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beauty gets enslaved

by deathmetal

beauty gets enslaved

Carlie was an extremely beautiful girl of twenty two. Her boyfriend John had been with her for two years and they had just moved in together. The apartment they had found was cheap, and not particularly bad for the price, though somewhat small. She and John had an excellent relationship, and planned to get married soon. However, one thing she did not know about him was that he wanted more than anything his wife to be a true sex slave to him. Carlie, while having an active sex life, was always quite proper about it and would do it only on her own terms. John wanted her to not only do exactly as he wanted, but he wanted her to crave his commands and act on them like a good sex slave should. So, he devised a plan that would change both their lives forever. It was quite simple really, and he selected the night of their completion of moving in to execute it. They finished unpacking, and to celebrate he brought a bottle of tequila. Carlie, he knew, could not handle alcohol very well and as he predicted she fell asleep shortly after she had had a few shots.
When she woke up she was laying in her bed with something playing on a tape recorder next to her. She heard it playing and could make out through the distorted words "you are nothing but a sex slave, a very good sex slave, you want your master to order and command you....". She marched out to the kitchen and found john sitting there. "Sleep well?" he said. She held up the recorder and asked what it was and why the hell he had it playing. John smirked and said "Well honey, theres no harm in telling you now i suppose. its a hypnosis file me and a couple friends rigged up. While you slept I'm sure it already did what it was meant to do. The recording helps instill in your mind the idea that you are my sex slave and crave my control. It does a few other things too, such as make you feel strongly bisexual, but you'll learn what all it has done over time" Carlie looked aghast, "What the hell?! Why on earth would you try to do that to me? Besides, hypnosis isn't even real, its a hoax! You're a complete sicko!" John just sat and smiled, knowing the indignant behavior wouldn't last very much longer. "Don't worry" John said," you won't be complaining much. See, one of the things that was in my recording was a little something to make sure you would go along with this. You know that even as you're standing there you want to listen to it more. Eventually you won't be able to resist, and every time you listen you get more addicted to it. So just wait honey, pretty soon the fact you're upset won't matter." Even as he said this, Carlie was realizing that her attention was straying to turning the recording back on, and she really wanted to listen to it again. She went to smash the tape into the counter and John sat there and laughed "Hahaha, go ahead hon, if you can manage to bring yourself to break it, go ahead, I won't stop you" She wanted to destroy it, but somehow she just couldn't bring herself to do it, and though she wanted to resist the urge she gave in and pushed the play button on the recorder. Again she heard the suggestions, and her whole body felt good. She knew John was right and she couldn't resist the urge to play it over and over again. John at this point knew he had won and went to leave for work. On his way out he turned and said "Well hon, have a nice day, by the time I get home I'm sure you'll have come around to my way of thinking." And as he predicted, she just sat there and listened all day, completely engrossed.
When John got home that night, he walked in and Carlie had fallen asleep on the couch, the recording still on. He reached over and turned it off and shook her to wake her up. She had given herself over during the day to the great feeling obeying gave her, and he decided to give her a test to see how his idea was working. He pulled down his pants and boxers and without even a second's hesitation she was on her knees sucking his cock. As instructed in her hypnosis, she did not even think of her own pleasure beyond the pleasure of servicing him however he wanted. The hypno-training had worked perfectly. She had lost all resistance and all care for propriety. John used her every way he felt like, fucking her in the mouth, pussy and ass, and the entire time she just kept begging to continue serving him. The training had reprogrammed her with only the desire to be the perfect sex slave, and she was. He fucked her until he exploded, and continued to suck him even afterwards, never wanting or even thinking of her own satisfaction. John said "The hypnosis has worked perfectly! You're the perfect slut now aren't you?" "Yes sir" she replied. John could not help reveling in the fruits of his labors. He now had the sex slave he had always wanted. She abandoned her old life, becoming over time his slut, and that was all that there was to her or her identity. She, at his command, no longer wore clothes, but went constantly naked so he could enjoy her huge perky breasts and beautiful ass, and always begged for orders from him. The pleasure of his control was as good to her as the pleasure of having her for a slut was to him.
Over the months, John took on several girlfriends, all of whom Carlie willingly had threesomes with, and whom she would service as willingly as she would John. She also continued on his hypnosis training regimen, becoming ever more his slave. Eventually, she became the perfect sex slave he had always wanted. The two were married, but as a show of how completely he had control over her, she took her vows while stripped completely naked and giving him a handjob.
And that is how John made Carlie what she is today.....the ideal fuck slut


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