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Trapped Jake part 1

by zydar323

Trapped Jake part 1

this first part is mostly pg-13. It build up for what is to come. I hope you enjoy.

Jake awoke with a start. He could not remember what woke him, but he knew something was wrong. It was still dark. Darker than usual, in fact. He tried to get up, but he couldn’t. His arms and legs were secured to what he had thought was his bed. Upon closer inspection, it was a table of some sort. It was then Jake started to worry. What the hell was going on? His last memories were of falling asleep in bed. How had he woken up like this? Being a logical person, Jake took assessed the situation. He was in a very dark room, trapped face down on a table, and he was naked (That was how he fell asleep so it didn’t seem odd at first). All of those things did not add up to be a good thing. But at least he felt whole, and uninjured.
“Help!” Jake cried as he could do nothing but lay there.
There was no response.
Jake continued to cry out for help for what seemed like hours, but to no avail. He was all alone it seemed. Jake could do nothing but lay there. At least it was comfortably warm, Jake mused.
After what seemed an eternity, a light appeared in the distance. It did little to illuminate Jakes surroundings, but it did provide the hope that someone was here. Before he could contain himself, Jake cried out “HELP!” to whoever had appeared. He then realized that it was probably a bad idea.
There was silence, and then a steady clip of footsteps could be heard coming toward Jake. As the footsteps grew closer, Jake couldn’t help but worry over who it was. Was it the person who brought him here, was it someone here to save him, or was it someone who will just take advantage of the situation.
The footsteps stopped just a few yards away from Jake. There was a click, and then the lights turned on. Jake took a brief glance around the room to see where he was being held.
The room he was in was small. Maybe ten foot in diameter, but it was circular. There was a small set of drawers that ran the circumference of the room, but other than that there was nothing but the table Jake laid upon, and the person who turned the lights on. Jake couldn’t get much from looking at the person, because they wore a long black cloak that covered them completely. What wasn’t covered in the black cloak was clothed in black as well. All Jake could tell was they were tall, maybe 5’10”, and thin.
“What is happening? Who are you? Why am I here?” Jake began to shout.
A sinister chuckle could be heard from the figure. It walked toward Jake till it was right next to his head. And spoke.
“All in due time. All you need to know however is that I am here to help you.” It spoke in a sweet feminine voice, as a delicate black leather covered finger ran down Jakes cheek.
“Help me?” Jake asked, his voice quivering in fear.
The figure chuckled again. Sounding even more sinister this close to Jake. She began to circle Jake.
“What are you doing?” Jake asked, still unsure of the motives of the figure. Not only that, but Jake was not the most fit guy. In fact, he had been teased his whole life about his weight. So Jake was very nervous about having someone looking at him while he was strapped to a table naked face-down.
“I am just seeing what I have to work with here. Now, it would be best if you kept quiet from now on. What I am about to do is very delicate work. Keep talking, and I will have to take action.” It said in a hushed threatening tone.
Jake closed his mouth. Why? He wasn’t sure. But having the capability of talking is far better than not. At least that’s what Jake thought. And he didn’t put it past this person to do what they threatened.
The figure began to squeeze different areas on Jakes body with a very strong and painful grip. It started at the legs, and moved to the back, then the shoulders, the arms, the neck, and finally the stomach.
The figure grunted with satisfaction. Then it went over to one of the benches. The figure rummaged in the cupboard for a moment before pulling out a menagerie of items. Jake could see a set of headphones, a vial of baby blue liquid, and a remote control being taken out before it was all set on the top of the drawers out of his sight.
“You have a lot of potential Jake, I am here to see to it that it doesn’t go to waste.” The figure spoke. Its voice sounding sweet and caring.
“What potential?” Jake asked. Then slamming his mouth shut, realizing he was told not to talk.
“tsk, tsk, tsk” the figure clucked. “I gave you fair warning. Now you are going to have to wear the headphones. Don’t worry though. The music isn’t that bad.”
The figure proceeded to place the headphones over Jakes ears, and then fastened them on almost uncomfortably tight. Jake couldn’t hear any music, all he could hear was a deep, low hum. He looked at the figure with questioning eyes.
“You will know soon enough Jake, but in the meantime, just sit back and relax. This is going to sting a bit…. Well, maybe a little more than a bit.” The figure said as she plunged a syringe full of the blue liquid into Jakes back.


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