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Tammy's rise to fame

by EMG

Tammy's rise to fame

Tammy’s rise to fame

Here is a tale of caution of a young man that would do anything to be in movies, he got his wish but not in the way he imagined. So be careful with your desires as all my not go to your original plans or dreams
Tom was a dreamer, he mainly dreamt of being famous, He wanted to be in Films or TV but preferably films, he had the looks alright, but they were the wrong ones, He was not the all action male role that tended to get picked in fact he was often called a pretty boy or even a sissy.and roles for this look were far and few apart so far what work he had gotten had mainly been aimed at the Gay market or as the victim killed off early in a police drama.
This did not bother him too much as He had attended Drama College and had passed all his studies from education to the various discipline taught in drama dance etc. at the college. But now, like so many young actors he was out of work.
He had found his way to the West Coast as had so many before him and was living in a one roomed apartment over a beauty salon. Tom was bored he was 21 out of work and there was no sign of any in the offing. He had posted his Resume to Agents TV and film companies the lot, he was desperate but not one had bothered to reply, He had even attended in person at some agencies only to be told
‘You are not what we are looking for
Tom had enquired as to why only to be met with you are too short to skinny and to Effeminate looking’ sorry you just would not be believable’ in the role we have in mind. This hurt and he had heard it so many time befor it was getting wearing.
True Tom was only 5ft 2 inches was of a very slim to slight build and had at times been mistaken for a girl, this he found very embarrassing but at the same time amusing.. Tom had spent so long concentrating on wanting to be in the limelight he had just not gotten round to relationships, they had just not crossed his mind until recently and now he was too scared to do anything about it. Then he met Sarah and his life was about to change forever and in ways he could never have imagined in his wildest dreams or even in any fantasy that crossed his mind in the loneliness of his room………
One day returning home from another failed attempt at an Agency he was walking along lost in his own mind when he bumped into something Squiggly, it took him a few seconds to realise it was a person he looked up then his face went bright red as he realised he had just head-butted this girl in the breast accidentally. His mind deserted him as he looked at her and tried to find the words to apologize the words would not come out in the right order and he inwardly cursed The woman smiled at him, he smiled backed, and hoped he hadn’t overdone it.
Hi she said are you OK Tom stood there still tongue tied and nodded. Finally his faculties returned and he apologised and said my name is Tom she said her name was Sarah He was about to walk away when she said you live in Albion St don’t you, yes he replied
how did you know that?,
She said I work there in the Gurls Curls beauty Salon, he said I know it I live above it. He then decided to chance his arm ‘Can I invite you out for a drink tonight ‘to his surprise she said that she would love that, she told him that she got off at 6:30pm and would meet him outside.
Well Tom was happy as Larry and spent the afternoon getting ready he showered cleaned teeth washed his hair and it was as he rinsed it dawned on him I have never been on a date before even a casual one, what do I do……He sat there mulling it over trying to remember witty comments then deciding that would be too cheesy in the end he decided he would just let things happen as they did
They met outside the Salon and remembering his manners Tom offered to take Sarah out for a meal, she declined but said that she would be happy to go with him for one on another occasion, They walked to the bar on the corner where he ordered a Bacardi and Coke for Sarah and a large glass of wine for himself, they chatted aimlessly at first but after a couple of more drinks had loosened them both up they warmed to each other. She told him how she was working in Gurls Curls as a beautician but often worked as the makeup artist’s assistant on several top movies, she had worked with some of the best, but that she was normally only required if there was a large cast so the work was not as regular as she would like. Tom empathised he told her of his dream and the problems he had been having. Sarah asked him to stand, she got him to do a twirl right there in the bar, Tom felt silly and hoped no one was watching, but someone was intently there was one person who was very interested in Tom, he was perfect, he nodded a barely discernable nod to Sarah she smiled,. Tom thought at him but it was a knowing smile to the watcher.
Tom Honey I may be able to help you she said to him, no promises of course but I shall try, can I have your Phone number she asked he paused wondering whether he should give it to her but the voice in his head said, do it stupid. So he took a napkin from the display in the centre of their table wrote the number down and slid it over to Sarah, she glanced at it gave Tom a smile and popped it in her purse. They talked a while longer then Sarah made her excuses said she would phone him when she had news gave him a peck on the cheek then left. Tom was euphoric not only had he met a nice girl he may even have work coming from this chance meeting. Tom slept very soundly that evening and had sweet dreams……..but was all as it seems read on
Tom did not hear from Sarah again for two weeks though she would wave to him as he passed the shop window each day, this always made his heat skip a beat and inflated his ego he thought she is keeping me keen …. And she was, it was all part of the plan but that was the closest she would let him get to that time...
Then as he was returning home from another unfruitful day of hunting for acting work having just about given up on Sarah she ran out the shop and stopped him
‘Can we meet tonight? I might have something for you workwise but the people I know want some more info on you. Tom’s spirits rose and he agreed, they met at the bar and engaged in a bit of social chit chat over a couple of drinks then Sarah decided to get down to business
What would you do to get to get into movies she asked him?
Tom replied ‘anything I am desperate to be an actor’
Sarah smiled and said ‘Anything? ’
Tom without really grasping the connotation said yes
Sarah gave a subtle nod then continued the conversation she then said about that work I might be able to get you, we are looking for a person to work in the Beauty shop mainly sweeping and working reception, but occasionally you may be called upon to act as a model for the girls to train on
Tom giggled what you mean?
The girls would occasionally try out new makeup ideas or products on you first before using them on the customers, don’t worry you would be cleaned up and returned to normal before you leave the salon
Tom giggled again can’t you get one of the girls to do it, Sarah nodded but said I thought you were looking for work, and you would be doing me a big big favour he said well my savings have just about run out and I will need money for the rent but then doubts crept in
Oh my God do I want to do this, he giggled uncontrollably Oh go on then I really need the money. That was it, tom had been snared
Sarah said that’s great I was told if you agreed to tell you to come to the Salon on Monday at 9:00am.
Tom said I will be there still giggling.
That Monday Tom turned up he was excited he had some work at least and would be working amongst some good looking girls, what more would a young man want, he entered the salon looked around he had never been in such a place before there were several stations with chairs at them all had a mirror, some had equipment for styling hair others for doing make up. At one station he looked at some equipment and wondered what it was for. Sarah spotted him and came over .seeing the look on his face said this place is where we shape eyebrows and do experimental work on new eye beauty techniques.
But this is where you will be mainly working she said leading him over to the reception. As they were going through procedures the rest of the staff arrived he noted all the girls were taller then him and larger frames then him too, but he also noted they were immaculate in dress hair and make up.
Sarah whispered in his ear, you would never guess would you that all these girls used to be men.
Tom scoffed but was intrigued, but why/
Why do they want to be girls or why do we employ them enquired Sarah.
Well both actually replied Tom
Aah she said as for why they want to, it is just part of their make up plain and simple…….. She smiled an inward smile as she ran through her mind what she had in mind for Tom. And as for employing these girls, why not, as you see for yourself, they look stunning and the customers like being treated by them Do the customers know asked Tom, some do but most don’t, these girls are very good at what they do and that is what matters to the customer
A thought then raced through Tom’s head you don’t expect me to do that do you!!!?.
Sarah laughed a hollow laugh and said you can if you want to she pinched his arm but it is not compulsory.
For two weeks things went without incident he swept and did reception, his pay was better then he had expected for what he was doing, then on the third Thursday, the girls were in a huddle and chatting Sarah was in the centre of them being quite animated, she saw Tom and called him over.
Oh Tom we have a problem one of the models has not turned up and we need to try out a new hairstyle, would you please let us try it out on you.
At first Tom said nothing one part of his brain was mortified the other excited by the prospect and he did not know why,, he studied the girls to see if he was being set up but they all looked at him and nodded accent to what Sarah had said.
Hell said Tom I don’t know, you said it would be make up that could be washed off what will people out there say, he pointed out toward the street
Sarah knew how to get Tom onside; he had given her the weapon.
Oh Tom stop being a sissy, these days nobody is going to say a thing
They will just think you are another pretty girl she said under her breath
The other girls egged him on saying go on Tom please let us do this
After a bit more cajoling Tom finally gave in
Sarah said, don’t worry you wont be in the salon, the work will be done back here in the Styling Laboratory leading him into a small room at the back of the premises.
The room was unremarkable it had a salon chair in front of a sink and mirror there were stylist trolleys with various potions, dyes etc and one or two items he could not identify.
Tom, darling, this is Michael, he is our experimental Technician, he tries out all the new ideas in here first. You will be well looked after by him. Sarah gave Michael a broad smile and he returned it, they knew the trap had been sprung within months Tom’s life would change forever and it was going to be a very busy life for him soon, he would make good money, but Michael and Sarah would make a hell of a lot more and Tom would get his dream to be in movies.
Michael smiled at Tom as he looked him over to appraise this find, he was as perfect for the experiment as he had looked from a distance in the Bar, he will do very nicely thank you he thought
Hi said Michael sit yourself down. Tom looked at Michael and thought his face looked familiar but he could not place where from..
He sat and felt relaxed; it was only then that he noticed the gentle music playing it was very soothing. he had not noticed that Michael had donned ear muffs to avoid the sounds coming out of the speakers
Michael washed Tom’s hair massaging his scalp which made Tom relax even more Michael then conditioned it, and then started to roll it in curlers, but Tom hardly paid any attention; he was hooked by the music that sweet seductive music. He was so relaxed in fact that he didn’t care what Michael was doing
Once Michael had finished with the curlers he put perming lotion all over the hair and worked it in.He placed Tom under an old fashioned Perming machine. He told Tom he would have to remain under the machine for a couple of hours. Tom nodded almost oblivious; he was lost in the music.
Michael turned the music up turned off the lights and locked the door, not that Tom was going anywhere. Or cared the music was all that mattered to him.
Michael walked over to Sarah took the plugs out of his ears and said, he is being prepared.
She asked had it gone well, better then expected said Michael, he took to the trigger file straight away by time the perm is done he will be in our hands totally obedient. I have used the obedience and a girlish hair file to start with; it is on a continuous loop.
We will tell him the style need a bit of adjustment over the next few weeks, and then we can reinforce the files.
She smiled again.
Later that afternoon Michael went back into the room turned off the music, removed the perming machine, took out the curlers rinsed the hair then cut it into a very feminine style Tom just sat there staring forward. Once the styling was finished, Michael uttered a few word and Tom became himself again. He stared into the mirror he was gob smacked, was that himself he was looking at and not a young girl sitting opposite him, Jeez he said to Michael, what have you done, Michael smiled and said ‘some very good work today’
He walked Tom back into the Salon, it was full of customers, there were a few drawings of breath, and Sarah looked and complimented Michael on his work.
Over the next few weeks Tom was worked on to make sure his hair always looked stunning he listened to more files that told him he wanted to be a woman his mind happily absorbed them all
Sarah had watched him carefully gone out with him for drinks at the bar Tom was starting to attract the right sort of attention it was time for phase two
The next day when Tom arrived at the Salon he was met by Michael ‘there you are’ I need your help
OK said Tom obediently what is it today Oh I need to try out some new facial looks, are you up for that, Michael asked, yeah why not said Tom
This time Michael led Tom to a deferent room, this room had what seemed like a lot of technical equipment Tom sat in the chair and it was reclined. Michael strapped Tom down telling him it was only a precaution as he will be doing some work with precision tools
The hypnotic music started up and Tom was under, this file told him he wanted breasts big eye popping breasts.
Michael went over to a work surface took the syringe and the first of three bottles loaded it then walked over to Tom and unloaded the contents into Tom’s right hip, he then discharged the second into the left and the third into tom’s arm, the hormone regime had begun
Next Michael picked up his laser hair removal tool and started to work on Tom’s face Tom was lost in the music and did not feel a thing this meant Michael could work for a longer then normal period. Once he decided Tom’s face had taken enough of the electrolysis he switch to the tattoo machine, he picked a cherry red ink and started to pick out permanent lip liner around toms lips, next he did permanent black eyeliner and complimentary permanent eye shadow, tom would never be able to be totally masculine again All the time this had gone on Tom was entranced and never even flinched.
Michael switched off the music , took out his ear plugs spoke the awakener and Tom stirred, his face hurt everywhere a pain he had not experienced before he went to feel his face and realised he was still strapped down
What the hell has happened, he shouted, Michael told him to shhh turned the chair so Tom could see the mirror, his face was puffy and in places it looked like minor bruising could be coming out then the work Michael had done hit him
He was speechless every fibre of his body wanted to run, but he was also amazed at what he saw, was that really his face
Michael wheeled a trolley up next to the chair and started to swab Tom’s face, he said that would help the pain a bit. Michael told Tom the pain and swelling would go down in two weeks then the full effect would be seen
Michael worked foundation on the face, followed by rouge and blusher then the lipstick, Tom did not protest he just sat their and let Michael work, He is good at his work thought Tom, something in his head was telling him he looked good and he had to agree. He could see that Michael has slowly been turning him feminine but he was unable to complain it just would not come out in words, another part of his brain was actually enjoying what was happening as as the work was done this feeling seemed to get stronger.
Over the next few months Tom started to get breasts and he had to wear larger then usual tops. his mind seemed to protest less at what was happening and in fact Tom was beginning to enjoy it he was looking really good
After work one Friday night Sarah said to Tom. What are you doing tomorrow, he said not a lot, she said would you like to come with me on a little shopping trip, Tom thought that spending time with Sarah would be fun so agreed..She met him at his apartment where they drank a coffee. And had a girlie chat this did not seem strange to Tom though it should have,. Tom asked her about the bag she had brought,
Well I thought we might have some fun out today and see if you could pass as a woman and I have some stuff here for you to wear to the shops
Tom said you’re joking you think I am going to wear girls clothes, especially out in public.
Sarah said I don’t know why you are creating such a fuss Honey look at yourself in the mirror, you are more girl the man anyway Tom went to protest, but before he could get the words out she uttered a few words and he stopped she had used the obedience trigger
That’s better, stop being a silly girl. She uttered a few more triggers to ‘forget you are male and ‘desire cross dressing she then uttered her final trigger which would make the other two permanent and un reversible. Tom’s time as a man was numbered and today Sarah was taking him out to find out how successful his transformation was going. The results would determine how much more they would have to work on him before they could move on to phase three
She instructed him to shower then wait for her there, he did as he was told she came in dried him down he liked that then covered him in this strong smelling lotion from neck to feet and told him to just wait there for 10 minutes. While he waited she went into his bedroom laid out his new clothes on the bed she then placed a mirror and various make up items on his chest of draws she went back into the bathroom told Tom to shower again, as he did all his body hair fell off she rubbed his smooth body and playfully slapped him on the touché and smiled the new formula had worked well all being well she would not have to re apply it, as it should have killed the roots and lined the follicles so the hair could not re-grow
Next she told tom to bend over and part his legs he then felt her applying a cold gel to his ass. Then he felt something press against it it slid in with only a little pain, she then got a contraption that looked like a bulb with a tube on it. She told him it contained a perfumed spray that would keep him fresh he was to use it twice a day as ‘girls’ want to be clean for the men Tom remained non plussed, the triggers were working Tom had nodded ascent to the instructions without a single protest. And he would obey the instruction without objection
Now Sarah thought comes the acid test you will have to use these every month showing him a tampon when it is time for your period and you will feel the experience as I had Michael programme you to feel the symptoms, it will all seem very real I have used mine for the timing of yours and you are ‘on’ now, she showed him how to inset it keeping the little string hanging out and told him he would have to change it three times a day for at least 5 days . She then had him take it out and insert another to show he could do it..Happy that he would follow these instructions she took him into the bedroom
Here she had him do his make up , she showed him the best techniques then watched as he had a go. After a few goes she was happy with the results and they moved on to the clothes, they were expensive Brands he was shown how to put on the matching Bra and Panties then the long floaty Cream dress then the tight Cherry red wide cinch belt and cherry red 5 inch killer heels. Tom looked stunning Next Sarah did Tom’s nails in a matching red She then got him to put on the thin Gold eatch bracelet and necklace
After a while of Tom walking to get used to them on the heels Sarah decided it was time to go out she gave Tom a matching red clutch purse and placed a wide brim floppy hat on his head appraised him and gave an inward whistle Tom was stunning, she excused herself a second went upstairs and placed the I Pod she had brought with her and placed it on Tom’s pillow with a note
Just a little gift for your hard work, listen to me as often as you can
Sarah returned downstairs took tom by the hand and led him to the car
As they drove into town Sarah told Tom he would now only answer to either Tamara or Tammy Tom nodded but he was not to speak himself. They went to some swish shops and Sarah helped Tammy pick out some nice clothes and some that were a bit sluttish too Tammy went to say she could not afford the goods but Sarah cut her off, I know what you are going to say she snapped but don’t worry these are a gift but you will be expected to keep up the standards from now on if Michael and I get you some work, which I am sure we will
Tammy was enjoying the trip and the attention she was getting from men, Sarah was noting this too, excellent she thought
They eat in a swanky restaurant and Sarah showed Tammy how to eat like a lady and how much to leave on the plate to be polite. While they were eating they were joined by a man He and Sarah spent the whole of the sweet course and Coffee’s deep in conversation stopping occasionally for the man to give Tammy a look over or to consider her in their line of discussion at the end of the meal the man smiled at both ladies and left he seemed pleased as did Sarah
Tammy we have some work to do this afternoon because I think I might have some regular work for you Tammy smiled The ruminants of Tom thought good a job hopefully in the moves but he obediently said nothing.
They went to a tattooist and a rose was placed on Tammy’s collarbone then they returned to the Salon Michael wolf whistled and beckoned Tammy over she was led into the lab and strapped into the chair the music started up and she was away in a trance. Michael switched off the lights locked the door and went to do other works Tammy was to stay there for the next week the music stopping only for food restroom breaks and a bit of exercise. Whilst under she was absorbing ‘speak with girlish voice and ‘desire cock’ files the last would be the money maker for all of them
Over the next few months Tammy worked in the Salon was subjected to further files to make her totally feminine and a slut
She was taken by Michael to specialist bars where she was picked up by men who loved sex with TV’S Tammy was the talk of the town The Bar owner, the man who had spoken to Sarah that lunchtime meny months ago was happy sghe was bringing in the punters but the three of then knew she would earn them even more if the sex was filmed and sold
So for the next 9 years this was what Tammy did, she turned tricks on film for the discerning customer, some were men others woman it didn’t matter to Tammy, she was in movies and known world wide
On her thirtieth birthday all the programming except the desire for sex ended Tom saw what he had become and baulked, but he knew he had the money in the bank and had achieved his aim, he picked up his phone dialled a number and arranged to meet the male client Tom now knew he was a Tranny and was happy to remain that way
One Summer day a few years later he was walking down Union Street and came across Gurls Curls the tricks had dried up and he needed a job , he was welcomed with open arms Sarah was still there she said to him, do you remember when you first started here you asked about the girls, Well you followed the sae path as the rest of them they always come back, she winked and said to herself including me
Gerry was walking down Union Street he was another pretty boy out of work actor dreaming of fame and fortune and like so many others before him had failed to find any he was lost in his own wold and did not notice the pretty woman in her mid 30’s until it was too late. He was tongue tied and Tammy Smiled at him it was her turn to find ‘the next star’


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