream. I had an idea. I asked my brother to get me a drink of water. I planned to get my clothes while he was out of the room and get away to regroup. He said no problem and went to get the water, and I then walked over to where my clothes were.

As I was walking over there I noticed my pussy had become quite wet, I guess I was aroused again by the embarrassing situation I'd been in. I gave my pussy a quick rub and went back to sit down. Just as I sat down my brother walked in, and it occurred to me I'd forgotten to grab my clothes. How in the hell could I have done that?! My brother said "here's the candle you asked for, sis".

I told him I'd asked for water and he said "no, you wanted a candle for your pussy". I know for sure I hadn't said any such thing, but when he held out the candle I took it. I waited for him to look away for a second and I started rubbing the candle around my clit and the entrance to my pussy. I couldn't believe how bold I was being with my brother right there on the couch next to me, and the fact that he could easily look at me and see what I was doing made it that much more exciting.

I don't know how I kept him from noticing, but the more I played with my pussy, the more I needed to. I had rubbed my clit from time to time in my life, but up to now I had never actually put anything in my pussy other than the tip of a finger. That changed now though. I kept glancing at my brother, watching for a reaction to my behavior, and seeing none, I began fucking my pussy with that candle in earnest. My brother suddenly grabbed the hand that held the candle and asked what I was doing. "You weren't supposed to see me," I said.

He asked how he could miss it, being there in the room. I was at a loss. "Still think you're not hypnotized?" he asked with a grin. I had to admit my behavior had seemed unusual to me even as I was doing it. I made some half hearted explanation about only doing what I wanted to do. "And you actually think sucking someone's cock yesterday was preferable to my having a grainy photo of your tits?"

I began to come to the realization that he was right, that I was doing these things without any free will. The realization made the circumstances that much more horrifying, to think that I had no control over my actions. I looked at the candle protruding from my pussy, and though I still couldn't take it out, I was now making a conscious effort to do so, and I recognized the fact that I did NOT want to be sitting here in the living room next to my brother, fucking my pussy with a candle.

I told him that sucking that boy's cock had been one of the worst experiences in my life. He asked if I would feel better about sucking his cock. I screamed NO, I never want to do that again. My brother said "take my cock out of my pants." Knowing now the situation I was in, I fought to keep from doing so, but I couldn't help myself. I hated myself for what I was doing, and I hated my brother for putting me through this, but I reached to him and pulled his hard young cock out of his pants. I dreaded to think where this was going, but I was powerless to control my actions.

He asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. I begged him not to make me, knowing I was in his control. He said OK, to just commence rubbing it all over my face. What little relief I could have had was overshadowed by the revulsion I felt at having his gross penis on my face. I rubbed it all over my face and neck, feeling like crying, but having no choice. He eventually asked me if I wanted to stop, and of course I said yes.

He told me to take the candle out of my pussy, and I hoped this was the end of my ordeal. He said "make sure to lick off all your pussy juice from that candle", and I unhappily complied. He then ordered me to get on my knees on the couch over his cock. I didn't like that idea at all, but I had no choice. He then told me to rub his cock on my pussy. I was horrified. He told me to continue rubbing my pussy with his cock, and to make myself come. I was torn between my compulsion to do whatever he told me to do, and my fear of pregnancy, but I had to comply.

He made me keep rubbing his disgusting cock on my pussy till I came, then he said to put the head of his cock into my pussy. I started sobbing, still shuddering from my recent orgasm, that I could get pregnant. He laughed and said "don't worry, I won't keep it in there long." He had me move up and down on his cock, just putting the head in then taking it out, then one time when his cock was in me he yelled "STOP", and I felt his cock pulse and he came in my pussy.

I sobbed, and he said "OK, get off, and clean out your pussy. Make sure to lick it all off your fingers." I scooped the mixture of his come and my pussy juice in my hand and ate it, knowing this was my best chance to avoid getting pregnant. If you don't think this was revolting, try doing it with your own come sometime. I was totally humiliated, but the circumstances forced me to put everything I had into getting every last drop of scum.

What would he do next?


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