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The shower part 1

by horneyslaafje

The shower part 1

This story is completely fictional, and written by myself, I would ask people not to claim it as their own, as I have worked hard on it. It is the fist in what will be a series about a man who wakes up in the shower with no memory of the previous night. Enjoy.

I woke up in the shower, completely naked, the water still running. As I began to look around I tried to remember the previous day but it was no use. There was no memory, no memory at all. And now that my senses returned I saw nothing but the shower I was in, the glass fogged up so I couldn’t see anything else. Then it hit me, this wasn’t my shower was it? I didn’t recognize it! All I heard was the running water and all I could smell was an odd flowery bathroom perfume. But the greatest shock was yet to come, as my sense of taste returned and I tasted a strange salty taste I vaguely remembered, yet I didn’t know from what. Then came the greatest shock of all; my asshole felt sore, not to mention my lips. Now fear began to spread, what had happened? All I could remember was going to bed the previous evening after spending a little time on some porn websites. Then I got it, somehow it had to be related to them, how could it be different? I made to close the taps, hoping to stop the flow of water on my cock, from which I noticed that it was hard. Though odd I didn’t dwell on this, as I found that I simply couldn’t move. It wasn’t like I wasn’t physically able to do it, but it was like there was some strange desire to stay put. And just when I had come to this realisation, I heard a voice. ‘ah, finally awake are you?’ It said. Immediately I made to reply, but I couldn’t, it was again like I secretly didn’t want it. ‘What? You don’t have anything to say to me? Oh wait, of course!’ The voice said, ‘I order you to speak again!’ And just like that my voice returned to me. ‘What is this?’ I yelled, and I heard a faint laugh. ‘Oh right, you don’t remember! I guess we had so much fun I forgot I had added that too. You see, when we got you in trance on the phone it was all quite easy, we added so much triggers it’s hard to keep track of them all.’ The voice told me. ‘What have you done!’ I yelled, and again the voice just laughed. ‘Well you shouldn’t call to numbers on the internet, I guess you saw my profile and got interested, but once you called us it was a piece of cake to get you in trance. Which was exactly what you wanted.’ The voice explained. ‘What did you do to me?’ I shouted, and this time the voice got sterner, almost like I had insulted it. ‘Now, now, no yelling at me! But if you really want to know what happened, I can simply return some of your memories, would you like that?’ the voice said. In reality I didn’t want to know, my soar butt and lips gave me a pretty good idea what had happened, but still I longed to know. ‘D-do it then’ I stuttered. And the voice replied: ‘very well, I order you to remember last night, but only the part where we picked you up, that’s all you need to know for now!’ And it happened, almost instantly I closed my eyes and saw myself next to my phone, my look revealing that I was in trance. Though I didn’t speak through the phone anymore, I saw myself waiting there, waiting until the doorbell rang. At once I sprang up and got to the door, as I opened it I saw two large men and a woman, all watching me eagerly. The woman asked me who I was, and I replied by giving her my online nickname. She smiled and told the two men that I was who they came for. Then she turned to me and ordered me to get undressed, I did so without delay. Very eagerly I stripped down, when I had finished the woman smiled, ‘already hard I see?’ She said, watching my stiff cock eagerly. ‘Don’t think I am going to suck it though, I won’t be the one doing the sucking tonight! You little hypnosis-sissies are not good enough for a woman as fine as me.’ And without a thought I nodded, and she smiled. ‘Take him to the truck, Robert is already behind the wheel so we can have some fun in the back, I’m sure master Tom won’t mind!’ And as she said that I felt more afraid, but also incredibly aroused, something the largest of the man immediately noticed. ‘Look’s like we have an eager candidate here. Shall we go miss?’ The man asked the woman, and she nodded. ‘Yes, we’ll bring this sissy along, it’s dark so if he’s lucky no neighbours will see him. Otherwise … more fun for me!’ And they left, leaving me following them, with a cock stiffer than ever, feeling as embarrassed as possible. They led me to a large truck, with space in the back so large that all of them could stand straight up, the place could have fitted twenty people comfortably. They knocked me on the cold floor and the woman grabbed my cock. ‘I don’t want any accidents while we are busy!’ she shouted, and she took a small whip from her pocket and whipped me on my cock. I shouted loudly. ‘Luckily the walls are sound-proof.’ She remarked, ‘and you! You are just a slimy little bitch! You should thank me for hitting you! Thank me now!’ She raised her whip again so I quickly said, ‘Thank you miss!’ But nonetheless she hit me, ‘that’s mistress Suzanne for you!’ She shouted, and she threw me forwards, saying, ‘you two can have him now, I’ll just watch and see if he is a good little sissy.’ And she whipped me on my hand as a warning, then she retreated, the two men now advancing on me, dropping their pants. ‘Open up!’ The largest man said, who however, did not have the largest cock, yet still large, it was not even close to the other man’s, who had a cock larger than a banana and a lot thicker. But instead of obeying the man I shut my mouth as hard as I could. The woman saw this and whipped my on my balls, I shouted in pain. ‘YOU DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!’ the woman shrieked. And thus I obeyed, opening my mouth. The man pushed his cock inside making me gasp for breath. But after pounding my throat for a few seconds he turned to the woman and said, ‘he isn’t doing a thing.’ And he pulled his cock out. I already flinched when I saw the woman coming closer. ‘Then I am afraid we will have to use one of master Tom’s triggers.’ She said, ‘Cock-suck sissy now!’ And instantly I began to see the world differently, why did I resist when I had a cock to suck? Surely that was my passion? And with a broad smile I took the man’s member between my lips and began to suck with passion. The man groaned happily, he shouted, ‘much better, master Tom sure know how to treat a bitch!’ And within seconds I had a load of cum in my mouth, which I swallowed with pleasure, almost releasing my own cum from the experience. The other man got up saying, ‘now it’s my turn.’ And I eagerly opened my mouth. But he shook his head, saying, ‘not in your slutty mouth! You are going to be deflowered from behind. I was scared, I didn’t want to, but the woman said, ‘ass-fuck sissy now!’ and I obeyed. I didn’t even feel the pain that much as the long cock slammed in my backside, making me scream for more. I didn’t want it to end, it was so great, it was – ‘ENOUGH sissy!’ I heard a voice shout. And I was back in the shower, horny as hell, wondering what would be next.


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