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Steve discovers a new world

by EMG

Steve discovers a new world

Steve discovers a new world
This story is mainly based on real events but parts of it are pure fiction, but dear reader can you decide which is which
The events of this story take place over a one week period in September 1982 New Romantic and Electronic music was all the rage in the UK, and Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister
When our story starts Steve our main character was walking through Berwick Street Market in London, he was 22 at the time and naive to the world especially the underbelly of London, but that would soon change. Steve was on a regular visit to ‘the Smoke’ he had spent yesterday at football in Birmingham but on the way home decide to stay in London, he was fascinated by this area of the city, he was in central Soho but it was not the multitude of sex shops or Sex cinemas that dominated the area that interested at that time, it was the market and especially the racks of woman’s denim and leather mini skirts, he desperately wanted to buy one for himself but he kept telling himself that they were not for him after all he was a man. Steve was good at sport had friends but not much of a life, though he was drawn to the bright lights of London he had never been clubbing hardly ever went for a drink, but he loved music, and here in Berwick Street was his favourite rerecord shop, Record Shack and that was why he was here, he never bought music from the shop, but spent time in their playing on the arcade machines and listening to the European based Dance music, but as I have already said the woman’s clothes in the market fascinated him too as did the shops selling ‘wholesale and private’ costume jewellery today all was to change for Steve, he was to embark an a journey that would change him forever .
This particular day he having arrived in London he decide he did not want to go home and as he had a week off he would try his luck on a new beginning in the big City, Steve was a city dweller but home was a small city compared to the capitol and did not have the lure that London did.
He had been walking round Soho as usual and spent his money in the arcades bought some Indian beads and a Silver and Elephant hair bangle had spent time listening to music he was now doing his usual wander round the marker, the vendors trying to persuade him to buy especially the guy on the woman’s clothes stall who had seen Steve browsing his wares before but as usual Steve did not buy. Steve walked past this doorway and paused it was a bookshop selling Adult materials Steve stood trying to egg himself on to enter but he was nervous. Suddenly his decision was made for him a young effeminate lad a tad younger then Steve wearing feminine clothes and a gold headband dragged him inside, Steve went to splutter a protest but the lad said, I have seen you around and I know you will like this place, Steve pondered and wondered what to do next, should he run, should he go with the flow or what, he started to look at the titles on the shelves, there were stand porn, Gay titles, S & M title, Cross Dressing and Forced feminisation Steve flicked through the latter got a bit worried as he was getting a reaction he then looked at the gay titles, these fascinated him and he bought a couple of titles and then went to leave but found his way blocked by the young man
You don’t think you are going to get out of here that easily do you he said. I think we have more thart will interest you and he was escorted back across the shop to an entrance separated by a bead curtain. The lad said usually we charge £5 to go back here but you are getting a free visit, it will change your life forever dear.
Steve followed the lad through the curtains and down a dark flight of stairs Steve wondered where he was going the Lad opened another door and ushered Steve in. When his eyes adjusted Steve found himself in a room with a screen on wall and several rows of old cinema seats he was in a sex cinemas, this got Steve excited, but he was also confused why had he been allowed in for free what would he have to do in return, he went to ask his escort but the lad had gone. As his eyes adjusted more he was aware there were several other young men sat facing the screen waiting for the performance to start. Steve took a seat somewhere in the middle and away from the others as he was still not sure he wanted to be here A message came up on the screen telling them to put on the provided headphones as he waited for whatever was to happen he became aware of some music playing it seemed to soothe him and his nerves calmed. Then the film started, the first showed a young man being forced to wear woman’s lingerie, stocking, suspenders high heels panties etc by men dressed in Leather attire that Steve had never seen before there were harnesses and other items in the room where the action was taking place that fascinated Steve he had never seen the like before having then forced the young man to put on a frilly top and corset they placed hand cuffs on each of his wrists he tried to get away and was whipped he was led to a swing and the other wnd of the had cuffs were connected to metal hoops attached to the swing chains the Camera pans round behind the victim to reveal a large but plug attached to the seat the camera zooms in to show a gloved hand smearing something over it then the victim is lifted on to it Steve squirmed as it disappeared inside the young man it was only now that Steve was aware the music was louder and that there was a slight flickering to the film but he could not look away the lad then had his high heeled feet chained to the floor then the two men started to push the swing then stopped gagged the lad and pushed hared the chains had enough give to allow his body to move enough to allow the butt plug to push in deeper on each up stroke Steve became aware of a voice on the headphone telling him he wanted that to happen to him , he did not but also felt compelled to keep watching and listening
Without warning the film changed another lad was being forced to dress in a very frilly dress with satin Sash and big bow tied at the back the camera again zoomed in to show a chain at the back with padlocks locking the dress on to the lad he was then made to watch as the keys were thrown away down a drain, the lad was then forced to put on over the knee white socks and Mary Jane shoes the screen at this point faded to black next the dressed up victim is seen in a wood with his captor, it is only now he became aware the captor was a woman she tied the lad to a tree then strapped on a dildo and began to take advantaged of the lad Again Steve heard through his headphones that he would love to be the victim, Steve was feeling strange he could not say whether he saw any more films that night all he could remember was waking up noticing the screen was blank and he was the only one left in the Cinema he rubbed his eyes to wake himself up picked up his jacket and bag and made for the exit, te lad and the guy that were on the counter were gone but another man was on the counter and another young thing was seeking out punters, Steve left and realised it was starting to get light he had been in this place all night no matter what he did his mind remained a bit foggy, but Steve could not put his finger on why .
Steve went to a well known burger bar for breakfast still his mind would not clear he looked at his watch it was 6:30am hell he had been in that place since 9:00pm the previous night, but he could hardly remember anything about it, he had vague memories of the films but were they separate films or one film, how long were they Steve could not answer these basic questions, he decide a sleep might help so he headed for Piccadilly Circus bought a ticket for the underground and went down to the platform, soon the train arrived and Steve found an empty section of a car and headed for the Circle line, here he changed trains set himself up in a corner of a car and fell asleep as the train ran around the city.
About 10:00am things got too loud on the train for Steve to sleep further he returned to Leicester Square and started to wander around he went into a woman’s clothes shop on Shaftsbury Avenue he bought a Woman’s Indian style top and stripped bib and brace Dungarees, the Dungarees were too long so the shop assistant said he would alter them as long as Steve agreed to meet him for a drink later.
Steve decided he needed to clean up so went to the bathrooms that used to be in the under croft at Waterloo he stepped into a massive Victorian style bath and soaked he changed into the clean underwear he had bought en route sprayed himself with cheap perfume and put on the Indian top
He wandered around Oxford Street and Carnaby Street went for something to eat then went for another ride on the underground,
As agreed he met the assistant at the shop at 5:30pm changed into the dungarees then went for a drink, Afterwards Steve was treated to a Chinese meal then came the payback, he was to go with the cuy to his flat in Chelsea, Steve was nervous he knew what would be expected, he had never considered himself Gay though he had done things in the past but he had never been involved in penetration. Having got to the seedy basement flat he was immediately to to take off his dungarees and put on a skirt the gut pulled out of a bag he had carried with him he did as he was told, not sure how he felt about it next without warning he was aware a bottle had been placed under his nose and his head began to spin, the next thing Steve was aware of was that the man was inside him pumping away and telling him he was a dirty bitch who enjoyed this sort of thing, Steve thought to himself, yes I do.
As soon as the man had had his way with Steve he told him to leave and not to come looking for him again. Steve wandered out into the warm Autumn evening not sure how he felt, he had just had his first full gay sex he liked it, he also sort of liked being used too but how had this come about just a few days ago he would never have done this Steve tried to work this out but his mind was still refusing to fully clear from last night, that’s it he thought I am going to go back to that place and try to find out what the hell I did, first though he had to have a shave bath and go find a laundrette to clean his clothes as he was running out and they were beginning to make his bag smell, A few hours later he was clean and so were the clothes in his bag he felt a lot happier
He arrived at the shop and was welcomed in, he tried to ask questions but the staff cold shouldered him refused to answer questions and excused themselves and made busy when he tried. After half hour of getting nowhere he decided to pay to see what film was on tonight, if nothing else, it seemed he could at least kip down in here without anyone complaining he went down into the cinema sat in the same seat as last night put on the headphones heard the music, then went blank. Again he woke at 6:30am and left, again he had a thick head but this time he could not remember a thing about the film, did he even see a film he wondered He again wandered around Central London went for a drink in the same bar as last night, he knew he was hoping something would happen, but nothing did. He decided to get his hair permed and went to a woman’s salon in Carnaby Street this took a couple of hours they also dyed his hair brown, After they had finished he went and took a photo in a booth having time to kill Steve decided to go to football his team were playing tonight but down in Exeter so he went to the station and made the journey. After the match which his team had won Steve made his way back to London, and once again back to the Cinema , he did not know why he was returning here it was now 3:00am surely it would be closed but it was open, steve went in the young man complimented him on his hair
Again as soon as Steve put on the headphones and heard the music Steve was gone. This time though he was not aware he was doing it but he was giving a blow job to each and every one of the customers that came in, the owner was filming every second, this guy was gold dust , he had been the one to be most controlled by the hypnofile and subliminal messages o embedded in the music fed to his headphones others had come close but nothing like this guy. They guy adjusted the mixer to feed a new message to Steve’s headphones, from tomorrow he would slowly turn into a transvestite slut he would not ever be aware that this was anything but his idea but before he was allowed to return to his ‘normal’ life he would have one ore two more things to do for the cinema’s owner, the audio file ran Steve absorbed it all
Steve awoke again at 6:30am left the cinemas went for a sleep on the underground, When he woke he had a bath and a shave at Waterloo then he went shopping in Boots he bought some mascara, eye shadow, red lipstick foundation and nail varnish next he bought a bra, panties, crop top leather miniskirt, stockings and high heels, Steve was excited this felt so right, he went to a public toilet that looked quiet went into the ladies it was empty, he set out his make up on the sinks put it on as best he could he looked at himself he went stiff down below, he had never felt this excited before it hurt, he locked himself into one of the booths just in time as it happened as someone came in, Steve held his breathe until they left, he was feeling hot he put on the clothes tucked tissue into the bar until it looked right checked it was empty out side put on the heels and tottered about until he got used to them. He then went out into the street and started walking through Soho, no one seemed to notice him, he thought, at least I don’t look like a freak. Just then an Asian man called to him from a shop doorway, he wanted sex Steve’ heart beat faster he went over the man put his hand round Steve’s waist and guided him inside. He told Steve he knew he was a man but that he liked to fuck trannies and he did Steve several times He told Steve he had been good but he could be better with a bit of help, he told Steve to wait in his house while he went to see someone, he returned asked Steve if he trusted him, Steve nodded. Steve watched as the man prepared three syringes he administered the contents into Steve’s body. He then gave Steve a large package to take with him; he was to use the contents once a week until they ran out, this would change Steve’s life forever. Steve took the package and put it in his bag they then had sex again
That evening Steve returned to the Cinemas one final time he was told he did not have to pay tonight he went down into the cinema took his seat put on the head phones and waited the music started up he saw a film start then went blank, the film he watched but would forget was of his own various exploits that week, he had been set up and fell for it hook line and sinker his life would never be the same again.
When he woke he was once again dressed in his male clothes, cursed that he had again missed the film, felt his face decided he needed a shave, he felt shattered too, he left the cinema realised his bag felt heavy looked in and saw a couple of packages looked in his wallet and decided it was time to go home, He went to the station got the train and arrived home at mid day he unpacked his bag saw the woman’s clothes and make up blinked wondered what they were doing in there threw them to one side, he was tired, he would deal with them later, he took out the other package gave it a shake but was none the wiser put it down on the chest of drawers and went to bath and shave he then collapsed on the bed and fell asleep. He finally woke at 4:00pm the following day feeling a lot better
He then noticed the package he had put to one side he opened it and found a note inside. He read it and was instantly triggered by what was written there he was to inject the contents of the various vials once a week, he would not question why or be aware of it after this point, when the time was right he would receive a phone call, He wondered how this could happen who had he given his number too but as quickly as he pondered on this it faded from his memory as did the knowledge of parts of his trip to London
After a couple of months he dually got the phone call it told him to feel his chest he obeyed the programming without question became aware of his growing breasts, the trigger in the call told him that from now on he would increasingly want to be a woman and would start to do something about it. He would receive no further instructions; he had been cursed to become a transvestite slut and would have sex with anyone who wanted it once he became a woman for the rest of his life
Steve put the phone down and instantly forgot everything he had heard, he went about his normal life but his work colleagues and friends noticed he had changed at first they could not put their finger on it but with time it became obvious. Steve was less aware of the changes but was aware he wanted to change in time Steve became Stefi and had a very interesting life; she had discovered a whole new world. out there and she wanted in.


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