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Perfect Couples 2/3

by Briar

Perfect Couples 2/3

Suzette was still standing dutifully behind her mistress when the small metal name tag on the front of her slim black choker began to vibrate. The vibration was subtle, enough for Suzette to feel against the sensitive skin on the front of her neck, but not nearly enough for anyone else to notice. She stepped out from behind the table, making her way to the kitchen to pick up the main course. Her white-stockinged legs whispered through the petticoats beneath her skirt as she walked. With the brisk efficiency of a true professional, she stepped into the kitchen.
“Here's your entree ma'am. Is there anything else you'd like?” Max was slowly becoming accustomed to this strange woman, though he still wasn't exactly sure how to address her, or rather, address the mysteriously silent woman sitting at the table through her.
“No, that will be all. I'll take the disc back though,” said Suzette, extending the hand not occupied with the tray of pasta and wine that she effortlessly balanced at shoulder level. Max returned the small bit of plastic, which Suzette slipped back into her apron. To Max's surprise, the hand did not reemerge empty. He reached forward to accept the tidy pile of crisp bills Suzette offered him.
“With tax, the meal should come to $48.53, leaving you a tip of $21.47, in addition to the previous amount. I believe that qualifies as 'more than fair,' no?”
“Ah, yes ma'am, much more than fair.” Something in the way she made the statement assured him that when he inevitably went to check the bill the total would come to no more nor less than $48.53.
“Oh, well, perhaps I should take some of it back then,” Suzette replied. She smiled at the startled expression that overtook the young man's face before adding “thank you for your assistance this evening, your tip is well deserved.” With that, she made a sharp turn and stepped out of the kitchen, without so much as wobbling on her heels.
Suzette soon arrived back at Alice's table where she quickly laid out the plate of pasta and the fresh glass of wine.
“We can leave whenever you like, mistress.”
Alice smiled.
“Excellent work, Suzette,” she said, discretely slipping a hand under her maid's short skirt to brush between her legs, starting midway up her ass, savoring the feeling of the latex against her fingers. “You've done very well.”
“Thank you, mistress” Suzette replied, as the dildos nestled inside her swelled slightly in response to Alice's touch. As the hand began to recede from her crotch, Suzette felt it linger for a second, and inhaled sharply as she felt the newly enlarged shaft filling her pussy start to vibrate. It was light, to be sure, but more than enough to arouse her.
Suzette stood dutifully behind her mistress, though perhaps not quite as still as before. Her thighs made slight but frequent movements, adjusting the plugs within her by shifting the latex panties to which they were attached.
Soon, Alice had finished her meal, drained what was left of her wine and folded her napkin, placing it on the table before her. As she stood, Suzette pulled back her chair and allowed her to step out from her spot at the table. As Alice stepped past her maid on her way to the door, her hand slipped back under the woman's petticoats, lingered for another second on her crotch, and the vibrations slowed to a halt. Together, the two walked through the restaurant, more crowded now than it had been before, as customers pointed, stared, and tried their hardest not to look at the tall brunette in the long black dress and her blonde companion.
They walked together to the curb, where a black town car pulled up to meet them within seconds. Suzette reached forward to open the door, allowing Alice to sit before shutting it and walking around to the opposite side. As she took her seat, she felt the dildos shift, most notably the one in her ass, producing a wonderful feeling that still managed to surprise her every time. Once the two were settled, a small panel opened in the opaque barrier separating the driver from his passengers.
“Home, ma'am, or is there somewhere else you would like to stop on the way?”
“Just home, John. We've had a long day already, no need to extend it.”
“Yes ma'am.”
The small panel closed again, leaving the women in their own private room. Alice was a woman who appreciated her privacy, and could afford to outfit her car with enough cameras to give her driver a better view of the road behind him than he could find in a convertible, but no idea what happened in the back seat.
“Besides,” Alice added, “I've got something I want you to take on a test drive.” As she said it, her hand found its way back under Suzette's skirt, starting the vibrator again, a little faster this time.
“Ohh, yes ma'am,” came the reply, an anticipatory smile evident on the maid's face, even through the pleasure.

Kaitlin set down her bag of groceries when she reached her apartment door, reaching into her pocket to find the key. As she lifted it to the lock, she noticed a post-it stuck to the doorknob.

Something special waiting for you in the dressing room.

Today must be the day then. Kaitlin unlocked the door and set the groceries down in the small kitchen before moving toward the back of the apartment. She wasn't quite sure how she felt about Carl's idea just yet, but she had to admit, she was curious about what he had in mind. Two days ago he had left a bottle of pink nail polish in the bathroom with a note that read “Part 1.” He wouldn't tell her what it was for, hell, he wouldn't even admit he had put it there, but she had taken some time that night, which she had been given off, to apply the polish. She liked it quite a bit. Even if the sex didn't work out, at least she had gotten something out of Carl's silly plan. Though, she thought to herself, knowing Carlos, the whole “dress up” aspect of his idea might just be an excuse to give her a few little presents.
Due to their unorthodox sleeping arrangements, Kaitlin and Carlos had needed to make a few other creative alterations to the intended layout of their apartment. Having lost a closet, they decided to store their clothes in the original bedroom. However, neither of them had nearly enough clothes to put the space to much use, so they relocated them to the smaller guest bedroom. To help fill out the still ample amount of space, they had also set up a vanity for Kaitlin, as well as a series of full-length mirrors, earning the room the title of dressing room. Meanwhile, the original master bedroom had been converted into a small, more private living room.
When Kaitlin arrived in the dressing room, she found a long, pink dress draped over her chair. No, she thought, dress wasn't quite the right word. This was a gown. She walked over to it, holding the garment before her while she examined herself in a mirror. The dress was precisely the same shade of pink as her nails, she noted, smiling slightly to herself. As she looked at it, she noticed the note stuck to the front that read “Part 2.” As excited by the dress itself as the events that she expected to follow, Kaitlin began to strip. As she did, she noticed a matched pink bra and pair of thong panties sitting on the chair where the gown had been. This was a bit more like what she had been expecting. After removing her own underwear, she slipped on the new lingerie, and soon had made her way into the gown.
Standing before the mirror, she looked herself over. She looked like a princess from an old Disney movie, she thought, smiling. That had to be the idea. Carlos knew that she had loved the old Disney Princess movies since she was little, the idea of spending the night as one certainly did make her a bit excited. She turned around, meaning to get a look at the back of the gown, when she noticed that her vanity had been cleaned off. Well, partially anyway. In the center sat a small pile of makeup, consisting of a mix of old and new items, with another note that read “Part 3.” Looking through the pile, she found some of her standards: a basic foundation, mascara and and an eye liner pencil; however, there was also a small compact with a pink blush, some pink shadow and pink lipstick and gloss, all clearly chosen to work together and compliment the gown. Smiling a bit wider, both at Carl's ability to put all this together and at her present, she sat down and got to work.
It didn't take long for Kate to apply all of the makeup. There were moments when she felt compelled to move a little faster, skip a step, or not quite apply enough, but every time she decided to take the time to do it right. Carl wouldn't want her to cut corners, and she didn't want to disappoint. To be fair, she admitted to herself, she was enjoying the idea more and more every minute. She was probably more interested in her transformation into a beautiful princess than he was.
Once she finished, she admired herself in the vanity mirrors. She really did look good. She noted, though, that as beautiful as she was, she wouldn't exactly think of the outfit as sexy. The underwear beneath it, sure, but why cover it up with the gown? Whatever the reason, she certainly didn't mind. She turned in her chair and stood up. As she did, her foot bumped something beneath the chair. She bent over and found a pair of shoes, pink with a 2.5 inch heel. I must have missed these after picking up the dress, she thought, and slipped them on before taking a last look in one of the full-length mirrors. She smiled at her reflection, happy that she really did look beautiful, and walked to the door, where she found another note.
This one contained a short story about a princess locked in a tower, cursed to sleep until her true love came to retrieve her. It wasn't the most original story, but Kate gave him some credit for trying. When she saw it was a story, she had expected something a bit dirtier than that, but after thinking for a moment, she realized that she was glad Carlos had chosen to keep it simple. She liked the idea of a simple, child's romance, and found herself liking it even more when she imagined Carlos and her spending the day filling in the gaps that happened off screen.
She removed the note from the door and found the words “living room” jotted on the back. Kate made her way around to the master-bedroom-turned-living room, and saw that the furniture had been rearranged slightly, leaving a bit more open space around the couch. She walked over to it, and laid down. She felt a little silly doing it, she wasn't even sure Carl was home yet, and she didn't want to actually fall asleep waiting for him.
She didn't have to worry long though, since shortly after she laid down, their bedroom door opened and out stepped Carlos, who had been waiting for her to arrive. Kaitlin wasn't sure whether to gasp, laugh or moan a little when she saw what he was wearing, and found herself wishing she could mix the three. His outfit was clearly that of a prince to match her princess, though his was meant for travel. He wore a cotton button-down collared shirt, a pair of pants, and a slightly regal cape, topped off with a small gold crown sitting on his neatly combed hair. However, there were some clear alterations to the outfit. The shirt was half unbuttoned, revealing his chest (one of her favorite features), and the pants looked quite snug around his crotch, leaving little to nothing to the imagination. She was quite certain now, this was not his evening. The princess gown, the makeup, the simple story, his outfit, there was no doubt in Kaitlin's mind that this evening was for her. The gesture was impressive, and, she noticed excitedly, was working quite well. She quickly closed her eyes again, wanting to seem asleep. The least she could do at this point was play along.
“Ah, I have made it to the top of the tower,” came Carl's voice. In reality, he had almost no accent, but Carlos was fluent in Spanish and was more than capable of producing an appropriate one, a skill which Kate appreciated. “There is only one thing left to do.”
A thumping sound came to Kaitlin's ears, one which she had not at all expected. It grew louder very quickly, and soon was accompanied by a small jangling.
“Oh no! The stories said nothing about such a beast!”
Kate opened one eye, ever so slightly, to see Carlos facing down their dog, Charlie. Clearly, Carlos hadn't thought about this kind of interruption, and was improvising. He looked around the room for a second before quickly reaching for one of Charlie's bones that he had left on the floor.
“Ah ha! En guard, foul beast!” Carl took two passing lunges in the dog's general direction, before tossing the bone back out the door. Charlie followed it and began to gnaw contentedly. “Ha, I am victorious!” he proclaimed, before making his way over to Kaitlin, who had dutifully shut her eye again once she saw him coming, though she couldn't hold back her smile.
He knelt beside her on the couch and said “Oh fair maiden, I have come to rescue you.”
Kate didn't respond.
“Fair maiden! What is wrong? Am I not your true love, here to free you from your tower?”
“You're supposed to kiss me, stupid,” Kaitlin replied with a smile.
“Ah, but of course!” came the reply, but he made her wait a whole excruciating second before his mouth met hers in a passionate kiss that she immediately joined.
Kate opened her eyes to look at him again. He was bent over her slightly, looking down into her face. “Come now, I have something for you my lady,” he said, lifting her up slightly, to a sitting position. He reached behind him, and removed a thin silver tiara seemingly from nowhere. “A princess must have her crown, no?” he asked, as he showed it to her and placed it on her head. She kissed him again, wrapping her arms around his neck, before he pulled away. “Though, princess, I seem to have encountered one problem...”
“And what would that be, sir knight?” she asked, surprised.
“You see... I seem to have lost my bone,” he replied, with an embarrassed smile, knowing she had seen his impromptu battle with the dog.
“Oh, well, we shall have to see if we can't do something to bring it back,” Kate replied, smiling, as she moved her hand to his quite visible crotch.
“Ah, a practical woman, through and through!” he said, grinning, and with that he slipped an arm under her knees, and another behind her back as he lifted her off the couch and carried her to their bed, pulling the door shut behind them.

Will be continued.


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