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More Slave'a Ambition.

by Haxsaw

More Slave'a Ambition.

The following is from an idea from Alice the Doll. She wrote a story in honor of her master, Haxsaw. He-he. I am Haxsaw. In honor of her honor, I present this story she would love to have occur between us.

It was a dark and stormy night. Funny... it always had to be this sort of weather, didn't it? Alice pondered her situation. Wiggling, she could feel the firm yet never binding collar about her neck. Alice wiggled more so. Discovering she was bound, she cursed.
She was lying flat on her back on a bed. It was a dark room here. It smelled like moist, somewhat musty air around her. As she came more around she never felt so embarrassed in her life. She was in only a bra and panties. From afar she could hear echoes of footsteps. Alice the Doll lay flat still. She was bound at the wrists and ankles. Her legs and arms were out straight. Alice's eyes adjusted to the dim, seducing light peering in from several basement windows.
"Who put these bars on my windows?" she asked aloud. Despite the intended humor Alice found she was on a roll away type bed. It was up high. It was much as the sort used in hospitals. There were low railings on side of her. A figure entered the room.
A central switch clicked on many bright, high intensity lamps. Alice flickered her eyelids many times. Soon, her sight caught and adjusted to the mean intrusion. Now she had another advancement on her, none at all too pretty.
"Good morning, Alice!" A man was standing over her. Alice strained. Finding she was also bound with another band at the waist made movement difficult. Even the collar about her neck was attached to the bed she lay on. Alice sighed and remained still, having little choice. Seeing him standing over her, at the upright angle, seemed to make him that more threatening.
"Haxsaw, sir!" she weakly replied. She was his and she knew it. It was two twenty seven in the morning on a Saturday. Alice was bound again.
Haxsaw released her. Alice sat up, afraid of him yet respecting him still. What power he had over her and how turned on she was! With a surprise, Haxsaw placed his hands under and lifted her easily from the bed. Alice felt free and light. In a way, it was like his arms were stronger than they should be. To Alice, for Haxsaw to man handle her was both thrilling and frightening. He was more man, more power than any man she had before. It was a blessing and a curse.
She felt blessed to be dominated by such a gentleman as he. It was a curse she could not say, "No."
Alice cringed. She was always uneasy being clad as such. Haxsaw leered at her and smiled. Alice placed a hand upon her breasts, trying to conceal herself. Her other hand was about her hips, trying to cover and catch some dignity.
Alice was five foot flat. Haxsaw was five foot ten inches. Five foot ten and a half, he would correct you. Haxsaw was wearing a black leather jacket and blue jeans. On his feet were black leather boots. Alice looked over his ruggedness. She felt ashamed yet enraptured. It was difficult to materially describe a girl's thoughts. After all, men thought straight forward and logically. Girls were of touchy-feely warm notions. In a sense, Alice the Doll was ashamed, very much so. At the same time feeling small before a big man like him... a really huge man like him, was enthralling her senses. She was so humiliated to be seen as this while at the same time she was seen by him. She was seen by him! Alice always loved being alone with Haxsaw.
Alice was no longer seeing her friends. No more was Alice the Doll seen at a mall on a weekend. It was soon after packing her suitcase she moved in with him. Her mom and dad argued a great deal. Over time, Haxsaw was having them invited for "special" dinners. Alice noted mom was easier around Haxsaw, after this. Even her dad shook hands before leaving one night. He stated something about if his wife was happy then he was too. Why, even Alice had a weekend job at the mall she used to roam at, recklessly.
Alice was cringing, trying to conceal herself more. Her legs crossed a few times. She felt so, so really tiny yet Haxsaw still loved and cared for her. Granted, he dominated her every thought yet it was all the same well of him to love as tenderly as he did. Alice felt her cheeks redden. She dared not speak without being asked, first. With Haxsaw looking down at her and Alice with less clothing, she dared not make a peep.
Haxsaw said something. Alice was caught off guard. It was then he snapped his fingers. Like a bolt, Alice felt her head kick back. Her back arched as her arms and legs stiffened. Haxsaw positioned her and she was moved from the house.
It was later at opening time at the S.M. Mall the shoppers milled into the entranceway. Across the tile flooring shoppers of all ages were moving about. Within the air conditioned confines was the famous S.M. Department Store. At the woman's department over by fine good, was found Alice the Doll. Placed up on a pedestal she was wearing the new for the season, Triumph Bra and Pantie Set. A frame with an arched back and reaching limbs, price tags in place, Alice the Doll was on display again. It was the weekend and Alice was on the job. What more could a girl ask for?


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