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I think I’ll Let Her Feminize Me

by patj

I think I’ll Let Her Feminize Me

I think I’ll Let Her Feminize Me

We’ve been married for more than thirty years and have grown quite comfortable with each other. The perfect illusions of youth have long been lost and we have learned that although neither of us is perfect, we are right for each other regardless of our faults.

One of mine is that I like to wear women’s clothing. It’s a good thing I was born a man because I sure make an ugly woman. But that doesn’t stop the clothes from feeling good on my body. One of her faults is that she hates housework and of all things – shopping. Imagine that, a woman who hates to go shopping!

So more often than not, I’ve been doing the housework lately (especially since I took an early retirement when the company moved to cheaper labor overseas) and most of the shopping as well. Whenever possible, I dress to do the housework, but wouldn’t ever consider leaving the house dressed because I’m not really all that good at passing as a woman.

My wife, on the other hand, is tolerant of my dressing. She doesn’t condemn it, nor does she help. I’ve worn skirts and pantyhose in front of her and she is used to it. Bra’s and makeup are off limits, so about the only thing she appreciates about my dressing is not having to do the housework.

That’s the way it was until I found that one could get a custom made hypnosis CD. I thought, if I could get a subliminal CD to play at night while we were sleeping, maybe I could get some idea’s planted in her head. So that’s what I did.
“You really like having him do the housework … He doesn’t look all that bad in skirts and dresses … A little makeup would make him look the part and make him happy as he tries to make you happy by cleaning … It’s only clothes and they would look better with proper underwear … So what if he is wearing makeup, or a bra you don’t have to do the cleaning … He is so helpful to you … You know how much he loves you… You could show your love for him by making him more feminine… You could help yourself by helping him be more feminine.”
All these suggestions, and many more were behind “The Sounds of Evening” that helped us relax and sleep during the next couple of months.

I don’t know when the suggestions started having an impact on her. But one day as she was putting on her makeup while getting ready to go to work, she asked, “Do you want me to do you?” It was only eyeliner, but hey, it was a milestone as far as I was concerned.

The following Friday, we were out to the local discount store stocking up on household goods when we passed the makeup counter. She picked up some lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, nail polish, and quite a few other things. Again, I didn’t think much of it because periodically, she needed to restock her makeup.

When we got home, she said, “Let’s see what these look like. Give me your hands.” Soon I had a dark shade of burgundy on my fingertips. Next came my face and eyes. I couldn’t believe it. It was one of the most arousing things that I have ever experienced. Having makeup applied by my wife who just months earlier, would not have tolerated me in makeup, much less, her buying it for me and applying it to my face. Soon we ended up in the bedroom shedding our clothes and having a very erotic lovemaking session. Although I cleaned the makeup off my face before bed time, I left the nail polish on my hands to see what reaction it would bring the next morning.

Saturday morning brought more surprises. I have been sleeping in a short nightgown for years. I started my day, like always, fixing us breakfast, and then tiding up a bit around the house still in my bed clothes. This was nothing unusual, but she said, “Come here and let me do your feet.”

Now my toes matched my fingers. I told her that I wanted to take a shower and do my legs to which she responded, “Let me do your back – it looks gross!” Off to the bathroom we went and she got carried away. My back, butt, chest arms, and pits soon were covered with hair remover and the only hair I had below my neck was a small patch in the pubic area.

I felt that I had to be careful in how far I pushed things, so I asked, “We going anywhere today?”

The reply was, “No” so I asked, “Do you mind if I lounge about today in a dress then today?”

“Not at all, but let me do your makeup for you.”

This was not expected, but I put on a blue jean dress and pantyhose and joined her so that she could do my makeup.

Again, she expertly applied my makeup but stepped back and said, “Something doesn’t look right. Stand up. Turn around. Come with me.” And I followed her into the bedroom where she started going through her lingerie drawers and found a bra and a slip.

The next thing I know, I’ve removed the dress, put on a bra, stuffed the cups with panties, put on the slip and dress.

We returned to the kitchen to share a cup of coffee, and she told that she appreciated all that I did around the house. The cooking – the cleaning – and all the shopping trips that she hates so much to do.

I asked here why the change in heart? You know that I love you and would do anything for you. I just don’t want to offend you by wearing all this stuff in front of you.

She said that she loved me to and that it’s only clothes and makeup. Moreover, she would be happy to teach me how to apply the makeup myself if I wanted her to. But we had to do something about the bra. It wasn’t the right size and I didn’t have anything to fill it with.

We went on line and found a place that sells breast forms and ordered a pair for me as well as several bras.

I don’t know how it happened, but the next thing I knew we were in the bedroom for another passionate lovemaking session.

Now – each morning – I dress fully as a woman. No I have not been out of the house during daylight hours --- yet, but that may happen sometime soon.

Did the hypnosis CD work? Yes it did and I am loving it.

I wonder if I should have a new CD made suggesting electrolysis and hormones. Hmmm.


Re: I think I’ll Let Her Feminize Me - LAhypnoboy

Your story was absolutely delicious. I'm a leather boy, so feminizing is something I haven't explored or sought, yet. However, your writing tantalized me greatly. I'm sure I'll be thinking a lot about that bathroom moment when your wife offered your makeup application. Very nice!

Thank you for sharing your writing. I would love to read the sequel.

- Brandon

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