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Xenophobia Chapter 3

by OwlGold

Xenophobia Chapter 3

The girl from Tim's afternoon dream reappeared in front of him.
The room they were in had a pink canopied bed in the middle. Everything
in the room was pink, expect for the white walls. The entire room had a
female touch to it, like the room of a teenage girl. She was sitting on
the edge of the bed and beckoned him to her.

"Come sit by me Tim. We need to talk."

"Who are you?"

"Well," she hesitated. "I not human. The closest I can come to
describe me is a parasite. Basically, I feed off of your body and pass
my waste on to your system. When I attach to you, I also improve the
functioning of you body so it can handle my added waste. But your body
also has to provide both of us with the energies we need to survive or
we will die. That's why you were so hungry when you woke up."

"A parasite?"

"Well, I would prefer to call you my host and myself as a
passenger. But parasite is a more clinical definition of what I do.
Unlike a true parasite, I actually provide you with some benefits.
You'll never get sick, grow old, or die short of massive damage to your
internal organs. All I ask in return is a constant food source."

"What a bargain," Tim said sarcastically. "You suck me dry for
all of eternity. I don't think so. I'll just wake up and this dream
will be over."

The girl stared at Tim in amazement. "You think I'm not real.
Well, I am. That meteorite you picked up had me inside it. If you
hadn't been there, I would have died." Tears started to form in her
eyes. "I was starved and you were the best I could find. I'm offering
you something people throughout the ages have looked for. And you scorn
it like I a plague or something." At this, the girl began to cry.

Tim couldn't believe it. His dreams were getting weirder each
time he went to sleep. Tim decided that he needed to get her to stop
crying or this dream would evolve into a nightmare.

"There, there now," he said. "I'm sorry." He reached his arm
around her and kissed her forehead. "It's just to incredible to
believe. I guess it won't be so bad. You don't have to leave. Why
don't you just lay back and get some sleep. We can talk about this

"OK," she said through the sniffles. "I need to finish changing
your body anyway. And that's going to take time and energy. By the
way, two thing to remember. One: If we get separated, we will both die.
And two: orgasms are a better source of energy for me that any food you
could eat. But you need to keep you strength up so that you can achieve
the orgasms."

"Sleep tight," Tim said to her as she closed her eyes. This was
definitely one of his weirder dreams, he thought.

Tim awoke later than normal, around noon. He could hear his
sister in the other room playing on his computer. "She's probably
playing one of my games while waiting for me to wake up," he thought.
Tim pulled on his robe and headed out to the bathroom. When he got in
there, he closed the door and locked it remembering the games they
played when they were growing up. If you didn't lock the bathroom door,
there was no telling what would be waiting for you when you got out.
Dropping the robe to the floor, Tim lifted the lid of the toilet and
began to pee. He noticed that his penis seem smaller than he remembered
it and he usually had a raging hard on when he woke. Tim just chalked
this up to the weird dream he had and assumed that his normal sexual
urges were suppressed after thinking about having a parasite living on
him. Into the shower he went. When washing his hair, Tim noticed that
it seemed to be getting a little long. He decided to call the barber
shop and set an appointment to get it cut. As he lathered himself up,
he rubbed the bar of soap across his chest and was treated to a sharp

"Damn, that hurt," he said. And then he gently poked himself in
his chest and the pain greeted him again. His nipples became hard as
the pain subsided and his chest got red and appeared to swell a little.
"This is weird," he thought. "I ask Pam what she does when her breast
are sore. Maybe it'll help me."

Tim climbed out of the shower and dried himself off, being careful
around his tender chest. When he was dry, he put the robe back on and
went to the guest room where his sister was. As he entered the room,
she looked up in surprise and quickly closed an opened window.

"What are you trying to hide, sis?" Tim asked her.

"Well.." she started. "I was bored this morning and didn't want
to wake you, so I decided to write mom and dad a letter. I started your
word processor and it ask me if I wanted to restore the interrupted
editing process. Curiosity got the best of me and I said yes. The
program pulled up a story so I started to read it. Where did you find

Tim flushed at the question. He was stunned that she found it,
but remembered that he had forgot to stop the program before tuning off
the computer. The computer had thought it was a power outage and had
prompted her to see if she wanted to continue editing the story.

"I was bored yesterday so I checked out some of the new newsgroups
on the net," Tim said to Pam. "That story was from alt.sex.stories.tg.
I'm still not sure what tg stands for."

"Transgendered. You know, people who find sexual excitement from
dressing or pretending to be someone of the opposite sex."

"You mean fags!!"

"No you idiot. Just because someone likes to wear woman's clothes
doesn't mean they are gay. And the politically correct word is
homosexual, not fag."

"That explains the other stories. To be honest with you, the
other stories didn't give me any excitement, but this one did."

"Maybe you have some tg tendencies."

Tim was shocked at this. He had never thought of anything like
this before in his life. He couldn't have tg tendencies. Not him, not
one of the better athletes of his school. "No way, sis. Not me."

"Sure. I won't tease you, but there's a little bit of opposite
sex wishing that everyone does. I wanted to be a boy while I was at
college. They didn't have the pressures to do as well as us girls. And
to top it off, they could have all the sex they wanted and they would be
studs while the girls would be sluts. Definitely no fair."

"Well, I may have thought girls have it better sometimes, and that
story may have gotten me a little excited, but I don't think I want to
be a girl."

"OK. I can except that. So, what brings you into my room in you

"I was showering and when I cleaned my chest, it hurt. My chest
seems a little swollen and sore."

"Let me look at it. I get that way during my period."

Tim, opened the top of his robe and exposed his chest. Pam's eyes
widened a little, but Tim didn't notice. Pam stood and reached out to
Tim chest. There were two A-cup breasts sticking out. The aeroela
seemed too large for a man's chest and his nipples were shaped like a
small cylinder, not a cone that a man's nipple forms. Pam slowly and
lightly ran her fingers around Tim's breast and Tim closed his eyes and
sucked in his breath. She could tell that he was getting aroused by
this and was amazed. She continued and then gently worked her hand to
the nipple, which she pinched softly. Tim let out a moan of pleasure
and his knees went weak, causing him to fall to the floor. Shocked, Pam
couldn't do anything but watch. Lying on the floor, Tim began to rub
his nipples with one hand and reached up under his robe to stroke his
dick. Pam thought his dick seemed small compared to ones she has seen,
but still watched in amazement as he continued what she had started.
After five minutes, Tim's body shook in the spasms of orgasm. After he
stopped thrashing, Pam could see his breast growing. They stopped when
they reached a C-cup. Tim lay there with his eyes closed completely
unaware of what was happening to his body. His robe had fallen open and
revealed the beginnings of a very shapely female body. The one thing
that distracted from Tim's new form was his dick. Although it, along
with his balls, had severely shrunk, they were still evident. Pam knew
he would be in shock when he awoke, so she dragged him to her bed and
maneuvered him into it. She also disrobed him, then pulled the covers
over his body. This way, he wouldn't notice the change immediately.
Pam wondered why this was happening. In Tim's mind, the battle had


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