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Xenophobia Chapter 4

by OwlGold

Xenophobia Chapter 4

Tim stood on a hill which overlooked a lake. Beside him appeared
the woman from all his previous dreams.

"I didn't want it to be this way," she said.

"What way?" Tim asked.

"You didn't believe me, so I had to force this on you."

"Force what."

A full length mirror appeared out of mid-air. Staring back at Tim
was a beautiful woman. He recognized himself in the woman, but Pam's
features were more prominent. As he reached towards the mirror, the
reflection did the same. Tim looked down at his body and saw the woman
from the mirror.

"What have you done?" he screamed.

"This is what you will look like when I am finished. You will be
beautiful and in full control of the body. I only require that you have
an orgasm once a month. If you resist, I can and will force you to have
one. I told you the truth and you didn't believe me. Therefore I had
to prove to you that I am real. And you can't stop me. If you work
with me, I can give you any form you like. If not, you will get the
type of life that I decide you need. I can take control of your body
when I want and I will not hesitate to do this if you try to stop me."

Tim turned to the woman and rabbit-punched her in the face. The
woman fell back, but quickly jumped back up and tackled Tim. They
rolled down the hill towards the lake, each of them trying to get the
upper hand on the other. Right before they rolled into the water, the
woman wedged her legs against Tim's stomach and launched him into the
water. She stood on the shore and watched Tim swim to shore. Although
the water was only waist deep, the edge of the lake was a foot higher
than the water was, so Tim had to brace himself to pull his body up and
out of the water. As Tim climbed out, the woman kicked him in the side
and launched him back into the lake. Tim's arms felt weaker each time
he landed in the water. He headed towards the shore again. This time,
he stood where the water was at his waist and went no closer.

"Let me out," he said. "I'm feeling tired."

"Of course you are," she replied. "That lake is like a mental
barrier. Each time you land in it, it takes some of your resistance to
me away. Fall in the lake too many times and you mind will be mine to
shape as I see fit. Of course, if you can get me into the lake, the
same thing will happen to me." She paused to let this thought sink in.
"Now, if you quit fighting me, I'll let you out. Otherwise, another
dunking is in order."

Tim waded to the edge of the lake and prepared to pull himself up
again. As he did this, the woman backed off enough for him to see that
she wasn't going to push him in again.

"I want you to work with me," she said. "It takes too much energy
to keep this up. I could change you body quicker if you didn't fight
it. Since you are, It's going to take another day to get your vagina

"Will I be a woman forever?"

"Depends on whether or not you fight me. I probed your mind and
found out that most people believe a woman's orgasm to be more powerful
than a man's. Since joining with you, I siphoned the energies of many
male orgasms. Once you become a female, I can see if that belief is

"OK. I won't fight you. I don't like the idea, but I like the
idea of being a zombie even less. The only thing is that I'm not 100%
convinced that this is not a dream."

"When you awake, you will know it isn't. Also, as you can tell by
the image from the mirror, I was able to get a sample of you sister's
DNA to build you body on. You will be the same size as her. If you
wish, I can make you her twin."

"No thanks. I don't think she would appreciate that. This form
is fine."

"Good. Now, wake up and get your proof. Once I get your body
shaped like your dream image, I will be able to communicate to you while
you are awake. I almost managed that earlier."

"That was you. I thought I had imagined it."

"Yes. It was me. You were in a relaxed enough state for me to
break through to your conscious mind. But once you got startled, I lost
contact and had to come to you in your dreams. Now go and refuel you
body so that I can continue my work."



Tim awoke finding himself tucked in to his sister's bed. She was
sitting at his side with a worried look on her face.

"What's wrong sis?" he asked.

"How do you feel?"

"Fine. But I've been having the craziest dreams. In them, this
space creature keeps appearing as a beautiful woman and changes me into
a girl. She says that she has attached herself to me like some parasite
and needs energy from me to live. She actually said that the energy of
an orgasm feed her better than any energy she can get from my blood
stream. And, since women's orgasms are more powerful than men's, she
going to turn me into a girl. Just like that crazy story I read. Isn't
that weird."

Pam, being the pragmatic woman she was, just pulled the covers
down to Tim's waist. Jutting out from his chest were two perfectly
formed breast. Tim saw them and almost passed out.

"I need some food," he said.

"I'm not surprised. You've been out for over seven hours. Sit
tight and I'll get you something."

Pam went to the kitchen and returned with a sandwich. She handed
the sandwich to Tim without saying anything. After he finished the
sandwich, Tim spoke. "It wasn't a dream. It was real." As if in
response, Tim's breast moved by their own accord. Pam backed away from
the bed slowly.

"What's happening to you?" she asked.

While they looked, Tim's balls pulled up into his groin, followed
by his scrotum. His penis shrank back to nothing and a vagina began to
form. Tim couldn't see what was happening, but he could feel it. There
was no pain, just a slight pulling sensation. It was a little like the
beginnings of an erection, but the tug was in the opposite direction.
The tugging continued around his groin and then shifted to his ass,
hips, stomach and then the rest of his body. Pam saw the entire change
and was fascinated and disgusted at the same time. She knew that things
would be different for Tim now and that he would be needing her support.

When the change was finished, Tim looked at Pam and said, "The
woman said I would be your size." He stopped talking when he noticed
the soprano sound his voice was making. No one could mistake that voice
as being anything other than a woman's.

"I'll get you something to wear," Pam said. She turned and opened
her closet and pulled out an off-white minidress. She also pulled out a
bra and a brand new pair of taupe pantyhose. "You can wear these until
we get you some underwear of your own. I don't want to share my panties
with you. That just seems too strange." She tossed him the bra and
pantyhose and then grabbed a pair of taupe flats that would go with the
outfit. Holding the dress and shoes, Pam turned to see Tim staring at
the bra and pantyhose where they lay next to him on the bed. She walked
over to the bed and placed the dress on the end and the shoes on the
floor. Looking at Tim, she said, "You're going to have to make some
adjustments to your new life. I'm not sure I can believe this, but my
eyesight isn't that bad. The bra is going to be necessary to keep you
from getting propositioned by every man you see. Those tits are big
enough to draw attention. The pantyhose will be a different experience.
If you're anything like me, you'll enjoy the feelings as they massage
your legs."

Pam noticed that Tim was still just staring at the clothes. He
had made no move to put them on. Pam moved to the side of the bed and
sat next to him after picking up the bra and pantyhose.

"Snap out of it," she said while gently shoving him. "You'll make
it. I know you will. Just go with the flow."

Tim turned to face her and she noticed the tears on his face for
the first time. She leaned into him and hugged him. This caused the
flood gates to open and before they knew it, both of them were crying.
Tim finally returned the hug with surprising strength for his now
smaller and weaker body.

"You'll help me?" he asked.

"Of course I will. Let me show you how to pull on those hose
without running them."

After opening the new package, Pam rolled one leg of the pantyhose
up and then placed it on Tim's leg, pulling it up half way. She then
did the same for his other leg. She had him stand so that she could
finish pulling them up.

"Why didn't you give me any panties?" Tim asked.

"For one thing, you shouldn't share your underwear with anyone.
You never shared you jock straps did you?"


"It's the same for women. Since the pantyhose are new, you don't
need to worry about any sanitary problems with them. The second reason
is that when a woman wears a nice dress, she doesn't want her pantyline
to show. Therefore, she should wear pantyhose without the panties.
Hell, I hardly ever wear panties. I think I own five pairs and three of
them are thongs. I figured your first night out, we should do something
special, so I decided you should wear that minidress."

"Seems like everyone is making decisions for me lately."

"Get used to that. Men get off on making the decisions. If a
woman tries to tell a man what to do, the man gets upset. Sometimes he
will spread a rumor that you're gay or a butch bitch. If that's the
image you want, don't give in to the men. Otherwise, get used to it.
We've got ways of getting what we want." With that, Pam patted Tim's
new crotch. After showing Tim how to put the bra on, Pam said "Now
let's get that dress on and do your hair, nails, and face."

Tim walked to the end of the bed and pulled the dress over his
head like a sweater. The cotton mini fit him like a glove and showed
all of his assets. Stepping into the shoes, Tim looked dressed to kill.

Pam pulled him into the bathroom and turn him so that his back
faced the mirror. Working for fifteen minutes, Pam put the finishing
touches on Tim. When she was done, she turned him around to face the
mirror and the went to change her clothes. Tim was amazed at the woman
looking at him in the mirror. She was sexier that the mirror image of
his dream. Tim worked his hands all over his body, exploring every
curve he could find. The dress left nothing to the imagination. His
breasts were a 36C and his waist a puny 24 inches then flaring out to 32
inches at his hips. He knew his height was 5' 1" since this was his
sister's height, and he stepped on the scale to see a whopping 103 as
his weight. As he stepped off the scale, Pam reappeared in the

"My turn sis," she said to Tim. "Go wait in the living room and
I'll be out in a few minutes. We can decide where to go when I'm done
in here." She lightly pushed him out into the hallway. Tim turned and
headed to the living room.

Plopping down on the couch, Tim closed his eye to get a grip on
the changes. His sister was moving to fast for him. Before he had a
chance to protest, she had him dressed and made up like a girl. And he
had actually enjoyed the attention.

"See," a voice came to him from inside his head. "I told you that
this was better. And real."

"I have to accept that it is real, but I don't have to enjoy it."

"You will Tim. And if you don't, I'll tweak your brain a little
to accept it and then you will enjoy it."

Tim just sat there fuming. Then he felt a little push in his
mind. Like a fog lifting, Tim realized that being a girl wasn't the
worst thing that could happen. Pam showed up in the room and sat next
to Tim.

"We need to teach you a few thing before we go out. First of all,
you need to cross your legs when you sit down. Heck, I can see your
bush from across the room. Although most men would enjoy the view, it
will most likely get you raped. Secondly, you will need a new name.
How about April?"

"Sure," Tim said. He wasn't happy that this was happening and
realized that the parasite had pushed his thought just a few minutes

"I like that name," the being said to Tim. "You can call me that
when we're talking to each other. I'll still call you Tim."

"Sure, but changing my thoughts wasn't fair. Why don't you just
give me time to adjust. I can't just become the perfect woman

"Yes you can. Sit back and watch."

Tim felt his mind get pulled back and realized that he had no
control of the body he was in. It was as if he was in a fog. All the
sounds were distant and he had a muted sense of feel. He tried to stand
up from the couch, but his body didn't obey him. Horrified, he watched
as the being suggested that they go to one of the hottest night spots in
town. Tim knew he and his sister would be hit on by every man in that
bar and he heard the being mentally laughed then say, "That's what I
want. Maybe I'll get lucky and get fucked my first night out."

Tim's mental scream wasn't heard by Pam as they stood to leave.
But she wondered about his sudden change of attitude. "Well," she
thought, "at least he's willing to get out of the house."


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