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The Feminist Revolution/Revelation

by JensDRK

The Feminist Revolution/Revelation

There really is no escape anymore for you; for anyone. All the pieces have been put in place. You're going to become a sissy and they're going to make you like it.

It started years ago, before you or I was born, at the turn of the last century, maybe even earlier. An unknown group of scientists, visionaries, and philosophers got together, fueled by the discontent and new ideas of the times. Famine, depressions, inequality, war, Marxism, Fascism, Nationalism; they saw all this and came to a conclusion

Something had to be done, the world was flawed and falling apart. So they took it on themselves to create the inroads to a utopia.

The first step, was to advocate one last war, to end all others, the World Wars, to drain the population of men. They had concluded that while men were not inherently wrong, or evil, to shift society in a more peaceful direction women would need more power, equal footing in the world, and to remove bastions of old thinking. The drain of the labor pool would force society to accept women as equally capable bread winners, and force women to acknowledge themselves as more powerful than they had been taught to believe, and that after that, there would be no going back. Even further, the aftermath would leave women agitated and manipulatable. Increased competition for partnership would invoke discontent, and questioning of the old ways to create a perfect storm.

The number of players in the war were considerable, but the idea of liberated women appealed to the right people in the right places. Who was more educated than the well to do? And who held the power? For every King there was a Queen, Emperor a Mistress, President a Lady, and mothers to them all. It was as simple as getting a wife or mother to nag here about this, and a lover to sexually encouraging that. Little things at the time. Very little things, that exploded outwards.

"Honey, you're not going to take that from the Russian's, are you?"
"Son, I taught you to be a man didn't I? This insult cannot go unpunished!"
"I love it when you're so big and strong like this~ Pushing those stupid Austrians around~"

Even easier, was manipulating the men around those in power. To create agreeing opinions from seemingly reliable sources. And no one ever suspected a thing. It was as innocuous sometimes as just passing along an idea among the social circles.

The aftermath was the Sexual Revolution, Rights Movement, and popularity of Feminist Movement. Centralized power and public opinion was now at their disposal and allowed for the distribution and reception of new ideas, that would set the philosophical machine in motion for the necessary and secret war.

Females formed a presence in every industry with a sense of unification for their cause. Increasingly single mothers and matriarchs of their family sowed the seeds of feminism in the minds of their children. Socially inclined women came to rule in the media and feed their diluted ideas to the masses in various guises. Female teachers determined to 'properly' shape the ideas of children took to classrooms.

The ways of men were insulted and mocked at every turn. Men were degraded as fascists, as the causers of evil in the world. They played on man's own reverence of women as pure, kind, caring, superior, creatures to justify that they should rule. So intense was this conditioning, that most men accept it as true, and dare not question openly it lest they be branded a bigot.

But a far more direct, and insidious plan was also at work. The creation of pesticides, full of feminizing toxins began to flood the water supply. As well as xeno-estrogen leaking plastics, and female birth control, which not only sexually empowered women, but flushed most of the concentrated hormones straight into the rivers and streams; even into the rain.

Because while this 'enlightened' group knew war was wrong, they also knew what had to be done. They had to dominate and occupy man, as war and conquest was the language they had spoken for so long. They knew that this would leave them confused, vulnerable, and forever changed; that it would turn men into sissies and faggots. They knew that the social flux would make men feel emasculated and inferior. But they did it because they understood the importance of sexual domination to get what they wanted. They did it all because it was necessary to make men see the right path, by submitting to women, by becoming effeminate and understanding submission rather than conquest and strife.

And they've done all this without seeming to lift a finger, manipulating people like you and I to coming to places like here, willingly. Willingly degrading ourselves to appeal to them. Willingly submitting to their superiority. Willingly becoming sissies. And even though you now know the truth, you're not going to stop. Because even though you know, there's no escape for you; or anyone. All the pieces are in place. You're going to become a sissy, and you're going to like it.


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